Christmas Competitions - Flat or not?

Christmas Facebook Competitions

I think there was a bit of a competition between retail sites before Christmas in the "X Days of Christmas" competitions, which meant lots of signing back into Facebook on a daily basis to check out the competitions. It was quite fun, but very time consuming, and I think only some people would have had the time immediately before Christmas to indulge. January, everyone is in holiday mode and many are away, so perhaps the competitions will continue as a way of keeping us remainders interested? I don't think the strategy of "win before you buy" is a bad one for small items. There have been a number of competitions where the prize is a sample (either small or full sized), and I've gone on to buy the product as I've loved the sample. And if I don't like the sample, I often pass it on to someone who might, so there is still a chance of an eventual sale.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)

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