Christmas Competitions - Flat or not? Stories

Every year I wait for the Christmas slowdown, which will normally continue into the middle of January.

It's often thought that Christmas would be a huge time for competitions, with all of the mad shopping behaviour. But, it's usually the opposite, with online and offline sellers relying on other types of promotions to get people through the door.

This year, there seems to be some differences. Looking over the submissions sent in from our Comp-Hunters, there doesn't appear to be any drop off as yet. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing for our members, but it's interesting as to why this could be happening.

I reckon there's two possible reasons:

Facebook competitions - There is still a major push for companies to get their Likes numbers up, and I have noticed that the surge in Facebook competitions keeps growing.

This isn't always good news for our members, as there is still some resistance to Facebook across the board. This seems to be growing less and less, which is why you would have noticed more and more Feature competitions on the Guide.

Retail Doing it Tough - It's no secret that retailers are going to have a hard time this Christmas, moreso traditional stores than online.

Whenever there's uncertainty around, it's a fair bet that sellers of anything will throw out all stops to get a fair share of the Christmas pie. Having said that, I have also noticed an increase in 'Shop to Enter' competitions of late.

Yes, you all know that buying something to enter increases your odds, so I won't sound like a broken record. The fact is however that it's now the expectation that competitions should be free to enter.

Not so long ago, a competition entry was a reward for buying. Nowadays, it's a reward given before the event.

All things aside though, business is pretty much as usual for Competitions Guide. There will be an inevitable slow down into January. Then again, I could be pleasantly mistaken!

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam - 9/12/11


we all know how expensive christmas can get and you are proply like me no moneyto buy anything as you dont get much on the disabilty pension we just get what we can and hope for the best thanking you gta
Graeme (Member Number: 21010)
I need of some Christmas magic to get through this Christmas
Shae (Member Number: 168764)
Buying to win?
Does buying to win increase your chances of winning if you buy more things? Or does it just mean that no one else will really enter because it requires effort and spending? If so bring on more buy to win. :D
Kathryn (Member Number: 104996)
no slump
I haven't really found a slump at all, I did think it would die off after Christmas, but then you have valentine's day, easter, mothers day, fathers day, seems to be a steady stream this year, loving all the competitions areound.
Narelle (Member Number: 71454)
Christmas Facebook Competitions
I think there was a bit of a competition between retail sites before Christmas in the "X Days of Christmas" competitions, which meant lots of signing back into Facebook on a daily basis to check out the competitions. It was quite fun, but very time consuming, and I think only some people would have had the time immediately before Christmas to indulge. January, everyone is in holiday mode and many are away, so perhaps the competitions will continue as a way of keeping us remainders interested? I don't think the strategy of "win before you buy" is a bad one for small items. There have been a number of competitions where the prize is a sample (either small or full sized), and I've gone on to buy the product as I've loved the sample. And if I don't like the sample, I often pass it on to someone who might, so there is still a chance of an eventual sale.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
I think its deffinetly because retailers are feeling the pinch this year. I would feel better about buying extra things this time of year if it meant i could win.
(Member Number: 7630)

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