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One of our keen blog comment contributors posed a question recently as to why Competitions Guide lists competitions by paid services such as Foxtel as Free-To-Enter.

It's a fair question, after all, you can't really access Foxtel without paying for it. Same goes also for competitions requiring you to quote a code from a magazine, although we tend not to list many of those.

We faced the same question some years ago when we had to make a decision regarding online competitions requesting an SMS or 1900 number entry, each costing 55 cents.

The decision was at the time (and still stands) that if the competition costs around the same price as a stamp, and nothing else needs to be bought, we'd call it a freebie. After all, it does cost money to access the internet. Rightly or wrongly we haven't had too many complaints.

In fact, there are a number of Foxtel competitions that allow you to enter without being a subscriber (Lifestyle Channels being one of them), but others aren't so generous.

We've taken a borderline decision on this one, that since there are so many Foxtel subscribers in Australia, a Free-To-Enter tag can apply. Plus, we get the feeling that most of our members will either click on or avoid these comps if they know they can't take part.

An even more grey area is paid services (such as Visa, Optus, Telstra etc.) that provide free competitions to their customers. Again, we try and limit the amount of these that we list, but some are worthwhile.

Either way, we'll try to make a call on a case by case basis.

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 5/1/11


Having to DO stuff to enter
I know this is not shop to enter but neither is it free to enter, when you have to,e.g. bake a cake, take a photo and upload it to enter a comp. Is there any chance of an "activity to enter" option, please pretty please?
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Pfft just lie!
Haha I know it's not entirely ethical, but unless they ask for specific subscription details, just lie and select a foxtel or austar subscription! What's the worst that can happen, you get disqualified for a prize you wouldn't have been able to win anyway? And if it's not against the Terms and Conditions then meh, it's their fault for not asking for details or putting "no subscription" as an option
Liz (Member Number: 92303)
So true
I was part of the Foxtel family for sometime - gave it up due to ads - why shouldn't you be allowed to enter all competitions without having to buy something
(Member Number: 51643)
i love competitiona
I just love this website, at the end of the day its our choice what we enter and its great to come to this site safely with the chance to WIN WIN WIN
Angie (Member Number: 77941)

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