How to Win Competitions & How to Make a Profit Stories

Think competition wins always happen to someone else?

Everyone dreams of the Cars, Caravans and Cash comps, but let's look at the reality of comping.

It's a small investment, but what's more important is that we believe
it's hard not to make a profit from comping.

An email from GO PREMIUM MEMBER Kylie last week proved what we had always known. The small wins are easy to get, and they mount up.

"Hello! Thank you for your fantastic website and high quality comps! I find your site very easy to navigate around and I love it :)
I just thought I would tell you about my wins! I have always loved competitions and have dabbled in the past but only started doing it as a proper hobby a month ago when I joined your site. It's really helped to shake up old beliefs like "I never win" and "I can't write something creative enough." Now I have a crack at each 25 word or less competition and see it as a fun outlet and something to keep my brain ticking over.

Since joining I have entered competitions on your website and Facebook ones too when they pop up on my news feed. I have so far won:

-$1000 voucher for Star Sydney

-wine and picnic hamper ($210 value)

-$100 super cheap auto voucher

-Hand made chocolate class for two people ($100 value) -signed copy of Jimmy Barnes autobiography

These wins have given me so much delight and I have won all of this in about 5 weeks mainly from your website!! Most of the wins have been 25 word or less. I try and mix it up between rhyming and snappy one liners and have lots of fun doing it. These wins have provided me with experiences that I wouldn't afford otherwise and I'm extremely grateful. I am so excited and believe the holiday or car is on it's way soon

:) :) :)

I also won a tonka toy set on Monday (50 Words or less) my son is stoked and that was another comp on your site too. I'm averaging a prize a week at the moment!!


A little tip. Most compers avoid Words or Less competitions but they are a gold mine.

Visit Competitions Guide, take a fresh look at comps you may not have entered before, and you may be surprised.

Like what you see? Go Premium Instantly Here

Thanks, and as always, Good Luck!


People do win big prizes.
I won a European River Cruise for 4 people, including flights. It was a 25 words or less competition and was worth $45,000. I am taking my 3 daughters in September. We were able to fly in early and fly out later, so we are going to do extra exploring at our own cost. We are so excited.
Glenda (Member Number: 440946)
Love Love Love Competitions Guide
Before Competitions guide I had been comping for years, through magazines and facebook. I have to date won a trip to New York (fabulous place), a Red Cross raffle, meat trays, cd's, head phones, and 4 tickets to see chitty chitty bang bang at the Lyric theatre. I have been a member of Competitions guide for years but only went Premium in May and just today won two pairs of sunglasses. I realized I could have won more and not known about it due to having a hotmail account which is NOT great to have when it comes to winners been contacted through email so created a yahoo account and now back on track, looking forward to more wins soon.
Jj (Member Number: 122754)
Finally won a prize
Been entering comps on competitions guide over a few years but only sporadically but since I've joined premium I've won some lovely skin care products and a clothing pack. I finally conquered my fear of 25 wol. Now I do them daily. Fingers crossed.
Jacqueline (Member Number: 157111)
When you win just what you need.
18 months ago we booked a short cruise for my mum's 60th birthday. She had not celebrated a birthday for as long as we could remember and it has been a long time since she had all her children together. The flights home from Brisbane where rather expensive and a cause of stress for us, however winning an $1000 Jetstar voucher very quickly relieved that stress.
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
Comping Fun Helps Me Sleep Better
Quite literally - I became a premium member earlier this year and my biggest win so far has been a Sealy Queen Size bed in a Mother Day competition! I've been wanting to upgrade my bed for ages, and joining Competitions Guide has enabled me to do it for practically nothing. If you think you'll never be able to afford something, competitions are a great way to help make your dreams come true :)
Brooke (Member Number: 423854)
You've got to be in it to win it
Within my first month of going premium I was notified that I had won an 8 night cruise around New Caledonia! This was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me! I have since won movie tickets and a $100 voucher. Comping is a really fun and exciting hobby, well worth the small fee you pay to go premium.
Jessica (Member Number: 407724)
Be in it to win it
Won over $3000 worth in prizes through Competitions guide With only a few months.
My tip is enter everything, If there is something you win you dont want it can make a handy present at Christmas.
Melissa (Member Number: 386623)
Don't Give Up!
If at first you don't succeed, try again, that's what they say and I believe it's true. I didn't have much luck when I first starting comping, but then my first prize arrived and it was so exciting, kinda like Christmas :-) I have won several prizes, still waiting to win a car haha, but every win I am lucky enough to have feels absolutely amazing. Thank you to Competitions Guide for providing us with quality competitions to try our luck at. So no matter what, keep trying and you will eventually reap what you sow :-)
Michelle (Member Number: 3078)
Went Premium and Won in 24 hours!
On the 30th May this year I became a Premium member and the very next day I received an email to say I had won a $1000 furniture voucher! I'm hooked!
Jane (Member Number: 144238)
Keep entering- probability says you're bound to win!
I get on every week and enter all of the new competitions - it can take as little as an hour of my time so I can do it in my lunch breaks. The more you enter the higher your chances! I have won big through Competitions Guide- I won 2 flights to Fiji and $10,000 cash! People keep saying I'm lucky but I'm not really. I'm just an average person who enters a lot of competitions and anyone is capable of winning!
Sarah (Member Number: 27016)
You've got to be in it to win it
I've been a premium member for a couple of months now and have entered many comps. I've won movie tickets, a cook book and an ergonomic keyboard, mouse and microphone.
Enter as many comps as you can and have a go at the ones where you have to write 25 words or less, you just never know!

Kelly (Member Number: 626800)
Good wins
Entered a few 1st win was eftpos win l won $100 few months later entered doritos chips compition l won $500 and $50 vouchers from cadbury could not believe it at first keep trying enter often as much as you can everything good luck
Irene (Member Number: 208704)
Taking a leap of faith
I am joining Competitions Guide today for fun and hopefully win some prizes.
Edmund (Member Number: 466739)
Go Shopping
I always check out the comps that require you to buy something and add those items to my shopping list, it's so easy to do, just remember to keep the receipt.
Louise (Member Number: 444971)
Pushing My Buttons!
25 words or less makes me step out of my comfort zone, challenges my brain and can leave me feeling frustrated. The first time I spent hours searching for 25 perfectly charming interesting words. Now I limit myself to thirty minutes, I trust the words that come to me and enjoy the process. 25 words or less makes me improve my creative thinking, teaches me patience, to believe in myself and makes me smile.
Doris (Member Number: 453739)
you do win
like love its a numbers game I keep going after small comps few enter it totally works
Adam (Member Number: 46090)
Enter everything if...
Enter everything that you a family member of friend could use, I also enter comps to win prizes we can use in our fund raising raffles.
I have been comping for over 14yrs and over that time I have had many wonderful wins, I have only this year signed up for the premium account, although no wins as yet, I know that I will
Cheryl (Member Number: 388346)
It's a school day everyday.
I love learning about organisations/products I never knew existed before joining
I keep trying the 25WOL comps and am hoping to win one soon.
I have also won a couple of $100 gift cards which have really come in handy.
Mel (Member Number: 410169)
My Daily fix
I've been a premium member for two months now and I love it so much that it's now a part of my daily routine - I wake up , make myself a coffee, open the laptop and get excited to see what the new daily competitions are. So far i've won $100 fuel voucher and 2 tickets to see Wonderwoman. Winning those two prizes have made me even more excited and optimistic about what the future might bring. My advice is to definitely read 'Competitions the book - the 3rd edition' by Craig Seitam for extra handy tips, become a premium member and more importantly - just have fun !!!
Lora (Member Number: 446404)
Comps CAN be won
Ive only been a member of this site for a few weeks, and haven't won any prizes yet, but in the past I have won several other competitions, including a Volkswagen Beetle car (worth 40 grand), a $500 bicycle, concert tickets with a meet & greet with the singer, as well as a $500 hair care pack. It's definitely worth the small investment to join this site because of the huge amount of competitions it makes available to you. I've been so lucky in the past, so even if I don't win anything through entering with Competitions Guide, I'm having fun entering, & dreaming of all those amazing prizes that can be won.
Ros (Member Number: 451432)
Making Baking
Success! I joined in April and have won three times so far, including two baking related prizes. So the pantry is full and muffins are on the new baking rack. Well done Competitions Guide on an easy to use website.
Steve (Member Number: 442784)
Can't believe I won!
Just joined up a couple of month ago and have already won a toaster :) hopefully onto bigger and better things from here, very happy
Tara (Member Number: 449857)
winning competions
it's great when a parcel arrives in the mail that you weren't expecting
Cheryl (Member Number: 1833)
It's fun!
I am enjoying being a premium member because I have access to SO many more competitions, I go online and enter new competitions everyday - can't wait for it to start paying off!
Alana (Member Number: 452454)
Positive Thinking
I always like to look at the odds of winning the competition.
The key to winning a competition is a positive attitude. You need to keep entering even when you're afraid that you'll never win, or that your luck has worn off and you'll never receive another prize. An optimistic outlook will keep you going through the dry spells that every comper experiences. And be perstisent,have faith and believe you will win.
Stavroula (Member Number: 146642)
Great things come to those who wait..
All the little prizes will eventually become the big one.. Don't give up, I am living proof. I won a trip to Bali this year..
Elizabeth (Member Number: 206730)
my new love
I have been really sick plenty of operations and bored out of my head watching tv so a couple of months ago I decided to go premium and give my luck ago so far I have won a $1000 ha very Norman rug and movie tickets also a camera which I haven't received yet and $250 emu Australia gift certificate not bad for just a couple of months of trying and i am no longer bored I am hooked ha ha thanks to this site :)
Tracey (Member Number: 409236)
Hard to keep up
I joined Competitions Guide at the end of May and have been really lucky. I won an Allen and Unwin 4 book pack, a Slim Secrets food pack, a $100 eftpos card and an autographed copy of Jimmy Barnes's book. There are so many competitions to pick from and now my email inbox and Facebook newsfeed is full of more competitions to enter. Very happy here.
Tracy (Member Number: 446303)
This comp'ing is addictive :)
The best money I ever spent upgrading to premium. Every weekend my hubby sits and watches football all night, much to my dissaproval but now with my little "comp'ing addiction" he can watch whatever he likes!!
Cassandra (Member Number: 448720)
Little fish are Sooo sweet.
I have been a member for only a short time and have already won a $1000 Gift card and several $100 gift cards. They make wonderful presents for loved ones.
Peter john (Member Number: 397829)
Hobby with benefits
Cheapest Christmas Shopping since I started competition entering. I have not had to fork out for a Christmas present in 5 years now.
Enter what you like, need, or know would be a great present, keep your fingers crossed, cause you really never know what will appeal to the judges, as every judge is different like us, so keep entering till you can find no more competitions to enter.
Happy saving on presents!
Shell (Member Number: 355074)
Just became a premiummember
Just subscribed to become a premium member so fingers crossed ! stayed tuned for my winners comments
Desley (Member Number: 373166)
Keep trying and never give up until you win!
I have only recently started entering competitions through as a university student! So many people my age don't even consider entering as the general thought is "I'll never win." My advice to all the young competitors out there: enter anything and everything and don't give up until you win. You won't win anything if you don't enter yourself like the person sitting next to you had! Be competitive and like anything in life, never give up simply when you aren't ahead of everyone else!
Caitlin (Member Number: 453372)
5 weeks in, 2 wins so far!
I joined as a premium member 5 weeks ago and in that time I've kept a record of all of the competitions I've entered. I now try to enter a few each day and today I reached 300 entered so far!

I'm really enjoying having a new hobby, expanding my writing skills and finding out about new products and companies I would otherwise not have known about.

Two weeks ago an $100 Eftpos card arrived at the door, it was a great surprise as I never received an email to say that I had won! It was from a shop and win competition that only cost me about $6.

I do struggle with the 25 words or less competitions but I try to enter as many as I can and I'm glad to say I won my first one last week. The prize was a kids cake recipe book worth $33 which will come in handy for my toddler's birthday next week!

My guess is only a 3rd of the competitions I've entered have been drawn so far so watch this space, I've been lucky up until now and I'm sure I'll win some more!!
Melinda (Member Number: 360352)
Be persistent and patient
I joined Competitions Guide just over 3 months ago and my number one tip is to be persistent! I've felt like quitting when I haven't won for a few weeks but I still go on everyday and keep entering. Last week I won a trip to Europe with a 15 day cruise and I entered this comp over 2 months ago! Now I know that eventually I'll reap the rewards in time so be patient!
Cheryl (Member Number: 435450)
Only site I trust is competitions guide for competitions
I've just started comping again after alitte break due to illness but been member for years and years, I've won so many things to list but was asked onto a current affair program to give tips on Winning (couldn't do it due to illness) but there's . so many ways to win , read the book too it's a great idea to help compers, goodluck in this draw every one .
Penny (Member Number: 37315)
You don't have to win big
Some people only go for the big prizes like cars or holidays & say they won't be happy with anything less but I think they're missing out because small prizes are great too! Maybe a trip to the cinema with a movie pass win will brighten up your week or you'll find a new fav beauty product or be able to buy something guilt free with a voucher win. Every win can be positive & give you a buzz - go for it!
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
2nd day i won a nintendo switch
I paid my premium on the monday, and on Tuesday i won a Nintendo Switch
Jessica vandyk (Member Number: 448682)
Hope giver
Sometimes all we need is a little hope. Entering comps gives me hope, which makes me smile. Great for mental health and a win here and there has other ripple effects. More comps - bring it on.
Kym (Member Number: 209344)
Give it a go
I never won anything in my life in 3 months I won cd and book pack, carton of beer, hair products and movie pass yes we all want a holiday,money or caravan it might happen it may not but that is my time when I fill out the comps and no one bothers me
Vicki (Member Number: 437688)
Winning a bonus
For me, entering competitions is a creative outlet — especially the creative Instagram competitions. Winning something for having fun is just a bonus.
Troy (Member Number: 14862)
Comping is so much fun and so rewarding if you work hard at it. xxx
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
Give it a go'
I have just won my first prize of a $50 Dominoes voucher and a DVD. My friends say the have never seen me so excited, in fact they are going to join too!
Norma (Member Number: 442588)
I only recently joined and had never previously considered online competitions as I was always a bit sceptical however I gave take it all back. This is one not the best things I have ever done. It's great fun, I get the the chance to win all ranges of prizes. I recently won $500 worth of board games. Great prize , some have gone to my 4 year old daughter for her birthday and the rest for the family and friends to play. It has been a learning curve for me to learn how to play the games but I am hopeful of winning more prizes in the future.
Gary (Member Number: 440636)
She's got a new addiction.
Seriously can't stop entering comps! I joined a month ago, and have only won movie tickets so far but seeing everyone doing so well is exciting! We love you competitions guide! Fingers crossed :D

Rebeccah (Member Number: 450829)
I'm so so excited about joining this awesome competition site, lots of my friends paid me out and said I wouldn't win anything and in my first week I won an Andre Rieu cd set . So I definitely Believe that it's just the beginning. So now I'm telling all my friends to join and try too!! You just have to believe!!
Gina (Member Number: 333357)
25 words to Success!
I love to write poetry answers,
Spinning words to win prizes,
Topics from love to dancers
Pretending behind disguises.
Rhyme every time! :)

David (Member Number: 416580)
comping is fun
comping is fun but it can get away from you once in while, i have been comping for quite a few years now and thanks to competions guide i have had the pleasure off being on a current affairs twice and done a documentary on comping which won a prize at the film festival, i have been a little slack this year only do to ill health and two operations, the best thing i can say to fellow compers is have fun and just remember what you enter do may not be drawn till months down the track good luck and happy comping everyone
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
No Scam Competitions!
I love the fact that there are no dodgy competitions on Competitions Guide. I've won $1000, a Panasonic TV, Sony Xperia Smartphone with 1 year of 9GB data, beauty products and movie tickets!
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
The best 'hobby' ever
I have won so many things I have lost count - and even made it onto 'The Project'! I have won a trip to New York with a $5000 spending spree, a Fiji holiday, a Hunter Valley weekend away, a bike, countless movie tickets and Theatre tickets, clothing, cosmetics, wine, a years supply of honey, pizza hut perfume (!) a catered dinner party for 6, house cleaning & ironing service, $1000 of Expedia travel - and the list goes on. It is an amazing hobby to have and I have had so many experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise!
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
Never be discouraged.
I questioned competitions for a long time wondering if anyone actually one, but after my first win I felt so inspired, so blessed and so thankful that I took a couple of minutes out of my chaotic days to sit down, think outside the box and enter into whatever competition I came across! The rewards are endless.
Kimberley (Member Number: 415863)
It will happen
I won a couple of small things last year so waiting for something big soon
Mrs mary (Member Number: 321255)
Fun, fun, fun!
I love the 25 words or less comps - and I've been most successful in these. They keep my brain active as well as my joy when I win!
Kristy (Member Number: 209404)
Swap social media for savvy comping
Instead of getting lost in a world of facebook and Insta when waiting for the train,
I enter 25WOL comps and test my brain,
There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Cathie (Member Number: 411851)
I'm a believer!!
Only joined up about 2 weeks ago and just won my first prize (a lego set worth $140!) I am one of those who have avoided the 25 words or less comps...but will start to give them a go. Thank you Competitions Guide :)
Kylie (Member Number: 449769)
Just have a crack!
You never know unless you try and there's no harm in trying.
Gotta be in it to win it after all!
Jessica (Member Number: 449509)
Aiming high ! bring on a car & holiday.
Got home from work a week ago - I wondered what I had ordered from Harper Collins ?? Then realised it was a prize !! A nice little manifestation - LOVE premium. I enter comps every day of the week. It's a daily habit.
Melissa (Member Number: 410979)
Give it a go
Believe you can and enter all the competitions that you like. Be comfortable with the how of entering.
Michelle (Member Number: 453336)
Keep knocking on that door
I am a strong believer that if you keep knocking on the door you gotta get in sometime. That's why Competitions Guide is so great - you can always keep knocking on that door with so many competitions available to enter and to win. Like the adventure trip I won to Cape Town earlier this year!
Terry (Member Number: 449160)
New job?
I've won so many competitions through Competitions Guide that my sons have told their school friends that I "win competitions as a job"!! Since 2013 I have won a $5,000 Harvey Norman package, $400 worth of Mambo kids clothing, a digital radio, Disney Planes pack, movie tickets, $500 JB Hifi gift card, a stay at the Sofitel Hotel in Sydney, Tattinger champagne, Ergobaby Swaddler Sets, $1,000 Sussan gift card, $1,000 dry cleaning voucher, $100 worth of Thank You bathroom products, VIP Magic passes the the Gold Coast theme parks, a $500 bedding pack, VIP passes to MTV gigs, book packs, toddler car seats, Big Hero 6 prize pack, a $600 rocking chair, $100 worth of Murray Valley pulled pork, a Beefeater Bugg BBQ, $200 Myer voucher and numerous Chemist Warehouse vouchers.

My hot tip is to ALWAYS enter the 25 words or less comps. Most people tend to shy away from these as they're seen as hard work - so your odds are better here. Try not to write something obvious like "I would like to win a trip to Fiji because I am a hard worker and deserve it". There's a 99.9% chance that the judges will see this response a million times when searching for a winner. Make sure to be fun, wild, descriptive and always remember your 25 word limit. Companies also LOVE to hear you sing their praises too!!
Elizabeth (Member Number: 17949)
First win after a few days
I won a $100 fuel voucher which will come in very handy!
Anthony (Member Number: 272970)
How to win
Keep trying. Like the Lotto, you have to be in it to win it!
Susan (Member Number: 445511)

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