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How often is the internet referred to as 'new technology'. True, it's evolving all the time, but I think about the first time I ever came across the internet in 1995. It's hard to believe that that was 16 years ago! The kid born at this time is now in year 10, and has never known a world without an online presence.

Over this time, we've been exposed to so many types of internet addictions. Probably starting with chat rooms and all of their consequences, moving onto instant messaging, and then to various forms of social media. Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter seem to dominate the online addiction world.

But, I also wonder if online addiction extends to competitions. So often, members who write to us will include somewhere in their note that they are addicted to competitions. This is always in a light hearted way, but it's also an indication as to how times have changed.

The 9th of April was the 10th anniversary of my leaving Coca Cola to become a freelance competition consultant. Competitions Guide didn't exist then, in fact there were very few online competitions by comparison. Woolworths/Safeway had been flooded with traditional paper entry forms, and put in place a limit of eight competitions in their store at any time.

The big thing at the time was the choice of entering competitions by mail, or 1900 phone number or SMS. Mail ruled, to the tune of 70% plus.

In the early part of the last decade, it wasn't easy to be a competition addict. Not so today. There's over 2,000 competitions in the market at any time, and these are just the ones we know about. We cull around 80% of these for our guide, and it's a big process.

The far majority of competitions we list are free to enter. To get through and enter every competition we enter each week would take a lot of effort, and a stack of hours. It would be possible, though.

The scene is set ..... you can be a competition addict if you want to.

So, are there any real competition addicts out there? Do you find yourself rushing to your PC every morning scanning for updates? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, and taken leave of your bed for an hour or two?

And, if you consider yourself a competition addict, has it been worth the effort? Do you have the prizes to show for it, or is it just a lot of fun.

Love to know your thoughts .........

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 13/4/11


Loving WOL comps
I have always loved these types of competitions but I have taken on board seriously the tips in your fantastic book and it is really starting to pay off, won $100 skin care last week and movie tickets this week. Thank you for the very straightforward advice, I am really back into my WOLs now after becoming despondent with very few wins to show for all my efforts!
Narelle (Member Number: 53927)
Prize winner in 1st week
I have always enjoyed entering competitions and the thrill you get when you see your name, or that phone call that send you inot a tizzy.
On hearing about and joing this site, in 1 week I was entering everything and to my suprise got an email this morning saying I have won a dvd. HOW EXCITING!!!
it pays to try and not give up. It is amazing how a few simple words "YOU WON" can put a smile on your face.
Thankyou for creating this website to get us compoholics together!!!
Sharon (Member Number: 152853)
I want to win
I receive emails on my mobile. Whenever my phone beeps, my heart races hoping I have won something! I have never won anything before so Im keeping positive and have my fingers crossed.Its only been my first month and some day, its going to be my day!
Seema (Member Number: 150547)
I've won a list of things ...
Most recently a $60K trip to Antartica :)
Nicole (Member Number: 130578)
What have you done to me?!I was addicted to "codewords"(the crosswords without the clues) now I never get time for them!
John (Member Number: 106054)
ADDICTED, Well maybe getting there!
My 2 children are both at school this year and i am looking for work, so as money is tight, i was getting bored staying at home until i found this site! It keeps me busy everyday and although i have never won anything, i keep my fingers crossed. Thanks!!
Nicole (Member Number: 121167)
Be cautious
An addiction to competitions may be a concern if it stops one from interacting with family, interferes with work and house hold chores.
Esther (Member Number: 122386)
an addict?
I am an addict my friends know i enter comps and average a small prize each month.
They don't know i have started turning the light off , lighting a candle and chanting a ''spell'' before i turn on my laptop to do my comps. lol
Peter (Member Number: 67444)
New Addict
I bought the book and I'm hooked! Within a month I won a $400 gift voucher and have been checking this site at least 3 times a week.
(Member Number: 67569)
The Problem With Addicts
I always worry that all the competition addicts out there are taking prizes away from random entrants! I feel bad for people who don't know about sites like these. Every time I randomly spend a few hours entering endless competitions, I wonder if I'll win and the times when I do, I often wonder if it's fair because I entered 20+ competitions that day... Then again, I barely ever do it so I suppose I am a random entrant?

Personally I find small prizes like books, movies, skincare products, etc. far more rewarding than anything else. I suppose it's because I can't afford the stuff normally, so winning it is fantastic but.. I still think it's better than winning something giant, as great as that would be it's the small things in life that give us our greatest pleasures.
Liz (Member Number: 92303)
comp addict
theres nothing worse than having to stop doing comps because your called away from the computer i have spent up to 9hrs doing comps, i do one comp then look at the site to see if they have other comps to enter, i have won quite a few things i the year of comping, some have come as a surprise because i forgot i had entered, so far its been about 20 dvds, 3 movie passes, 5 makeup, sunglasses, watches, fake nails, so theres plenty of things to enter, just wish there was more hrs in the day to do them all, most of all i have told 20 of my fiends about competions guide and 15 so far have join competions guide started my on to become a addicted comper

Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
Competition Addict
I'v just sighned up, and I cant wait to have my first win. I'm so excited
(Member Number: 88189)
I'm new here!
Hello :) I am new to Competitions Guide and the world of entering competitions. I started entering online compeitions two weeks ago and I can honestly say I am hooked! I am yet to catch a big one , or a little one for that matter, but all good things take time. I am feeling very lucky though I have entered countless number of competitions ranging from movie tickets through to cars and holidays.
Whenever I get the chance I am on the pc entering as many compeitions as possible... you have to be in it to win it!
(Member Number: 86961)
Can feel an addiction growing...
I've only just signed up.
But love looking through all of the competitions and entering.
I can't wait to have my first win!!
(Member Number: 87713)
I am a newbie..
I got to know about online competitions just a few days ago, omg it's addictive, Of course haven't won anything yet :)
(Member Number: 87330)
a new experience
I have only just started entering competitions and can't wait to see if I win anything!
(Member Number: 78559)
Love Competitions!!
YAY how fun!
(Member Number: 86929)
A whole world of competitions!
Just discovered this world of competitions, can't wait to see if it really works!
(Member Number: 86794)
Love It!
Found out this site from a story on Today Tonight, and it looked like fun (: I've just started but just entering these comps gives me a little thrill!
(Member Number: 85440)
I haven't won anything yet but I only started yesterday. It's getting very addictive already!
(Member Number: 30472)
I saw this ACA episode last night about competitions, and was amazed at much was won. So today, I googled for competition web sites, and hopefully, something good will come my way.
(Member Number: 84788)
I appreciate a small or big win, I won Hair Straightener, i guess you have to be in it to win it. Pure Consistent. Never Know. I doubted. After My Small Win. There is light on the other side of the tunnel LOL.
Losena (Member Number: 44625)
Fingers crossed
I am totally addicted to competitions guide I am checking daily hoping there is something new or something I have missed! I havent won anything yet but fingers crossed! Its still fun.
(Member Number: 7630)
Someone does win afterall
Since winning a holiday by chance I now find everyday I spend hours on Competition Guide then waiting to hear or read those amazing winning words 'you are the winner'. Such an exciting rush.
Anne (Member Number: 27515)
can't stop entering competitions
I basically use the internet to look for competitions. I'm crappy at it, I've won nice little prizes here and there..DVDs, tickets to the aquarium, tickets to movies, can't wait to win a million dollars one day
Sabrina (Member Number: 2763)
The Hidden Side of Me
Competitions are something that my family & friends are awrare that I do. But maybe not the extent. Whenever I have a little time to fill I'll be scanning & completing possible comps. So far just small prizes but they are always a thrill :)
Diane (Member Number: 27822)
Comps are better!
I am so glad I have come across this website. Having just overcome a 2 year long destructive gambling addiction, I have now found a way where I can possibly have a win without any monetary loss and have fun on the computer at the same time. A win win situation!
Natalie (Member Number: 73157)
Becoming A Compaholic
I have just started to enter into anything and everything,I am just finding it fun in itself just the thought of winning! imagine when i actually win something I will be over the moon and im pretty sure that will be the start of an addiction!!
(Member Number: 70267)
I love it
I just started it a week ago and I love it. when I get home from school I will go on my laptop for at least for an hour to try and win some competitions .I may not win but I have a great time
Jess (Member Number: 70648)
truely a comp addict
With 2 small kids, and 1 on the way, i enter all competitions that i can that will benefit our family, yet to win, but you gotta be in it to win it :)
(Member Number: 65358)
Competition Competition Competition
Quick Quick Quick
Have to enter, Fast.
Must not miss out !!!!
Think this pretty much sums it up for myself !! :)
(Member Number: 68590)
Comping Syndrome
It all started with the first win, opening that winning email and feeling instant excitement and exhilaration. I remember the delivery day like it was yesterday, it was an overcast crisp morning when the parcel lady's knock on the door had me jumping from my seat, i hungrily unwrapped the parcel with feelings of joy and reservation. My first win, it was beautiful. From that day I've been hooked and every win is like my first, when overwhelming feelings of excitement and anticipation come flooding back. I love it.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
Winning nothing makes me hungrier to win!
Yes I am admitting I am slow. While I have been hooked on competitions for the last 6 months or so I have not won a thing. It makes me more hungry to win.
Trent (Member Number: 33548)
i love competitions
i love competitions i have won a few things over the past couple of years but nothing major as yet but as the saying goes you have to be in it to win it
Sharon (Member Number: 12159)
my poem
I started when I was a teen,I won,was hooked,thought I was queen.I dont win much but love the rush,the smallest win will make me gush.So yes Im hooked,addicted for life,its fun,its proof that Im not just a wife :)
Michelle (Member Number: 65352)
Doctor's Bills
I recently had to visit my doctor. She advised me I had a pressure sore on my tailbone. When she asked me how many hours a day i sit at my computer I was too embarrassed to say. " name is Carmel...and I'm a Competition Addict." Don't even ask about my blood pressure issues from the stress of "timed" competitions but I'll be happy to show you my scrapbooks full of photos of all my wins. Sorry, i'd like to type more but I have to go. There is a comp. about to start on Facebook!! (Member Number: 68379)
It can happen to anyone
Hi my name is Sarah and iam an addict, I have been addicted to entering competitions for about a year now. 4 months after joining I got a phone call from ACP Magazine advising me I had won a major competition, I sat in shock as she told me I had won a $10,000 shopping spree in Melbourne's Chapel Street, accomodation at Crown, by this time my eyes were bulging out of my head and couldnt breathe, she went on to say that I had also won A LIMITED EDITION 2010 HONDA JAZZ!! I couldnt believe 25 words or less changed my life.
The feeling I have 7 months later is still shock, I cant believe it happened to me. It really can happen to anyone if your 'in it to win it'.
Winning has only helped my addiction :)
Thank you
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Where's my dinner??
I go through phases and am in one now, spending 2-3 hours a day entering. I won a car a few years ago and have my sights set on a family holiday. As they say you have to be in it to win it.
(Member Number: 179)
Is it worth the time?
Every tuesday night I spend about 1-2 hours entering the new competitions.I've won a $50 giftcard so far - that's an hourly rate of $????? Is it really worth the time??
Isabell (Member Number: 20109)
Am addicted
I have only started doing it for the last 6 months, but finding out you do win small prizes. Now never short of movie prizes. Hope to win a holiday.
Peter (Member Number: 45181)
I started entering competitions a few weeks ago and I am totally addicted. I have already won a holiday and an ice-cream machine and I want MORE!!! (hopefully it's not just beginners luck. All my family are now want in on the action and this was the first website I gave them to start there addiction. I love this site.
(Member Number: 65186)
Wanna be lucky
I am a beginner of internet comps -I hope I win something soon.
(Member Number: 67563)
My new nickname for myself, unemployed and bored,least I can still dream on!
Alison (Member Number: 62455)
Addict in waiting
My finger hovers over the 'enter' button but I just can't get over the thought "what's the catch?" and can't quite make the final push. My husband complains when he sees me pondering over the list,but now I've read about all the addicts I think I might join them.
(Member Number: 52818)
I live and breathe comps. My family have done so many amazing things from me winning cool comps.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
addict that never wins
I am addicted to competitions but am yet to win a single one. I entre every competition I come across. My partner thinks Im crazy and tell me im wasting my time, but I know I will one day win something... haha

(Member Number: 67818)
Slowly but surely
I started off slowly , entering competitions via magazines , newspapers, and then my hunt for online competitions began I became addicted! I now have one place to go with Competitions Guide and U love the "101 new competitions added" emails. I hope to win something soon!
Chris (Member Number: 53636)
Simply cannot resist
I cannot resist the lure of a competition. Even if I win a $10 prize or a $1000 prize the thrill is the same. I love spending time thinking of the PERFECT entry and enter as many competitions that I can find.

At least once a week I scour your website and then my "competitions folder" in my bookmarks for the websites that I have found to always have competitions. If I don't find time to enter competitions I am crazy wondering who won and what amazing prize I was missing out on. Thank you competitions guide for giving us the latest and greatest competitions !
Lisa (Member Number: 15389)
I started comping just before xmas and I am now an addict. They say it takes a month of continual activity to gain a habit. I used to check facebook everyday. Now I check and enter comps. It's a fun hobby that pays me! I'm even thinking of getting (or winning!) an i-phone so I can enter comps on the go :)
Fi (Member Number: 45472)
I make my own luck now :)
After three years of bad luck I suddenly decided I deserved a change and I would go out and make my luck change.I wake up at dawn everday so instead of waiting for my three kids and hubby to rise I now take a coffee and go do competitions :)and I am loving it I won the very first competition I entered last November which was a trip to Sydney for a Pantene Makeover with a friend and it was amazing.I have been winning lots of little comps ever since probably an average of one a week,Now my sons and friends have all started entering competitions as it must be contagious :)
(Member Number: 56739)
I have beeen comping on and off for years with big breaks in between. I only really got addicted when I discovered online competitions a couple of years ago. I was amazed to discover just how many competitons there are and the value of the prizes. I intended to be really selective and only enter if I really wanted the prize but I have become addicted to the "CONGRATULATIONS!" emails and phonecalls. I love working on 25 keeps my brain active now that I have retired. Last year I won three cars!
My name is Anne and I'm a compoholic!
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
Competition Queen!!
Oh yes, very addicted... My day doesn't feel complete unless I've done my competitions! It is my hobby and I've done very well from them, some of my prizes include TV's, concert tickets, holidays, a years worth of Tim Tams, and lots lots more! I enter most my comps online, including Twitter & Facebook, but also enter via snail mail & SMS..... I just love the thrill of winning no matter how small the prize is, I still get as excited as I did the first time I won!
Fiona (Member Number: 2124)
Hello, my name's Melissa and I'm a comp-aholic!
There, I've said it! I only discovered comping about 6 months ago but I am well and truly addicted already! I've won some little prizes along the way and I have to admit, I get so ridiculously excited when I get that email or phone call that says I'm a winner! My hubby just didn't get it at first but I think he's slowly coming around! :)
Melissa (Member Number: 45606)
Are you addicted to competitions?
Yes, I am the first, and probably won't be the last, to admit to severe competition addiction. I enter via the different methods of entry and entering comps has become my favourite hobby. I keep a log in a notebook and I have filled several pages with details of items won. The thrill of winning, even a small prize, far outweighs the wonder of "if only I had entered". This week has been simply wonderful: I was announced as a major winner of a prize to Bowral, N.S.W., just for supporting our wonderful local farmers and not the supermarket giants with their silly price war on milk! I'll happily drink tea to that.
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
just call me the competition queen!!
(Member Number: 67370)
How I spend my life
Since I had a car accident and can't work, I have become addicted to my computer and to competitions. I'm still waiting for a prize that I can drive, or fly in, but in time........
Christine (Member Number: 56961)
My friends are going green with envy with some of the prizes I've won. Why miss out when your guided all the way to some awesome Aussie comps each day. COMPETITIONSGUIDE.COM.AU is at the TOP of my favourites list
Meegan (Member Number: 37252)
Not an addict - a connoisseur.
Some competitions are fun
But the prizes I shun.
Some winnings are needed
But the competition is stampeded.
With limited time
And a compulsion to rhyme
I enter comps I prefer
I'm not an addict, just a connoisseur.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
AM I --
Lainey (Member Number: 37474)
Yes i am a competition freak and i am proud of it! I have a seperate email addi for newsletters and competition alerts and find time to enter even with a full time job, a 15 month baby, uni and currently 8 months pregnant!
Havent won anything through competitionsguide yet, but still not giving up hope!
Thank you for all the lovely compeitions :)
(Member Number: 20866)
25 WOL
25 WOLs are such an addiction, I rhyme all the time, it's become an affliction
Jeff (Member Number: 39733)
Love Entering Comps
I set aside Mondays as my day for entering comps online and of course on Tuesday I go back to Competitions Guide to check for the lastest weekly offering. I love entering competitions, thank God for the internet because it makes it so much easier. Last year I won 12 prizes (mostly small) which averages out 1 per month. Would love to win something big oneday. Thank you Competitions Guide for having so many comps in one place to look through for free.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
Totally addicted to............
My husband and I are totally addicted to competitions, one comp he entered 8,000 times by individual entry because he wanted to win. I haven't missed a week of take5 and thats life in 10years. We started when the doctor said get a hobby, so we did. We keep a list of our winnings month by month and a notebook beside us of what competitions we've entered and how many times or if they are a once ony entry so we dont get disqualified. As I couple on the disability pension, it gives us something to do, provides us with xmas and birthday presents for everyone and the odd holiday. Even not winning is a thrill as I dream of what I'd do if I won.
Lynne (Member Number: 8092)
"Gotta be init 2 win it"
I have recently decided/realised that the above quote is TRUE, after a friend of mine won $20 mill on Tatts and quit her job... So here I am - hoping and wishing!
Marina (Member Number: 66005)
I LUV this site. I used to enter comps (using forms n snail mail haha) many years ago, and had a few little wins. Life moved on, and now i've found this site & my addiction is back again. So im in boots and all, trying my luck, coz u no, sum smuck has to win <<--- why not this smuch :) thanks so much for the site.
Kim (Member Number: 65678)
Addicted for life
Hi I have been entering competitions for about 15years now. I enter some sms & some mail in but the majority of comps I enter are online. I am so addicted I do enter every day but it is nice to reap the benefits. I like winning experiences such as a holiday or tickets to movies or concerts. I have also won tvs, overseas holidays, washing machine, etc. I keep a list of everything I win no matter how small;-)
(Member Number: 2812)
Comping addict
That's me ! I get twitchy when I am to far from the computer lol . I have won some lovely things & made some like minded friends along the way . Comping is a great hobby & I love to wind down at night entering all the fab comps !
Tracy (Member Number: 5830)
I have won with Competitions Guide!
I have to get on the computer to look at new competitions each week. I do the easy ones first and the 25 words or less ones, I think about them for a while. Sometimes in the middle of the night I think of something and have to write it down. Otherwise I know that I will forget it by morning! I have won a $1000 bunnings voucher, which put to good use for our bathroom, a $100 Bra's n Things voucher, which my daughter shared and an overnight stay and breakfast at a Vibe Hotel! My husband and I are looking forward to that in June.
Thanks for getting all those competitions in "one place". Otherwise I'd still be hunting through magazines and supermarkets for them and your book has been very helpful.

Lorraine (Member Number: 3145)

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