Are you a Proud Prize Piggy?

Proud Piggy

I've seen the Facebook page in question and to say I'm outraged by it is an understatement, and no I wasn't named personally.
I do wonder what organisations that promote purchase to enter comps think of this? I mean they would be banking on so called prize pigs entering by way of purchasing product.
So I say to you Mr or Mrs Dob in, if you are so offended by "serial compers " and only want ppl to enter your comps that are interested in your product/brand, how about you advertise your comps as purchase to enter, therefore you know that only ppl who are interested in your merchandise enter.
There see how easily that was solved, perhaps you should put as much energy into your product as you do smearing the names of good innocent people.
Alternatively maybe you should show your face or your companies face and perhaps we could help you solve your issues, as you don't seem capable by yourself.
Love Mr Pig
Ben (Member Number: 312281)

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