Can Anyone Enter Mothers Day Comps? Stories

We're sure you have noticed the proliferation of Mothers Day comps in the last week or two...well the question I ask is 'What exactly is a Mothers Day comp and can anyone enter?'

Well...after reading through several sets of Terms and Conditions for various 'Mothers Day' comps, we have come to the conclusion that there is no real difference between these and other competitions.

By that, we mean we have not come across any specific rules that say you must either give the prize to your Mum, or, include your Mum in the prize experience.

In fact, all they seem to want to know about Mum is what you decide to write in your 'Tell us in 25 words or less why your Mum deserves....' spiel. When referring to the prize, the Terms and Conditions usually just state 'accommodation for 2 people...not accommodation for 1 person and their mother'!

The prize itself will tend to be something nice and pampering and girly eg. massages, perfumes, fresh flowers, relaxing weekends away, jewellery etc. All things we would like to win and are usually included as prizes in everyday comps.

Why do promoters label them as Mothers Day comps? Promoters love to hook into major events such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter and Christmas, it's purely just an advertising gimmick and is generally not target specific.

So, our advice is to just go for it and treat Mothers Day comps like any other comp. If you are hesitant at all, click on the little orange T on the comp summary - this is where you can quickly find the Terms and Conditions.

Yours Comp-letely,

Competitions Guide


simple and easy!
I love the fact that i get updates for new competitions. its so simple, all i have to to is look threw and pick competitions that i want to enter. It doesn't cost money and i never have to search for competitions because they are all here waiting for me :)
i havent won anything yet but i have my fingers crossed that it will happen soon.
Nicole (Member Number: 198013)
What Variety!
Even though I have not won anything yet. It's always assured that everyday I log in I can expect a new and exciting competition to enter. You gotta be in it to WIN it!
Jeni (Member Number: 164868)
Four months in
and I have won a suitcase, 4 sets of movie tickets and a health coaching/exercise pack. I love this site! Can't wait to win a holiday
Mishell (Member Number: 174235)
love competitions
I love playing games and entering competitions, even though I've been a member for awhile, I haven't done much as I got sucked into the "affiliate stuff". Thats not for me so as soon I get comfy with this site I'm sure I'll have the time of my life.
Deborah (Member Number: 95578)
Hope for even the jinxed.
What a fantastic resource bringing so many competitions together in a workable package. Some have so many prizes, I think I may win.
Lynda (Member Number: 194794)
Have just read many of the blogs and now feel ready to give a competition a go. I was confused a little just as Dennis in his blog headed:- Frustrating Search. Thank you for clarification in your reply to Dennis :)

Jillian (Member Number: 195297)
The Karma Train
Easy to access and plenty of fun!
Gives me a bit of hope that some good karma will maybe come mine and my families way.
Madeline (Member Number: 197795)
Keeping me informed
I love the regular emails, advising me of the latest competitions. I may not follow them all through, but knowing what's happening is great.
Kathy (Member Number: 67348)
Cool Comps
I love getting involved into competitions and just having that thrill of excitement knowing there is a chance you can WIN!!! What an adventure, right? !!
Neil (Member Number: 197991)
Why not?
I like competitions guide because I only have an iPad and other cites require you to have a computer to enter competitions!
Lynne (Member Number: 196508)
Simply better!
I find more competitions on competitions guide than on any other Australian competitions website.
Ebony (Member Number: 197288)
More comps than anywhere else
I like this website cause they update you regularly on new competitions better than most others. A fabulous variety to choose from that really takes some beating. A little request if I may. At the bottom with the page numbers, A larger arrow or next icon, please, would be more efficient than the rather small numbers which are fiddly to highlight to advance to the next page.

All the best to everyone.

Craig (Member Number: 97463)
What Can I Say
I'm the most uncreative person I know.I'm hopeless at poetry,rhyming etc. At least you have a good variety of dummies like me can enter more than one Competition.
Maxine (Member Number: 175339)
Competition crazy!
I love having a chance to win! Im one of the most unluckiest people, however this site gives me the chance to win and makes my day whenever i sign in :)
Georgina (Member Number: 197736)
Love this site!
Love the simplicity of so many competitions that I want to win all in one easy to use site. They say winners are grinners so I keep trying as I want to be a grinner. Thanks Competitions Guide.
Sumit (Member Number: 197700)
Good stuff
Thank you to whomever put this site together, makes it alot easier for everyone to have a chance of scoring a lucky day.
Jack (Member Number: 197112)
Super dooper
This site gives you a fun sensation knowing that anyday you could wake up to an email saying 'winner'. Somedays life can get overwhelming with bills, living expenses, study costs and it's nice to get a surprise every now and then that makes you feel like you are still noticed. Thank you!!
Cameron (Member Number: 197564)
Winners are grinners!!
Love the simplicity of so many competitions that I want to win all in one easy to use site. They say winners are grinners so I keep trying as I want to be a grinner. Thanks Competitions Guide.
Allan (Member Number: 4854)
Kazzie never wins
Luv the idea I can enter endless competitions,i enter so many but i have never won a thing. If i could win just one thing,anything i will be hooked for life. When i look at a winners list and my name is not on it my heart sinks.pleeeeese let me win something,anything.
Karon (Member Number: 51338)
Just new to the site looks great so far enjoyed entering my first competition
Patricia (Member Number: 197477)
Love this Page
I love that all competitions are under one site, finally i might have a chance at winning something. Ive entered many competitions in my time and im yet to win any, maybe my luck might change as they say you have to be in it to win it.
Elle (Member Number: 197460)
Love this site!
I love how there are so many comps in the one spot. Makes it so much easier to enter more of them. It would be good if comps could be sorted by category and also have some way of identifying the new comps that have been added since we logged in last. Thanks!
Stephanie (Member Number: 195772)
i like ticking them once I've entered a competition, it's like i've achieved something. :P
Sabrina (Member Number: 2763)
Handy and informative
Love getting the emails to remind me new comps have hit the net. Would like to win anything with reno's or with dishwashers give aways as kitchen needs a revamp, but anything is a bonus. Thank you for the updates and the friendly reminders.
Karen (Member Number: 196469)
I was looking for something like this site for ages, wonder how it eluded me for so long. Haven't won anything yet but then haven't been a member for long.Love it!
Farzana (Member Number: 197291)
Easy to Navigate!
My favourite thing about thing about competition's guide is how easy the information is to navigate - thanks for keeping it simple!
Lauren (Member Number: 197209)
Thank you and Suggestion
Your site is wonderful. I haven't won anything yet but I'm looking forward to it. I was wondering if you could divide the competitions into categories? I really want to win electronics, so I usually only enter those competitions, but I often have to wade through loads of others to get to them!
Sadie (Member Number: 191221)
Fantastic Site and Competitions
Hi to all the Competitions Guide team, I am new to this blogging so here goes. This site has to be the best I have come across and the variety of competitions and prizes are fantastic. Keep them coming.
Rebecca (Member Number: 110982)
Great pages
I just love opening the page to see what I might be able to chase down for the chance of a win. I enjoy the chase and get excited at trying to win, something, anything. Keep up the good work
Kevin (Member Number: 130170)
Too easy
Good way to kill those boring days at work. Good range of competitions
Aleisha (Member Number: 196372)
Lots of great Ideas in this blog
I too would like to avoid "free to enter" competitions, that you have to upload a photo.Perhaps a few more options so I can wean out the comps I unfortunately cant do. That would be awesome. Thanks.
Annabel (Member Number: 38906)
Love Competitions Guide :)
Entry is easy,
Comping is fun,
So many prizes,
Some I have won!
Charlotte (Member Number: 684)
Some things in life are really Free!
I like the fact that you don't charge an annual membership fee like other sites to find the competitions you wish to win! Thank-you
Micaela (Member Number: 45782)
Just found your site.. thank you for having me...This looks like lots of fun.

Fay (Member Number: 196297)
fantastic site
ive been a member of competitions guide for a few years now it has to be one of the best sites around and ive seen a few my daughter surpised me the other day by telling me that in the last 3 yrs i have not had to buy any birthday or christmas presents because of my winnings it looks like everyone benefits from my competition fever please dont ever change this site it works great and everyone one on it is fantastic
from one devoted fan and comp addict
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
great site
Hello,although i am yet to win a prize i am excited by the prospect of being able to enter so many comps in one place.Keep it up.could you have a search bar to make it easier to eradicate certain comps
Karen (Member Number: 78856)
A fix or an addiction
Can't go a day without checking new comps and what's closing. It's a thrill to win particuarly when you use your noggin in a 25 words or less comp - prevents early onset Alzheimers too, I hope!! I love this site, the comps, the ease of entering and the staggering amount of competition you guys manage to find
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Simple & Easy!!
Love this site and they're so easy to enter!! Great site!
Mark (Member Number: 195725)
Giving back
It makes it easy to enter these competitions in hope that I'll be able to give my parents a great gift, in return for everything they've done for me
Tully (Member Number: 185612)
Love it!
I love entering comps, it's somewhat of an addiction! Haven't won anything as a result of this website yet, but fingers crossed!
It would be good if you had a search field for prizes that you REALLY want to win - for example if you search ipad it would bring up all ipad comps
Julia (Member Number: 175016)
i love this
hi do love tuesdays the easy access and you make every thing so clear so much better than all the rest keep up the good work although i havent won anything yet i am thinking positive well done !!!!
Lia (Member Number: 191210)
favourite things!
I love this site, everything in one place, great prizes, it's good tool for looking around on the web on sites you previously didn't know were out there...A number 1
Sharon (Member Number: 18309)
Easy Guide to Comps
Instead of filtering through pages of words and lists I love the fact you can click on the picture and go straight to the entry page with Competitions Guide. It is a lot quicker to enter competitions and it saves time, and that's what it's all about. Good luck everyone!!!
Sharon (Member Number: 30041)
cant go without competition guide
every time since 2008 its in my email l go through all the pages, enter as many as l can, one day l hope this works and l win something
Natasha (Member Number: 18083)
Love Competition Guide
I'm a big fan. I just love entering comps, I have not won anything yet, but here's hoping.
Carolyn (Member Number: 42634)
Love this site
Would love to see listed in the comps, if they are a "25 words or less", some times us "not so creative" folk will be able to choose to enter or not. Keep up the great work guy's
Donna (Member Number: 177337)
..another way of using 'MUM' nice if she did get something for all they do.. guess they would also get more entries-thus more info- becasue so many people want something special for mum and can't always afford it so cross fingers and enter a comp!
Bronwyn (Member Number: 195350)
Competitions Guide the BEST !
I have NOT won anything yet but I shall continue to try.There is a great selection of things to be won and I am determined to win something,a shopping voucher would be great to help out the age pension.(83 years young)
Geoffrey (Member Number: 194296)
Fulfilling dreams
It is so simple,every competition is pulled together in one fantastic website,they have made it easier,we don't have to go searching for a variety of competitions.I have won a few from being on this website,every prize is worth a million smiles
Louise (Member Number: 134481)
Love Competitions Guide!
I love that everything is all listed in one convenient place. It is so handy also being able to see the closing date and prize pool etc beforehand so I know whether it is worth entering.
I do however, wish that I could simply right click on a competition to open it in a new tab.
Kim (Member Number: 146938)
Beginners Luck
This is all new to me. Friends of mine recently one a great prize and I figure youve tgot to be in it to win it!! This site is going to provide me with lots of opportunities!
Sharon (Member Number: 194798)
Newbie Alert!!!!! (Me lol.)
I'm new to the online competitions. Craig and his team have done a great job pulling it all together. Thanks! I hopes I gets the car.

Neil (Member Number: 195052)
Easy to Use
I have been a member for quite a few years, and have won some prizes. This is a terrific site. It is well set out, organised, and easy to follow. It is great how you can bookmark. I don't have as much time as I used to, but I still enjoy coming back!
Anita (Member Number: 9071)
Competition Addictions Anonymous
Hi im Sarah and I have a competition addiction. satisfies the urge of entering competitions, easy, reliable and safe to use ;)hehe
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Love the competitions but I would like to win lol
Caroline (Member Number: 145778)
I love having the ability to review competitions prior to entering, all in the one place. I love sorting by closing date and hearing other members experiences. It also satisfies my obsessive nature of entering certain competitions. It's so convenient, I am addicted. Thanks!
Chris (Member Number: 53636)
New to this..
I think you have to be in to win and I'm grateful for having the opportunity to do so. I like that everyone can participate, thank you.
Sarah (Member Number: 194846)
Simple access with pleasing results!
Line right up and read all about it folks! is a godsend - people, like me,who have scoured search engine competition results with the gusto of a Robinson Crusoe expedition can look no further! Legitimacy
, accessibility and unbelievable prizes are right at
your fingertips. Treat yourself with a competition today!
Pia (Member Number: 191725)
Love the Guide
A great page bringing all the comps together, really helps especially a newbie. Haven't won anything yet but am remaining hopeful and entering the comps fiercely.
Shawn (Member Number: 105890)
I'm new to the online competitions however love how bring it all together to help those who are starting out. Can't wait to see how I go and look forward to hanging out with the team online!!
(Member Number: 54837)
Beginners Luck!
Competitions galore fun and easy, I just adore. To win would be a great surprise with Competitions Guide I am in for a exciting ride.
Gill (Member Number: 194045)
Competitions I didn't know about
I love this site as it lists so many competitions that I didn't know about and if it wasn't for this site I would have missed out on entering them.
Phillip (Member Number: 96805)
Competition reminder tick
Love the way you can tick the page on the competition I have entered. Many Ts & Cs, stipulate only one entry and this is a good reminder for me not to enter again a make my entries void. Thanks Competition Guide :)
Lisa (Member Number: 125146)
Awesome Competition Site
I love this site it is so easy to navigate and has all the latest competitions in one place. Keep up the good work and I am just hoping to win a nice prize one day!
Katrina (Member Number: 184965)
Competitions Guide is brilliant
I like the competitions guide website because it is well designed and easy to use and navigate through the website. I like entering competitions and this site is perfect for me because I can enter a variety of competitions and have the chance to win.
(Member Number: 15870)
Love the set out of the site, very easy to look around the site, great competitions, now to win something :)
Kim (Member Number: 194066)
Does any one really win?
I have joined every survey site, every opinion site, every travel site, every hotel site, every giveaway site, every discount chemist site, every cheap insurance site and still every competition I enter wants me to tick the boxes to join these same sites. I STILL HAVE WON NOTHING.
It has been over four years of survey after survey of Kmart, Aust Post, Myers, Opinion World, Paid Surveys etc etc etc Still nothing for me. Is it real??
Nick (Member Number: 59074)
Comp-letely Hooked!
I can't get enough of your site. I love how easily I can tell if I've already opened up a page, even if I haven't marked it with anything.
I'd love to see a new item near closing date and whether it's free or shop to enter which states how many times you can enter ie. daily, weekly, once only. Would definitely be handy!
Thanks again for the great work and keep it coming team!
Louise (Member Number: 188675)
I enter each day
Love that I can check out all the new competitions each day. There are always a few that I enter. Haven't won yet but keeping my fingers crossed
Bev (Member Number: 165025)
I just joined a moment ago so I'm a newbie, but it looks like a great site that's easy to use.
Ali (Member Number: 194195)
Competitions 'Made Easy' Guide
Being able to organise each competition into the categories that suit me (date added, prize pool, closing date, entered first and not entered first), makes entering Competitions a Guide made easy! It's a Win-Win (& if you Win a prize), It's a Win-Win-Win!
Melissa (Member Number: 5286)
Satisfied Customer
The site is easy to navigate and I don't feel pressured to post comments or comps in order to keep up to date with what's available. I also like getting the newsletters with featured comps. Thanks.
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
Sharing is caring
With the updates on facebook, it gives my friends and chance to be involved as well
Joanne (Member Number: 193820)
First thing I log into everyday
Thanks for having an awesome and very easy to use site. Everyday this is the first thing I log into and then I enter every competition available....and I have been lucky enough to win a small prize here and there....just waiting for a big win one day soon I hope. I recommend this site to my family and friends too. Thanks again. See you tomorrow bright and early.
Melanie (Member Number: 2366)
My homepage!
This is the easiest to navigate competitions website. The layout is clean and best of all it tells you if a competition is free to enter or not. Great job!
Maricel (Member Number: 167061)
Best site for competitions
While I haven't won anything (YET! :), I love this site because its so well laid out.
Stephen (Member Number: 178590)
Winners are Grinners
This is a much better way to take a procrastination break at work than the usual facebook stalking & Youtube watching - At least Im one step closer to being a winner!
Rebecca (Member Number: 193665)
Daily Comp-dates!
I love that I receive daily updates via email containing current comp-news and I can simply hit a link that takes me straight to the site and all the newest, greatest comps are there ready to go!
Caitlin (Member Number: 191363)
Got to be in it to win it!
I am a comping addict and is the site I love the most. Easy to navigate, you have your favourites and can see what you have entered and best of all it's FREE! Great Job :)
Kate (Member Number: 165518)
The competitions are fantastic and easy to enter and I love how I can see which competitions I have entered or looked at. Well done guys and gals
Denise (Member Number: 107859)
Free Dream Tickets
This is a great non fat addication highly recommended
Donna (Member Number: 105401)
Many chances to win
I've never underestimated my chances to win as I never give up, Thanks to all the team who make it happen. I can be sure I won't miss anything while browsing the competition guide while sipping my hot tea!
(Member Number: 16316)
Another Day At Work
The best thing about this site...
When i am sitting at work and I have a period where I am bored out of my brains waiting for something to happen I love to come on here. From holidays to cash prizes regardless of whether you win or lose its so much fun entering these competitions. It is safe and always have to log back in if you don't stray of the page for a bit.
I am a self confessed Competitions Guide addict and I am not even ashamed.
Kiara (Member Number: 157063)
Great Site
I have been looking for a place to enter competions, here on this site they are all there. Now i just hope i can win some of the awesome prizes. Thank You
(Member Number: 17457)
Love to get that winning feeling
So much to choose from and dream about winning, just going through the opportunities takes me to another place.
Kevin (Member Number: 48789)
Love the Simplicity of the Web Site
Super easy to navigate your fantastic web site, which helps when you are a time starved mum. Thanks for taking the hard work out of searching for worthwhile, quality competitions, and putting them all in one user friendly location!
Jessica (Member Number: 190100)
I recently had the biggest surprise when I won tickets to Taronga Zoo from a competition I entered on a whim. Since then I have been entering everything I could find with a prize. Then I found Competitions Guide. Now I don't have to spend all that time looking for all the competitions cause they are all here on the one site. Now I am even more confident I'm going to win again as I have more time to enter more comps!! Bring on the prizes :D
Karen (Member Number: 193316)
New to the game!
I have been on your site for +- month. Thank you for the choices you give.
I love the winners page, I get excited when people win on t.v., radio,anywhere, so I'm looking forward to the time I get excited for myself.*****(5 star)
Sandra (Member Number: 187064)
Newbie in Heaven!
I love that competitions seem to be added daily and i can clearly see which ones i have looked at or entered. I think i'm hooked :)
Melissa (Member Number: 46041)
What I love!
Clean, clear, colourful layout.
Don't have to wade through "crap' to find the competitions.
Always up-to-date..not full of expired competitions.
Regular email updates.
No scams!

Anne (Member Number: 4483)
Love the extras
I love the extras especially the free E-Book and the blogs and information which are such a great help. Of course the competitions are pretty good too.
Lesleigh (Member Number: 88523)
Gold Fever
Competition Guide brings in a new age and a new way of finding valuable treasures.
Pamela (Member Number: 191581)
Favourite Thing?
I reckon its the Gold Star. I go through the new list daily, (always exciting for me) and click the gold star on those I want to enter. I have bookmarked my favourites page, set to 'closing date' to make sure I don't miss any. When I am competitin mode, I go through fairly systematically.
Annie (Member Number: 185167)
Off and on Ive tried my luck, randomly on various competition sights, however they always lead you of the the track of where you wanted to get. so I normally give up. However competition seems easier to manage getting around and enteringthe great variety of competitions.
So GOOD LUCK ! to all.
(Member Number: 39253)
awsome site
cant wait to be a winner
Mick (Member Number: 190786)
I have three likes - convenient every comps in the one place with easy to access links, the date the comp is ending (I like to enter last minute) & although small & scarce wins at the moment I LOVE my letter box!!! it makes me so happy to even win just a $20 gift card or a movie ticket it brightens my week so much :) Thanks to you Competitions Guide.
Lucy (Member Number: 121728)
i have never one anthing it would be fantastic
Anna (Member Number: 171860)
Everyone is a winner!
All competitions are available to everyone! What a site.
Therese (Member Number: 130524)
To see is to believe
Like many I am sceptical. I will surely let everyone know if I win.
Susan (Member Number: 189365)
Believe and you will receive
So many lucky people out there, without Competitions who would dare to dream????
Cathie (Member Number: 166025)
Thank you
There is a great variety of competitions to enter, all with fantastic prizes!! I haven't been lucky enough to win anything yet, however..."you have to be in it to win it" I will keep entering!! Thank you!!
Sue (Member Number: 152320)
In it to win it
A great chance to realize your dreams Keep up the good work
Margaret (Member Number: 192545)
Free and Easy!
That got your attention ;-)
So does the simple layout of Competitions Guide with excellent social media link ins - sometimes I see things in email or on Facebook that I missed on the site. Did I mention free? Hurrah for Craig and welcome Helen!
Elizabeth (Member Number: 111619)
no win
havent one a thing and id like some thing maybe one but its so hard to wait when will i ever win win win
Sue (Member Number: 100381)
Dream to win anything!
I am trying so hard to win any competition! I have not ever won anything in my life, however I will keep trying!
Wendy (Member Number: 188918)
Wow! Best Comps Site Ever!
I love, seriously its easy peasy to navigate and has a truck load full of great comps to choose from. Or you can go crazy like me and try entering them all:) Good Luck Everyone!
Massouna (Member Number: 95077)
With my bad luck lately, something has got to give - lol. Well, at least I have a chance - and its easy!!!
Christine (Member Number: 190431)
first time ever
hope its the start of many more and hope I win something
(Member Number: 37915)
its fun
competion guide is like bringing in the tide its fun 2 use but not nice 2 lose i would love 2 win and have a big grin
Faye (Member Number: 71974)
fingers crossed
Although I have not yet won anything I love the fact that all the hard work is already done and everything is accessible so hopefully my chances of a win are increased
Sandra dillon (Member Number: 191913)
Love comping
Really like your comp page. Enter often but haven't won anything yet. However hope runs eternal. Thanks for giving me so much fun.

Sophie (Member Number: 118805)
Competition Guide - Really Helpful!!!!

Since joining up to competitions guide, I have won over $1500 worth of prizes, and that's just since the start of this year! I find it really helpful having all the competitions listed in the one spot. Keep up the good work!
Amanda (Member Number: 91331)
So Many Opportunities to win
It's just wonderful to be able to sit down for a break, relax and have all these wonderful comps at my fingertips waiting to be entered.
Margaret (Member Number: 190120)
When I joined up I thought you entered all the competitions on my behalf. So I haen't been entering any competitions. What a waste of my subscription money each month.Have only just realised that I need to enter them
Rosarii (Member Number: 191939)
The Best
Of all the comps online yours is the best
Roger (Member Number: 162785)
what if?
Fingers crossed!!!!! be in it to win it people.
Sheena (Member Number: 192511)
Welcome aboard Helen!
And I love that I've basically turned making a statement in under 25 words into an art form! See! :)
Bilyana (Member Number: 181941)
You've got to be in it to win it
A site which collates all the current competitions on offer and organises them on our behalf for our convenience, access and ease of use, what a great idea! Thanks Competitions Guide, you make it all so easy and exciting to have a bit of fun and possibly win a prize. Well done!!!!
Theo (Member Number: 61896)
Roll on the weekend I've got competitions to enter
Perfect blog timing! I've seen countless mothers day comps but because my mother dearest lives overseas I'm put off entering! Look out M Day competitions I'll be entering them all on the weekend!
(Member Number: 92183)
Hard to belive
I have never win anything in my live so its time to try.
Marek (Member Number: 125487)
Fantastic site
Love that all the competitions are in one easy to use website. Fantastic!
Janelle (Member Number: 29485)
I can easily tell if I have to purchase to enter or it is a facebook competition. That way I can hone in on ones I have a chance of winning.
Tania (Member Number: 15977)
Just how we like it...
Simple and easy just how life should be.
Dane (Member Number: 192923)
I Can be a Winner too!
I have never 'won' anything in my life but I know that I have to be in it to win it so am increasing my chances of being a winner everyday through competitions Guide and the best part about it is it's FREE to enter!
Hae-sun (Member Number: 189087)
Dream comps
I love the idea that you're in with a chance just like everybody else.
Ms sheralee ann (Member Number: 96468)
Fun to Dream
I enter competitions every day now. I even enjoy writing 25 words or less.
Desley (Member Number: 97449)
Always happy to answer questions
Every time I have emailed a question (not too often) I get a helpful, prompt and patient reply. So useful to a first time comper.
Norah (Member Number: 173459)
Mothers Day
Just want to try and win some things for my partner and mother to be :D
Brett (Member Number: 118009)
great chances
Having fun entering all the competitions now just hoping to win
Helen (Member Number: 144210)
Happy comp hunting
Gotta be in it to win it and having great fun entering.
Claudia (Member Number: 192257)
I love it ...
This is also my first entry.I like this site as it has great competitions and it is free.We cannot all win but we can all hope...
Sanela (Member Number: 192827)
Fav things about competitions guide
I think this is awesome as I get a daily email advising me of some great comps to enter with awesome prizes for all
Mary (Member Number: 174099)
Everyday is surprising
Ferry (Member Number: 186244)
Great Competitions
Everyday there is another competition. All you have to do is enter
Joy (Member Number: 168924)
It's Free!
Being on a tight budget made me seek out less expensive hobbies: that's how I found Competition's Guide! I feel so fortunate that every day I can log on, have fun entering comps, read entertaining blogs & feel like part of a comping community - all for free!
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
My Favourite Thing About Competitions Guide
the best thing for me about Competitions Guide is the email alert I get regularly. It not only lets me know what new comps have been added but reminds me to stop and take time out to visit the site.
Shirley anne (Member Number: 34036)
Lots of free competitions
Love the amount of free competitions available with so many choices. Loving it>
(Member Number: 46619)
Free to dream...
Most of the competitions are free and it so nice to be able to dream about winning a price when you enter.
Therese (Member Number: 191294)
The Best Of The Best....
I find Competitions Guide THE BEST OF THE BEST As don't have to go all over the place online chasing competitions to enter, which saves me a lot of time...
As Good Sites Go by Word Of Mouth...
Contessa (Member Number: 165436)
Newbee to comps
How fantasticis this, what a great selection of competitions to choose from, with great information on guidelines to assist me.
thank you Competition Guide.
Jessica (Member Number: 121014)
Great Comps
Everyday there is something new and exciting to enter
Joanne (Member Number: 3338)
Variety, the spice of living !
You always manage to have something for every taste, so we all get to have a go at something that suits our own life and lifestyle. Thanks for the variety.
Kathryn (Member Number: 192211)
A competitors lament
I love how the competitions keep me occupied _
But I've never won a thing , no matter how I've tried .
I think thats such a pity ;
When sometimes I write a ditty .
But I think if I'm persistant ,
I may find I'm non resistant ..
Denis (Member Number: 87423)
So, so easy to join in the fun
Love competitions but I am very short on spare time so find competition guide makes it so easy an quick to join in the thrill of maybe winning. Thank you competition guide.
Judy (Member Number: 191334)
So simple and fun to use
I am a newbie to comps and absolutely love Competitions Guide. So much fun to enter and so many different comps to choose from. Fingers crossed that one day I will win!
Claire (Member Number: 190741)
Great range
I started entering competitions after my son was home and I was spending more time at home. About a year later I discovered Competitions Guide, and it has made it easier to keep entering, even though I am now back working part-time. I especially appreciated the advice in your e-book, lots of great hints. Keep up the great work!
Amanda (Member Number: 146995)
Such Variety
Competitions Guide offer so many different competitions, from baby items through to romantic holidays for two. I enjoying entering as many as I can and sit for hours pondering through your website. When I win, the kids look forward to the parcel in the post and take turns opening them, thanks for so many opportunities :)
Antonietta (Member Number: 68774)
Fantastic Competitions without endless searching
You find all the best comps and it is so fun to flick through the pages entering all my favorites, without having to endlessly search the web for them.
Tamara (Member Number: 43926)
All at my fingertips
I love that there are so many competitions at my finger tips.
Linda (Member Number: 2974)
Aids to organizing our entries
I love my mum, but this is not a Mother's Day competition. It's a "Love your Big Daddy website" competition. I love the way Competitions Guide allows us to mark off competitions as read, favourite, etc. I'm very disorganised and without these aids I'd probably re-enter comps illegally or keep reading over the same ones wondering if I've entered. And .... this does not even rhyme. (But the entry above mine did all the hard work for me). P.S. I love that we are prompted to only leave our first name below. Too many websites just say "name" and then we get people's full names. I find that a bit intrusive and uneccessary.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
Winners winners chicken dinner
I love the winners section the most. Reading about what other compers are winning makes me feel happy and inspired.
Ei (Member Number: 191130)
I love that I win.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
Variety is the Spice of Life
I love the fact you have so many different competitions listed, there's some for families,babies,kids,mums,dads and even your pets.
Patricia (Member Number: 1234)
Comps Poem
I love how the site has pictures,
And keep us up to date;
The constant stream of competitions,
And the set out is just great!
The decency of all the comps,
Always genuine and real,
And the huge variety of prizes
Always makes me squeal!
Jodie (Member Number: 192991)
all new to me
This is my very first entry, so hopefully I might get lucky one day.i love the way i can just sit and relax and pray things go my way :)
Yvonne woutersen (Member Number: 192977)
Ease Of Use
I love that the site has pictures making unique as no other competition site i have seen has this set up which makes this site so simple to use and easier to judge what competition i would like to enter.
Melanie (Member Number: 16256)
I love the details
I like how you tell me if its a Facebook entry or I need to shop to enter. Often that info helps determine if I'll enter
Julie (Member Number: 84971)
A great start to the day!
I love that competition guide add new competitions everyday(even weekends)! Im so excited to get out of bed and see whats new...
Stacey (Member Number: 141987)
Easy & Good Quality
I love the fact that you guys always have decent good quality competitions to enter, huge variety in prizes and of course you make it so easy to enter the competitions too. That's why I've been a member for years and always will be.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
Love that the work is done for me
I love that I have one place to go and all access to competitions is on the one page I don't have to troll the net - you do all the hard work for me, thank you so much for the opportunity to enter so many competitions
Lisa (Member Number: 117265)
Competitions Guide Groupie!
I love how Craig and his team do all the hard work for us, all I have to do is choose which ones I want to enter then cross my fingers and wait! But better still?? I don't have to pay a cent, nope not one cent to use this fantastic site, unlike others I've come across..... Thanks to all the Competitions guide team, keep up the great work! :)
Fiona (Member Number: 2124)
Love Tuesdays
Love that I have easy access to lots of competitions, have won quite a few in the last couple of years, but still waiting for a big one! No bigger thrill than that email to say you won! especially as I have had to give up work recently due to health problems and spend a lot of time at home!
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
comptastic page
great up to date and all genuine competitions, all in one place!
Jan (Member Number: 7555)

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