Are you a Proud Prize Piggy? Stories

About 3 years ago we received an email from a boat manufacturer asking us why we had included their competition on our site and demanding that we take it off immediately. A bit unusual, as it'ss fairly common for sites to do anything they can to get their competitions listed on our site! We are Australia's biggest competition website after all! Their reasoning was that they didn't want people who aren.t interested in boats entering their competition to win one.

There was no logic in them wanting only people, who already had an interest in boats, visiting their site and having a chance to win one of their products. These are people who, chances are, would have paid for a new boat anyway. Yet, we gave the boat manufacturer the chance for their competition to spread its tentacles out to our massive member base and possibly get people interested in boats that weren't before. THAT is what promotional marketing is about.

As Editor of Competitions Guide, I do know that if our members aren't particularly interested in the prize(s) offered, they usually don't enter the competition. Our statistics tell us this, and often our clients get frustrated that not enough members are clicking on their comps.

Why am I raising this? We were told about a new Facebook page called 'Dob in a Serial Comper'. It started a couple of weeks ago, and not surprisingly, only has a bit over 10 likes. They even had the nerve to post a link to their Facebook page on ours, needless to say it didn't stay there long!

What is really disturbing is, that they are publicly naming people that they suspect of being a serial comper! Sorry, but what is a serial comper anyway? Oh, that's right. A prize pig. Somehow this name is given to members who are seen to enter and win lots.

If the owner of this Facebook page is ever outed, they will face some serious questioning from one fairly big website that is already threatening legal action.

For the most part, I say so what? If you guys are playing by the rules and entering as often as you're allowed, why not be a prize piggy and be proud of it?

Let me know, are you a PPP (Proud Prize Piggy)? Or are you offended by the term?

Oink Oink which is piglet for Over to you :)

Helen Seitam - Editor

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Perseverance is not a Piggy trait.
Iv'e been a Premium Member for about 6 months now.I win approx one in 100 Comps entered. I enter Comps about 4-5 days a week, every week and I love it, esp the WOL ones. If you win you usually deserve to win, because of your constant entering Comps. The most Iv'e won so far is a $350 signed cricket bat and ball. ( No yellow sandpaper?) Lol. Competitions Guide rocks. All the best with your entries fellow Compers.
Paul (Member Number: 456422)
On the other hand
On the other hand I just want to say
I have seen a few guys entering to win a lingerie pack, I don't know but that seems a bit strange. Seeing people who share a post 4 times a day until the drawing the date - is a bit full on. And is not fair on the other people who just share and then like it and thats it. I am not attacking anyone, just wanted to say what I have been seeing. I won two tickets to a launch party and many compers also won (not naming any names) and they didn't show up, the tickets could have been given to someone else. There were suppose to be 80 people but turned out to be 14, there were heaps of 'compers' who entered, why on earth did they enter when they weren't coming.
Finally, why are people from south australia entering comps from Tasmania, let's be honest are you ever going to there store, are you ever going to buy something off them. Imagine the shipping fees. I know people are going to say my friends are seeing my share post and i am advertising for them. Well do you have so many friends from tasmania now do you.
Qui fong (Member Number: 303711)
Sow what?
Yep - I'm a competition hog!
Jacynta (Member Number: 345332)
Gosh, Aren't There More Serious Things to be Concerned About?
Proud Prize Piggy, or Opportunist Organism - so what? Not intending to suck-up, but Competitions Guide is quite generous in offering a prize, just for making this comment!!!
Marianne (Member Number: 190057)
Gotta be a PPP!!!
I'm a bit offended by being called a PPP... but I totally am one! And to me it's just logic - the more comps you enter the more chance you have of winning.
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
I would love to be one
I hope to one day be a PPP. I think it's a modest ambition in life. here's to doing my best.
Kerry (Member Number: 34770)
If only I could come close to a PPP
I love entering competitions on the off chance that I may get a random call one day to say I have won something exciting. Sadly, I am not that lucky. Been entering for 4 years and NEVER won anything. I am not offended by the term but then I have nothing to be jealous of haha I only enter the competitions I am willing to use or go on. I mark them done if I am not interested so I can filter. I say if you are a PPP then good for you. Losers gonna lose and haters gonna hate.
Kathryn (Member Number: 45056)
Haters are Gonna Hate
People who are jealous of other people doing something constructive are serial HATERS. They sit behind a computer and pout. Get a LIFE, get and do something POSITIVE for a change.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
Got to be in it to win it!!
Just getting back into doing competitions. I would love to be a Proud Prize Piggy.
Anita (Member Number: 290825)
You betcha!!
I am a PPP, or at least I would be if I had won a prize!! Will just keep trying - you gotta be in it to win it :)
Rachel (Member Number: 233584)
Proud Prize Piggy
I'm also a Proud Prize Princess who shares her prizes with those nearest and dearest to her. It makes life much more interesting and thrilling!
Sharon (Member Number: 53946)
yes i am
and i am proud
Adam (Member Number: 209690)
I'm a newbie comper, have started this year while on maternity leave and have won 4 prizes so far for my kids. I love entering competitions and hope to be a PPP!
Monika (Member Number: 337425)
I love entering competitions as I enter heaps but don't actually win that much. Being listed on Dob in a Serial Comper suggests that you actually win a lot and they also suggest that you sell it , which I have never sold any of my little winnings. They have also sent lists to some of the pages and they have banned some of us from entering on their page which is unfair.
Cleo (Member Number: 158139)
This little piggy went to Competitions Guide,
And this little piggy entered competitions,
And this little piggy won some,
And this little piggy won none,
And this little piggy went wee wee wee at all of the negative people!
Emily (Member Number: 220843)
Oink oink
Gotta be in it to win it. I enjoy entering comps and love your site :)
Tessie (Member Number: 36214)
Serial Comper!
I'm a serial comper but I rarely win. Just love the fun and anticipation of a good comp :)
Amalie (Member Number: 221566)
In mud!
I love winning prizes and am utterly addicted. I will say though that I have found and made purchases from companies or to enter comps that I otherwise would not have bought or known existed. I've also developed quite a skill for fine print :)
Tennille (Member Number: 326439)
What's In A Name?
Either you like entering Competitions or you don't. I love winning any prize but don't fret if I don't win. There are more important issues in life to worry about, just enjoy the challenge.
Amanda (Member Number: 308062)
Y Not
I'd be a pig if I knew how, been forcefully retired for years and now only learnin 'puter and comps. Don't even know if I'm entering them right. They're just sore losers
Lyle (Member Number: 345333)
proud prize pig here!!!!
im not offended by the statement I love entering competitions and this website helps me so much!!!!!
Rachel (Member Number: 330020)
I'm an SSS
A Sad Sorry Sow. I never win anything:(
Tracey (Member Number: 173517)
Dob Me In!
I enter such a wide variety of competitions, however all the ones I enter interest me! I feel like it provides so much exposure that the company wins too, when they gain more likes, views and comments to their page.
Crystal (Member Number: 338490)
I love entering comps
I'm not offended by the term as who cares what others think. I enjoy entering competitions and if I win it's a bonus.
Nicole (Member Number: 203840)
In it to win it 😊
Proud prize piggy all the way... best things in life are free and u gotta be in it to win it! Thanks for a great site conpetitionsguide!
Rebecca (Member Number: 148368)
Just a Greedy Pig
Entered a comp the other day and the instant prize draw that was run with it. Their facebook page had people with photos of 50-60 instant prizes they had won shouting out how good they were. Bit unfair that there was not a limit on the number of instant prizes that could be won. Share the joy, dont feed the Greed I reckon!
Colin (Member Number: 23912)
I prefer just lucky
I don't hate the term but it does make you sound a little greedy. I enter as many competitions as I can that I'm interested in and over the years i've won many small and not so small prizes. Every time I do I consider myself fortunate and lucky. I feel sorry for someone who has nothing better to do than put up a ridiculous fb page like that. This person would be better off spending their time entering comps - who knows they might actually win one.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
prize hungry
Love entering comps but have lost motivation ! Thanks for a great site though
Aimne (Member Number: 10383)
New Piggy
I'm am new to Competitions Guide and think it's fantastic. I am not one of those lucky people that wins things but my attitude is if you don't give it a try, you'll never achieve anything. So I'm going to be a piggy and be proud of it. That Facebook page is for loosers of not just competitions but of life.
Gloria (Member Number: 344741)
Just a Hoper
I haven't won anything, but I keep on constantly trying
, never give up.
Carol (Member Number: 5238)
Pleased to enter some competitions
I'm happy to enter competitions. The only ones that I won enter are on Facebook. So I might consider myself as a little piggy
Liz (Member Number: 288308)
Bringing in the bacon!
I work from home at the moment due to downsizes in my area so use my time to enter a few comps- the partner loves it because I help supplement our income while times are slow. I'm not ashamed to see my feed filled to the brim with competitions and I bet I will end up "shamed" one day! :)
Amy (Member Number: 180541)
Happy little piggy
I love this site and come here often to enter different competitions. Over the years I've had a few wins, and why not? That's what competitions are for right??? Gotta be in it to win it :)
Sonya (Member Number: 85088)
You've gotta be in in to win in
Why not enter as much as you can? The worst thing that comes out of it is that the next time you go to buy XYZ you remember that companies name that you entered a comp for, or you might be looking for a particular item in the near future and it becomes a scouting trip on the web to find information...
Nicole (Member Number: 200951)
My farm is bare at the best of times. I've won toys and movies tickets through competitions guide which has thrilled my little piggies. Making my children smile is worthy of any title
Jill (Member Number: 127444)
Live and let live!
That facebook page is a joke. Live and let live. Good on the people entering who come up with witty responses and win! I hope to be a prize piggy one day!
Sheldyn (Member Number: 324855)
I Love Being A Piggy
I dont enter a huge amount of contests but when time permits Im onto it. I have won a prize through this site which I was really pleased with. Two tickets to see Cinderella. Hopeing to see some more but I believe if its meant to be it will be...
Felicity turner (Member Number: 331452)
If the person who started the FB group had won anything ever before I'm sure they'd have a totally different attitude. I love entering competitions, I only enter the ones where something I am interested in is been given away, I have won a few things here and there and I love it, even just entering can be fun. So keep on bringing the comps I'll keep entering, and hopefully maybe have good luck in the future. I also always wish the best of luck to other compers :-)

Michelle (Member Number: 3078)
PPP I only wish
I think about entering very completion on the website, but then think I have no kids why do I need a cubby house. I just enter for things I want to buy anyway but can't afford. Never won anything, so maybe being a PPP is the way to go!
Erin (Member Number: 240124)
Im a PPP
Ive been lucky from time to time and love the reactions from my friends when I reveal that I have won another competition. How? they always ask. Simple, I enter the competitions.
Mark (Member Number: 168413)
VERY proud prize pig
I spend hours each week entering comps. I have won 4 international trips, cash, laptops, candles, pots & pans...
If you obey by the rules why not! Negative comments are usually by people who are jealous.

Bec (Member Number: 314727)
Piggy Piggy
I think this site is fantastic!

Glenn (Member Number: 338038)
I wish I was a prize pig!
As an occasional comper I'm yet to win a single prize. I wish I had the time and energy that some people have.
Joni (Member Number: 344640)
PROUD PRIZE PIGGY - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last, after numerous attempts, I have won my first prize from this site - a double pass to see Celtic Woman! I am especially thrilled because I am a huge fan of Irish music. As for those who object to being called pigs: these animals are much misrepresented by humans. They are in fact clean, affectionate and very smart. So there!!
Vivien (Member Number: 122830)
Persistent Piggy
i am a persistent piggy, but only enter comps that will benefit me personally. I am not a hog that enters things that are of no use me. That is just unfair to the other pigy"s At least when i eventually do get that long awaited call, Its something i know i really wanted.
Karen (Member Number: 331158)
Proud Prize Piggy
I recently entered and won a competition for some candles on Facebook. The prize took it's time to get to me (over 2 months), but eventually it did and I loved them!! So much, that I went on to make a $250.00 order for more. 4 months on, no candles in sight, plenty of excuses from the business but I'm a quarter thousand out of pocket.
So I'd like to know, am I the pig for wanting the prize, or are they the pig for failing to deliver. The whole purposing of running a competition would be to generate new business.
Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!
Linda (Member Number: 260283)
Miss piggy
I get called miss piggy because i use to collect them way back when, not much anymore but the nickname stayed with me,so call me piggy for being a comper, try to win is not easy, maybe whoever they are are not winning they are jealous that other's win and yes good lucky to every winner
Cheryl (Member Number: 327403)
I absolutely adore being a competition piggy!! I have won some lovely prizes over the years and it always opens up my eyes to the many wonderful companies and websites that are out there. Whoever started this Facebook page needs to "shut the oink up!". :)
Kim (Member Number: 97321)
No i am not, i only enter in things that i would actually use/want. Although I have never won anything it still does not hurt to try :)
Rachael (Member Number: 221090)
Thrilled to be a pig
I'm proud as punch! I don't care what anyone thinks, says, or calls me and my fellow compers. It's my hobby and I have been well rewarded over the years for the time and effort I have put in!
Lauren (Member Number: 87628)
Proud Piggy Wiggy
I love my comps! I'm a loyal That's Lifer and have won some decent prizes over the years, and it keeps my brain active. I love your website too, it has such a variety of comps. I don't think it's greedy, it's fun and why not? They are there to be entered! I say a big, fat "Oink" to the shamers!
Melissa (Member Number: 2373)
Not a hog
I have won a few bits and pieces over the years. Sometimes I enter a lot, sometimes I don't. I only enter competitions I'm genuinely interested in winning. If I think someone else would get more out of a prize than me (I.e. concert tix etc), I don't enter. I think the term 'prize pig' is a little bit offensive, that being said if someone is putting in the hours and winning then good on them - it's hard enough at the best of times. A name and shame website for compers is ridiculous - don't people have better things to do?
Yvonne (Member Number: 168553)
Piggy and Proud!
Yet to win a competition through this website, but I'm just starting out! I have won a few competitions in the past and love the feeling! Definitely a piggy!
Matthew (Member Number: 341760)
Okay, then I guess I'm a pig.
But I don't feel even slightly bad about it. You have to be in it to win it, and members of Competitions Guide are on the ball when it comes to being in it! We're all super smart pigs.

I'm pretty sure listing the competition here would have led to tonnes of extra traffic for that website, and getting noticed by more potential customers or members, but if they weren't interested it's fine.
Sarah (Member Number: 151001)
Happy as a pig in mud!
Rules are rules and since we are abiding by them why not? I'm the biggest prize pig ever! Love it!
Fiona (Member Number: 89240)
You've got to be in it to win it!
And what a cute little hat on that pig :)
Jenna (Member Number: 344535)
Bringing home the bacon!
I have spent the last three years entering comps on here on a regular basis because my other half's job is in a turbulent industry. My winnings have helped us build an emergency account for when his work dries up for a few months at a time as well as pay for emergency repairs around our home. So to that "person" who thinks shaming someone like me who not only gets a kick out of being successful in comps but also does it to make ends meet, Stop being so sow(er) about the whole thing. I'm proud to be a prize pig :)
Erin (Member Number: 116356)
Lazy piggy
Likes her competitions- when she has the brain power to think up a clever 25words or less!
Karen (Member Number: 197129)
prize pig
got to be in it to win it, still no biggies yet but you never know when
Ron (Member Number: 103334)
Leave Animal Titles Out of It
I am offended by the term, I like prizes and comps but let's think of something a bit more savvy to call a comper. I love animals but I don't want to be called one, sounds a bit 70's
Simone (Member Number: 343852)
Love being a PPP
I love entering comps that I would love/ like to win, if it's not for me I don't enter, good on you guys for giving us and all the comps a great go, at advertising and for us getting a chance to win!!!!
Jacinta (Member Number: 309816)
Prize pig is derogatory term
I agree with Scott C. Let's keep things nice. I always thought the term "prize pig" referred to people who won heaps, possibly by cheating, and would be very offended to be thought of as one, as I go to great lengths to do the right thing, abide by all the T&C's. Sure I enter HEAPS of competitions and have won quite a few prizes, but I reckon karma will get anyone who does the wrong thing!
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Competition Addict
You have to be in it to win it
Dana (Member Number: 3953)
My mission in life PPP
I would hope they wouldn't have the nerve to be disgusted at a cancer fighter who is just trying to get by in life by trying to win things!!??
Kate (Member Number: 342030)
Each to their own
It's a shame we turn on each other and get so wound up about things like people winning prizes or sites promoting other competitions ! I want a world where love shines and we all win .
Carol (Member Number: 306185)
Yep i'm a PPP!
It's awesome wining prizes so why wouldn't I be
Clinton (Member Number: 84989)
Im a proud piggy :)
I started this as a hobby when I was pregnant and bored.I have won so many little things ($1500 gift card was the biggest).I'm proud to tell everyone that I'm proud piggy.Winning requires persistent and little bit of luck :)
Indika (Member Number: 96836)
This little piggy goes......
I'm a winner all the way home
Linda (Member Number: 308424)
To market, to market
It's sad that someone can be so jealous of someone else's good fortune/luck. I enjoy entering competitions as a source of entertainment, only entering those that have prizes I want. The excitement of a win has me heading 'back to market', but with only a few wins, I could hardly be called a prize pig. One day I may have that honour perhaps!
Emma (Member Number: 329003)
Wild Comp Hunter RULES and for those haters back off and let the competition hunters do there thing :)
Con (Member Number: 338818)
That will do Pig, that will do
I enjoy the 25 words or less comps or make up a slogan or comment. Keeps my mind active and I enjoy sharing wins with my family and friends, especially tickets to sporting and social events .
Gary (Member Number: 258616)
I'm a cautious little piggy
I always read the terms and conditions, so methodically in fact that if there is anything out of the ordinary or competition dates are wrong, (which does occur quite often) I'll pass on entering that competition, besides I am ticking to agree to the terms and conditions. I will only enter competitions that I am interested in and can get good use out of. It is very addictive! I say go for it, whether it's entering one a week or one every minute, everyone loves to be a winner!!!
Michelle (Member Number: 333536)
A little thrill
I get a little thrill every time I enter a competition and more than a little thrill if I actually win it. I believe company's run these competitions to promote their businesses and that's fine. Just so long as there's a legitimate chance of actually winning.
Wendy (Member Number: 16181)
Pigs Fly
Are you kidding .People love entering comps and your site is great all these competitions that we can enter.I do them daily as i am sure most people do and i enjoy doing them no prizes but the hope is there. So how dare they give people a bad name for doing something they love. So all i can say to them is PIGS DO FLY and thanks to the great comps that let them
Eee (Member Number: 158589)
lke it (Member Number: 271880)
Always entering competitions
Yes I'm a proud prize piggy. I love entering competitions. My husband says he's afraid to throw out scraps of paper, just in case it's part of a competition, barcode or label.. Ha ha
Desley (Member Number: 97449)
Prize Porker
I am a prize porker, don't you worry about that!

Jon (Member Number: 282268)
Self confessed Competition Junkie
What is so wrong with entering lots of competitions anyway? As they say, "you've got to be in it to win it"
Katrina (Member Number: 256589)
Having fun
I'm proud to enter competitions as its fun! You never know if you don't try:)
Stella (Member Number: 331028)
Big Wig Pig
I LOVE entering competitions and am still waiting to win the big one...a car, house, big money, holiday etc. I will continue to enter until I do and then I'll probably keep entering in the hope I can share the love and take different family members away with me. I don't enter comps I have no interest whatsoever in or don't know of anyone who would like it.
Natalie (Member Number: 212154)
Little Pinky
Hello Miss Piggy, You look so cuddly, you are a prize winner.
Nancy (Member Number: 18686)
I don't understand!
I spend hours entering competitions every week .. I'd just like to win something.. its just not happening and now I'm a "piggy"?.. this company should not be allowed to list competitions at all
Andrew (Member Number: 146053)
Free fun
I only enter those comps that I am interested in winning and have had a little luck. Not a ppp really just a pensioner having a little free fun
Bev (Member Number: 318584)
This little piggy
Enters everything and anything!
Travis (Member Number: 207226)
Yep Call me Miss Piggy
I saw that Facebook page, probably a jealous comper, either way they shouldn't be publishing names! I love entering competitions, I only enter ones that the prize interests me, I don't have a baby, therefore I don't enter comps that offer baby prizes!I have donated lots of my prizes, to an animal rescue, so it could be auctioned to raise money to save more dogs. Just last week I donated some prizes to our local footy club, who are raising money for Camp Autism. They may call me a pig, I don't care, I enter my competitions fairly and abide by all the terms and conditions!
Rebecca (Member Number: 93274)
That'll fatten thy wallet
It's otherwise full of moths hahaha
Lisa (Member Number: 167783)
A very Proud Prize Piggy!
Ben (Member Number: 100161)
Porcine Purveyor Please
You've got to be in it to win it ;)
Berwyn (Member Number: 96549)
Just starting out - piglet
I'm only new to this competition game so not yet a fully grown piggy. There is nothing wrong with 'feeling lucky' and if you don't like it, please just turn away.
Karyn (Member Number: 325915)
Proud and loud
The way I look at it, you have to be in it to win it. I have used winnings as presents or just given them to friends/family. Sharing is caring :)
Sarah (Member Number: 305564)
Oink, never a prize hog
I like to enter competitions to see if I can win them, that's why I enter as many as I can, the odds get better, never out of greed.
Mary (Member Number: 343945)
I love Bringing Home The Bacon, oink oink
I love entering comps and usually only enter for prizes I know my family will use. I share my prizes with family and friends.
Julie (Member Number: 202397)
A proud serial comper - but no piggy!
I have not heard of this controversy. I am certainly a proud comper - it is my fave hobby and one that has rewarded me well over the past years - many thanks to you,! I don't think I am "piggy" - you have got to be in it to win it, and I too only enter competitions that I want to win, and leave the other prizes to others. And I have certainly started using many products and services that I was first introduced to by winning, and I always try to acknowledge the companies who are good enough to provide a prize that I do win on social media, and by word of mouth. Keep up the good work, I say!
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
Heck yeah I'm a proud piggy
I love winning makes me all giddy to know a prize is coming in the mail for me, always makes me smile.
Kelly (Member Number: 343826)
Just call me Miss Piggy
Im not only a proud prize pig, I'm a tad obsessed with entering competitions. I love the hewdy rush I get when I get an email, letter or prize in the mail. I will say most of my prizes I do not keep for myself, I give them to my family members who could get the most use out of them.
Lisa (Member Number: 117265)
Nothing to see here... move along
I saw this kerfuffle blow up and just as quickly blow over. So what if some people enter lots of competitions and win their fair share. They've obviously spent a lot of time to find competitions, fill out the forms and in the case of 25wol think of an entry. To win a lot takes a great deal of persistence and effort. As long as they are not blatantly plagiarising or cheating then I say good luck to them and they should wear their PPP label with pride.

Ross (Member Number: 5410)
Boat manufacturer has no logic
Competitions are created to advertise a product and to provide good publicity for that product.They are created to be entered and won, they aren't created to decide who is deserving of the prize.If you put in the time to enter competitions then you reap the rewards.
If the boat manufacturer only wanted people who loved boats to enter why didn't they simply ask people to write in 25 words or less why they love boats or what they love about boats.If I saw a competition for a boat I simply wouldn't enter, I am not interested in boats.Some people may enter so they can sell the boat but isn't it still ending up with someone who will appreciate it anyway.

Melissa (Member Number: 343519)
Nothing Piggy about being Generous!
I help numerous members of my family with my winnings - I think I'm kind and generous :)
Deb (Member Number: 894)
Proud Piggy
I live in remote I enter for the enjoyment thankyou
Rose (Member Number: 81909)
Just a piglet!
Firstly, why do promoters run competitions? To increase traffic to their site, to increase brand awareness, to increase sales! So why should they want to turn away anyone who wants to enter? I am not a pig, I enter only for prizes I want to win. If I can't use it or know someone who can I don't enter. So long as people abide by the terms and conditions what is the problem? (However I do abhor the real pigs who break the rules and cheat to win and the promoters who don't seem to care.)
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
why would anyone not want to be a PPP?! play by the rules and have heaps of chances to win stuff, who doesnt want that? if you only enter one comp, you only have one chance to win, but if you enter 50, thats 50 chances you have, and you are still rather unlikely to win any of them, (me for example), but you chances are higher and you havent done anything wrong.
Caitlin (Member Number: 282059)
PPP? Who me?
You betcha!!
Over the years I have won a few small prizes.
When I receive my mail, I wonder what it is and what have I ordered now? Only to open it up and it says, "Congratulations, you're a Winner!"
That's one of the best feelings, knowing it's not a bill, but a congratulatory letter. :)
Patricia (Member Number: 15375)
Proud to be a winner!
By the way, is there a prize for the PPP who wins the Most!!!if you can't beat them join them, you might win something!!!
Angela (Member Number: 206534)
Serial comper?...guilty!! in it to win it as they say and I enter heaps of comps...never won anything to date
Scott (Member Number: 119480)
I'm a Wanna Be
I'd relish at the title but am no where near it yet, but I get an anticipatory thrill each time the mailman arrives. Oh to be a PPP.
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
Oink Oink
Just arrived at the farm but am very happy to be here!
Abby (Member Number: 342140)
Why not be a Proud Prize Piggy
Got to be in it to win it! Have some fun in your life and be a proud prize piggy for a chance of a bit of happiness if you do win something! How exciting to get that email, call or prize in the mail.
Laura (Member Number: 286134)
Sure am!!
So far have one 2 Maybelline competitions for some mascara shadow effects and some blue eyeliner which are both awesome wear them often :)
Hoping to win some more soon been active on here for over a year :)
Vanessa (Member Number: 225539)
Definitely a PPP
I don't see anything wrong with it, if you're interested in something that you would otherwise not buy yourself because of other monetary responsibilities, then why not try to win it from someone willing to give it away?
Amelia (Member Number: 195430)
selective piggy
I do enter competitions every day although if it's something I have no interest in at all, I would rather leave it for those that are interested. There is enough for all and nothing better than winning something you really need or love. I have been lucky twice so far and hope to be lucky some more.
Margie (Member Number: 278264)
Be a Pig
Be a pig as much as you want. Do whatever makes you happy. Haters gonna hate. Competitions are fun and can be therapeutic. Who knows, you might even win something!
Anita (Member Number: 9071)
This little piggy is here to win
Jealously brings out the worst in people. Why complain about the chance to win a prize. People get annoyed with me when I win things, I have won a few things from this website, you have to be in it to win it and so that is why I won. I personally only enter competitions I am interested in.
Louise (Member Number: 134481)
Hoping to become a PPP
Well I'm entering quite a lot of competitions and I'm seriously waiting in anticipation of the door bell ringing and becoming a hoarder of prizes and over whelmed by what holiday price to take first. In my dreams and still dreaming. Bring it on. grunt grunt
Kerrie (Member Number: 285646)
Pig or not who cares!
Seriously, I have seen this going around on a few sites and I think it's disgusting! Who cares, it's not like that effects their lives? I try to enter as many competitions as I'm interested in, hoping to win, although haven't won any in a few years haha. I always say this is the one! But I don't see what it has to do with what myself or anyone enters or how often. They just really need a life! 😊
Kelli-anne (Member Number: 338472)
Prize piggy and self confessed cheapskate
I enter comps because it's a cheap, fun hobby I can do from home after children are asleep. Being of the obsessive bean counting variety of person, winning some nice prizes I'd never buy for myself feels a bit decadent and satisfies my steel purse strings.
I become very angry with people who judge others with prejudice and not evidence. Yes, a small minority of people do the wrong thing, but you'll find that everywhere, and they are usually caught out eventually. So I say keep on compin' and iggnore the trolls!

Christy (Member Number: 6224)
Proud Prize Piggy; key word proud
I am a PPP; key word PROUD. I have been entering competitions for probably the last 8 years; over that time I relished in a wondrous world of happiness, joy and generosity which has honestly changed our lives. Everyone has equal chance of winning so play fair, my heart on my sleeve is what I wear and to those who created ‘Dob in a Serial Comper’ don't despair as if we care. It is a true pleasure being part of the Competitions guide online community and to all those who enter amazing promotions good luck after all you have to be in it to win it.
Kylie (Member Number: 121233)
Time to rephrase the term, perhaps?
I really don't like or appreciate the term "PPP". Entering competitions, no matter how big or small the prize, is a fun past time for lots of people including myself. I'm the first to admit it that yes, it's been an obsession of mine for many years. The fun of entering comps,expecting nothing but then finding out " Congratulations-you've won!", giving prizes away or enjoying them, never selling them-far outweighs the negative commentary that comes out of jealous or single-minded folk. Keep on comping people! 😆
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
Yes Yes YESI'm a PPP.
Love to enter comps and will continue to do so,and thanks to Competitions guide for all the great list of comps for me to enter.
Valerie (Member Number: 105162)
proud to be a pig
Love your site! I have not won anything yet but there is always hope! What is the world coming to when someone is jealous of a site has the ability to put a smile on someones dial?! Keep up the good work!
Alana (Member Number: 60088)
Insanity rules
Comps keep me sane and out of the stretch the brain
Sharon (Member Number: 18309)
Serious Serial Comper
Yes I am! and I'm proud! I enter comps that I'm interested in, and "Big" ones where I may be able to sell the prize. Entering competitions has been a Godsend to my family as we struggle financially and I have even won things that I was in need of and came at the time I needed it; a washing machine for example. Entering Competitions is time consuming and can be hard work, especially words or less comps! And for the amount of comps I enter, I win a very tiny percentage of them.
Lorraine (Member Number: 76685)
Triple PPP
A lot of well meaning parents are now open to being branded (no pun )A Proud Prize Piggy, an not a Positive Parenting Plan participant. I am long term unemployed and have been fortunate to win some small prizes, movie passes for example and I give them away freely. One friend was able to take her three grand-children to Big Hero 6 recently. I certainly wont be worried about this groups perception of me if I'm travelling down the Danube or sipping cocktails in Fiji. I love the variety too.Thanks
William (Member Number: 261066)
Go The Whole 'Hog'
Oh Yeh !!! Call me a 'Proud Prize Pig' ..If I could HOG all of the prizes on offer. Any chance to bring home the BACON. I ain't tellin' no PORKY PIES (lies). I would give the RIND off my back if it would give me a 'TROTTER''S UP advantage of winning. Well HOG-TIE me up and call me BABE ..La La La.
Enough HAMMING around ... I'm cooked !!
Matthew (Member Number: 203402)
A little PPP in all of us
Who doesnt love a win?? even something small that you entered on a whim makes your day you have to be in it to win it.
Kristi (Member Number: 48145)
This Little Piggy
I enter comps I would be happy to win, but so far this little piggy has none!
Ruth (Member Number: 340824)
I enter but don't expect to win.
I don't like labelling anyone. I enter lots of comps and enter to the terms and conditions even if they are confusing. I'm never sure if the people running the comps follow their own rules. I've won some, and mostly it's things I wanted. The real question to competitions and even advertising really work to increase turnover for businesses? If run incorrectly competitions can turn people away from buying your product.
Michael (Member Number: 10406)
I have been a member of competitions guide for ages, I check whenever I can for new comps and I enter lots of them but not ones that don't benefit me or those I love. Shame on whoever started that fb page, Competition Queens or Kings don't hurt anyone by entering competitions so why try to shut us down?? proud to be Proud Prize Piggy :)
Jj (Member Number: 122754)
Everyone Loves Bacon
I think its offensive and defamatory for that Facebook page and others to criticize people for entering competitions. As long as you are entering them honestly and fairly and keeping within the competition's rules then I see no problem with a person entering and possibly winning lots of competitions. Its totally legal and there is nothing wrong with it at all!!To suggest the only people who are allowed to enter competitions are people who rarely enter them is ridiculous. What - now they are going to put a limit on it? I never heard anything so stupid in my life. I hope you succeed in getting that ridiculous Facebook page taken down, and good on you for coming back strong against them. Thank you!!
Adele (Member Number: 274904)
Prize piggy....with no prize!
I enter as many as I can,
Have never won through Competitions Guide,
But that doesn't stop me from being a fan!
Although I've tried and tried,
Maybe one day I will see
My name in print it will be!

Sue (Member Number: 152320)
Oink, Oink
I enter as many as I can, I never win anything... am I still classified as a prize Pig? Whatever the answer, I'm not stopping until I win.
Robert (Member Number: 199522)
You've gotta be in it to win it!
I am definitely a PPP! I love to enter comps and always do whenever I have the time. I have won lots of stuff thanks to your site! I love it!
Sarah (Member Number: 27016)
Not a pig, just a hopeful duck!
I only enter competitions that I would love to win and own. I enter for myself and my family. I hardly win anything because I'm so fussy when it comes to prizes. So no, I'm not a proud prize pig. :)
Jasmin (Member Number: 334067)
someone has to win
i love keeping my mind active and sometimes lucky win something i only enter what i need or want somwtimes receive secondary prizes i give to elderly neighbours or donate to lifeline it's sometimes frustrating comping but maily good clean cheap entertainment
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
Green eyed monster? Jealousy!
That's what it sounds like to me.
Isobel (Member Number: 10386)
Hoping for the firt big win :P
love browsing this site and entering the comps id love to win :) bring on a holiday :D :D
Carmen (Member Number: 311174)
I would be happy as a pig in mud!
I enter all the time, so they could class me as a serial competition junkie. I never seem to win though, but you have to be in it to win it
Trent (Member Number: 33548)
I only ever enter competitions where I would like to win the prize for myself or immediate family. I'm not been greedy, as I don't sell prizes after winning them.
Roger (Member Number: 222929)
A Pirate Arrrr !
I take the treasures of the seven seas.....Yes, indeed a friend one day asked about this, and I told her...If it was me I won't even bother....I am me, you are you, we are all adults, let's behave like adults. Posting pages like that indicates how childish you are. And perhaps indicating that you have nothing better to do. I enjoy competitions, win or no win. Too bad that some people can't.
Vanessa (Member Number: 338271)
Got to be in it to Win It!
I personally think that this page is ridiculous, who has the right to defame someone's character for something that brings them happiness. I would call myself a Proud Comper, not Prize Piggy! I enter competitions to get my brain working, because I am a stay at home Mum, who converses with a toddler all day. I have won some BIG prizes but I don't win every comp I enter. I follow the terms and conditions and if I know I won't use the prize then I don't enter, giving others more of a chance. Following the advice of Competitions Guide I enter a a lot of competitions to give me more of a chance of winning because "You've got to be in it to win it!"
Meghan (Member Number: 306082)
I'm proud to enter, I am not doing anything wrong so why should I be the target of online bullies? People just have too much to say behind a keyboard these days.
Hayley (Member Number: 334256)
Use your words for kindness.
Whatever you do, where ever you go take your heart with you -Dali Lama. Kindness brings good things. piggies are pink cute with curly tails. Comps are fun to enter. Be kind.
Julie (Member Number: 264066)
Pigs Fly
Pigs fly and whingers fall
Bob (Member Number: 325445)
Happy as a pig in MUD!!
Oink oink oinkity oink! Oinker oinks oinky oink oink oink!!
Heidi (Member Number: 328198)
Jazzy the christian winner
I am always a winner when I enter competitions , princess winner in Christ
Jaz (Member Number: 31364)
Not a prize pig, but a bargain hunter...
With all of the products and experiences on offer through competitions why wouldn't we try our luck? Just like buying something 'on sale' we enter competitions in the hope of gaining something cheaply. Instead of monetary payment we 'invest' our time and creativity..
Gerard (Member Number: 15632)
Each to their own
Comping is a pleasant past-time for me. I have been lucky enough to win a few prizes and am proud of that.
Susan (Member Number: 153122)
You've got to be in it to win it
I don't see anything wrong with entering lots of competitions. It actually takes a lot of time these days as most comps require a written answer and you then have to sign up to their newsletter which results in receiving a lot of emails you don't necessarily want to read. So if someone is going to take the time to do all this then they deserve to win and shouldn't be made to feel bad about it!
Michelle (Member Number: 333644)
Not a Piggy
I thoroughly enjoy searching and entering comps as I'm disabled and a prisoner of society spending most of my time at home in front of the computer. I only enter comps that I would like to win for myself or that I could gift to family or friends, I get tagged on facebook so many times but only usually enter 1 out of every 10 or so I'm tagged in. There are people out there with fake profiles who therefore get extra entries and some people enter comps for absolutely everything even if it's movie tickets or prizes only for people in certain states...I don't think you have to enter everything as some people I know have a box of prizes that they don't really want and they didn't give to anyone and their answer to why would they enter then? Simply....they're addicted and have to enter everything they see, they like the thrill of the chase. As for me comping is a positive pastime and the time it isn't fun anymore is time to give it a rest for a while. Happy Comping everyone xxx
Karen (Member Number: 3504)
Proud prize Piggy
I love entering lots of competitions. You have to be in it to win it. I have won quite a few big prizes and also many smaller prizes. Family and friends love receiving gifts. Iam a very proud prize piggy. Thank you for the chance to enter the awesome Competitions Guide competitions.
Mary (Member Number: 20479)
Proud to be a Piggy
Why not be proud, after all the greatest thing in the world comes from Piggies. BACON. I only enter comps with prizes that are useful for me or the family. Haven't won anything yet, but, you gotta be in it to win it
Peter (Member Number: 150200)
May be let people know their name is on that page and they can report it. I enter comps I'm interested in. If I don't want it and none of my family could use the prize if I won I wont enter. But I never win anything but I keep trying.
I thank CG for doing such a wonderful job. It's wonderful to see people win. I still live in hope I will win one day.
Marion (Member Number: 2145)
I love entering competitions but only enter those I want to win and leave prizes that I don't need to others.
Judi (Member Number: 795)
piggy is my middle name
I was born a winner so let's just keep our hands to ourselves and hold our tongues when we know we shouldn't be saying something u might find life is happier not for the ones who get teased for the obvious jealousy and funny face, so keep positive people

Kiam (Member Number: 342082)
I'm a piggy and I'm proud.
I enjoy entering comps, only the ones I'm interested in that is, as I love the feeling of giving to my family!
Antonietta (Member Number: 68774)
Does it matter?
I enter comps to win something. If I happen to win something I'm not overly interested in, I figure I can give it to family or friends. Being a struggling family, anything I can get for free will help us out.
Heather (Member Number: 340720)
Picky piglet or Cunning Comper?
No I don't like to be referred to as anything with 'pig' in it but I admit I have a thirst for competitions and winning. I've been lucky enough to win a few substantial prizes along the way and will continue to enter competitions every day regardless of what someone who needs to get a life calls me. I enter comps with prizes I'd love to win but also for my kids and their families who are struggling to make ends me and could do with a lovely holiday etc. It's fun and doesn't do anyone any harm. I just don't understand would set up a lame facebook page for such an inane cause.
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Not a prize piggy
.... but would be proud to be one.
If someone spends the time to enter as many competitions as they want/can then why shouldn't they win?
Amanda (Member Number: 342761)
A total compaholic
I love entering comps - it's a great hobby to have! But just because you enter many competitions doesn't mean you will win them all. I only win 0.000001% of the comps I enter!
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
A Piggy, through and through.
I'm definitely a prize piggy, the interest was handed down from my mother, she allways entered as many comps as possible, free to the public, as these are the best type. I've learned from a true pro.
Susan (Member Number: 264215)
Proud piggy
I'm new to entering competitions but really do enjoy looking at new products and even winning a few in my eyes it's cheap advertising of great products that I might not see unless thrown in my face who doesn't like winning stuff it's a great feeling
Leanne (Member Number: 227180)
More like a fox than a piggy
I'm probably more like a fox than a pig. I pop in occasionally, devour every comp. I can get my claws into (provided the prize is tasty) and then pop out for weeks or months at a time to catch up on other commitments. I don't win much, and I do sometimes get converted to buying products, but mostly I just have fun.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
Nobody wants to be called anything with pig or piggy in the title! right?
And... I think out of protest and to prove you are not like this, you should all put a halt to entering further comps until I have a sufficient amount of prizes won.
I thank you
Linda (Member Number: 265094)
Love Competitions
I enter competitions daily, however I don't spend hours doing it or enter every comp, just ones I really want to win. I always struggle with the 25 words or less ones.. they are my least fav.. I love doing the competitions that allow you to pick options or play games to enter
Michaela (Member Number: 107712)
Grateful & hopeful!
I am so appreciative of your site as I would never find half of these competitions without your help! However, despite checking & entering every day, I'm yet to win a prize, so I keep trying and hoping! A proud, prize piggy I definitely would be, given half the chance!Keep up the good work CG!!
Suzanne (Member Number: 91070)
Be in it to win it!
There is no point entering a comp if you don't want to win the prize, is there?
But if you do, just enter and cross your fingers, it might be yours..
Isabell (Member Number: 20109)
Good Luck to the prize pig
Even if you enter every competition you have to have luck on your side to even win one.
Kristen (Member Number: 173977)
The whole purpose of comps is for companies to get new customers. So what if that comes from a prize piggy. Any new customers is going to enhance your business, so what's the problem?!
Lyrae (Member Number: 316535)
Proud Piggy
I've seen the Facebook page in question and to say I'm outraged by it is an understatement, and no I wasn't named personally.
I do wonder what organisations that promote purchase to enter comps think of this? I mean they would be banking on so called prize pigs entering by way of purchasing product.
So I say to you Mr or Mrs Dob in, if you are so offended by "serial compers " and only want ppl to enter your comps that are interested in your product/brand, how about you advertise your comps as purchase to enter, therefore you know that only ppl who are interested in your merchandise enter.
There see how easily that was solved, perhaps you should put as much energy into your product as you do smearing the names of good innocent people.
Alternatively maybe you should show your face or your companies face and perhaps we could help you solve your issues, as you don't seem capable by yourself.
Love Mr Pig
Ben (Member Number: 312281)
Proud Prize Piggy.
I'm a proud Prize Piggy, and I only enter comps for prizes that I want to win for my friends and family. And when I do win I'm as Happy as a Pig in Mud..
Caroline (Member Number: 62)
Piggy gotta be in it to win it!
I don't mind what it's called. I love entering although I don't win much. Doesn't hurt to dream!
Toni (Member Number: 251592)
I smell jealousy... No wait.. It's BACON
Iv entered all sorts of competitions and won a variety of prizes. To think one person or group 'shaming' me for entering competitions is disgusting. I enter what I want when I want, wether it be a 1 in 100 chance or 1 in 10000 chance.. Why not have a go.
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
A bit of a pig.
I've entered comps for products I didn't think I would be interested in. Then I visit their websites and find out more about the product. It's more like free advertising and companies getting more hits on their websites.
Shaune (Member Number: 296613)
Optimistic Piggy
Every time I enter a competition here, my mind wanders as I dream about what I would do if I won. It's done a lot of wandering but I'm always hopeful I'll win.
Sophie (Member Number: 118805)
Prize Piggy Pride!
Proud I can go places I can't afford. Proud I can be creative for reward. Proud I can share a great product with my friends. I hope comping and winning never ends!
Virginia (Member Number: 74108)
Im a Proud French Piglet!
I love my Competitions Guide, andwas lucky enough to win a trip to the French Open tennis in Paris with business class flights. Thanks Competition Guide - oink oink!
Monique (Member Number: 102204)
Piggy Rules!
Hell yeah call me a Piggy, just wish my trough would start filling up!
Scott (Member Number: 204111)
Business Marketing
I think some businesses often forget that there are multiple ways to promote their products and only choose the easiest and/or cheapest, thereby forgetting that the only point to advertise is to create a realised image in customers memories. So if you don't just want exposure, don't do give-aways. If you want sales, do the work to promote.
S (Member Number: 190838)
Beat the big bad wolf...
Call me what you like, I am having fun entering, and on the side learning about a bunch of new products and websites which is improving my knowledge. Knowledge is power...
Natasha (Member Number: 203296)
If Only
I've been waiting to receive my invite to enter the "Prize Pig Hall of Fame" but am yet to win a single prize. But it won't happen if I done enter. :-)
Cale (Member Number: 310163)
Don't care what they say.
I love your page and love the competitions even small prizes give me a lift when they arrive in the mail, When I had Cancer two years ago it was a long recovery and I was housebound your page kept me amused. Keep up the good work!
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
comp piggy
not a piggy by any means just waiting for a surprise when I actually win something
Cheryl (Member Number: 87716)
Not a prize piggy but Hoping to win
Certainly this name gets your attention immediately,but it is too strong and offensive. Yes, I love entering competitions ànd like many always hoping to win, whether small prize or big.
Debra (Member Number: 338509)
I love comping!
I started comping a few years ago when I came home after a long stint in hospital and it brought me out of my black hole. I have met so many lovely friends and I look forward to catching up with everybody when I log on. I am not a big comper or winner but I have had some good wins and it's lots of fun.
Tricia (Member Number: 190034)
I Wish
Have tried earnestly for the last 6 months and just won my first comp - family movie tickets - if that makes me a piggy then so be it - nobody's business what I do for entertainment and trying to give otherwise non affordable bonuses to my family. NannyState, Sore losers - what's their problem - it's a matter of statistics and sometimes skill.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 329963)
Not a Piggy
I love competitions but only those that I would like to win and am thrilled with minor prizes.The person running that website obviously has not spoken to many competition people as they would find out it's nice to dream about a prize but that doesn't mean that you are going to win and it is just a bit of fun and a bonus if you get a prize
Katrina (Member Number: 184965)
proud prize piggy
Proud prize piggy..I get comments..oh you won again I never win..wel thats maybe because you dont out and proud bring it on ..I love winning little surprises most of the things I win I give to family and friends..share the love..
Jill (Member Number: 198814)
Not yet
I wish I won enough to be remotely considered a prize piggy
Ian (Member Number: 267152)
They can call me what they want... it won't ever change the fact that I won my dream holiday to Hawaii where my now fiancé proposed! Oink.
Lauren (Member Number: 189482)
A piggy or not a piggy, Brands want our business
A serial comper, is just as likely to be a consumer who any business will want to try to gain as a loyal customer as any other person out there in the big wide world, prizes I've won has given me a new found appreciation to that business and I have no second thoughts about buying their products and services.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 124949)
I've won a few big things in my time and loads of small wins. I don't believe I win everything although non compers but might think so. All I say is that you have to be in it to win it. If you're not putting in the effort dont expect to reap the rewards. Ill be forever grateful to comping. My honeymoon to Bora Bora was paid for, I went on many overseas trips and partaked in many money cant buy experiences. Best thing I ever started.
Christina (Member Number: 63099)
Happy as a pig in mud!
Abundance is all around us. Competitions are making us available to it. I'm an abundant winner and I'm as happy as a pig in mud!
Rhianna (Member Number: 50970)
This little piggy goes to market
While I shop like the rest of us I go to the comp market too. Receiving a prize that costs nothing has to be better than paying for it!
Janet (Member Number: 338613)
Part of this complete breakfast!
I'm a daily visitor to the site and normally enter one or two new draws each morning (and have had a few nice wins - thank you!) Quite often these promotions are for new Facebook pages who want to increase their traffic and number of likes, and if entries are made in accordance with the T's and C's of the competition in question then there shouldn't be a problem! :)
Greg (Member Number: 122192)
Wannabe Piggy
One day I will be a Piggy
Melanie (Member Number: 169796)
Proud Prize Piggy Here
I've had some awesome wins, so you can call me what you like! I tend to remain loyal to brands that I've won things from, so surely that's a win to the company too. My favourites are comps where you have to purchase to enter, so I don't think you can call anyone a piggy for entering those!
Catherine (Member Number: 42315)
Who doesn't love a bit of bacon?
I think people need to realise that we don't enter to be greedy, it's anyones game and if they want the prizes to be shared around they should enter themselves. I win often, and thats okay because it's only a hobby, not a full-time job. All Winners are deserving in my opinion!
Lenny (Member Number: 124313)
The term Pig is a bit harsh!
Because being called a pig obviously means you are greedy and the majority of competitions are based on luck, or random. If you want to sit there and enter a billion times go for it!
Terri (Member Number: 122875)
Would you like some cheese to go with that swine?
How ridiculous! As you said, this page actually brings way more people to each company's website. I've heard about so many new products (and become loyal to many) just from hearing about them through a competition. I say everyone keep on entering if it makes you happy. Also, pigs are actually quite intelligent animals - I'll happily claim that title. Those 25 words or less competitions are an excellent creative outlet!
Erin (Member Number: 5696)
sour puss
who ever started this facebook page probably enter comps but not won, sounds like its just a bit of jealousy on there part, when I first started comping it took about 6 months before I say my first prize, and yes in the beginning it was frustrating but after that you forget comps you've entered till you get the prize, I love pigs as I collect them, so yes I love winning, I enter any where from 50 to 100 per day only because when I am bed ridden from a bad back it helps me and ive become friends with other compers through so who ever set up this page shame on you for blaming others for your misfortune.
happy comping everyone
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
More a prize piglet
I love entering competitions, but only for prizes I can use. I don't enter every competition I see; but I have no problems at all with anyone who does so (as long as they play by the rules). I have fun entering competitions -- not just in the chance of winning, but also in the creation process (I particularly enjoy Instagram competitions and other competitions that require a creative photograph). It's my outlet. I enjoy it.
Troy (Member Number: 14862)
Try hard piggy
I enter all competitions that have prizes I can use or give to someone. I have won books which I have given to the Target Christmas tree. I have not won much else but I will keep trying.
Yvonne (Member Number: 9925)
I enter competitions all the time,I've only won once but best of luck to the people who win often!
Lynda (Member Number: 18137)
I'd love to be a PPP
But I don't think I actually enter (or win) enough to be considered one. Having said that, by winning a few bits & pieces I've been able to try products that otherwise I probably never would have bought. Many of them are now on my list of go-to products that I buy regularly. One in particular is now my all time favourite product, so I'm thinking that comps certainly achieve everything Marketing teams would hope for (at least in my case), which is getting people to try their products, & hopefully continuing to buy them.
Kathy (Member Number: 67348)
Prize Piglet
I am a prize piglet.
A comper in training.
Thanks to the advice of completions guide in the few weeks I have been lucky enough to win several small prizes.
It's motivation and it's true, you have to be in it to win it.
Just because someone has said something negative about comping it won't stop me from participating in this new hobby.
Sarah (Member Number: 334861)
A Proud Piggy
It is not against the law to enter competitions and you have got to be in it to win it so WHY NOT?
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
If Only
I enter these competitions all the time and am yet to win, but hopefully persistence will prevail. Nobody makes you enter so I dont know why people are complaining if someone has a lot of good luck!!
Mrs mary (Member Number: 321255)
A proud prize pig in the making
Haven't been Comping for long but love it. I have won two small prizes, which was exciting. Hopefully I'll become a fully fledge prize pig soon. (Member Number: 329072)
You have to be in it to win it
I enjoy entering competitions in the hope that I will win (as there has to be a winner and it could just be you this time!). I have won a few prizes over the years (none on this site yet though), and occasionally have not been able to use some of them due to various circumstances at the time. I try only to enter competitions for prizes I like or know that I can give to someone else as a gift, should I be lucky.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
only won twice
if entering comps that interest me and are of use to my family and friends then yes this little piggy went to market however i choose to be called as my family calls me ie santi booboo which translate to santa/auntie booboo (this is my nickname)
Mary (Member Number: 98258)
Pig in training!
I love entering competitions. I enjoy the thrill of a win and I genuinely enjoy trying new products that I might not have necessarily purchased. I always play by the rules and only enter competitions that I actually want to win so I so go for it!
Olivia (Member Number: 195602)
Love your website, vista every day for my competition scrounging. I've won heaps of stuff and my friends all ask how I do it! First I send them Competitions Guides website then tell them to enter EVERYTHING! As long as you fit the terms and conditions why not? I have lost count of the number of "How to earn extra money" blogs and articles mention entering competitions! I love it and anyone who wants to out me can - OINK OINK!
Paul (Member Number: 188609)
Prize Piggy?
I don't identify with the prize piggy tag. However I will happily tick the 'comp addict' box. I only enter what I actually want to win (either for me or to gift to friends/ family) and I have never cheated in a competition to gain an unfair advantage. Which is what I think the 'prize pig/ hog' is referring to. I've come across many who were jealous/ confused why I'd enter so many competitions as they think competitions in general are 'rigged' but when I tell them what I and others have been fortunate enough to win; well... they get the comping bug too!
Sacha (Member Number: 314373)
Why not?
I'm a relatively new comper but am loving it! I still haven't had a win yet (but I'm holding out hope that persistence will pay off), but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment. If you're winning, good on you!
(Member Number: 31255)
Greedy Piggy
I love comping, I spent half my day at it, it's a great surprise to win, if I don't I just keep entering, love it
Gayle (Member Number: 204932)
Tea Cup Piggy
Yes 1 won a big prize 2 years ago and I was a Proud Piggy but I think everyone thought I was a Hog :-( since then I haven't been able to bring home the bread or the bacon.
Patricia (Member Number: 329193)
Prize pig PROUD
Fly the pig flag cause im PRIZE PIG PROUD all I have to say is ...
Rachel (Member Number: 305345)
Not my favourite term!
I know I enter more competitions than many, and am always excited by a win. I try to only enter for things I want, and often share my prize with friends and family. I never think of pig as a compliment, so whilst not offended, this isn't a name I'd choose!
Amanda (Member Number: 146995)
I Spotted That FB Site Too!
That guy's page appeared on the That's Life page and I alerted members of another big competition site who have given him heaps.
After all, a lot of companies ASK you to share their competitions as part of your entry.
As for being a prize pig, that certainly isn't me. I just don't enter competitions for things I don't or can't give to someone as a gift. In magazine competitions I leave unwanted prizes blank on the coupon as it increases my chances of getting something I genuinely can make use of.
Ron (Member Number: 194101)
I'm a winner
Yes I've won a fair few competitions, but it is getting harder to win nowadays, I'm a pig I enter anything and everything but i donate or gift the things I don't need to family members or charities
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
What a load of Hogwash

I haven’t won enough prizes to be called a prize piggy. But I won’t you tell any..... porkies, I do enjoy entering regardless. My husband brings home the..... bacon and I’m a stay at home mum who started checking out competitions when I was.... boared. This was usually while my kids were doing their distance education lessons and I had to be at home. I enter what interests me so I don’t .....hog all the comps, and I would imagine most people would be the same. Sometimes you might win a runner up prize that you don’t really need or want but giving to others makes me..... as happy as a pig in mud.
Whoever the ....swine is that started that ‘Dob In’ page is just...hamming it up. Let people enjoy themselves.
Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Kathie (Member Number: 32805)
Oink from a piglet
I'm new to comping so am yet to have a win but it is a bit of fun, it's luck of the draw!

They just can't help being bitter that some people take the time and effort to enter and are awarded a win. I wonder if they even enter themselves?
Kate (Member Number: 200531)
All hail the committed compers!
I am a transient piggy. I go through my moments of insane competition entering and then it slips, mostly when the rest of my work surges. I have seen the other piggys out there and I really respect them. Entering to the scale they do requires serious commitment and work and they deserve the fruits of their labour! We do not know their back story. Perhaps this is the way they get by. Perhaps they are a carer for children, the elderly or people with disabilities. This may be the way they can spoil themselves occasionally. It may add some brightness to an otherwise challenging week. I proudly support the Serial Comper!
Alanis (Member Number: 96129)
Prize Pig
I'm writing on this page just so I can go in the draw for the $100, so I guess I'm a pig!
In all honesty, there are serial compers who play dishonestly ( eg buy votes, use facebook groups etc ) which should be brought to business's attention, not the people who like to enter things!
At the end of the day I know karma will get the dishonest people so there's no point getting jealous that they win.
Jenni (Member Number: 254241)
Proud of my hobby
I am proud of my hobby and I share it with everyone. The more people that see the competition, the more that brand or company gets exposure and that's what it's all about.
Belle (Member Number: 333871)
Oink Oink
Pardon Pigs ..Excuse Hogs!!!
Julie (Member Number: 100680)
I'm a proud prize piggy!!
I'm a prize piggy because i love winning anything even if i'm not interested in it because if i don't want something i win i always give it to someone that is interested in it. Comps rule!! And rocks!! :)
Sam (Member Number: 268303)
Not a PPP
I only enter competitions for things that I want to win. I don't object to prize piggies, but I do object to PPPs who enter everything and sell prizes that they don't want.
Merryl (Member Number: 56367)
Maybe a piggy
I enter as many comps as I am interested in as I am retired & do not have much else to do,I do not win often & never anything big,but it's fun & that's what it's all about!
Chris (Member Number: 171708)
Proud Prize Babe, haha.
Jealousy gets you no where. I love entering competitions and I am happy to win even one out of every few hundred I enter. Its all in the name of fun :)
Paula (Member Number: 232786)
I'm a Piggy.....I wish!
I don't mind the term at all but I do find it hard to understand how entering competitions makes a person a prize hog. I enter competitions that interest me as often as I am allowed to considering the terms and conditions. If a prize doesn't interest me I don't enter. I am yet to win a thing though, so even though I may be a serial comper I am also a serial loser so I don't see how that can affect anyone!
Amanda (Member Number: 36889)
Definitely not a PPP
Hmm, interesting post. I have no idea why those people created that website? I only ever enter comps I want to win. That's the spirit of comping, isn't it? :)
Kim (Member Number: 65678)
Little Piggy
I started entering while sitting for hours a day breastfeeding. It gave my head a time out to think and peruse the world I wasn't seeing. Through comps I find businesses to order things we need from. I am definitely proud when I do win especially if it was a written word comp or a quiz or a bake up. No I don't enter everything there is not enough hours in anyone's day for that, there is so many out there. As a stay at home mum I don't have an income so if I win something special for the kids it's great and for me even better but I wish I could win something dad liked... like a BOAT!! That would make our life. I don't listen to gutless people who are too scared to voice their opinion in person so their page is water off this little piggy's back.
Natalie (Member Number: 112760)
Hmmm, me thinks Lucky Winner is better.
How can anyone 'Hog' Prizes? You're not Winning 100 or even 10 of everything. Other people have PLENTY of chances to Win. No-one WINS everything. Luck is in control. The term Prize Pig or Prize Hog is rude, inaccurate, tacky and motivated by jealousy. Who wouldn't keep Winning if they could? Lucky Winner is sensible and truthful. It's also, POLITE. Little bit more Class in the World of Comping methinks, A LOT more infact is needed.
Scott (Member Number: 285715)
Proud Prize Piggy here. Gotta be in it to win it! :-)
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
I think whoever made this page has no life and possibly a sore loser. I completely agree with you Helen. There is nothing wrong about entering competitions that you are interested in.
May (Member Number: 221049)
Jealous or perhaps just a misunderstanding
I find the term quite offensive. Most of us don't enter what we aren't interested in. I'm sure many others, like me, also don't enter comps that are obviously not targeted at us. i.e. even though I want to go to the USA I wouldn’t enter a competition to win a trip for a whole family to go to Disneyland as I think a family deserves to win something like that.
Perhaps whoever started the page just assumes that everyone that enters just clicks on everything with no consideration to the actual prize. Or perhaps they are just jealous!
Amy (Member Number: 342444)
Not a Piggy maybe a Meerkat
Firstly I think that facebook page is a sham, probably by a jealous comper because they appeared to post on known competition sites like yours and Thats Life, TV winners which insinuates they just wanted to create a dust storm.. Am I a pig , No I dont enter what I am not interested in, I am more a meerkat that sticks her head up when I see comps of interest, there just happens to be alot :) Thanks for all you do to help my obsession
Kylie (Member Number: 307641)

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