FaceBook Competitions (your thoughts?)

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When CompetitionsGuide.com.au began, the big question was whether a promoter would use online as a method of entry. Not long prior, it was an argument between mail, 1900 numbers and SMS.

FaceBook competitions are on the increase, and it's hard to ignore them.

We list a number of FaceBook competitions, and don't get many complaints. But we wonder what you as competition lovers really think.

We won't influence your thoughts in any way, so leave your comments below.

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 21/12/10


Most creative or not
Just wondered if fb comps are really judged on how creative you are or random selection and how many friends you have? I find that im alot more tame with my answers as its a public post and before I started comping I was ready to close my FB account so now dont have many friends on the list. Not sure about this one.
Fong (Member Number: 467641)
Im happy
I like facebook comps I enter them all, they are easy to enter too, and i dont mind sharing with my friends...
Carol (Member Number: 187144)
Facebook comps a no-go
I hate facebook comps because I would rather not have my friends and family think that I'm a desperado trying to win stuff for nothing.
Robyn (Member Number: 183266)
Please keep not entering
I won $10,000 on a Westfield Facebook competition so to everyone who hates them,please continue to not enter them so I can win more.
Lesley (Member Number: 117)
Give it go !
Something for nothing great I reckon give it a go I have won prizes it certainly put a smile on my dial!
Old saying is Got to be in it to win it?
What ever happened to Aussie's having a bit of fun its worth the effort!
If you have fun and win what a bonus?

Elizabeth miller (Member Number: 97015)
First Time user
First Time User will be interesting to see how lucky i am in the next few months
not a facebook user prefer to actually talk to people the old fashion way.
(Member Number: 88334)
hate them
hate them - firstly i'm not on facebook, 2ndly I'd like anything to enter competitions, how embarrasing would that look
Sabrina (Member Number: 2763)
Call me a dinosaur
I have no interest in facebook because I'd much rather catching up with friends for a coffee or at least talking on the phone. It worries me that people aren't communicating the good old fashioned way any more. I never enter the facebook competitions and it's such a let down to find out that the only way of entering is to "like" them! So a big THANK YOU for putting facebook in brackets where needed on each competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melinda (Member Number: 38451)
yes 2 fb
yes 2 fb comps
(Member Number: 84373)
I like the FB competitions
FB competition is easy to attend, you already logged in, and just like the 'page' and maybe fill in some info. it's done! no hassle. Here is one to win $120 worth of win just to share what your dream daily deal is. so Simple! love it!
(Member Number: 83702)
Not for me
I won't use facbook ever.
(Member Number: 82642)
Ok, so not everyone likes facebooks comps, but what bugs me is that you don't know it's a fb comp until you've clicked through! If, in the comp title or description, it stated what kind of comp (facebook, 25 words or less, newsletter signup, upload photo, etc) then we could all avoid the comps that don't suit us and concentrate on the ones that do!
Sarah (Member Number: 26234)
What's the fuss
I love facebook comps, all you have to do is LIKE the site, it couldn't be more simple and for those that have had bad experiences with facebook it's all about education. If you are going to use this type of media you must know what you are doing and be responsible about it. I'm afraid you will get left behind and miss out on a lot of fantastic stuff if you bury your head because of lack of knowledge of ignorance. This is the future the statistics prove it!
(Member Number: 16531)
(Member Number: 32297)
I don't like Facebook and won't use it - it's not for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Member Number: 8994)
yeee haaaa
I love facebook comps, so easy just to hit like!
(Member Number: 53632)
Choose wisely
Personally, I am not a fan of the ones where you need to submit friends for spam, but otherwise they can be easy and efficient.
(Member Number: 54356)
Love them
I love Facebook competitions! There are not many entriess so the winning odds are better and I have won lots of books, dvds and a great camera. I don't like the ones that depend on voting.
Just take the same precautions you take on any web competitions!
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
I haye enough trouble typing without joining facebook
(Member Number: 54192)
Thumbs Down
I'm not on Facebook enough to enter them on time because I can't access facebook at work
(Member Number: 54331)
I am not a member of facebook and nor do i want to be, so why should I be disqualified from entering a competition due to this fact??? Just tried to enter an SGIO comp and even that was via FACEBOOK??!! If companies want to promote themselves via facebook that's there choice, but at least give us a choice to either enter via facebook or the 'good ol' traditional entry form!'
(Member Number: 28725)
Don't show WOL answers on FB
My biggest problem with FB comps is those that display Word Or Less answers for everyone to see BEFORE the comp is judged. I entered a FB comp run by a well-known brand and they displayed everyone's WOL answers on their FB page. I was a runner-up, then discovered that the Major Prize winner had an answer very similar to mine, just more elaborate, and my answer was submitted first, which meant it was entirely possible they had been influenced by my answer or possibly it was just a very big coincidence that we had very similar ideas. I remain sceptical of FB in general and dislike its lack of privacy.
Bron (Member Number: 9143)
Facebook - Why not?
Don't understand the anti-facebook sentiment....what's the difference between a dummy email account and a dummy FB account. NADA!!

I've yet win a FB comp but then I have NO luck with random draws.... Who knows though, perhaps 2011 will be my lucky year??
(Member Number: 45549)
Not Sure
I don't like the idea of having to be a facebook member just to enter a competition
Sue (Member Number: 9720)
prefer not facebook
I like to access competitions at my leisure and find facebook ones are often over quickly. Also I end up having my facebook page- that I use to keep in touch with family & friends- 'clogged up' with assorted likes that I don't really want.
Wendy (Member Number: 22194)
Love them
I have won more off facebook competitions than any other and all i have to do is hit a like button generally for products i like anyway or fill out a entry form, its a bit of fun and doesnt cost you anything.
Claire (Member Number: 43003)
Individual choice
It seems the majority of comments are anti-facebook. I guess it is up to each individual to make that choice. The comps are not hard to enter but do exclude people who are not FB users
(Member Number: 54304)
no to facebook
no i dont go there
(Member Number: 25289)
I do not like the idea of personal info being accessed on FB. With all the identity theft happening not a safe place to enter comps.
(Member Number: 54295)
I glance at the competitions but more interested in talking to friends and sussing out what they have been up to. Unless ur on FB all the time, then I don't think it's a wise marketing campaign.
Samantha (Member Number: 54291)
I'm a bit green about the "openness" of facebook, and so, suspicious that by entering a competition I might inadvertantly be committing to an unknown expenditure I can't afford.
David (Member Number: 19602)
I'm not interested in them... I'm not on facebook very often so I often miss them as they aren't open very long. But facebook for me is about my friends and family not about being bugged by competitions
(Member Number: 54268)
I think alot are scams and it takes alot of time to figure out which are real
(Member Number: 52654)
There just aren't enough :D
I'm a competition addict, will enter anything anytime, I have entered some on Facebook but not many since the only setback is that most of them that I've seen aren't for Aussies.
I haven't won anything but that doesn't stop me from trying..
I must confess the ones that force you to submit friends to be eligible I try to avoid as I've lost some because of that, after all it's a social network and not many like to be sent requests to join a group. I did waste my time on the freebies groups never saw a thing.
I just wish we had Facebook access at work ;)
(Member Number: 15028)
I don't mind them but I do hate the ones where you have to get your friends on board in order to be in the running to win and they do seem to run their competitions very quickly so if you're not on FB every second of every day your chances are pretty slim! Having said that it's just another medium for marketing isn't it?
Naomi (Member Number: 46361)
No thank-you, kindly.
I ignore any competition that requires me to enter the Facebook site. It has its place but I find the notion of having my undertakings shared with all and sundry, an obscene and vile violation of privacy.
(Member Number: 45984)
I love them, but then again i love all competitions as long as they are free to enter and i use facebook on a weekly basis so like that i can easily enter a comp while on there, GREAT!!!
(Member Number: 19705)
don't like
Don't like having to "like" things... and don't like others seeing that I "like", so generally don't enter
(Member Number: 54124)
It frustrates me that it is becoming more and more essential to have a facebook account in order to keep in the loop and have the same opportunities as others - (including the competition/promotion arena.) Facebook, in my experience, has some major security flaws, with identity crisis occuring at an alarming rate. (I've been stung, twice.) With the introduction of facial recognition software trials in the U.S, (whereby the system will automatically 'tag' you in photos based on facebook records of your face from previous photos added to the system) I'm sure soon to follow in Australia, - exposing my face and name for a competition seems too risky. Google search engines pick up EVERYTHING you do on public facebook fan pages, regardless of your security settings. I can accept that fan page competitions are a wonderful marketing tool for companies, but I'd prefer the integrity of a company that allows their potential customers the freedom of choice, by offering alternatives to the facebook competition scenario.
Kirrily (Member Number: 39341)
They're quick and easy to enter.
All you need to do is 'like' a post or 'tag' yourself in a photo.
Although I haven't won any I still enter them all! lol

(Member Number: 54227)
Waste of time
I'd rather do comps than waste time on facebook, so no, I don't like these ones.
Jess (Member Number: 21388)
Not My Fav
It takes too much effort to log in and 'like' a certain brand etc just inorder to enter a competition. Although it is good marketing for them, it does not always work.
(Member Number: 54222)
I'm on facebook at least once a day
but never enter facebook comps can't stand having to "like" everything its annoying and I really don't want my name up for everyone to see.
(Member Number: 47800)
I love Facebook Comp/s
I've enter afew via f/b haven't won anything but I've recieved afew sample products what have helped me out.
(Member Number: 36176)
Only the occasional f/book comp
I love comping but only enter a few facebook competitions. I find it clogs up your page with ads for companies and you have to sift through them to find your friends!! I much prefer to keep the two separate
Sarah (Member Number: 46647)
Don't like Facebook comps
I'm on Facebook, but don't spend much time on it. I have only entered a couple of Facebook comps, only when it is a really good prize. I don't like the idea, I don't think there is enough privacy.
Wendy (Member Number: 9467)
I personally like my privacy. Facebook is getting old. Advertising on Facebook is ignored by users.
Liz (Member Number: 20160)
From 'snail mail' to facebook !
Do not like facebook comps as it does not give everyone a chance to enter.
Colleen (Member Number: 9933)
I have entered a few and won a nokia phone, zorbing voucher, pinata, hotel accommodation
Jeff (Member Number: 39733)
Time poor
I don't enter them and have closed my facebook account. I don't have the time anymore.
Philip (Member Number: 34566)
I've just noticed it's a popular way of entering. i'm not happy about it
(Member Number: 17877)
No to Facebook
Not a fan of 'likes' competitions on facebook, won't enter them.
Karl (Member Number: 44657)
each to their own
I have never tried to enter any facebook comps. I feel that they are like all the over comps on the internet. But like they say "...you got to be in to win..."
(Member Number: 49027)
I dont enter competitions on facebook as it fills your news feed with spam!!
(Member Number: 54145)
Not a facebook fan
Concerned about the lack of privacy with facebook.
(Member Number: 54149)
Not interested
Im not on face book and dont want to be so I cant enter. I cant beleive people spend so much time on facebook.
(Member Number: 35507)
a comp is a comp
well my mum won some teddies through facebook comp i always say you gotta be in it to win it. so i enter whatever comes up, its becoming a big thing now.
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
Facebook Comps
I love Facebook comps but not the ones where you have to "like" s people go to websites like getvotesonline to get complete strangers to vote for them, which they therefore win the comp by cheating. Other than that I have won quite a few comps on Facebook over the last 12mths totalling over $1,000 in prizes
Susan stubbs (Member Number: 54143)
FACEBOOk is awesome....~
i lvoe facebook comps..i have entered and was very suprised i have won several competitions. I feel happy and blessed that i have won. But of course there is a downside by pestering your friends for VOTES and likes on your comments. i find that can be waste of TIME!!!
(Member Number: 54146)
I think that they are too easily compromised, and I think that it is not a fair medium for most people to use or enter.
Jessie (Member Number: 27679)
Knowledge is the key to protection, regardless of website.
I like facebook competitions and feel they are no different to any other online competitions. People talk about privacy issues with facebook, yet I wonder if they use the same level of caution in signing up for some online competitions where third parties are given your own information as per the terms and conditions of the competition.

Further with facebook I have options to 1) ensure my privacy (using filters to show what pages can have and not have access too)
2) turn off any spamming that may result from liking a page without losing entry to a competition (just delete it from your feed, not your likes)
3)keep my email address away from third parties.

Further for those that think these pages spam their friends "recent updates" page, you are wrong. Likes are now all grouped together. So if you like 20 pages in one day all a "recent update" will say is
"Joe Bloggs likes Facebook and 19 other profiles"

All competitions have ups and downs. The internet is a place to be wary of ones privacy and private information regardless of the website.
(Member Number: 54061)
"dont like"
Prefer not to enter them as when you 'like' something to enter it always updates in your feed.... then all my friends find out about my comping addiction...lol. But you gotta be in it to win it so if its a prize I'd really love then I'll enter, haven't won anything yet though. And I appreciate that it must be a fabulous advertising tool for the companies running the competitions. Facebook is here to stay.
Ingrid (Member Number: 15012)
Cannot Understand Facebook Comps.
When the competition says go to Facebook and like us I do not understand what you are then supposed to do it seems very hard to win anything.
Jocelyn (Member Number: 16728)
Facebook Comps are OK!
I have won 2 facebook competitions so I don't have anything against them at all! Anything that gives me a chance of winning something is great in my opinion. Thats what we are all on the site for isn't it? WINNING
Bobbie (Member Number: 30213)
Keep it to ourselves
I'm one of the many people out there who still don't have a facebook acct - not really comfortable with it and not sure if I want one. Can't we keep this all one the one site for all to enjoy?
(Member Number: 54030)
Not keen on them a lot of messing around and I am not keen on being of facebook.
(Member Number: 50343)
I only have a facebook account to keep tabs on what my teenage son and his friends get up to online and trust me it sometimes turns my hair greyer. Hate the comps where you have to add like on facebook to enter.
Judi (Member Number: 20887)
for them!
i like them, i've entered quite a few and won them, there easy to win if not many people know about them. if you already use facebook and like the product/page then its great, i am concerned about facebooks lack of privacy for its users though, so if i dont win the comp i tend to unlike the page and remove my commens from the page as well
(Member Number: 24152)
Should be both
I think that facebook comps are only alright if you can enter online instead because I think that it is not fair to be left out of a comp because you don't want to join facebook.
Debra (Member Number: 17964)
Fooey to Facebook!
Hate the fact that you have to 'like' a product or business to enter. What sort of false friendship is that? Do they really think customers are gullible enough to believe such forced endorsements?
Chris (Member Number: 12012)
Facebook Competitions
I've never been on facebook, dont want to as it looks like trouble. So many sites need facebook which is wrong
Lisa (Member Number: 1625)
Privacty Concerns
I limit all my activities on Facebook as I have concerns with privacy issues. I get invites from all sorts of people, a lot of whom I have never heard off. Too much of what happens on Facebook seems scammy
(Member Number: 38690)
I always complain
I refuse to enter Facebook competitions for privacy reasons and always reply with a complaint to any subscribed emails I get that have "suddenly" adopted Facebook for their competitions. My argument to them is that there are more people NOT on Facebook than there are on. Sometimes I get a reply back which is usually indifferent, so I am finding myself unsubscribing from many websites of late. I really wish Competitions Guide would indicate the Facebook competitions so I don't waste my time opening up pointless links.
Manda (Member Number: 7109)
if its too good to be true
Promise the sky and you will receive the air, scams come and go but there is always a victim..
(Member Number: 54047)
No time for face book comps
Like many of my 30 something female friends with small children. I just don't have time for face book. If I want people to know what I'm doing I'll use email. To answer the question no! I don't enter facebook comps. SMS, mobile this website and purchasing are the only methods I usevto enter comps.
(Member Number: 23526)
Play them at their own game
I actually do enter these competitions, but (like with emails) I have a separate account for competitions. That way, when I "like" a company, they get to see all the other companies I like, which means they are in good company. Obviously, I don't put detailed personal information on this Facebook account. I also can't enter competitions that require me to get others to "like" my entry, as other companies are un"like"ly to be interested in such activities. But as has been pointed out above, many competition entries ask for detailed personal information as well as mobile phone numbers (I don't have a mobile phone) and then harass you with various forms of spam. I find Facebook actually less intrusive as I can define what information they see (it's not defined by their entry form) and I don't have to give a mobile phone number. I also get to see any new competitions on my wall. My main problem is I am not on Facebook 24/7, so I miss out on competitions that only give a one-hour leeway. But that's just the nature of the beast. Now Twitter is another issue. I have yet to master this medium, but master it I will!!!!
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
Loathe Them
Having to "Like"the company/group that promote the competition is a painful process that not only annoys me but my friends who I have "shared" with just to earn bonus entries. Then to make things worse to ällow the promoter access to your page is annoying and they posts/advertisements on my page. I've lost count of how many times I've "fixed"my account to rid these promoters/companies who make irrelevant advertisements/comments totally rubs me the wrong way
Catherine (Member Number: 5441)
I look at Facebook and see written so much garbage and trash from POOR LITTLE ME. I feel as if I have entered a different world which is not very nice.
The thought of entering comps on this site leaves me feeling dirty.
Brenda (Member Number: 663)
They are annoying, but don't exclude them from your site.
They are quite annoying. I hate having to 'like' something to enter. But if the prize is good enough, I will.
Nicola (Member Number: 13844)
Another Fencesitter
I actually joined Facebook specifically to enter those types of comps. If it's just a matter of like and I don't mind the organiser's posts then I enter but if I don't like the company I don't. There are so many now I would feel like I'm missing out if I wasn't entering them.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
The thing I find with Facebook comps is that if you don't have a Facebook account (I don't) you are excluded from these comps, I have a feeling that one day it will be rare to see a comp that can't be entered via Facebook. I think that the site should give you a choice of either entering via Facebook or via their web page.
(Member Number: 16318)
I dont like using facebook to enter competitions
Joanne (Member Number: 47895)
I also agree
I don't want my social site invaded by commercial promotions ~ I love entering comps and I love FB but I don't ever mix the two together!!
Rebecca (Member Number: 54026)
face 2 face or dont bother me.
Setting an example at home for my 3 kids and we dont face book at all , hate to miss a comp but im not selling out 4 a comp . If i want to play farms ill go feed my cow.
(Member Number: 38454)
As I am not a fan of Facebook I wouldn't enter competitions on that site as I believe companies are taking advantage of, and misusing this social networking site and it's followers.
Vivien (Member Number: 44689)
Facebook Frustration
I don't like the facebook competitions because it means that anyone, like me, who doesn't have an account can't enter the competition! :( And they have some pretty good comps on there too sometimes. Its just very frustrating!
Tanika (Member Number: 39699)
Facebook comps
I don't enter them as facebook is for online socialising not for comping. I don't want to annoy my friends with posts about competitions that they might not be interested in
Yolandalee56@hotmail.com (Member Number: 19188)
Dislike Facebook competitions
I dislike Facebook. It is too out there for everyone to find you. I do not like Facebook and it's ideas and will never be a facebook fan let only enter their competitions.
Peter (Member Number: 45181)
I agree with most of whats been written. FB comps are a pain, and I don't want a constant barage of "likes" for companies etc on my wall. Sorry FB comps!
(Member Number: 48108)
Be carefull of scams
Be carefull of facbook cmpetitions especially if they aske you for your mobile phine number, it usually means you are signing up to something and they start sending texts that cost you money and are hard to opt out of
Tania (Member Number: 9219)
I never enter facebook competitions and find it annoying that this is the only way some comperitions can be accessed.
Susan (Member Number: 19695)
I occassionally enter them but would rather not. I actually do not like facebook and really dislike the fact that some companies wish to access your information
Barbara (Member Number: 312)
I love all comps but find tagging ones quite fidley
Lorrae (Member Number: 46564)
I think they are great, I love competitions and if people do not want to enter they don't have to, which would be even better for me :-)
(Member Number: 53973)
I never really notice any comps on facebook.
(Member Number: 27644)
i like facebook comps. always have and always will.
Glenn (Member Number: 37537)
Facebook comps
I like them and enjoy entering them.

Winning them is another thing ...
Lisa (Member Number: 15389)
I won't enter if Facebook. Don't want the world to be my friend and see my photos.
(Member Number: 53965)
I like all comps yay.
(Member Number: 53099)
miss t
i'm not on facebook and don't want to be on it. anything facebook i ignore
(Member Number: 53154)
I wont enter face book dont believe in it I dont trust it I dont like it
(Member Number: 50439)
not a fan
As I have tried to sign up to facebook numerous times only to have my account closed due to "illegal content" when I have not so much as put my own picture on it I can say that I am most certainly NOT a fan. Also after several attempts to contact facebook with them not bothering to reply they can go jump!!
(Member Number: 35320)
I don't mind FB comps. It's just another part of the competition spectrum
Diane (Member Number: 27822)
facebook comps
Facebook comps? No thank you! Gluttony of crossover/interchangeable communication styles causing mental/stressful digestion!
Doris (Member Number: 2188)
Also Wary
Privacy issues are a concern for me...
(Member Number: 52445)
No Privacy
Like many of the other people that have commented I would not enter a competition on facebook.....privacy is my biggest concern.
(Member Number: 47389)
Not necessary to be llinked
Prefer to keep facebook for social and competitions a separate area, but know the two will overlat at times so usually I ignore and never play competitions which include facebook or like applications, would rather be the one to tell my friends when I win anyway.
Anne (Member Number: 27515)
if they are simple and easy i like to enter them but i prefer ones where i dont have to share my entry
Jan (Member Number: 7555)
i dont like facebook competitions where you have to like so many friends to get more entries because not everyone knows lots of people. I just wish they would leave things simple, like add your name and contact details to enter a competition and that is all that is required.
Kalli (Member Number: 14455)
Facebook comps-
Not a fan...don't use facebook very much and don't want to 'like' or become a fan of a whole heap of companies.
Jennifer (Member Number: 52725)
Proud to be a dinosaur
I have a facebook account but rarely look at it - call me a dinosaur but I like to interact the old fashioned way. I don't think I have ever entered a competition on facebook...
(Member Number: 53901)
Don't go on there at all and would never enter a competition that requires f.b. membership.
(Member Number: 46482)
Luck of privacy, sensles "friends of ..."
Tadeusz (Member Number: 4697)
Keep it simple
Once I see that a competition in linked to Facebook, I don't even enter, regardless of the prize. I don't want to join pages that I am not interested in, I don't want to send junk to my friends to increase my chances, and I don't want people having access to my page that I don't even know. I say keep it simple, and have us fill out a form like the good old days.
(Member Number: 4623)
facebook comps
id rather facebook not be essential in comps especially if i win and i want to suprise my friends its already posted on facebook so there goes the suprise.
Penny (Member Number: 37315)
I'm not interested in facebook at all and think it's very unfair that some competitions are facebook only.
Karin (Member Number: 30494)
I love facebook competition if i see one i go for it!
Carmit (Member Number: 16390)
Keen Compers
Keen compers will enter competitions anywhere no matter where they are!Face book offers opportunities so just enter and go for it!
(Member Number: 44702)
Facebook Competitions
I enter Facebook competitions from time to time depending on the T&Cs of entry.
I don't like the comps where the person with the highest number of likes wins as I don't like to spam my friends to vote for me.
I do like the 25 WOL comps on FB though as you can suss out who you're up against!
(Member Number: 44299)
yes and no
i enter heaps of competitions but i hate it when they ask for a friends email if you want to get extra points
Aggie (Member Number: 43470)
A hot issue
I don't like them, I am quite private about what I publish on facebook and don't like the thought of my friends knowing I am entering comps and I am unsure about whether the promoters will be contacting my friends and/or letting them know I've entered a comp. It also involves logging into FB which is an added hassle. Having said that there are some good comps on FB and I think I will set up an alternate FB. I think you've hit on a good discussion topic here!
Fi (Member Number: 45472)
I hate it - would never enter one on facebook (get a life people!)
(Member Number: 15696)
Facebook competitions
I think Facebook should be used for social things and not for competitions,i don't want everyone knowing my business.
(Member Number: 2217)
slinging a product out there is fine way to fame!
putting it on the market, if u dont even flirt hows it to be loved and famous if its not flited in front of yourfriends faces!
Joanne (Member Number: 33922)
hate facebook
i hate facebook and i have noticed there are more and more competitions on face book every day.i hope facebook dosnt take over the competition world.
(Member Number: 9457)
Facebook is evil
Despite being sorely tempted by some prizes, have not entered because you have to allow advertisers access to your account. Am very put off by the attitude of FB founder, Mark Zuckerberg, his quotes in the media about his FB clients seems to exhibit total contempt for them. Trust is important and do not trust FB.
A. (Member Number: 131)
Not likely
Hate them. I am not on facebook and am not going to sign up just to enter competitions.
(Member Number: 34841)
Is it really necessary?
I'm really not a fan of having the competitions I enter being plastered all over my facebook page - I know what competitions I've entered I dont need a constant stream of adds for something all over the place where I try to catch up with people I cant just pop over to visit. Please dont do this to us :(
(Member Number: 49578)
Facebook Foe
OK so I am all for a modern society, but the idea of creating false and meaningless friendships is a concept I clearly don't want to be a part of. I will NEVER own a Facebook account and I will NEVER enter such competitions!
Sarah (Member Number: 17472)
Facebook Schmacebook
I don't use Facebook at all, so if I see that it's a Facebook competition I just leave it alone. It's annoying that so many competitions are only available to Facebookers, but I don't think they're worth the privacy invasion.
Michelle (Member Number: 1754)
I like competions and I find face book fun,it is a really great site, and I could smell so pretty with this perfume
(Member Number: 46973)
not a big fan
I'm not a big fan of facebook competitions. I worry about privacy on facebook and my friends privacy. I would prefer not to enter competitions on facebook.
Lynda (Member Number: 51503)
I don't usually enter facebook comps. All my friends would get spammed with my random 'likes' and I like to keep facebook just for friends.
(Member Number: 49773)
Painful and Invasive
I hate it that my friends can see what comps I'm entering and even what my entries are. I do like a little privacy. Plus, half the time it is hard enough even finding where the comp is listed. Hate them and don't bother with them.
Michelle (Member Number: 4704)
mothers madness
im a stay at home mum to a 6 month old , i tried to go back to work and my little girl just wasnt ready for daycare, i needed the social interaction and i find facebook does provide that to a degree, we live an hour out of town so its hard to be social.
(Member Number: 30867)
I have entered competitions through facebook but it depends on the company advertising them (eg: Channel 10, Nestle, etc). I wont enter them if the company isn't well known.
Majority of them you have to like the page to enter so its then entrants choice to get all the 'junk mail'
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Light cycle blue
Greetings program. Facebook comps and its very igsistance doesnt compromise my life. Its all in the mouth and in the mind. Get a life if you have to exist on constant messaging.
(Member Number: 51756)
not cool
I dont want to broadcast to my friends competitions Im enetering.It turns me off the competition. As soon as I see a facebook comp, I move on and forget about it.
I find facebook is too invasive and I dont want everyone to know everything! I also hate it when friends post photos of you without permission. Its all a bit daunting.
Jenny (Member Number: 5745)
Not worth it!
I don't bother with the Facebook competition as I believe that my privacy isn't respected. It increases my chances of having my account hacked and my password spread around the web.
(Member Number: 33570)
Hate them. Most require access to your 'friends' & then they end up bombarding your news feed with daily posts. Annoying.
Pam (Member Number: 7508)
Abort Abort Abort
I avoid them like the plague!
(Member Number: 46534)
Not sure yet
I'm new to comping, but have entered a couple of comps where you have to 'like' something. That's OK as long as I DO like that company or product, but I don't like the comps that ask you to get the most 'likes' for an entry. I don't want to hassle my friends, so I would never stand a chance of winning. I'm not really sure what other FB comps there are.
Catherine (Member Number: 42315)
Facebook is taking over!!
I despise having to enter competitions on Facebook and will not enter them on principle!
(Member Number: 44906)
Not In This Lifetime
Not a Fan, I never enter Facebook Comps
Jennifer (Member Number: 49998)
Not sure if it is my bag
I have do a few times but am yet to win so hoping that it does work
Gemma (Member Number: 270)
I'm not on facebook and although many have told me I should, i just don't see the need to.In regards to the competitions on FB, it seems from the previous coments that there's to much of a privacy risk.
Margarer (Member Number: 52263)
Don't like them
With so many indicating that we will not enter Facebook comps (add me to the list), is this another thing you could indicate with the initial info, to save us clicking through unnecessarily? Please.
Mary (Member Number: 1101)
I love entering competitions on facebook, i'm on there at least once a day anyway so it's not like i'm going to a great deal of trouble, and you've gotta be in it to win it.
Susan (Member Number: 14290)
I dislike and facebook competition because there's no privacy and afraid of information being abused and misused.
(Member Number: 43162)
No way!
I would NEVER enter a FB competition! Most would insist on putting your entry onto the news thread so everyone knows what you are doing and when you are doing it! I am on FB but choose carefully what information I put out there.
(Member Number: 52192)
Facebook is ridiculous.
I have found facebook to affect people in a very negative way. I have two neices that are 15 and the bitching and popularity contests that go on are very harmful. It is too easy for people to make nasty comments about others without having to face the consequences. So no I dont enter comps on facebook because I just dont use it.
Jennifer (Member Number: 41719)
Love facebook competitions!!! They are easy! It is easy to like something, I check it daily and it is easy to share good competitions with friends
(Member Number: 52876)
I don't like to use facebook for anything other than social things because I don't really trust it completely.
(Member Number: 52043)
I do not need to subscribe to Facebook to keep up with friends. I prefer to chat in person, phone or personal email. Do no need to share my life with others in an open forum, why would I subject my friends to unsolicited emails/competition entries. Forcing people to enter competitions via Facebook completely turns them off the product.
(Member Number: 50305)
competitions need as much info as FB
Haven't entered to many comps on FB as I just don't access it that often, but I have found since doing comps online that many comps need as much if not more personal info to enter as FB, anyway Merry Xmas all at Comp. Guide have a happy holiday
(Member Number: 50082)
Hate using friends
I love competitions, but my friends don't, and I see facebook competitions as a way of selling to my friends, I'd rather not enter thanks.
Archie (Member Number: 38903)
No to Facebook
Keep Facebook social not commercial.
(Member Number: 50341)
DEFINATLEY not a fan.
I dont like them for several reasons.1. i dont have facebook so why should i go without entering a competition because i cant "like" the competition, 2. i dont trust them. why should i have to give out my friends details or email adress to gain entries into a competition? leave the competitions for competitions guide, not facebook, there are people out there who actually dont like facebook.
(Member Number: 47985)
i don't like them because they always want you to recruit friends to be able to enter,it gets really annoying and you also have to like their page so you wall gets filled up with so much crap
(Member Number: 43297)
I don't like them either. I don't want everyone seeing what I'm doing and clogging up my friends walls with random things. Not that I ever win anyway... I try to avoid them - sorry..
(Member Number: 49259)
I am not on facebook. Keep competitions just online not just facebook, every can access them then.
(Member Number: 45401)
Not a fan
I hate the facebook comps, I will no enter them. I think it is a big fake saying you " like" something just for a chance of winning a prize.
Kerryn (Member Number: 42710)
Why not??
I do enter facebook competitions, and I believe that the creative competitions are some of the more interesting. If it gets people to look at your product why not hold a competition. In todays competitive climate its a form of advertising that is cheaper for those who can't afford the big dollars required to advertise on TV or in magazines.
(Member Number: 49661)
I don't mind facebook competitions. I usually enter them so long as they don't require me to bother my friends and that they don't harass me all the time with news.
(Member Number: 45819)
hell no
won't ever do facebook comps no matter the prize, even if everyone won
(Member Number: 45511)
I don't like Facebook competitions, because I don't have time during the day to visit Facebook. I have Facebook but rarely use it and would much rather come to Competitions Guide to enter competition. Facebook 'sucks' one in and I am forever receiving inane comments or 'gifts'
Cheryl (Member Number: 531)
Too many people now have their lives ruled by facebook. Face to face conversation is dying, people no longer know how to communicate. Keep competitions away from fb.
Sandra (Member Number: 7895)
Don't mind them if they go to an entry form after you click like but sometimes they don't so you don't know if you've been entered or not. I have only just signed up to facebook so that I can enter facebook competitions. I have provided only the absolute minimum information and only use it for competitions and requesting samples.
I prefer them to those competitions that make a mobile phone mandatory. I don't have a mobile phone and I don't see why it is necessary to provide a mobile number when you've provided them with your email address. Have learned though that sometimes if you type in 0000 000 000 it will be accepted.

Margot (Member Number: 19729)
Facebook farce
I don't like entering Facebook competitions. Yes, I like competitions, but I don't like being "forced" to "like" something. And I don't.
(Member Number: 27169)
Hate Facebook, hate everything about it, wont touch it.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
great on facebook
love facebook competitions as im on every day and its to acess with all my info already there :)a big thimbs up from me
Paul (Member Number: 49244)
Not too good if you don't have facebook
Being someone who has steered clear of facebook I am excluded from competitions that require it. To be honest I find it annoying that to enter it is required that you sign up to a mindless site that really is no benefit at all
(Member Number: 39261)
While I'm amazed at the some of targetting on Facebook competitions - matching my profile - I need some upfront assurance that I'm not getting into some scam, or that all my Facebook friends will be shown that I've entered the competition.
(Member Number: 27404)
Overlook Facebook
Frustrating, often I can't be bothered. Seems like a marketing gimmick, see-through to the promoters intentions. By 'liking' their page, all your friends can see you love entering competitions. It clogs up peoples news feed and generally when I see it is a Facebook competition, I think "oh great".
Gemma (Member Number: 13876)
Don't like them. If I want to 'Like" something I will, not to enter a comp.
(Member Number: 52409)
I prefer not to enter "Facebook" comps,as I don't like anyone knowing my business
Lance (Member Number: 5946)
No Facebook, No Competition :(
I must be the only person on the planet who does not have a facebook account. Unfortunately this means I miss out on many comps. I'd much rather prefer that they were available for those who haven't joined the facebook frenzy.
(Member Number: 45001)
It's nice when your browsing through friends updates that you can see adverts on the right size and some are competitions and yes if you enter them they end up on your updates however how fun is it to be connected to your favourite brands and be one of the first few to know when a new product is out or a sale is on.
Nessa (Member Number: 44355)
I feel like if you have to 'like' a page in order to see the competition and what their business is actually about - they're more than likely scamming and just trying to advertise on your news feed to your friend and etc. I don't like it!!!
(Member Number: 9476)
I'm not fussed either way. I have a facebook page but it has been hijacked by my wife and I rarely look at it. She could be writing anything about me, but then isn't that they way of everything now, we are all fiction of our own design.
(Member Number: 44881)
Waste of space
I don't want my FB home page clogged with my friends 'liking' something just to enter a competition. They are as annoying as pop up ads.
(Member Number: 39633)
I am not on facebook or any other such site and never will be so I find it rather disappointing when I would love to enter a competition and find I am not eligible for this reason. I feel some people would feel pressured into joining face book just so they could enter the competitions.
(Member Number: 29135)
I love them! actually just yesterday there was a competition on facebook with a business where you had to tag a photo and you would be in the draw to win the item that was pictured! Unfortunately, i did not win but i got into the top 50. I love the thrill of the chase!
(Member Number: 47831)
Facebook should be accountable for all deflammatory comments and be covered by the same libel laws as newspapers etc.
(Member Number: 49694)
Not for me either
They often seem to be more difficult to find where to enter, etc. And you have to click "like" and have their advertising on your facebook page - no what I want
Kaye (Member Number: 18013)
Not for me
The majority of people on Facebook enjoy it because its free from advertising, once you start putting competitions and brand names everywhere it will slowly turn people off the booming social network site.
(Member Number: 44488)
If there was a button it'd press dislike
I really don't like facebook competitions as there is way too much spam and it's too difficult. I enjoy easy 25 word answers rather than time consuming facebook comps
Louise (Member Number: 19137)
No way !!!
I never enter competitions or other forums etc.on facebook. If I do, they come up on a couple of relatives of mine computer and they get swamped.
Rosemary (Member Number: 23016)
Mariah bovey (Member Number: 36160)
Me no likey.
I only like the ones that require you the enter on their online Facebook forms. I don't like posting answers on their wall (everyone can read my cheesy answers!), I don't want to have to LIKE them either, and I don't like spamming my friends by referring them and I definately DO NOT LIKE getting friends to vote!
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
not for me either
I am not interested in facebook at all. Tried it and hated it.
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
Facebook addict
Facebook is the best invention EVER! the competitions on facebook are very easy to enter its as hard as pressing a like button its very handy!
Gramos (Member Number: 45011)
kitty kat
i use facebook quite often but have never entered a competition on facebook.
too time consuming. not like this website:)
(Member Number: 53707)
FB Comp Rock!
Bring me more fb competitions pleeze!
(Member Number: 45016)
Not for me
Although I like competitions I would never enter anything on facebook because I am still not really clear about how facebook works - who can see what etc
(Member Number: 42782)
Facebook Comps - too many apps
I don't mind them on the whole, but too many of them are applications which want access to your details, this i find really annoying, especially if it's a once off competitions and they don't have anymore ongoing ones
Joanne (Member Number: 625)
I always ignore them and are yet to have entered one!
(Member Number: 29077)
Facebook Comps
I love them! I have won a couple of different things thanks to facebook! Sometimes they can be easier to enter and there is a smaller amount of people entering so a higher chance of winning. I actually just won a prize on facebook yesterday :)
Sarah (Member Number: 27016)
Sure, why not?
Facebook is used by so many people, so why not use facebook to promote a competition? I think its a great idea.
(Member Number: 53702)
No-Way to face book
Dont use face book ! I cant understand why people would put there life details on a web site!!
(Member Number: 45173)
Hate them
I would never enter a competition on facebook. I think facebook is so public, I joined to access another site and next thing I knew I was getting heaps of emails from people I didn't know wanting to be my friend, once you put your information out there it public. I unsubscribed.
(Member Number: 19604)
Dont like them either
As not a member of Facebook - & I know there are a few of us out there who aren't - doesn't seem fair to us if can't enter
Beverley (Member Number: 8743)
Dont Like them
the same with many comments above, i can not access facebook at work, so i tend to miss out
(Member Number: 53696)
I'm a dedicated comper, so I get annoyed when a great comp involves facebook and will not enter them.
(Member Number: 18312)
I dont like them
I find that most facebook comps require you to have your friends vote for you. I feel very uncomfortable nnnoying my friends with these requests. I also have concerns about my privacy.
Melanie (Member Number: 51750)
Facebook is for friends. i don't use it any other times. I only enter comps on promoters sites
(Member Number: 53378)
facebook comptitions
I never bother with facebook. It's too public.
Carol (Member Number: 34861)
not a face book fan
I dont use facebook ,but i love competitions
(Member Number: 36596)
mrs corina sutton
not a fan at all waste of my time sorry
Corina (Member Number: 50821)
I like facebook comps, they are easy to enter and since i check facebook everyday it is very handy to have the comps all in the same place, just like competitions guide!
Trudy (Member Number: 36739)
Probably not
I prefer competitions that are directed to the company running it - not to a public forum like facebook - which has a great purpose - but probably not in teh competition space.
(Member Number: 46637)
Not a fan of facebook do not enter comps on facebook
Sandra (Member Number: 16228)
Not A Fan at all.....
I feel the facebook competitions are a waste of time in general. They require access to your information, often require you to to pass on friends contacts as a pre-requisite to even enter the competition or you need to have friends like your entry. I feel uncomfortable asking friends to LIKE my post, competitions are a fun hobby for me and I would much prefer to be judged on my creative merits that anything else....
Yvonne (Member Number: 43695)
Facebook comp? No deal!
I click away if the comp is a Facebook one. Facebook comps are fake - having to click that you "like" the product to be able to participate in the comp. Prefer the intellectual challenge of a 25 words or less comp.
Lyndall (Member Number: 43513)
Don't really trust facebook competitions!!
(Member Number: 50331)
Hmm not sure..
I use Facebook alot but i doubt i'd go on there for competitions. Im fine with that being a seperate thing.
(Member Number: 53685)
I don't mind it
I like facebook. Because generally with competitions you can see everybody else's answers and think of something even more creative.
(Member Number: 46639)
winners are grinners
we're all sceptics...until we win and then we're hooked! i now "like" facebook comps!
(Member Number: 35568)
don't care too much
I don't mind them too much - but I don't like it all showing up in my Facebook history - makes me look desperate to win things.
(Member Number: 50123)
Hate Facebook - its for kids
I hate facebook comps, don't know how to do them and don't want my face out there for all to see
(Member Number: 47926)
Not a Fan
I find face book overated i like to do my own thing and not have big brother watching theres no privacy and every one knows what you doing not for me.
(Member Number: 49848)
No Facebook
I dont have or have ever used Face Book. Maybe I need to start....
(Member Number: 53281)
Mary (Member Number: 13227)
If you live on farcebook you are too busy writing about the life you might have had if you did not spend all your life on farcebook
(Member Number: 40002)
Love Them!!
I love the Facebook competitions, I've actually been quite lucky with a few of them, I've won a $180.00 overnight bag from Urban Originals & also a pair of $90.00 shoes from Bonbons!! The only competitions I don't really enter are the ones where you have to get "likes" or "Votes" I feel like I'm harrassing my firends to vote for me, so I don't worry about them... but overall I do love entering the Competitions on Facebook!!
Fiona (Member Number: 2124)
I enjoy the simple facebook competitions where you hit the like button. I have won one competition already, whereas I have yet to win on any other form of competition
(Member Number: 45134)
leave facebook for social networking
(Member Number: 48139)
Why Facebook?
Facebook is overrated. I much prefer to answer questions in a more private place and feel facebook should be left to be only for networking...not advertising.
(Member Number: 32402)
Don't like them
I haven't entered any competitions that use facebook.
Melinda (Member Number: 6448)
facebook comp
Not interested love comps but not these ones won't entre
(Member Number: 12586)
doesn't worry me
I am on a pension and money is super tight so I enter everything to make life easier. When you read through the competitions you can usually tell if there is a con attached to it.
Sharon (Member Number: 18309)
I not sure about them
(Member Number: 52998)
Facebook twitters
Not that all facebookers are twits, in fact I have a couple of friends who swear by it.
I swear at it as it appears to compromise on safety and focuses on quantity rather than quality.
That is how the global community has evolved in the melting pot of consumerism.
It is unfortunate that, many of the competitions I have seen, require a facebook login.
I feel as if my sanctity is at risk on this site. Nonetheless, facebook seems to be here to stay and companies underwriting competitions gain substantially greater consumer coverage by utilizing this web asset. That said I believe the use of facebook as a source for competitions will grow exponentially. I hope that the security issues that this raises, in particular, identity theft and spoofing are rigorously examined. As a social networking site the individual user's safety must be put ahead of the commercial wedge that is being driven into what was supposed to be an individualistic domain for interesting & interested people.
(Member Number: 52223)
Could be good
i think that free entry competitions will be a winner people will be drawn but not if there is a obvious catch
(Member Number: 53679)
Not sure
I have entered a few but not won anything yet. It does mess up your pages a bit though.
(Member Number: 30824)
No Thanks
I never enter FB competitions,not a fan of facebook.
Lorena (Member Number: 45744)
Not fussed
It doesnt bother me to much, it the headline/ad interests me I will click on it to have a look.
(Member Number: 52590)
Noticing them more & more
I am always dissapointed when I see a comp that you can only enter if you have a facebook account. I have been determined not to join facebook so I always miss out on entering these comps. That & comps where they insist on your mobile phone number, if you don't have a mobile or don't want to give out the number you can't enter the comp. Oh yes & the SMS ones, wont do those either.
Sharon (Member Number: 44822)
Super Easy
Easy fun and convienient. should be loads more.

(Member Number: 53674)
Not for me
I have no interest in all other aspects of facebook, therefore I would not be entering comps on it.
(Member Number: 51114)
Yes and No
I like that they are easy to enter and quick but do not like the ones where you have to send to all your friends to enter, I will tell my friends about things if I find it is a good product but not to have to tell them and hassel them.
(Member Number: 43255)
In two minds
I would see heaps of ads for various promotions and I didn't know if I could trust them... Call me mad but I created a separate FB account yesterday purely to take a risk and enter the comps. I wanted to save my regular account and my friends from the annoying promotional bombardment on the news feeds.
Veronica (Member Number: 38350)
Facebook Competitions
I am a keen facebooker but do not enter facebook competitions and would definitely not enter a competition where I had to collect likes from my friends, I know this is very annoying for people.
Karen (Member Number: 38183)
Never tried it
I have never used facebook so I really could not answer
(Member Number: 53412)
I love all competitions as participation can lead to inspiration.
(Member Number: 53668)
No, won't risk it
There is no way I would enter a FB comp as 1. can't trust legitimacy and 2. not going to impose stuff like that on my friends, or use friends for my own competition entries
(Member Number: 53061)
Didn't Know
I didn't know about them, I am not a big fan of facebook.
(Member Number: 49174)
Dont trust it
I dont trust any competition pages in facebook because i don't know whether it's legitimate or not.
(Member Number: 49176)
Facebook Comps
Not keen on Facebook comps, you have to end up inviting all your friends or get people to vote for your entry. I prefer my competitions right here at Competitions Guide where I know what I have entered and get my weekly stream of comps all in one go.
Kim (Member Number: 5150)
i luv competitions
i luv all competitions so im sure any competition on fb would be fine and i for one would be going in them
Sharon (Member Number: 12159)
I like Facebook
I love Facebook and sometimes enter competitions if they are easy and simple, otherwise not interested
Debbie (Member Number: 9771)
I think that you have to be in it to win it.
(Member Number: 50727)
I dont like FB competitions!
They're too transparent for words or less or comments, i dont trust that ticking like will register my details correctly, its a privacy thing, comps where other people have to vote for your entry are open to rigging (I've seen comper forums where people ask other compers to vote for them), you shouldnt need to have a FB account to enter a competition. It makes entering too easy, lowering the odds of winning. Its already too hard to keep track of everything on facebook, i dont need 50 companies crap added to my feed! Yeah, basically I really dont like them.
(Member Number: 53213)
do not like
I dont like facebook at all,too easy for people to spread nasty gossip.
(Member Number: 53178)
I don't have a facebook account
As i don't have an account I do not enter them. I'm not a fan at all.
(Member Number: 41889)
Not a fan
I don't like the ones where you have to 'like' the page as you end up with endless advertising and comments on your wall. I also dislike the ones that you have to 'tag' a photo as inevitably the photo is full and you miss out. I really don't think it is a fair way to run a competition - unlike Competitions guide where everyone is in with a fair chance.
Sian (Member Number: 33749)
Not a Facebook lover!
Hate Facebook; don't trust it at all! Love competitions though but feel Facebook isn't for me as I'm a very private person.
(Member Number: 7676)
Facebook Comps
I enter some comps to try and see if they are real or just a site to looking for fans some are cool though :-D
(Member Number: 53659)
Entered once or twice
Not a big fan, especially if it involves getting my friends to enter as well but it is probably the way of the future.
Ann (Member Number: 6055)
Facebook free household
We have a facebook free household due to the bullying that takes place....I personally don't mind if you have facebook comps, it would just be nice to have a facebook symbol so that we don't click on it and waste the download.
(Member Number: 46431)
FB Social Networking
Leave Facebook as a social contact network, not turn into a competition site. For those that want to do competitions, let them join competition sites!
(Member Number: 6566)
I DO NOT like facebook competitions. I don't believe in giving my friend's contact details to companies. Plus, the company advertising fills up my facebook page, making it harder to find entries from friends. Email is my preferred competition entry.
Margaret (Member Number: 13378)
I've never thought of entering competitions on facebook until now.
(Member Number: 53522)
Don't take much notice...
I don't go on FB to find competitions, I go on Competitions Guide to do that and FB for social networking. The two should remain seperate...
(Member Number: 39222)
love competitions just not keen on facebook ones
i only enter ones that i really want to win as i find it annoying having the posts on my wall and receiving other peoples. my facebook is more for keeping in contact with family but i am a sucker for a competition!
(Member Number: 21096)
Not interested
Facebook is evil as far as I'm concerned. Causes all sorts of problems all over the world.
Yvonne (Member Number: 9925)
Its Great
I think the comps are good, it's the Australian way of doing things everyone likes to win something, makes us feel good and supports the product as well. I wish there were more comps I enter then when I can and one day hope to win one.
(Member Number: 7698)
I don't do FB
I don't like the lack of privacy on FB so I don't use it. I really hate it when a comp requires a FB account.
(Member Number: 53658)
Facebook Comps
I am not a fan of competitions on facebook. Think it should be left for keeping up with friends/family only.
(Member Number: 53474)
I love it. Why not, love all competitions :)
(Member Number: 33977)
Not a Facebooker unless....
I try my hardest to avoid entering Face book comps unless it's something extra nice and I really want it.

Jane (Member Number: 44550)
hate them
i think that their stupid, and are just publicity for the brand, i never enter them because i don't necessarily like everyone knowing what im looking at.
(Member Number: 53656)
Social Butterfly
I think its great! People can be social and compete to win prizes! And it gives you excitement. I agree and think there should be more but without viruses.
(Member Number: 53467)
I dont have facebook
I dont even have a facebook account, people seem to be wasting there lives on it. as I am right now entering stacks of comps lol. atleast I might win something.
(Member Number: 53655)
facebook comps
hate having to log onto facebook, as I keep forgetting my log in for it... and I cant enter...
(Member Number: 53386)
Facebook seems to be trouble
I think putting competitions on fb is probably not the best idea as fb seems to be the cause of so many peoples troubles these days and with all the fb hacking going on oim not sure its a trusted site anymore.

(Member Number: 51408)
facebook comps
i like entering facebook comps it is another way to enter and maybe win
Cheryl (Member Number: 1833)
I dont mind Facebook competitions
I have never entered a competition on facebook & I doubt I would ever enter one either

(Member Number: 53653)
Giving is Receiving
If I will I wil Share
(Member Number: 53087)
facebook is taking over the world,keep it for what its intended,social interaction.
(Member Number: 51641)
Compulsory facebook?
There was once a time where you could function withought a credit card or an email account. Not anymore.Soon it will be mandatory to be a facebook member to have access to life. Not a fan myself.
(Member Number: 51451)
No Way
I do not like Facebook and resent having to use it if I wish to enter a competition
Joan (Member Number: 35462)
Sitting On The Fence...
I don't mind Facebook competitions, I have won a couple so I can't complain. As a full time mum I have access to Facebook whenever so can enter whenever. You have to be picky when entering though, most I find are scams. =)
(Member Number: 51058)
I don't get facebook....
I don't get why facebook is such a hit?? I am so not a fan. As for comps on facebook, not a chance. I am not even signed up!
(Member Number: 44070)
Facebook comps ok
I quite like facebook competitions if they are based on creativity ,I absolutely hate the ones that you must get the highest number of likes to win as I don't mind if they ask you to suggest the page to friends ,to me that is fine.
(Member Number: 42632)
It is so easy to have one's privacy compromised via facebook, I find it more of a marketing tool and cross selling opportunity rather than a genuine opportunity to win.
Chris (Member Number: 53636)
whats next
it sounds good in theorie but how many other people can access your details thats the main concern i have with doing comps on facebook theres been to much media harp of how easy it is to access peoples info from facebook
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
I dont like the facebook options, so I just dont bother with that competition. Seems like its free publicity for them and little benefit for us.

Irene (Member Number: 40132)
How much do we have to share??
I too am not a fan of FB, in fact a friend signed me up and the only time I login is if someone sends me a message or if there is an important cause I can support. I honestly can't see the point of comps being linked to FB and usually, regardless of the prize, won't enter them.
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
I am not a big fan of FaceBook competitions as it takes too long to enter. I also hate sending my friends junk mail just so I get more chances of winning.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
Due to privacy matters associated with facebook, I refuse to subscribe to it, so I am not happy when I go to a competition and it requires a facebook membership or subscription.
(Member Number: 46040)
FB comps
I hate the ones where you need to get likes, some of us don't have alot of friends to annoy to get these likes. but otherwise they are good if they are judged on creativity.
Lynne (Member Number: 8092)
Facebook Competitions
A lot of Facebook Competitions are run within a day - I miss out, as I don't access Facebook at work.
Deb (Member Number: 894)
I NEVER enter them! I hate that you have to be on facebook to look at anything else on facebook. I am not interested in wasting my time connecting in this way with other people and can't imagine this changing. I can see the place of facebook in certain situations but for competitions it doesn't mean anything. Aren't people just listing someone as a friend just to win the competition?
Kathryn (Member Number: 13770)

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