Facebook Competitions - How Things Have Changed

Facebook or Facestalker?

I have two FB accounts; one specifically to enter competitions and one to see what friends and family are up to. I remain offline at all times on both and try to be careful about what I divulge. I am about to be ruthless and prune back my 'friends'. At least half (of 52) seem to be people I knew 'way back when' and haven't had any contact with for many years and thought it impolite not to grant their request for 'friend' status. While it is occasionally nice to see what they're up to, I am increasingly appalled at how much they divulge to the world. I have no interest in their 'thoughts' or other very personal details.
I don't like FB comps where you can see everyone's entry, preferring to keep mine private and not give others ideas.
I also don't like voting competitions at all and refuse to badger my friends into voting for me.
Used correctly I believe it's a good socialising tool.
Thanks for the thoughts.
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)

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