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On the other hand

On the other hand I just want to say
I have seen a few guys entering to win a lingerie pack, I don't know but that seems a bit strange. Seeing people who share a post 4 times a day until the drawing the date - is a bit full on. And is not fair on the other people who just share and then like it and thats it. I am not attacking anyone, just wanted to say what I have been seeing. I won two tickets to a launch party and many compers also won (not naming any names) and they didn't show up, the tickets could have been given to someone else. There were suppose to be 80 people but turned out to be 14, there were heaps of 'compers' who entered, why on earth did they enter when they weren't coming.
Finally, why are people from south australia entering comps from Tasmania, let's be honest are you ever going to there store, are you ever going to buy something off them. Imagine the shipping fees. I know people are going to say my friends are seeing my share post and i am advertising for them. Well do you have so many friends from tasmania now do you.
Qui fong (Member Number: 303711)

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