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One of our members wrote to us a few days ago distressed at having won a redraw 5 months after the original. The prize was valued at $1,400, and as you may have guessed by the title of this blog, she had not kept the receipt. Ouch.

I understand the dilemma. I can never find anything, even when I take the time to file important documents, I can't remember where they're filed. My wife, Helen on the other hand has no such problem. I'm sure I could ask her for a docket for can of Coke bought 3 years ago and she'd have it within a few minutes.

There's issues on both sides at stake. The promoter is within their rights to request proof of purchase. As someone who works on behalf of promoters, I know that competitions with a purchase request are done for a reason. By their very nature, these type of comps get a lot less entries, so it's important that the rules are followed.

Most people are fully honest, but the few that aren't spoil it for everyone else. The rules are often broken. It's easy to find a barcode number without actually buying a product, and this happens often. Or, a store is nominated as the place of purchase, I don't need to tell people how easy it is to place a fake entry.

When it comes to drawing a winning entry, where the winner/s doesn't have their receipt I let the promoter make the call. It can go either way, depending on how they feel about the situation. If it didn't go the way of the entrant, I had the unpleasant task of explaining the situation.

I honestly don't know what's going to happen with our member. Years of doing this has given me the perception of knowing when someone's trying it on, and I reckon she's 100% genuine.

She may get a lucky break, she may not. I guess the only lesson from this is to take proof of purchase seriously. Have a shoebox, and throw your receipts in it. Don't ever throw out receipts less than 6 months from draw date, as you just never know when you'll get the winning call.

Yours Comp-letely.

Craig Seitam 24/3/2011


Even the best filing system can fail.
I have manila envelope folders called 'slimpick wallets' - a different colour for each month, into which I file all my receipts religiously. I've won a big prize and not asked for receipts, but recently won a kid's bike and was asked to send in original receipts. I KNOW I had 2 receipts, and have 2 packets of Cheerios cereal in the cupboard, but I'm blowed if I can find the second receipt! I've sent the one off and will see what happens. I never cheat and put in more entries than products bought because imagine how awful you'd feel if you were notified of a nice big prize win, and couldn't provide the receipts, plus it's just not fair on everyone else and karma will get you!
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
i keep my reciepts after scanning them, however to save the print from fading I highlight the writing in pink highlighter! It works every time.
Vicki (Member Number: 693)
receipts fade in plastic
Most receipts are thermal print these fade more quickly if stored in plastic .
some members suggest copying but most comp conditions , are you must have original receipt so storeing in a paper envelope pr file out of sunlight id the best method.
i have not been lucky enough to havr been asked to produce proof of purchase to claim a prize yet but still storing my dockets.
Peter (Member Number: 67444)
File them
I have dated plastic sleeves, mainly year ordered that I hold onto. Everything stays with me for about a year until I know its fairly safe to throw the receipts
Desiree (Member Number: 23911)
Stash them
I had a phone call today, telling me i had one $5500.00 in Prizes after entering a barcode, and that i had to have the purchase receipt. Thought i had thrown it out, took all day to find. From now on i will be keeping in a ziplock bag. Does bay off to keep your receipts.
Tamera (Member Number: 87387)
Photocopy Receipts
I agree with Jennifer i photocopy my receipts because they always fade
Clinton (Member Number: 84989)
have a file
I have an old display file with my receipts in. One plastic slip for each month and it's easy to throw them out after a year and you need the month again.
Louise (Member Number: 48563)
Use envelopes
I found the only way I can keep track is to put them in envelops with the names on the comps on ezch receipt and envelope. It,s when they ask for bar codes that worries me, I cant keep bar codes for everything.
Lynne (Member Number: 8092)
Hang on to your Receipts!
I really feel for that lady, that's a hard lesson to learn. I used to go through my receipts (stashed in a ziplock bag) periodically, throwing them out. Until the day I got a phone call saying I had won a 10kg bar of chocolate and that very day I had thrown the receipts & wrappers in the bin - aarrgghh!! I went through the contents of my kitchen bin (yuk!) and managed to retrieve the unsoiled receipt & wrappers, much to my enormous relief! Now I just stash all my receipts and would recommend holding them for 6 months to a year, you may be lucky enough to win a prize in a unclaimed prize redraw months after the competition closes.
Bron (Member Number: 9143)
Fading receipts
I always photocopy my qualifier receipts, as the sort these days always fade. An alphabetical concertina file is perfect for storing them. I've been surprised to win something up to seven months after the comp closes, so I keep them for at least a year.
Jenny (Member Number: 42463)
No matter what
The receipt, you want fades or is misplaced.
(Member Number: 67436)
don't we all do it
I know I throw out all old receipts if the comp is over. For how long do we have to keep the silverfish happy? May she become lucky
Jennefer (Member Number: 60413)
Lost receipts
Even better..have an exercise book, staple receipts in as soon as you get them and write the products beside it. That way you will always be able to put your hands on the receipt. I find a shoebox is just a mess and a more complicated filing system means I probably won't do it..but the exercise book works for me.
Anne (Member Number: 4483)

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