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The relentless media coverage of the upcoming Federal election has speculated on numerous scenarios for rigging votes.

One example raised was the practice of candidates visiting nursing homes and 'securing' the votes of elderly residents that are unable to attend polling booths and vote in person.

This got me thinking about the many competitions springing up these days that are awarding prizes on the basis of the winner receiving the most votes. These competitions are usually run through Facebook (most Likes and/or Shares) or a purpose built 'voting' website.

In my mind, these comps are just begging for cheats to use an array of vote rigging tactics, including using voting exchange forums and paying people to vote for them through sites such as 'Microworkers'

Companies find out the hard way that the majority of folks don't appreciate vote rigging and are often left fielding a barrage of negative comments via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What do you think?


No fun
i don't like these comps at all there is no fun in them. people have to vote and usually its an unfair disadvantage as there is always someone who knows someone etc and they receive all the votes. It's just too much of a hassle and time waster!
Vicki (Member Number: 693)
Popularity Contests.
I love photo competitions, but not ones voted on by the general public or friends. These are simply popularity contests which I don't think I stand a chance of winning.
Maggie (Member Number: 135031)
Popularity contest
I'm one of those annoying people who only "friend" people on facebook whom I actually know, which gives me a very modest friend count. I don't bother with voting competitions because even if I got everyone on my list to help me (unlikely), there are people out there with thousands of friends who would outdo me in 5 seconds. Plus, voting competitions require you to irritate your friends by sending requests to them, which is a sure-fire way to decrease your friend count anyway.
Chris (Member Number: 175253)
voting leads to bulling say No thanks!!!
i think voting comps teaches our children that the more votes you get the more freinds you must have or the more popular you will be which can lead to bulling which is what we Do NOT want, say no to votes
Emily (Member Number: 149360)
I don't like voting competition because Facebook pages get overloaded with products that people don't even like but they say they do because want to win prize it becomes very annoying.When you just want catch up with someone on facebook and there page is taken over by advertising.
Julie davies (Member Number: 191391)
don't like them
I think they are superficial. they are all about image and not the real thing.
Tina (Member Number: 200404)
Why Share?
I personally, do NOT like the "most liked comment" type competitions, and I tend to avoid them as not only are they difficult, and time consuming. They are annoying to all your friends who you constantly have to beg to vote, like or promote your entry to win.
And besides, if its a competition to win something good, the 697 friends who voted for your entry would all want a slice of the prize and sometimes... Well, sometimes things are not for sharing!

Kristy (Member Number: 67130)
You only win if you have alot of friends that are willing to vote for you and really its only causeing more traffic for the company holding the competition
Kristie (Member Number: 17989)
Big Brother Bust
Just like on Big Brother where you vote to keep people in or evict etc leaves me scratching my head with some of the results. I think rigged. How is it verified?
Trina (Member Number: 15761)
Vote "NO!" for Voting Comps!
An unpopular popularity contest,
Prize pigs and cheater's delight!
Votes are bought, bartered and sold,
Those voting comps just aren't right!
Give all honest entrants a fair shot,
Let creativity or chance lead the way!
Instead of dishonest people cheating,
Then winning prizes not deserved anyway!
Jennifer (Member Number: 52725)
I'm the opposite of Nike
I just don't do it
Melissa (Member Number: 205885)
Bah Humbug!
Grumpy me has very few FB friends, so I don't enter these competitions. Me no likey.
Karina (Member Number: 168719)
Not interested
Not interested in voting competitions, only competitions where luck is the draw, hopefully I will win this
Viktoria (Member Number: 210250)
Wrong reflections
I dont think voting shows the true overall opinion of the majority. .I dont do them, and I dont have facebook
Bernd (Member Number: 7447)
Voting competitions are a turn off to lots of customers
If the company is using a voting competition as a means of advertising their product, it may not work as it's a turn off. I will not participate as I would have to harass my friends to vote for me.
Alysse (Member Number: 204313)
They're not the worst type of comp!
I agree they're hard to win unless you have lots of friends to vote for you, but I mainly dislike comps where you have to play a game and the highest score wins (and my score never gets even slightly close to the high score)!
Christina (Member Number: 17492)
I'm a Luddite!
So anything too complicated involving Facebook , voting , tagging etc puts me off immediately. I also don't have enough 'friends' to influence to vote for me.
Jacqueline (Member Number: 157111)
Voting competitions
I don't think voting competitions are that crash hot, unless you have a million friends to get behind you it's impossible to win.
Kylie (Member Number: 2260)
Votes for the bizarre
Voting competitions are more about getting visitors to a particular site than a win for participants. That said, I entered a doodle on a hotel site and, despite no doodling talent, I won a robe. Bizarre.
Lisa (Member Number: 16281)
Not in it
They are about how many friends, relatives and strangers you know. They have nothing to do with quality and I don't bother
Mishell (Member Number: 174235)
I hate, I hate, I hate Peter Pan... I mean voting competitions.... Because like Captain Hook I'm not very popular. haha
Kirsty (Member Number: 3676)
Friends like these..
I often have friends asking me to vote for their photo/entry in a competition, which I think is unfair, so I go to the website they suggest and vote for the one I ACTUALLY think is the best, otherwise its just who has the most friends!
Annabel (Member Number: 38906)
I despise them! Its not a fair way to wina

competition as it comes down to how many FB friends you have!
Larissa (Member Number: 120681)
no Facebook
I don't like having to go to Facebook just to enter a comp..
Sue (Member Number: 9720)
Let's Vote On It
I don't mind entering voting competitions, but it bugs me that many people, like me, will enter purely for the prize on offer and may not know (or care) about the subject in question, and therefore the voting results are not worth the screen they're typed on.
Trevor (Member Number: 80436)
Nope, Not Fair and Hesitate to Enter
I find them not fair as they are more of a popularity contest then an actual who deserves to win.... I hesitate to enter them now.
Jacinta (Member Number: 185988)
Good for companies
Voting comps are good for companies as it is a good marketing / promotional strategy but for participants, it depends on how many people they know as it may be unfair for some with a small friend list
Denise (Member Number: 81813)
Chance or Skill
Chance or skill based are the fairest kinds of competitions - not how many 'friends' you have!
Diane (Member Number: 123989)
Vote for "No Voting Competitions"!!
Vivien (Member Number: 44689)
Voting Competitions
I prefer non Facebook entries:)
Dave (Member Number: 96940)
Definitely NOT Voting Comps
I have a look at the entries first; sometimes there is one entry (not necessarily a very good one) with say, 800 votes when all the others are between 2 and 30, so what's the point of entering that? They're a big waste of time and not at all fair.
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Not my preference
Not sure how anyone wins these unless they have talked it up with friends to share the prize.
Warwick (Member Number: 101364)
Not a huge fan but you gotta be in it to win it just like everything else. Cant hurt to try. I'd like win a comp on here sometime!
Katrina (Member Number: 154008)
voting competitions
I don't mind them as long as it's all clear and easy to understand.
Wendy (Member Number: 16181)
dont enter them
i stay away from voting competitions because they dont interest me
Melissa barrett (Member Number: 210017)
Voting schmoting! These comps are aimed at the most popular with a zillion friends.... ?? PASS!
Kim (Member Number: 65678)
Quite often you don't know the people you are voting for, the one first in the list may well get highest score.
Janet (Member Number: 102488)
Not enough friends
I don't mind voting competitions but I try not to enter them because I have maybe 30 friends on Facebook and I don't want them getting any unnecessary spamming just because I entered a competition. I stick with the other competitions.
Melanie (Member Number: 2366)
i give any competition a go
i think there is room out there for all forms of competitions- voting, random, words or less. I don't think it matters. if you are willing to try all sorts of competitions then its worth a go.
Hayley (Member Number: 202118)
Changing the game
The competitions I like to enter the most (and have done the best in) are those which require more skill such as longer written entries or photos. Many of these have now become voter competitions, and skill or creativity no longer determine the winner. I don't have a chance with these now as I don't have any friends linked to the Facebook account I use for entering competitions.
Amanda (Member Number: 146995)
Vote No to Voting Competitions
I avoid them because it's a contest of
"my network is bigger than your network", not who has the best entry. Being too easily open to cheating, much frustration and ill will is generated as a result, which spills over towards the promoters, making them counter productive as marketing tools.
A. (Member Number: 131)
Shame factor
A firm believer of “been in it to win in”, I've entered many, many voting comps. Funnily enough, my lack of self promotion doesn't seem to fulfill the promoters desire to spread their name/product far and wide. Now, I love a prize but my dignity stops me begging for votes.
Melissa (Member Number: 6307)
Voting comps - I DON'T LIKE
Voting Comps - I don't like
I Dodge them quick
and say "HOP ON YA BIKE"
It seems to me they're not fair
they make me growl like a Grizzly Bear
So now I say "I DON"T VOTE"
I don't mind if I miss the boat
Terri (Member Number: 194208)
Popularity Contest
I agree with most people here. Voting competitions are more about who has the most friends (who are only willing to vote to avoid receiving more and more annoying emails/requests) and not who has the best or most creative answer/idea.
Tara (Member Number: 7997)
Not great for me
I don't have friends on facebook so these comps don't work for me I only use my page for finding and entering comps so can't enter these competitions.
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
hey ive won carnt beleive it
whats going on no voting please what I would like is to win win baby ' please thank u for your time bye
Lisa (Member Number: 122025)
Who do you know that votes for their friend.
Debbie (Member Number: 54347)
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
Even Playing Field...
Voting for something even when it is 1 vote per person seems to use the email address. How easy is it to have more than one?? I know I do, it needs to be fair or it's not worth entering.
Mary (Member Number: 142391)
I don't have that many friends to vote ! I think they are unfair and I stay away from them.
Isabelle (Member Number: 54793)
Voting comps = only good if you have 1000 friends and family
I'm not a fan of voting comps especially the ones on social media eg: Facebook/twitter ! The ones you have to upload a picture of yourself or child and get people to vote are the worst , firstly people who have 1000 friends and family have a better chance of winning then people with a few friends and family ! Plus you get rude people making comments ! SAY NO TO VOTING COMPS! Waste of time
Aimne (Member Number: 10383)
Voting Competitions
I don't like them and steer well clear of them
Jean (Member Number: 190161)
Time wasters.....
I will not enter these competitions as there is no chance of winning unless you have a million friends to vote on your entry.
Cherie (Member Number: 9579)
Voting Comps
If its for those modeling, singing or talent etc. I don't vote in them or like them. It doesn't mean the best person won. Just the person with the most friends, family or fans.
I don't mind the ones for recipes or make up etc
Lisa (Member Number: 123779)
I wish i could have a fantastic chance to win
Nescia (Member Number: 1617)
Not a fan
Not a fan of these money making comps
Marlo (Member Number: 165000)
I will only vote if a prize is on offer purely for voting. A popularity contest can be frustrating for the contestants and results in a bonus invaluable database for the promoter
Meegan (Member Number: 37252)
Voting competitions are not the best way of determining the best entry, because people could get everyone they know to vote for them, even if their entry is sub-standard compared to an entrant with fewer votes.
Amelia (Member Number: 195430)
Just like Politics
No it is not Fair to have to Vote to Win a Prize. It is just like Political Voting and the Best Person never Wins (if there was a Best Person in the First Place).
Carmel (Member Number: 78712)
Gets my vote as 'most open to cheating'
I entered a voting competition last year. In the last hour of the competition I watched the votes of a several contestants climb by hundreds. Gets my vote as 'most open to cheating'.
Yvonne (Member Number: 168553)
Should Not Be a Popularity Contest!
I absolutely hate these competitions where "person with the most votes wins".I don't friend everyone on Facebook,just a few trusted people.Make them either Random or based on creative merit!
Glenda (Member Number: 1668)
Popularity Contest
I hate voting competitions. They're just a popularity contest and are quite often surrounded by controversy with people being accused of cheating and buying votes
Nicole (Member Number: 169441)
Popularity Contest more or Less!!
These are good for the business's only as it gives them alot more fans.. But, usually its people that win that have the most friends.. which can be a disadvantage.. I dont like them one bit..
Kelly (Member Number: 209467)
No Friends
Voting comps are really unfair, as I dont have a single friend, so how am I meant to have any chance of Winning?
Kathy (Member Number: 200637)
And the most Popular Person wins!
I personally don't like them, as it seems to be the most popular person wins, and it really irks me when I see these requests for "votes" on other websites, like forums, blogs, buying and selling pages, etc!
Natalie (Member Number: 166852)
Pick Me Pick Me
I was always last chosen in team sports, I shunned the popular crowd and now it seems that we haven't grown up and moved on from needing our existence validated by likes and virtual friends. I'd rather a real hug over a thumbs up any day.
Natasha (Member Number: 20675)
It's a Donkey Vote..
I am so over voting, give me something that challenges me instead.
Jodie (Member Number: 181832)
May the Best Man/Woman Win!
Voting competitions don't guarantee that the best entry wins, only that the person with the most "friends" does. Sure, I've hounded my friends in the past for votes, but I can't compete with the sheer volume of votes other entries receive, so I won't risk any friendships for these sort of competitions any more. Even the combination of voting and judging comps aren't fair - if the judges only see entries with the most votes, which may or may not be the best examples, then what is the point of having judges at all?
Lauren (Member Number: 79472)
Is it damaging to ones confidence??
I personally prefer not to use voting competitions. I feel voting competitions such as the baby bonds comp ect can leave one feeling inadequate and insecure about their entry or themselves. Popularity also plays a big role eg big brother and even politics which can lead to people degrading others just to win which teaches us to forget respect for others!
Lauren (Member Number: 179439)
Popularity contests should be left in high school!
I'm not a fan. I don't want to feel like I am pestering my friends. It feels like a popularity contest, and that is only ever going to make one person feel good - the winner!
Sheree (Member Number: 66218)
Voting Competitions - Snore!
I don't tend to enter these competitions as I don't want to plague my friends and family with this nonsense. It is also a very narrow and specific demographic that will bother so not an accurate consensus of what the general public thinks.
Rebecca (Member Number: 205917)
Voting Compettions
.I beleieve these competitions rely heavily on family and friends supposrt as they are the most likely to give you nominated votes. That would mean they are voting because they know you not for what the voting comp is about, so it defeats the purpose of a competition.
Raelene (Member Number: 83367)
Not a fan of them. If you have a page/network/blog etc or a fiend that does then you have unfair advantages. I don't enter voting comps.
Alison (Member Number: 164968)
Definate advantage for those with heaps of friends, so the best doesnt always win, better if votee's also get a chance to win something
Teena (Member Number: 192665)
There are better ways!
I know why people hold them, it's good advertising, promotes word of mouth. But let's be honest it's not a game of skill or luck, it's purely popularity. And with so many cyberbullies I wouldn't be too keen to enter too many of these voting competitions.
Krystie (Member Number: 108538)
Popularity contests
I hate them! They are completely unfair and require no skill either. All they do is give prizes to the people with the most friends, or the people with the most friends who can be bothered with voting.
Sarah (Member Number: 27016)
Hate them
Hate them with a passion, its not the most deserving or most talented who win, its the one who can drum up, or even bribe enough votes out of people, I'd rather random giveaways, or written giveaways, where everyone at least has an equal chance of winning... -)
Jill (Member Number: 198814)
Popularity Contest? Well... Duh!
YES- voting contests are popularity contests but NO- theres nothing wrong with them. Competitions are about promoting a certain product and I figure that if someone can drum up alot of publicity for a company via votes then YES- they do deserve a prize but NO- I don't enter them.
Halijah (Member Number: 161156)
No Thanks!
Rather win a competition on merit, not on how many of my mates and family I can coerce into voting for me!
Chris (Member Number: 12012)
ummm, i dont like them
I don't like them, its like politics the most popular person wins....
Paul (Member Number: 202777)
Vote For Me
I will only enter these sorts of comps if the prize was something I needed or it was a huge prize!
Andrea (Member Number: 38561)
Most deserving, not the most popular
Voting is a part of a democracy and therefore a privilege. This being said, voting leads to an unfair win. For example the most Facebook “likes”. The leader has 345 likes. I don’t even have 345 friends. It’s unfair and should go to the most deserving, not the most popular.
Samantha (Member Number: 86730)
Voting comps are not for me
Shananigans Everywhere is what I see
Cheating is not my game
Fairness to all is the name
Nichole (Member Number: 9998)
popular = winner
I know the idea of comps is to get the message out to as many people as possible, but I avoid these styles as I don't wish to harass my friends and family to 'vote for me', so the advertising is lost as such as I don't research the product!
Sallyanne (Member Number: 96454)
Each to their own
Some like them, others don't, me I don't mind one little bit. I will enter any style of competition if the prize is right!
Rebecca (Member Number: 150071)
No way
not fair! winner are mostly have facebook friends or can create multiple accounts for voting to win, and aside from that i don't like asking friends to vote for me for my benefits, I am a very private person don't like most of my friends know what's going on with my life.
Liezl (Member Number: 79678)
no to voting comps
no to voting comps it is true
waste of money that could help Aussie's do
living wage for pensioners like me
would and did get my vote other issues for aussies like me
Jeannie (Member Number: 206166)
Micro Vote
Should a micro worker vote for me just because I'm small? I don't think so! That would be rigged!
Marji (Member Number: 208960)
Let the promoter decide
I am happy to have a neutral third party decide rather than vote. If there is a way for a person to cheat in a promotion, all too many will. They will steal pictures from the internet, post pics of children that are not even known to them, and claim another person's food pic as their own. So ask for recipes, but make sure the entrant is in the picture, ask people to write 25 wol, that is usually ok, be vigilant with asking for receipts for EVERY entry if a person wins a draw, not just one receipt because they were drawn once. Then when we do not win, we know we lost fair and square!
Nell (Member Number: 24613)
Completely disapprove of voting comps
I purposely keep my friends list to a minimum, so voting competitions are unfair to people like me.
The people who win them are always going to be those who stalk other peoples profiles adding friends just for the sake of having friends.
Social media is good for the social side of things, but keep your friends votes to the election.
Nicole (Member Number: 200951)
I wouldn''t waste my vote (and time)
I would rather spend the time giving a creative answer or answering a survey. Voting comps are usually unfair, require you to constantly nag friends and are prime targets for cheating.
Ariaana (Member Number: 203764)
No Way Jose
I deliberately only have 2 Facebook friends as I am not a great fan of it, so am at a distinct disadvantage with these types of competitions. I was in a final ten situation and lost out of course. I need to read the T&Cs more carefully.
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
A bit unfair
I have entered many of these types of competitions and I don't really think they give everybody a fair chance of winning. The winners are usually the people who have hundreds and hundreds of Facebook friends. Although, in saying this, I did happen to win one the other week and I won a wedding dress!!! Very lucky considering I do not have many people added on there!
Natasha (Member Number: 164890)
Don't like them!
These type of competitions aren't fair at all. It just a case of most friends wins!
Charlotte (Member Number: 684)
The risks of social media
The mind boggles that there are people who would create websites that enable vote buying and people who would engage in the practice. Because most of us are honest, I think. Brands and marketing departments should know better but it can be a challenge to keep up with all aspects of social media, so I don't blame them . . . though a vote comp is a major fail!
Jen (Member Number: 202627)
Not a fan
Someone like me who has a Facebook friends list with an age averaging 22-23 most would not even bother to try and help me out, even my real life friends. I love entering competitions but I feel I'm at a disadvantage with the voting competitions compared to older people.
Sharni (Member Number: 206765)
Keep them short
Happy to enter so long as they are kept realistic and short.
Karen (Member Number: 24118)
Smart but stupid.
It makes perfect business sense as it generates heaps of free publicity for the brand if done sincerely but I hate to pester my friends for votes so I don't even bother with these competitions.
Julia (Member Number: 181915)
Very Unfair
Hate voting competitions on Facebook avoid them now they're a joke. Got caught once had to put a picture of your pet up and those with the most votes won obviously those with the most Facebook friends wins. Very unfair.
Sharyn (Member Number: 122596)
DOESNT GET MY VOTE...anymore....
I was part of one for a major prize. the person who won knew thousands of people so it should of been judged by the promotors. Never again. I spent 6 weeks trying to win ..epic fail.
Penny (Member Number: 37315)
No voting for me
I could never be successful in a voting competition as I don't invite dozens of random people to friend me on facebook. I never bother entering them. More luck with 25 words or less for me.
Wendy (Member Number: 22194)
It's Human Nature
Intellectually, I am not in favour of them, although I must admit I do tend to get sucked in by an interesting comp. I have a feeling we compers can't help ourselves.
Sophie (Member Number: 118805)
Voting comps sux
I dislike voting comps. Who really has 1,000 if not more friends on F.B? It's never fair and it never goes to the deserving winner. It should never come down to on how many friends you can get to vote for your entry. The entry should be judged by the company not on so called votes. They should be band!
Penne (Member Number: 2450)
Company wins, jo-blo doesn't...
They're great for the company but not fair for the contestants. It's a very effective way for companies to advertise through people getting the word out to 'vote for them', but it is not fair for the many reasons stated in the original post. It's like high school! Popularity wins.
Carmen (Member Number: 121136)
I already bore my friends with too many baby photos so I'd be pushing my luck if I hounded them to vote constantly. It's all a sham anyway.
Jessica (Member Number: 96428)
Agree with Mandy
It isn't fair, I only have genuine fb friends, some have over 1000.
Sandra (Member Number: 170120)
Voting Competition (Rip Off is more like it)
I never go into these sorts of comp's all to easy to be rigged, it is also open to the person running it to rig it, for their own purpose. These types of comp's should be banned
Monika (Member Number: 206762)
I do not enter voting competitions and I do not vote in them.
Firstly, I like to see prizes awarded on merit not on popularity. It is annoying to see really outstanding entries overlooked because the entrants probably thought the quality of their entries would attract votes and did not realise the way other people worked the system.
Secondly, I think it is a cop-out for lazy promoters...their work is done for them!
Thirdly, I have never seen a voting competition that has been fairly run or fairly won. It is not just a matter of who has the most facebook friends. That wouldn't be so bad, but there are internet sites where you can buy votes, there are people on competition forums offering rewards to people who vote for them, there are people with multiple facebook identities and I am sure there are hackers too. You do often see the same names popping up as winners of voting competitions.
If more of us were to boycott voting competitions, promoters might get the message and give us real competitons instead.
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
Popularity contest
That's what they turn into, it usually has nothing to do with the entry, just the popularity of the entrant.
Lewis (Member Number: 92752)
I don't mind voting but it is just a popularity contest, people or brands.
Rebecca (Member Number: 147961)
Got Time To Vote??
I think its great if its one vote per person... Usually the person with too much time on their hands and pressing Vote over and over wins... Who has time for that?? Too many other 'fair' comps to enter.... :)
Prue (Member Number: 128766)
I never know what to write! also its always dependant on the number of friends you have. I prefer the random ones
Rosa (Member Number: 157685)
Popularity Contest
They are more a case of who you know, the more firends you have the more chances, it doesnt matter if you are the most talented or inventive etc.
Marianna (Member Number: 79629)
I love to win
I will vote and win, does not take brains to write a comment, so this is a good way to make some $$$$$. Competitions are my favourite pass time.
'You have to be in it ,to win it' That's my radvice fellows Australians. Where is you Aussie Spirit. Never say Never.
Nancy (Member Number: 18686)
Not for me
The voting isn't genuine as the votes are not cast for the best "whatever" but for the friend of the voter. Why bother?
Norah (Member Number: 173459)
They are really not in the spirit of competitions which should be based on random luck or skill. I vote them out
Maree (Member Number: 124893)
Time to vote
It really depends, im a sucker for any vote me pet competitions as there too cute
Emily (Member Number: 207054)
Question their fairness
A lot of times voting competitions seem unfair if it's just getting likes or votes because it seems more like a popularity contest or where people can cheat. I'd rather have impartial judges or random chance competitions than having competitions where people can rig it to get more votes.
(Member Number: 78640)
Vote 'with your feet'
Entering only those competitions through Competitions Guide, I'm satisfied that if they make the 'cut' here, then they're okay. If this type of competition is not appealing, then dont do it! It's your choice.
Michelle (Member Number: 174650)
Hate Them
I hate them and don't enter them unless I enter them by accident not knowing it is a voting contest till after my entry has gone through. Only once I asked for votes and that was because you needed only a couple of votes to enter the competition and it was not a who has most votes wins affair.
Lesleigh (Member Number: 88523)
It depends really to what is being voted for, some Ill vote in some I wont.
Mary (Member Number: 174099)
complex issue...
I feel they're unfair, as you need the support of a big pool of family and friends and require their input...after you win with their help you take the prize... feeling a little like you should share....but you cannot share with everyone! argh!!
Beverley (Member Number: 204584)
There bad as you have to pester everyone to vote for you.
Matt (Member Number: 1412)
They make me cranky
I'm not on facebook so I find those comps really annoying. Plus like many have said it's just the people with most family/friends who will win so if you don't have a whole lot of either then there'd be no point entering.
Sarah (Member Number: 155355)
Not interested in them.
I get bombarded all the time with requests for these competitions from friends. It's irritating and not a honest judge of an entry or fair way to pick a winner.
Kim (Member Number: 34792)
Voting comps
Don't bother!
Ronald (Member Number: 184827)
Thought on Voting Competitions
I will enter competitions via only. Many outside this are simply not trustworthy. Voting comps usually cost money and are not transparent. Where do the funds go? Who keeps count? etc. Too many questions unanswered.
Brad (Member Number: 205454)
To enter or not to enter?
I don't like them but I know chances of winning are higher with them. The easy ones have too many entries!
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
I usually avoid them, I only consider entering if there is a wild card judges' choice.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
Not for me!
I never bother entering them - especially those ones where you have to try to annoy your friends to vote for you.
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
No voting
I think they aren't fair as people can have lots of family and friends who vote for them its hould be best answer wins. :)
Michelle (Member Number: 9204)
Trap for young players
I used to enter these thinking there was a chance... but despite the good intentions of many promoters, they're basically unfair and weighted towards cheats or those with pester power.
Another related style I dislike more and more is the "Facebook share" - most shares wins, for the same reasons.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 111619)
Say No To Voting
Voting is about who can rope in the most people and not about skill, a clever witty answer or even random luck. Nobody is going through the entries objectively looking at them and voting, it’s just friends and family of the entrant voting because of the personal connection not the content. I think they are a waste of time.
Elyse (Member Number: 145444)
Vote to win? More like 'Be the most popular' to win...
These competitions are great - if you have lots of friends,
Who are willing to vote and eager to spend,
Time clicking on links, and helping you win
Bring back the '25 words or less': these popularity contests should be binned!
Brielle (Member Number: 202293)
Let's be fair ....
Voting is fine if there are two categories of winners. One from public voting and one from judges sounds fair, especially if they're voting for me. ♥
Janine (Member Number: 179388)
unfair and annoyin
People with fewer contacts need not apply and for business' people can just lie about what they know.
Kym (Member Number: 6694)
Winning is the luck of the draw. So being positive in mind always help...
Contessa (Member Number: 165436)
Any Comp Works for Me!
I do them but have never won anything in one. I will enter anything and everything though :)
Krishna (Member Number: 103190)
Vote For me Wins
Not the case Very hard to win more friends votes win win win. I avoid them as I don't choose the right one. Not fair. Wish the will go away 25 word less are the best. Thrill of the chase and if they like the comment you win fair and square.
Leanne (Member Number: 2798)
voting comps if they gave away prizes for voting and the votee
If they competitions gave away prizes for people voting as well as the competition entrants that might be a better idea. Encourage uploads of whatever they are asking for and for getting involved perhaps with facebook ones also require a comment and a vote
Paul (Member Number: 69960)
Don't promote the vote.
Facebook Twitter etc!!style of voting a huge thumbs down. Skill and creativity gets the vote from me. Give everyone a fair chance from young and old.
Helena (Member Number: 191563)
Way of life
We base out lives around voting, we vote which outfit to wear, which milk to buy, what is the best public toilet to use etc. voting is a way of life, so therefore competitions are a way of life also.
Sarah (Member Number: 159364)
please stop the voting
i hate them,what if you don't have facebook,or use social media it's quite unfair.i think it encourages people to sign up to social media
Rachel (Member Number: 85657)
Vote Schmote
Voting comps are a two thumbs down in my book. I actually had the most votes in a vote comp and the company decided anyway so....WHY HAVE IT A VOTE COMP?? Sheesh!!
Caterina (Member Number: 138081)
Voting comps are poo!
I dont like voting comps as you end up spamming your lovely facebook friends and that aint cool. The only voting that should happen is from competition judges, not the general public and who has the most friends!
Tess (Member Number: 99564)
One person one vote
One person, one vote. That's the only fair way. No extra votes for drumming up business! Besides,canvassing via refer-a-friend etc is an imposition on your friends. It's unacceptable and impolite to intrude thus upon their inboxes and social media.
Mary (Member Number: 1101)
Voting Comps Smell!
It shouldn't be about "who can rope the most people in" to vote!
Deb (Member Number: 894)
Voting comps - an insult to our intelligence.
Do we need another example of crass irresponsible and worthless commercialism to make us even more cynical?
Gillian (Member Number: 68772)
Stop the Votes
I believe voting is not a true indication of the real result. It is easy to fudge and is not fair on other participants with a smaller fan base.
Anita (Member Number: 9071)
In an election, everyone has to vote, it;s compulsory, and most people who vote have no idea what is at stake,, that is why the campaigning is so comical and fueled with lies.. online voting is done by people who care and know what they are doing
Andrew (Member Number: 146053)
Love a freebie
Im always down for some challenges
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
Some are honest
Voting comps are good, but only if your honest and not many people are
Donna (Member Number: 160674)
Voting Comps are so cool
They allow you to vote for things that are relevant. You get lucky like everyone else does.
Carolyn (Member Number: 42634)
Isolates People
I never enter them because I don't have hundreds of FB friends so I know I won't win. It's a division that's not fair.
Amy (Member Number: 104207)
Popularity Contest
I despise these types of competitions, I always steer away from them as they are just a big popularity contest, it's always who has the most "friends" that come out the winners!!!
Michelle (Member Number: 3078)
I value my right to vote but really wish some one could come up with a positive reason to make us confident to vote rather than so much negative about oppositions its all they offer
Jan (Member Number: 7555)
voting comps
i avoid them as they are a waste of time, no one votes and those who do are 'friends' of the person who has entered the competition.
David (Member Number: 202747)
Voting Competitions.
I don't enter them because I see
how bias it is , the competitions I enter
are ones that my entry has just as much a chance of winning as everyone who enters.
Valerie (Member Number: 105162)
AGREE !!!! So a popularity comp
I don't bother. My list of friends is made up of very special people. I focus on quality not quanta tie when it comes to friends. No hope for me when entering a voting comp.
Candice (Member Number: 170956)
Skill? I don't think so.
Voting competitions don't use skill. It's like high school: the 'geek' with the great ideas or the 'hottie with a body'? Of course the hottie. Popularity not skill- that's how it is.
Karen (Member Number: 197129)
entrant only should vote.
voting is not a popularity contest. the person entering should be the only one voting.
Patricia (Member Number: 191820)
I don't like them...
It comes down to a popularity vote in the end, it's a shame, like voting for 'cutest child', to every parent THEIR child is the cutest. Your immediately judging the look and not the story behind it.
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
It's Fun
It's fun to see how many out there fall for them most make you jump though hoops to vote and then you see how many votes and say Yay right that many for that pic
Matthew (Member Number: 135958)
To vote or not to vote?
It's the same either way, you get the person who is 'most popular' by an unknown method of voting. I stay away as I don't believe in their results
Ian (Member Number: 3055)
Voting more like popularity contest
These competitions are more easily won by people with large friends list... Not everyone will care to throw you a vote so you can win a competition. Entering and voting is not everyones cup of tea so chances of winning are slim.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 124949)
Nursing Home Votes - Now That's a Winner
I've never won a "Vote For Me" competition even though my one Facebook friend always votes for me. I just can't understand it! But you've given me a brilliant idea. We have lots of nursing homes in my area. Perhaps I should visit with my laptop tucked under my arm?
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
I will enter anything never won anything before want my luck to change.
Scott (Member Number: 190184)
It depends.
I will only if it's peoples choice as well as it being judged independently, especially if the peoples choice is a minor prize & judges the major. I have enough posts on my facebook wall from competition entries anyhow, I wouldn't want to inundate my friends with requests to vote too.
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
I tend to avoid voting competitions. Most competitions link to social media these days, so it's all about the number of friends/connections you have. As i only add people i've met and i'm more of a homely person, instead of a social butterfly, this doesn't work for me.
Kavita (Member Number: 131030)
Voting Schmoting
Not interested in them
Chiara (Member Number: 164496)
Are we just a number.
It's a competition, free to enter, so people do.. But not me! Also what about having to put your age, I think this is discriminatory.
Julie (Member Number: 202397)
All comps are the same. I never been lucky to win anything, so does not matter to me
Gregory (Member Number: 157355)
The most pestering person wins
Voting comps are ONLY won by people who pester everyone they know to vote for them.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
I HATE them and avoid them like the plague, they are a popularity contest and you can only win if you have heaps of friends , makes feel like im in highschool again and trying to compete with the "cool" kids lol
Megan (Member Number: 110330)
I believe most voting competitions are rigged and therefore i don't waste my time.
Donna (Member Number: 101294)
On and on and on...
I hate them because I feel it becomes a game who knows someone with more friends who knows more friends. It's not about your skill, it's about how many of those drunken friends you made one night care enough to vote for you.
Amy (Member Number: 180541)
Will enter any competition because you never know where is your luck will come
Efendy (Member Number: 198778)
Its ok.....or is it....?
Any comp is a good comp,so why not enter?
Although in saying that,Ive won many comps,in all sorts of fields,yet I can honestly say Ive never won a voting comp...... are they akin to the "black hole" of comps?
Sandra (Member Number: 99064)
Fence Sitter
I won a “Schweppes cocktail party”, without Facebook, - I voted for myself daily. I hoped to win the “Voice of Tom Tom”, but got lost in the crowd. I avoid asking friends to help me win these comps but may rise to the task depending on the challenge.
Sonja (Member Number: 41528)
too easy to rig
Look at the phoney number of votes some competitions have..too easy to make up fake emails and fake friends
Sharon (Member Number: 18309)
Voting for the item or the popularity
I'm not thrilled by voting competitions and I tend to try and avoid entering them, only because it stops being about the picture you are voting for and becomes more about who has the most friends who are willing to give up their time to vote... That's not exactly fair but then again this is life after all and who ever said life was fair...
Lisa (Member Number: 117265)
Nope not for me
Hate them, so many people cheat by opening up so many accounts, like on facebook. I refuse to vote or take part in those competitions.
Rebecca (Member Number: 93274)
Keep it Real!
I don't like voting competitions because it turns luck or creativity into a popularity contesting. I hate having to campaign to win and think it bothers my Facebook friends. I much rather prefer skill based written answers or chance.
Lauren (Member Number: 189482)
I will enter any competition and I have to say I don't come across many you have to vote for the winner. As to the federal election, you only get lo vote for losers anyway don't you.
Lynda (Member Number: 194794)
Cheaters Always Win
I will never enter a voting comp. there are always those greedy people who feel the need to cheat. If you can't win by not cheating, don't enter, let an honest person win.
Nola (Member Number: 172486)
stop the votes
Stupid, based on popularity of how many friends you can buy on facebook or twitter
Not having either account I really dont like them
Melanie (Member Number: 169796)
Hate, hate, hate
Voting comps are my biggest hate. I do not enter them because I don't want to bug my friends. I suppose it is good if you are prepared to do this as I know only a few people who enter that type of comp, more chance to win them. I vote we get rid of the voting comps.
Yvonne (Member Number: 129248)
Voting Comps
I don't mind them. Sometimes it's good to be able to see other people's entries...
Barbara (Member Number: 2811)
And the Prize for the Most Friends Goes to...
Which is really what it is. These competitions should be judged by an impartial panel.
Tracy (Member Number: 164888)
Me me me me friends vote for me
No I have no friends so get no votes - not really much of a competition
Paul (Member Number: 163148)
stop the voting
voting comps remind me to much of when we have to vote in elections hate them why should i waste my time voting when i could be entering comps where i have to come up with a jiggle or a creative answer its lots more fun
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
Voting competitions are just plain confusing for me, I am unsure how my vote counts and get confused over the ones that allow multiple votes. A competition should be clear and concise, the entry process shouldn't detract you from wanting to continue with the entry.
Chris (Member Number: 53636)
A popularity contest!
Voting translates to 'who has the most Facebook friends' competition, and I choose quality over quantity on my friends list, so never win!
Christy (Member Number: 6224)
Waste of Space
I avoid the voting , it can be rigged or unfair now social media is on board many people set up groups to vote for each other which disadvantages those that dont have many friends to vote etc
David (Member Number: 6526)
Pointless entering voting comps as I don't have hundreds of friends, something involving skill is more fun and a challenge.
Karen (Member Number: 3504)
Steer Clear of Voting Competitions
I personally don't like these kind of competitions where the winner/s are determined by the votes. If there are ones like these being offered, my usual response is to steer clear of them as it can be unfair, especially if there are hundreds or thousands of entries, and quite often those on the first few pages will get the votes as people will not bother to keep going through the pages as it can become too tedious and time-consuming.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
Just a popularity competition!
Avoid them - it has no value to the promoter, please get the fact that the people are voting for their friend and don't even know what the Promoter is selling! In fact I believe that those who actually look at the product, get a negative feeling, these comps are annoying!
Patricia (Member Number: 144808)
No Fair Share
I have unwittingly entered a photo competition, thinking it was the company's decision as to the winner. However, after uploading my photo, I was advised to "share" so my friends could vote. Extremely disillusioned, I didn't share and needless to say I didn't win!!! Will always read the small print now!!,
Sue (Member Number: 152320)
To vote or not to vote
To vote or not to vote, that is the question. The answer, I'll try anything once and if I win then awesomeness, if I dont it must have been rigged! =)
Amelia (Member Number: 180418)
Stop the Vote
I loathe voting competitions. Not only do they bring out the worst in people, they are open to abuse by those that are members of voting groups or have multiple accounts. Judged or lucky draw is how it should be.
Linda (Member Number: 2974)
Unfair to genuine entries
I think vote comps are unfair to anyone genuinely wanting to enter the competition. Because, unless they have hundreds of friends and are willing to ask them to vote, you will never win, no matter how good your photo or entry is, the majority popular people will win. Unfair!
Stephanie (Member Number: 162866)
Stop the Votes
I'll stop the votes, we will stop them before they reach our competition waters! and if the votes do get through we will process them at some random place that no-one ever my house
Victor (Member Number: 9181)
loathe them
There's just too many ways for people to cheat, I prefer the good old 25 wol, they I inspire people to use their imaginations, plus love to read the winning answers, even better if I'm a winner ;-)
Tanya (Member Number: 2085)
Voting comps don't get my vote!
I don't like them at all. I prefer competitions that are either based on skill like 25 wards or less, or pure chance like a lottery. I don't want to annoy the few Facebook friends that I have!
Bronwen (Member Number: 196848)
Voting comps = useless marketing tactics
The problem with voting competitions is the competition promoters are willing to attract wildly UNtargeted exposure. Marketing is not a numbers game, especially when the motivation is a prize and not the discovery of an amazing product. Voting is a popularity contest, not an efficient way of marketing.
Gina (Member Number: 165226)
To vote or not to vote.....
Voting comps are sooooo bad,,,they buy and trade in votes not into vote comps...but then again the like and share are getting just as can now buy fair is that....then you get the people who have mulitple facebook I prefer to enter onc entry only comps....
Frances (Member Number: 116748)
Voting competitions are evil, there are many issues with them like vote buying, cheating and companies really risk their reputation by holding voting competitions. It's very rare I will enter them, I'd rather companies choose a winner based on creativity or random draw.
Kimberley (Member Number: 145)
He who cheats the most wins
I hate them and tell my friends to not ask me to vote for them as there are facebook pages dedicated to people sharing and even paying for votes. Creative comps or judges decisions are best.
Christine (Member Number: 2053)
Can't stand them and avoid them like the plague...
Voting competitions just seem to bring out the worst in people! I've seen some pretty dreadful remarks/comments to do with "buying" votes....
I would rather win by skill (25 WOL) or random draw....
Fiona (Member Number: 2124)
Stress Test
Voting competitions induce stress by showing who has the most friends they can rope in to vote, or the best way to cheat the system. I avoid them like the plague.
Tara (Member Number: 4603)
NOT! It's ridiculous! Some people have friends who REALLY don't care and get no votes and most of them are rigged! I don't even bother with them!
Morgan (Member Number: 126738)
cant stand em!!!
they take time which i dont have,constant nagging-and then a cheat often buys votes!!
Linda (Member Number: 6397)
Only if...
I think voting competitions are only worthwhile if it's for something that involves talent, like voting for the most creative photograph or something.

But even then it turns into a popularity contest...
Nicola (Member Number: 13844)
Voting comps
They can easily be rigged by various tactics and unfortunately no matter how much you cross your fingers hoping that you might be the one to win the never happens. The one that wins is the person usually with the highest number of friends on facebook or followers on Twitter who can spend all the time in the world soliciting voters!
Tina (Member Number: 177689)
Waste of time
The underlying corruption around the process makes me avoid them - like the federal election!
Liam (Member Number: 130585)
Popularity contest
They are a waste of time and just like a school vote, it's not the product person etc its how popular they are
Kimberley (Member Number: 203701)
voting competitions
These types of competitions are targeted at people with heaps of time on their hands who can enter many times & rope all their friends in to increase their chances. I HAVE GIVEN UP ON THEM
Vicki (Member Number: 114093)
Trouble with voting comps they can be very biased and you never know if its really the true vote or that company want one thing to be the highest in votes and adjusts things accordingly. So as you can see I don't trust it
Marion (Member Number: 2145)
wont enter
I wont enter voting comps,I even closed my facebook account partly because of this
Chris (Member Number: 171708)
Voting competitions
Voting competitions are usually very unfair. The winner is usually somebody who can get the most people to vote by buying votes or recruiting everyone at their work and kids' schools. Those of us who rely on votes from people who actually like our post have no chance of winning.
Merryl (Member Number: 56367)
Voting competitions confuse people, especially with all the hype going on everywhere we look!
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
I purposely don't have a great deal of FB friends so could never win one of these comps. They appear to be for FB addicts who have many friends most of whom they've never met. They are more like "I've got more friends than you" competition with winner take all.
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Vote for me
I wish I could think of something to say,
Something witty, pretty, winsome and gay.
Or something pithy
Nevermind withy
Just vote for me anyway!
Kerry (Member Number: 34770)
Who's voting for me
I don't like voting competitions, not one bit as I never win and it's not fair so I don't even bother with them. Competitions should be won by chance or the story we tell.
Nicole (Member Number: 203840)
To Vote or not to vote that is the question
I don't mind voting as long as it is for something worthwhile
Julie (Member Number: 3265)
voting compeitions are a waste of time. i will enter all my details then find out that i need to get people to vote to win. if i had known that i wouldn't have entered my details but usually its too late.
Laura (Member Number: 194203)
I dont like voting comps also!
Its not fair for a lot of people who aren't as socially popular or have a lot more friends. Words or less comps and quick entry's are the best =)
Hiraina (Member Number: 192321)
Not a fair system
With Facebook voting comps, it's usually the one with the most friends that wins, or the trolls/hackers that are somehow able to easily rig it so they win. Not a fair system. And don’t even get me started on the 25 words or less comps…. Oh, wait….
Julia (Member Number: 175016)
Not on Merit or Chance
Voting competitions are a popularity contest. The more friends you have, the more likely you'll win. There is no skill required or chance involved and it is not a level playing field.
Susie (Member Number: 18296)
dont cheat like the pm does
get rid of voting comps
Phil (Member Number: 11209)
Rigged Upon a Star
Voting contests are so unfair as I see people with thousands of friends enter and win, despite the fact that their entry may not be the best! Vote Comps are definitely unfavourable in my books!
Melissa (Member Number: 5286)
Not Amused
For me "voting" comps are very one sided and never allow the everyday person with liwited friend base to even stand a chance. No skillful answers or luck of the draw tends to be very offputting and biased
Mick (Member Number: 55377)
Voting competitions are purely a popularity contest... if u have a lot of friends and relatives you are sure to win... one lady i know has 13 siblings and an extended family of over 200 on fb... so they always enter these competitions and win... its just not fair
Lorraine (Member Number: 81107)
no friend comps
I agree with sharron . I do not have lots of facebook friends and they do not want to receive heaps of voting comps from me.This way the best doesn't win
Cheryl (Member Number: 87716)
Go back to how competitions used to be run - draw the winner from a barrel or similar under supervision by a government representative.
Richard (Member Number: 8441)
i personally don't like them, as i have not many facebook friends and is always a pain to find those extra votes. It's extremely sucky if you have friends who don't like 'liking pages' for the sake of it, it also doesn't give you the chance to express why you would love to win so very badly! :)
Aimee (Member Number: 9158)
Voting competitions are only good if you know lots of people who will vote for you other than that it is unfair and I prefer not to enter them
Beth (Member Number: 16788)
Vote of No Confidence
I avoid these competitions like the plague. I personally cannot stand voting competitions run through social media! It clogs my news feed with pleas to "vote for me" and "like to vote" and then there is always people cheating. Give me a good old “25 words or less” any day!
Lisa (Member Number: 29218)
No way!
These are just a waste of time. I am on a number of different lists and there is always someone trying to drum up votes from everyone on the list. Just not fair in my opinion
Bev (Member Number: 165025)
pay off
I entered a voting contest once and it was absolutely ridiculous,people paid for votes I was so peed off,not fair didn't have a chance,same as facebook comps the same people win everytime they flood it ,nice for do it by the book jo to win sometimes.
Cath (Member Number: 126318)
voting competitions
I will not enter these comps i do not have loads of facebook friends so can never win even so i have seen and read sooo much cheating on these and not always the best or funniest wins anyway companies should know by now keep it simple
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
Voting Comps- Love or Hate
I am not a huge fan of voting competitions as they are equivalent to a random draw. I like to answer a question where I can be creative, it gives me some control and raises the odds over winning or losing.
Brooke (Member Number: 120421)
Time Wasters
I don't mind if they are short.
Melissa (Member Number: 123680)
Not fair
Voting comps are a bit unfair. It's usually the person with the most facebook friends that wins.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
You Can't Stop Voting
Voting Competitions may give recognition in addressing issues that many people don't know or understand. Busy lifestyles and lack of education don't allow progress of what's happening around us.
Linda (Member Number: 206797)
I don't like them, we should vote these voting competitions out!
Paul (Member Number: 188609)

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