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We recently opened up our Winner's Page on Competitions Guide. To be honest, I can't believe that it's taken 8 years to do this, after all, winning is such an integral part of this whole process ..... just sayin' ......

Anyway, it's now there, but reading it may make you think that everyone who writes to us does so in a few sentences. Due to space, we do significantly cut down the text to fit into a few lines. We don't however mess with spelling or grammar, purely as it's real people writing stuff as they see it.

I thought I'd expand on an email we received yesterday from Deb Stanley, winner of our previous iPad competition. It goes to the heart of what winner's feel when they finally pick up a prize ........

"I have been a member of Competitions Guide for longer than i can remember and then liked the Facebook page when i found them on Facebook.

I used to get emails and go and enter a pile of competitions then forget about it.

Every so often i see it in my news feed and go enter all the competitions again and again forget about it for ages

The other day i got a email

Hi Debra,

Congratulations, you're the winner of our iPad Facebook competition. There were 8,592 entries, so you did well!

Please contact us with your details, so that we can send you your prize. Also, we always ask that the winner sends us a pic of you with your prize, or posts one on Facebook. Our members love to see real people winning real prizes.


Craig Seitam, Publisher

Competitions Guide

Naturally my first thought was it was another scam email so i looked up on Google and found it was a legit company and rang Craig to confirm my win

Right up til i went and picked it up i was thinking this is too good to be true
Craig and I communicated through emails and i still could not really believe it

Craig even updated it to a Ipad 4 rather than the original Ipad3
Today i picked up my prize and cannot tell you how excited i am to have won it

Thank you so much Craig and Competitions Guide
Keep trying everyone
Your turn will come

Luv Deb"

Yours Comp-letely,


I know that feeling
I recently received an email saying I had won a trip to London, and to reply with details. I wrote back saying I was sending my details in the hope that it wasn't a scam. It wasn't! We head off in 8 weeks.
Nell (Member Number: 24613)
heart warming and reassuring
I joined social media in Jan'14 and beginning to get a little sus. about competitions I have proably entered more than 2000 in 4 months and nothing. After seeing your story Deb I will persit. CONGTRATULATIONS Deb xxxx
Lindi (Member Number: 236663)
Great Story!
I am very happy for you. Well Done!
Dolores (Member Number: 192494)
Good on you
congrats its great to win

Carol (Member Number: 187144)
Inspiration for a beginner!
As a brand new member, it is good to hear that real people actually win and that winners are happy to share news of their good fortune. Great site and so many competitions to choose from.
Pam (Member Number: 187912)
Good onya, Debra. You beat the odds big time. Hopefully, there's much more where that came from for you.

Simone (Member Number: 2251)
Such a great story, also shows just how trustworthy this site is. I am so please with the updates to the site and congrats to all winners!
Chris (Member Number: 53636)

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