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What exactly is Competitions Guide?

Competitions Guide is Australia's favourite competitions site!

We've made finding competitions for you easy with around 10 Australian Competitions added each day!

So, sit back and relax, they're all here under the one roof and the hard work is done for you!

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Who owns and runs Competitions Guide?

Competitions Guide is owned and managed by CBME Pty Ltd, which sounds as though we're a major corporation.

In fact, Competitions Guide is a Husband and Wife operation, run by Craig and Helen Seitam from our 'HQ' in Brisbane.

We've been doing this since 2005!


Does it cost anything to join?

You can join for free as a Standard Member, and access twelve competitions on page one. It's a good way to start, and see if you like comping.

If you want to enter over 300 Competitions added each month, you'll need a Go Premium Membership

Go Premium costs $39.60 for a whole year - that's only $3.30 a Month, or 11 Cents a Day - cancel anytime!

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Why would I want to Go Premium?

We can give you every reason in the world, but we'd prefer you take a look at real Go Premium Member's opinions.

Take a look at what our Go Premium members have to say

Even better, check out what Go Premium members are Winning

And, when you're done find out Take a look at how Go Premium members profit from comping


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay for Go Premium securely by either Credit Card or PayPal


How secure is your site to use (or pay for Go Premium Membership)?

Our site is fully secure (as evidenced by the https:// in our web address), you will also see a green padlock and the name of our company Craig Bradley Market Engineering Pty Ltd

On our Go Premium payment page, you will also see our 'Secured by Thwate' badge. If you click on this and scroll down you will also get further security info.

So, in short, we are super safe!


If I Go Premium will I get automatically billed at the end of the year?

Yes, we use an auto-renewal payment system, so that our members don't miss a single day of comping.

If you would prefer not to be on our auto-renewal, simply visit 'My Membership' (top of page when logged in) and change your payment preferences.

Please do not send us a request to do this for you, it is up to members to manage their own payments.


How do I update my details?

You can update your details by visiting 'My Membership' at the top of page when logged in.

If you wish, you can also update your payment preferences in this area.


Do I have to become a member to use your site?

You can look around at any time, but to enter the listed competitions you need will need to register as a member.

Joining only takes a few minutes, and the only info we need from you is an email address (which you need to confirm).


What's with the yellow stars, green ticks, red cross, purple eyes, blue crayon & orange I's?

Firstly, the purple eye just means that you have clicked on a competition before.

All other tools are available only to our Premium Members!

If you click on a yellow star, it means you like the competition, and this will be copied into your favourites area.

You can view your favourites by clicking on the big yellow star. If you want to remove a favourite, simply click the yellow star again and it will be removed next time you visit.

Your favourites will remain for 3 months after they close, which you can see in the 'expired favourites' area.

Use the green ticks to remind you if you've already entered a competition.

A red cross, simply means you don't like a comp or don't want to enter it

The blue crayon is for you to take notes, say for a words or less comp

Click on the orange I if you want to read the competition terms & conditions.


How can I win more competitions?

If you're serious about wanting to Win, you should download a copy of Competitions The Book

Competitions - The Book has featured on Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Sunrise and more.

You can buy Competitions - The Book for $29.95 but you can Get It Free with a Go Premium Membership!


Will I receive emails from Competitions Guide when I join?

Yes, we usually send out daily newsletters with our pick of new and closing competitions.

You can unsubscribe from receiving our emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link on the bottom of our emails.


When do you list new competitions?

We update our list every day of the week at 6AM (Australian Eastern Standard Time).


I want to receive your newsletter updates but aren't getting them?

This could mean that your spam setting is probably doing its job too well. Try listing our email address: news@CompetitionsGuide.com.au as a trusted site or try adding our email address to your list of Email Contacts.

Latest Update:

Hotmail will list mail from CompetitionsGuide.com.au in the Junk box. Simply "mark as safe"

Gmail and Bigpond at this stage treats our email as standard.

Yahoo seems fine, but seems to take forever to arrive .....


Why haven't I received my registration email?

This is usually caused by entering an incorrect email address (we get up to 10 failed emails per day due to typos in the address).

Some email providers such as Gmail can take up to an hour to send through your registration email, so please be patient.

Also, try checking your spam filter as this can sometimes block our emails.

If you're still having problems, send us a note via our Contact Us page and we will do our best to resolve the issue.


I unsubscribed, but now I want to rejoin your mailing list!

If you have unsubscribed and want to be added back on our mailing list, simply go to 'My Membership' and click on 'Update Member Details'


How do I know if I've won prizes?

Larger prizes you will usually receive a phone call or mail from the promoter. Smaller prizes will normally be by email.

We always suggest keeping a close eye on your emails for winning notifications (especially spam box) as often this is the only way a promoter can contact you.

You can also take note of the announcement dates of each competition and follow up. Make sure you save the competitions in your Favourites area, as it will stay there for three months after closing.


Where are Standard and Premium Competitions Located?

Standard Member competitions are the first you see when you log in. If you get lost, simply click 'All Competitions' or our logo at the top.

When you upgrade to Go Premium, all the competitions will be immediately available to you.