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At 6'3" (on the old scale) I'm a tall guy. Being tall has several advantages, one being I can always reach the top shelf of a supermarket when something's out of stock. Plus, I get a degree of sympathy on planes, and can usually weasel into the exit row.

Downsides? Not for my chiropractor who makes a tidy living off my back complaints, mostly brought on by my younger years in which people simply assumed that I would be good at basketball.

However the really good news is I can spend $50 or more at my local Sanity store and win my height in CD's, DVD's and a whole host of other things.

What exactly I'll do with these prizes is beyond me, but it raises some interesting questions.

First of all, is the competition discriminatory? A couple of weeks ago, some of our members weren't happy with a Telstra survey competition that discluded people from different occupations and age range. Surveys are a tough one, purely because a promoter is after specific types of information, and sometimes discriminating is only way to get this.

But, giving me additional centimetres of product, purely thanks to nature is a bit of a tough call on a promoter's part.

As I often say, things aren't always as they seem. If you look through the terms and conditions, it's clear that Sanity actually go out of their way to make sure that the winners get the same value regardless of their height (which happens to be $2,000 worth).

Here's the thing. I didn't know this until I took the time to get my facts right. I don't think the average shopper/entrant would assume this either. Yet, when entering, the shop attendant takes details 'including height measurement, directly after the purchase'

As a competition consultant, I've always warned promoters to be careful with 'wild n' crazy' ideas that seem fun on the surface, but can potentially backfire. This is a big budget comp, and it only takes the odd complaint or two to start negative comments flowing.

So, what do you think? Fun, boring, right or wrong? Interested in your thoughts.

Craig Seitam 21/6/11


If the prize isn't dependant on your height, why say it is? Seems like a pointless gimmick to me.
Hannah (Member Number: 133717)
they say win your height in prizes but you have to buy something first, and then the prizes are set at a price limit. it all sounds fun but it sounds to me like false advertising
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
Winners are Grinners
Comps are meant to be fun. I'm sure they could have come up with a better way of winning prizes. but who really cares, i bet the person who ends up wining doesn't complain.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
So... At the end of the day how tall you are won't really matter if you can only go up to 2 grand?? I suppose it's all just a bit of harmless marketing fun :)
Sonya (Member Number: 85088)
Better to be honest
If the company wants business it's probably best if they are unfront about the comp - just offer the chance of $2000 to all customers
(Member Number: 87411)
Oh well
I think it's a bit silly if there is a cap on the prize amount when the competition is called win your height in prizes but oh well just a bit of fun
(Member Number: 75697)
Perhaps its not as bad as...
"Win your weight in prizes"... ??!! That would have not gone down well... But then again, if the underlining purpose of this competition is to create attention, and garner publicity for Sanity... they have succeeded.
Matt (Member Number: 79745)
Not thought through
You say all applicants must be measured... what about disabled applicants who cannot be measured without some difficulty or feeling uncomfortable? The competition may allow exceptions for these people but the fact that they are not clear may make disable customers feel discriminated against.
Gretel (Member Number: 61846)
I'm 6 feet tall, so this appeals to me, but I could understand if people think this is unfair. I think they should have a minimum value placed on the prize.
Nicola (Member Number: 13844)
Isnt that discrimination against short people?
(Member Number: 80845)
If its the same value, a height "restriction" would simply mean a variant in choice Im assuming, and not discriminatory. However, it gives people something to talk about, and gains Sanity more publicity because a 'height restriction' exclusion can be seen as controversial. They want people talking about Sanity - and guess what? Thats exactly what we're doing!

(Member Number: 65687)
Got to be in it to win it
I have always believed the saying 'you gotta be in to win it' so here goes. I just love all competitions.
Melanie (Member Number: 2366)
bit of a fun competition
(Member Number: 79367)
Day Dreamer
Gives me something to think about like what i would buy with it!!
(Member Number: 78138)
Gimmick goodness
Everyone loves a gimmick, i don't see a problem with putting a new spin on a competition.
(Member Number: 65483)
Beggars can't be choosers
Are we forgetting that this is a competition? You get things for free if you spend money at Sanity! How much free stuff I get really doesn't matter to me, it's all a bonus if you win!
Ryan (Member Number: 64555)
Tall order
It's a bit of a tall order for companies to always strike the right balance between fun and foolishness. Fair suck of the cherry. Most people would just take this competition in the spirit that was intended - gin and tonic for me thanks!
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
yeah i agree, silly person who said that, im short and i don't think it makes a difference at all what height you are, i would just love to win so i can get myself a DVD from the Sanity store lol.:)
Christine (Member Number: 1074)
If you can still win the same amount/value of prizes regardless of your height, what on earth is the point in saying you can win your height in prizes??? Definitely a gimmick and a silly one! If there is a value limit of $2000 of prizes, can the winner complain if they think they're being short-changed because they're really tall and believe they are entitled to more than $2000 of prizes? Tricky!
Bron (Member Number: 9143)
It's all a bit of fun!
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)

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