Are you a Proud Prize Piggy?

Little Piggy

I started entering while sitting for hours a day breastfeeding. It gave my head a time out to think and peruse the world I wasn't seeing. Through comps I find businesses to order things we need from. I am definitely proud when I do win especially if it was a written word comp or a quiz or a bake up. No I don't enter everything there is not enough hours in anyone's day for that, there is so many out there. As a stay at home mum I don't have an income so if I win something special for the kids it's great and for me even better but I wish I could win something dad liked... like a BOAT!! That would make our life. I don't listen to gutless people who are too scared to voice their opinion in person so their page is water off this little piggy's back.
Natalie (Member Number: 112760)

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