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Are you (really) safe?

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An email from a member - Hi, I have been joined for a little while now and haven't really entered anything as I am concerned about the safety of putting my details on the computer. How can we be sure that the site we are entering is safe cheers Rebecca

It's a really good question, one that we've been asked several times before. The honest answer is that you can never be truly sure that the information you give will be safe. I'd like to say otherwise but it's not the case.

We list too many competitions on Competitions Guide to be fully across everything listed, however we do follow as many careful steps as we can to ensure that our members are looked after.

The first issue is with personal information. In almost all cases a competition will ask you for personal details. This makes sense to a degree because if you win a prize you need to be notified. We feel that sometimes too much personal information is asked, however this is at the discretion of the promoter.

We advise staying away from any competition that requires you to verify your mobile number with an SMS. This leaves you open to premium billing, and it can take more than a month to realise you're being charged daily.

Also, it goes without saying to never enter a competition using credit card details for verification. An exception to this is online video rental companies such as Bigpond Movies, however if you haven't heard of them, don't do it.

Aside from this, just use your own common sense and judgment. As competition entrants you should realise that receiving additional emails and in some cases phone calls are all part of the game.

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig 18/8/10


are competitions safe?
Adding DOB has also stopped me from entering. In fact, why do they need anything other than name and email? Why are they asking your DOB? Very suss to me. Why not ask for your bank a/c no and balance? With name and dob you can get access to many things - so please, why is it necessary? If you choose to ignore it, they refuse your application. Really.... very sussss.

Agree with Carolyn
Asking for your D.O.B.,when entering competitions
I don't see how it's necessary to supply this, when entering competitions. I would enter more comps. if they didn't ask for your D.O.B.
overseas callers
Contact Telstra and have overseas calls barred...this will stop your problem!
overseas callers
I have been receiving calls at 2am ear morning and every hour from overseas saying I won something, I did give out my private telephone number and I am very concerned how do I make them stop. I have not give out any credit card details etc.

If Your Wary
If your scared of entering the comps, stick to the ones put on by the manufacturers, the radio stations, TV stations or the magazines. They all have simple advertising as their "axe to grind" At most they will send you emails re their products, but if you find them bothersome you can unsubscribe at any time.
Good luck!

no brainer
the best lesson here is just use common sense

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