Are you a Proud Prize Piggy?

What a load of Hogwash

I haven’t won enough prizes to be called a prize piggy. But I won’t you tell any..... porkies, I do enjoy entering regardless. My husband brings home the..... bacon and I’m a stay at home mum who started checking out competitions when I was.... boared. This was usually while my kids were doing their distance education lessons and I had to be at home. I enter what interests me so I don’t .....hog all the comps, and I would imagine most people would be the same. Sometimes you might win a runner up prize that you don’t really need or want but giving to others makes me..... as happy as a pig in mud.
Whoever the ....swine is that started that ‘Dob In’ page is just...hamming it up. Let people enjoy themselves.
Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Kathie (Member Number: 32805)

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