The Secrets Of Winning Competitions Revealed!

"Craig Seitam has created some of Australia's biggest competitions and now he is giving away his secrets on
how they work."

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"Comp King's secrets revealed"

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Winning Competitions can be easy when you know how!

Joining the world of competition winners is easier than you think - it's all about understanding how they work and the tips that increase your odds of winning!

  • Improve your chances of winning simple entry comps!
  • Enter Words-Or-Less without having to be creative!
  • Find out what Frequent Winners are doing that you're not!
  • Get that winning edge by thinking like a Promoter!
  • Learn which comps get the least attention and how you can benefit! 


In our readers own words........

The Bible
For any true comper this book is a great motivational asset.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 206730)
Luck with 25 WOL competitions.
I never used to enter 25 WOL competitions, but gained the confidence to do so after reading the previous edition, 25 WOL competitions have been where I have had the most luck.
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
Lucky Star
From using your tips from the first edition of your book, I've been luckier with winning some more prizes that have even greater value!
Sharon (Member Number: 53946)
I learned the secrets
Of what promoters want to hear, and how to tailor my answer to competition questions.
Stefanie (Member Number: 417271)
25 words or less - easy!
I'm no longer afraid of them 25 words or less competitions. You've given me competition confidence in spades.
Lisa (Member Number: 167783)
Avid comper, avid reader
I've gathered some great insight from the books, picked up hints and tips that i combine with my own methods and so far i have been extremely lucky with my winnings
Sarah (Member Number: 305564)
Eye opening
Bloody brilliant book, every person has GREAT about winning but getting advice from an insider truly sets us on the correct path to entering - winning - waiting for the prizes to arrive.
Michael (Member Number: 928)
never too old to learn
wish i had read much sooner makes life soooo much more easier and more excitement in hope of a good win
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
Provided clarity
The book helped me to understand where I could concentrate my efforts and in particular how to approach the dreaded 25 WOL. I was particularly interested in the Author's observations on what makes a good or bad comp.
Luke (Member Number: 417581)

$29.95 value Get your free copy