Competitions - The Book - 3rd Edition Stories

I'm extremely excited to announce that Competitions - The Book's 3rd Edition is almost ready to be launched.

Changes to the 1st and 2nd Edition are significant, with extra winning tips, and one special new one that I want you to try.

There have been a number of books written on the subject of competitions, and countless articles. So, why do I think Competitions - The Book stands out?

I believe it helps that I'm an industry insider, and not a comper. I don't give a lot of opinions, I observe numbers and activities.

Looking back at the emails received over the past eight years, I'm even more confident that Competitions - The Book will produce even more winners. Sure, comping is a fun activity, but actually winning stuff makes it a bit more interesting.

I'll keep you posted on the launch date, but in the meantime feel free to comment on what 'Competitions - The Book' has done for your comping. I'd love to hear from you!

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 13/11/16


Keep trying!
Don't give up, and think you won't win
Keep on trying, and you will grin!
Deb (Member Number: 894)
Keep Entering
It's a game of skill, luck, chance.
But you never know when you will win.
Me I've won a few things. And am always on the lookout for that next competition. Do get annoyed when I buy something and comp is already finished but that is the luck of the draw. You win some and lose some.
Jenny (Member Number: 296504)
Filled with Great Tips
I remember when I used to randomly enter competitions never really feeling confident. This book helped me to really understand the science behind the way competitions are run and is full of tips to that have helped me start winning and continue competitions over the years.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
The Bible
For any true comper this book is a great motivational asset.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 206730)
Luck with 25 WOL competitions.
I never used to enter 25 WOL competitions, but gained the confidence to do so after reading the previous edition, 25 WOL competitions have been where I have had the most luck.
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
VOLUMES of pleasure
Focus on the comps I can re-sell or enjoy, and how to do the 25wol questions in style. Won loads!
Becky (Member Number: 356329)
Stay Positive
I learnt to stay positive, enter small comps as people tend not to bother with them so more chances of winning, don't be scared to give 25 words or less comps a go and take your time with your entry as you only have one go.
Kate (Member Number: 335566)
Lucky Star
From using your tips from the first edition of your book, I've been luckier with winning some more prizes that have even greater value!
Sharon (Member Number: 53946)
Unknown Quantity
Haven't read the book
Didn't know about the book
This competition introduced me to the book
Like competitions guide via competitions
Introduced me to many new ideas/areas!
Going to find the book now
To discover what a difference
It will make to my comping!
Dianne (Member Number: 368426)
Unexpected blessings
Since reading the first edition of the book I've won quite a few prizes. No matter how small or large I always get a thrill. The book is inspiring, informative and makes me a winner
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Cracking the 25 WOL Code to Compers Heaven
"Life is to be lived, to enjoy the buzz that comes form winning a prize, and Competitions - The Book, cracked the 25 WOL code to winning major prizes on skill, where chance plays no part.
Harry (Member Number: 412352)
Entering this type of competition I must confess
Did cause me a small amount of stress
But now I have a new outlook
Confidence gained from reading the book
Sharron (Member Number: 418969)
Helpful in understanding in plain english
Great way to interpret the online competition 'hunting and gathering', and having fun while you're at it!
Aldo (Member Number: 373910)
By encouraging me to keep entering no matter what the outcome of the previous competition was. As you never know what judge your answer may appeal to, or when your name may be randomly chosen, just keep entering and giving yourself the chance.

Shell (Member Number: 355074)
Word Play is Child's Play
Pity the fools who ignore competition rules, say yes to 25 words or less and have fun with a pun – that’s how I’ve previously won!
Lisa (Member Number: 29218)
I learned the secrets
Of what promoters want to hear, and how to tailor my answer to competition questions.
Stefanie (Member Number: 417271)
Great Book
I loved this book, used to have no confidence before but now am able to clear my mind and enter competitions easily
Fabiola (Member Number: 419561)
I am add a special set of words to all 25 or less comps that make me stand out from the rest. No winners yet but hopefully soon
Nathan (Member Number: 417020)
25 words or less - easy!
I'm no longer afraid of them 25 words or less competitions. You've given me competition confidence in spades.
Lisa (Member Number: 167783)
Avid comper, avid reader
I've gathered some great insight from the books, picked up hints and tips that i combine with my own methods and so far i have been extremely lucky with my winnings
Sarah (Member Number: 305564)
Persistance, originality and efforts ARE rewarded!
I have only read the first edition of the book, (a friend's "borrowed" it forever) but l have learnt to keep trying, be original/quirky in responding to 25 words or less comps and keep receipts for products bought. I've kept a "log book" of all the prizes l've won and l've filled an exercise book! 😆
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
great advice
it told me to enter comps of 25 words or less as most people don't enter those
Cheryl (Member Number: 1833)
I won after reading!
Hadn't won a thing. Read both books, and learnt heaps. Then guess what? Within weeks I was onto a winning streak! Thrilled to bits :)
Jodie (Member Number: 412001)
tips on comping
I enter SO MANY competitions but realize that the possibility of winning is certainly not great due to the great number of entries. However I keep on trying! I have read the book and have used the helpful hints. Keeping on hoping!
Dianne (Member Number: 382414)
WOL comps
These are the hardest I find and any good tips are always very welcome.
Kym (Member Number: 209344)
Great ideas
I've used the advice a few times - yet to win, but not giving up hope that I'll be successful!
Jenna (Member Number: 122004)
Keep the energy high and positive work on the creativity persist with as many competitions with great prizes and sooner or later you will break through
Tracy (Member Number: 74449)
Eye opening
Bloody brilliant book, every person has GREAT about winning but getting advice from an insider truly sets us on the correct path to entering - winning - waiting for the prizes to arrive.
Michael (Member Number: 928)
I've learned that I really need to check the Tand Cs (Member Number: 419258)
never too old to learn
wish i had read much sooner makes life soooo much more easier and more excitement in hope of a good win
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
The time will com
Awesome ideas for a better and creative approach. Best of luck to all
Renata (Member Number: 399256)
Don't be greedy
Do not enter competitions with prizes you do not want.
Melissa (Member Number: 152195)
T's & C's a must
It taught me that I must read the T's & C's because sometimes I am ineligible to win something that I might of entered anyway.
Jonathan (Member Number: 398692)
Great tips
Great tips such as setting up auto fill in browser that saves a lot of typing if you enter lots of comps. Thanks
Hunter (Member Number: 29181)
Thought provoking
The book gave me ideas on how to think and when to stop and give it another thought before entering a competition, not just rushing to get in quick but slowing down and re reading so I get everything right.
Natalie (Member Number: 112760)
Provided clarity
The book helped me to understand where I could concentrate my efforts and in particular how to approach the dreaded 25 WOL. I was particularly interested in the Author's observations on what makes a good or bad comp.
Luke (Member Number: 417581)
Improving my comping skills
I learnt a lot about understanding why companies run competitions and am trying to factor this in with my 25WOL entries. I have not won anything yet - there is always tomorrow.
Mel (Member Number: 410169)
has made it a joy to enter an win stuff
Adam (Member Number: 46090)
Iv'e had a few wins since joining last January mostly all under $100 value so it can be done ! waiting for the big one now,thanks for great advice.
Desley (Member Number: 373166)
I am excited to read the first, second and third books. As an avid competition lover why have I not heard of or read these yet?
Emma (Member Number: 192971)
Helpful Hints
The books have given me some super great tips for entering competitions; really helped me as I entered the competition world. Fingers crossed the advice pays off!
Kate (Member Number: 419036)
Great Book
Easy to follow and gave heaps of good tips and tricks!
Natalie (Member Number: 416990)
I believe
Competitions-The book has made me believe in what sites and competitions are genuine and not a fake. I see it as the secret the competition promoters don't want us to see ;)
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Have a crack!
Inspired me to have a crack, even if I don't win them all, I will always get a chance to win some.
Linda (Member Number: 417060)
Read the terms
Making sure that before entering a competition to read the small fine print of the terms and conditions and whether the competition is right for you
Liz (Member Number: 288308)
Fantastic book
Saved me heaps of time, I'm not wasting heaps of time on comps I can't win now!
Nicole (Member Number: 418433)
It has kept me motivated, to keep trying new approaches and methods.
Shane (Member Number: 312533)
Always read the T&C's
Read the book fro start to finish. Always read the terms and conditions, not only will you find the rules but little hints as well
Jade (Member Number: 199047)
Helped a lot
It taught me to always look at the terms and conditions!
May (Member Number: 221049)
Very Good Read
Well worth reading interesting with great ideas hopefully win something big soon.
Cameron (Member Number: 418981)
Taught me
Taught me the ins and out of comping and to always read terms and conditions.
Christina (Member Number: 63099)
Both the first and second editions were great. I couldn't find a better book to read that makes a better investment of time and/or cash. The more you read, the more you understand what the sponsors and promoters are looking for and what in include in your entries. Thank you for these wonderful resources.
Jodie (Member Number: 401752)
Great advice
It has taught me a lot about comping I got a signed copy many many years ago. I've won a fair bit it just goes to show never give up and enter everything you can
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
It's given me good tips and allot of inspiration.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
David Braybrooke
Practical, insightful, genuine tips for success. One for the winner's list!
David (Member Number: 416580)
Great advice!
The book has some fantastic idea's and has helped me to win some small competitions, you've got to be in it to win and I encourage everyone to have a try.
Danielle (Member Number: 403813)
tryer dont give up
it keeps me busy trying to win somethin all the time hopefully
Peter dawson (Member Number: 199090)
Having a quick read always leaves me inspired to keep trying.
Wendy (Member Number: 22194)
The Hogs and Junkie section was quite funny
After reading some of the ideas on winning I have tried changing how I write but havnt had any luck as YET but you cant win if you dont try
Mrs mary (Member Number: 321255)
Inspired to try.
Great ideas to try different approaches. Give it a go and luck will follow.
Gaye (Member Number: 16094)
Interesting Ideas
Have found useful tips and insights to being a successful comper! Hope my luck changes for the better!
Sue (Member Number: 152320)
Have read the books and have gleaned some useful tips on entering comps. I have been quite lucky in securing at least 6 prizes in the last 9 months, totalling approx $3000. Hope it continues! Thanks Competitions Guide.
Janet (Member Number: 266415)
Winning Ideas!
Found it fast, easy & filled with good ideas to clear away the clutter of entering and get right to it.
Scott (Member Number: 285715)
Nothing yet
Still waiting but following the advice so am hopeful the drought will soon end
Margie (Member Number: 278264)

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