Bye Bye Book! (for now at least) Stories

So, after three years on sale, Competitions - The Book has finally sold out.

The last signed copy left my hands on Monday this week, and aside from my souvenir copies, and a few still kicking around bookstores, that's it.

Competitions - The Book had been a project on the back burner, even prior to CompetitionsGuide being thought of. I had seen several books on the subject before, but the problem was that they were written from the perspective of a successful entrant, and not from the person behind the scenes.

Creators of competitions have so many things to consider. What they want to achieve, prize types, entry method, it's a huge list. Plus, there's a haze of permits and regulations to make sure everything is conducted within the law.

At the time of launch (August 2008) CompetitionsGuide had just over 13,000 members, and had only been featured in the press a couple of times. I have no doubt the book sent us into the national eye, and now with 6 times the members, and multiple TV, radio and magazine appearances to go along with it.

With edition 2 now underway, the good news is that it needs a touch-up, not a complete overhaul. The principles of winning chance and skills competitions hasn't really changed much at all.

The one thing that still amuses me (and makes for interesting discussions with Simone who contributes to this blog often) is rhyming and words or less competitions.

When I suggested that it's better not to rhyme, it caused a bit of outrage. Remember though, the book was created from the perception of a promoter's agent. I have always found that the feeling of rhymes is that they may be fun for the entrant, but a total drag for the person having to judge the competition. People still win using rhyming, and I have no doubt about that. But, I still have a lot of faith in answering words or less questions in real language that actually tells the promoter something they didn't know before.

Enough said on that topic .......

Thanks to all of you that took the time to order and read Competitions - The Book. It makes me very proud to have written it.

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 20/11/2011


Thanks for writing, I enjoyed the reading.
This book kept me smiling all the way through reading it- well most of it. However, (note that I didn't start this sentence with an "And" or a "But") I did read it all the way through. It has convinced me that I will be a winner one day. Persistence is the real key. That, and reading the book.
Maraika (Member Number: 225224)
The book
Congratulations in reaching the end of the first edition. Perhaps it will become a collector's piece, much sought after? I'll keep mine safe then.
I bought the book and remember objecting to the rhyming comment too as I had won a few competitions with rhymes.

Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
Afternoon, to write a book you must write it, which many fail to get around too. Then, to sell a book you must promote it. It is not enough to write it and think you will be a millionaire in a week. To sell out of a book shows that you did everything right and that is impressive. Byeee
Bronwyn (Member Number: 17716)
....didnt get the chance
i would like to read your book... :(
(Member Number: 86929)
Great Book
This book was a fantastic help. Making me understand so much more about competitions and how they work.

Thanks Heaps for a good book my friends had to borrow it.
Fiona (Member Number: 7859)
Thank you
I have loved entering competitions for years ever since my childhood when the entry was drawn in a paper envelope from a ski on telly!
Your website makes it super easy to find things to enter, lets just hope I get lucky in the future.
I saw you on telly and that gave me the inspiratio to start.
PS I have a great idea for competitions...I hope one day it becomes a reality!
(Member Number: 85893)
It's time again to rhyme.
Thank you for the mention.
Have I been put on detention?
I don't wish to brag
But if my poems are such a drag
Then promoters should not reward
Such rhymes which make them bored
All literary forms can be dreary
Teary, leery or cheery
It's not the rhyme that makes them so
It's lack of creativity or lack of flow.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)

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