Facebook Competitions - How Things Have Changed

FB with reservations!

I still have reservations about Facebook competitions.
1)Many don't have clear terms and conditions. Even when they do, promoters often don't abide by their own conditions..(winners with too many words for example)
2)I loathe voting competitons. Don't promoters realise how open to abuse they are? Or don't they care? I have never seen a voting competition that was won fairly and I stay away from them.
3) I have noticed lately a big increase in abusive comments about winners. When the promoter publishes the winning entry there is always a flood of negative comments and criticism which can be quite offensive.
4) I do not like to have to bombard my friends with messages about a product in order to enter a competition.
However I do enter Facebook competiitons, and have won from them, but I am very selective about the ones I enter!
Anne (Member Number: 4483)

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