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Earlier last decade I had a problem. More online competitions were in the market than people that wanted them.

In fact, even though SMS and 1900 phone competitions were established, the average comp-entrant still had a preference for old fashioned mail, stamp and all.

Often, I had to advise my customers to not be too full-on with the web, and even provide a split entry component .... give entrants a choice, and nobody gets upset.

Fast forward almost 10 years, and we have similar with social media. Late last year, my first appearance on The Morning Show dealt with companies who weren't getting the entries they were hoping for, purely because the entrant was forced to join Facebook.

A blog I ran around the time received almost 300 comments, and the vast majority were anti the idea. To be fair, there was a competition attached to the blog, but there was no inference either way in which the comments should go. I had no vested interest, but wanted to get the general feeling of members.

Even harder, I was having to turn down promoters wanting to feature their Facebook competitions on CompetitionsGuide. The reason was simple, few people were clicking them. In fact, even listing Facebook comps in our general area received complaints.

Something's changed in the past few months. Facebook competitions are increasing in number, and more and more the results are starting to rival traditional online comps (I can't even believe I've used the word 'traditional' to describe online!)

In fact, some of our most clicked competitions in the past few months have been exclusively Facebook. Why has this happened so quickly?

The only thing I can put it down to is a couple of reasons:

1. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, or

2. Things take time to catch on

I think the reason is a mix of the two. The consultant part of me will at this stage still point promoters the way of competitions run on their websites. But, I'm far less skeptical of Facebook comps than a short 8 months ago.

As for CompetitionsGuide's Facebook page? We launched it on Feb 14, and to be honest, for the first few weeks I was sweating that there would be only a dribble of people that would click the 'like' button.

At over 2,100 likers, I can now see that Facebook gives us an alternative way to communicate with our members, and you can talk back to us, or introduce ideas of your own.

Maybe in a couple of year's time I'll be talking about some new and amazing form of competition entering that's trying to take off. Who knows .......

Craig Seitam, 30/8/11


I agree with Ebony's comments. Except I hate fb with a passion including all Co's who put their comps through it. Get a brain!
Diane (Member Number: 189314)
i need to know how to win compertions easyer
Evelyn (Member Number: 99757)
Facebook or Facestalker?
I have two FB accounts; one specifically to enter competitions and one to see what friends and family are up to. I remain offline at all times on both and try to be careful about what I divulge. I am about to be ruthless and prune back my 'friends'. At least half (of 52) seem to be people I knew 'way back when' and haven't had any contact with for many years and thought it impolite not to grant their request for 'friend' status. While it is occasionally nice to see what they're up to, I am increasingly appalled at how much they divulge to the world. I have no interest in their 'thoughts' or other very personal details.
I don't like FB comps where you can see everyone's entry, preferring to keep mine private and not give others ideas.
I also don't like voting competitions at all and refuse to badger my friends into voting for me.
Used correctly I believe it's a good socialising tool.
Thanks for the thoughts.
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
I just want to punch it in the FaceBook
Ever read the George Orwell novel "1984"? Well Big Brother is watching you, and it's new name is FACEBOOK!!! I would rather not win anything, than win a million dollars off FaceBook. I hate the whole concept personally, and REFUSE POINT BLANK to EVER get a FaceBook account. Companies who put their comps through FaceBook only, have lost me as a customer. FaceBook= UNLIKE.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
Tania Brown
Yes I agree.
(Member Number: 94981)
i like facebook i,m just learning to use it and i like it
(Member Number: 71593)
Do not like Facebook
Why I don't like it is because if you enter a comp you really are not sure that you have made it through, but you have to put up with never ending blogs on your wall from the promoters whose competitions you have entered.
How do you stop this from happening does anyone know?
Jocelyn (Member Number: 16728)
Forced to join
I never have wanted too join FB but with so many comps using FB I felt like I was forced to join if I was to have any chance at winning, its the future and I'm not happy
Debra (Member Number: 17964)
way to go xxx
(Member Number: 92479)
All Confused
I enter facebook comps but a good percentage of them confuse the bejebers out of me. If it were as simple as just clicking the like button fair enough but more and more of them want you to do fairy jumps and backflips and then you still don't know if you are actually entered or not. I also hate and refuse the comps that want you do dob in your friends. I think this is an appalling, sneaky and downright unethical and refuse to enter these.
Lesleigh (Member Number: 88523)
No facebook :(
I don't have facebook :D

I actually don't mind Facebook...

It's wonderful apart from the stalkers!?

Too much drama. :)

Nope.. :)
(Member Number: 66951)
I enjoy my privacy face book has leaks
Evert (Member Number: 88956)
Facebook Competitions
Still refuse to enter them and will keep doing so. Why should I be forced to join Facebook when I do not want to.
Kimberly (Member Number: 4632)
Separate account
I have a separate facebook account for products and competitions and the only real "friend" I have on that account is my sister (but she forgives me my trespasses). I don't win much on Facebook, but enough to keep me interested. At any rate, it's all good fun.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
FB with reservations!
I still have reservations about Facebook competitions.
1)Many don't have clear terms and conditions. Even when they do, promoters often don't abide by their own conditions..(winners with too many words for example)
2)I loathe voting competitons. Don't promoters realise how open to abuse they are? Or don't they care? I have never seen a voting competition that was won fairly and I stay away from them.
3) I have noticed lately a big increase in abusive comments about winners. When the promoter publishes the winning entry there is always a flood of negative comments and criticism which can be quite offensive.
4) I do not like to have to bombard my friends with messages about a product in order to enter a competition.
However I do enter Facebook competiitons, and have won from them, but I am very selective about the ones I enter!
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
love fb comps
In the past month I have won 4 FB based competitions, love the thrill of seeing my name pop up in the newsfeed as a winner!
(Member Number: 80842)
I'm a FB competition convert!
I completely agree with your two reasons above Craig, they certainly apply to me! A year ago I was very wary of FB, still getting used to it and the privacy settings. However, I persevered and am now winning more & more prizes via FB. In the first 6 months of this year, I won 7 prizes on FB, and from Jul-Aug I've won 9, a huge increase. My two biggest wins this year have been on FB. So I have to say, I am a definite convert!
Bron (Member Number: 9143)
Jeff (Member Number: 39733)

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