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Competitions Guide has appeared numerous times in various media across Australia.

In fact since 2005 we have had over 50 National TV appearances, have been on nearly every major radio station in Australia .... not to mention major papers, two cover pics for 'That's Life' and multiple stories in 'Take 5'!

It's not possible to list all articles or radio interviews however a selection is below.

For all media requests, please get in touch with us via our Contact Page.

Daily Mail - November 2019 Stories

Following on from our Sunrise appearance, Daily Mail Australia took a more indepth look at Winning Competitions, especially with a Christmas focus! Read the article here


Sunrise - November 2019 Stories

Leigh hasn't been a member for long, but has won a swag of prizes,including a brand new Toyota Yaris last month. Take a look at Leigh's tips for Winning! Watch here


The Today Show - October 2019 Stories

On the eve of the Mega Cash Monday $200,000 Giveaway, Craig Seitam dropped in to give some tips on how to beat the odds! Watch here


Sunrise - September 2018 Stories

Competitions Guide member Jodie was a stand-out, joining Competitions Guide for a Sunday morning comping tip session! Here it is!


The Today Show - April 2018 Stories

It was wet and windy on the first day of the Commonwealth Games. Competitions Guide was invited down to talk competitions! Watch us!


The Today Show - December 2017 Stories

Talking about how to Win Competitions, and then we get 'photo-bombed' by a crow! Take a peek!


Daily Edition - July 2017 Stories

We're talking about lotto odds, but the best thing is that they are nowhere near as good as odds of lotteries listed at Competitions Guide! Watch the story!


Channel Nine News - May 2017 Stories

Here's a tip you probably haven't thought of, but Frequent Competition Winners use it all the time to increase their odds!Have a look at the story!


The Today Show - December 2016 Stories

When is the best week of the year to enter competitions? What prize do Aussies want to win more than anything else? Our Today Show segment reveals all!All is revealed here!


The Project - February 2016 Stories

Our first appearance on The Project! A special thanks to member Nicola for appearing in the story! Take a Peek!


A Current Affair - December 2015 Stories

Three days before Christmas, and ACA take a look at three 'Competition Queens' (all Competitions Guide members), showing how they never need to pay for Xmas pressies! Watch here!


Daily Edition - May 2015 Stories

A lotto syndicate workmate disappears from work, only to be seen with expensive cars and new lavish lifestyle. Was this foul play or is there more to the story? Craig from Competitions Guide explains how to safeguard lottery syndicates' Take a Look!


Studio 10 - April 2015 Stories

Studio 10 invited Competitions Guide's Craig Seitam to answer the questions to the topic of 'How Do You Win Things?' Check it out!


Today Show - February 2015 Stories

The Today Show wanted to find out some comping facts, including 'What's a Prize Pig?' Competitions Guide were more than happy to rise early and spill the beans! Watch the story here


A Current Affair - January 2015 Stories

Would you pay $300 a year or more to have someone else enter competitions for you? Competitions Guide thinks not! Watch the story here


Channel 9 'Mornings' - November 2014 Stories

Competitions Guide joins the Mornings Panel to discuss some updated tips on winning competitions! Watch the story here


A Current Affair - August 2014 Stories

Our first appearance on A Current Affair - some solid comping tips, and appearances from our members Walid and Hellen! Watch the story here


Take 5 Magazine - August 2014 Stories

This one took us unaware, all we new was new members were joining and saying they saw us on Take 5 - even more pleasant to us, was the fact that we were the only site mentioned! See the clipping here


The Morning Show - December 2013 Stories

$70 Million goes off on Oz Lotto. Competitions Guide publisher not only has tips ... he claims he can guarantee you to Win. Really???? Watch the story here


That's Life - November 2012 Stories

Wow, we got our 2nd front cover on 'That's Life', and a full double page spread on competition winning tips! See the cover here


Today Tonight - October 2012 Stories

Is cash still the most popular prize? Today Tonight looks at all forms of cash giveaways, and what's a story on competitions without Competitions Guide! Watch the story here


The Morning Show - October 2012 Stories

A family in Denmark wins the lottery 3 times, with each win coinciding with a birth. Good luck? Can you Win the lottery with a system? The Morning Show asks Competitions Guide's publisher Craig Seitam these questions. Watch the story here


Sunrise - March 2012 Stories

Times are tight, and interest in winning is increasing. gives tips on how to increase your chances of winning competitions. Watch the story here


Take 5 Magazine - March 2012 Stories features in the story 'How to Get Lucky'. Tips for winning all kinds of competitions including online, phone, SMS and buy-to-enter.


Sydney Morning Herald - November 2011 Stories

Craig Seitam, Publisher of gives his thoughts on the new industry created by 'vote-for-me' competitions. Read the article here


Today Tonight - July 2011 Stories

Who are the Competition Queens, and how do they win so much so often? Join some real life winners to find out how. Watch the story here


The Morning Show - June 2011 Stories

Britain's Luckiest Lady claims she earns a living from competitions. Can you really throw in your day job and rake it in through competition entry. Craig Seitam gives the lowdown.
Watch the story here


The Morning Show - March 2011 Stories

Craig Seitam from discusses a new breed of elaborate scam in the midst of the Japan and Queensland disasters. Watch the story here


The Morning Show - December 2010 Stories

FaceBook Competitions Fail - Editor, Craig Seitam, discusses the results of Competitions Guide's open survey on member opinions of FaceBook competitions. The results are overwhelmingly negative, however Craig suggests that companies should balance competitions by giving entrants the option of entering by FaceBook or their website. Watch the story


Today Tonight - May 2010 Stories

How To Win At Competitions- "Author and Competition veteran Craig Seitam runs his own website that lists hundreds of competitions which members must enter themselves. Craig is concerned Win 24 is a threat to the industry. "I am concerned that as a competition website it will actually damage competitions," he said. Watch the story or view the article


Today Tonight - April 2010 Stories

RadioLand Rocked - Craig Seitam, who runs, applauded Nova for their swift action. "I can guarantee it will happen again whether we know about it or not, I don't know," said Craig. "I think Nova acted very properly. They took very quick action and for that I commend them."

"The fascinating thing about this scam is that it has nothing to do with the promoter. We deal quite often with dodgy promoters, with SMS numbers and credit card fraud - this is the custodian of the prize ... "
Watch the story or view the article


That's Life April 2010 Stories

One of our members was kind enough to nominate Competitions Guide in "Websites We Love". Appreciate the thought, and thanks to That's Life for also including us for a second time.


Today Tonight - October 2009 Stories

Competition Guide's second appearance on Today Tonight featured a great piece from member Melinda who has had some great wins. Watch the story or view the article


Inside Retailing - February 2009 Stories

Competitions - The Book caught the attention business media not long after its release. The book has become popular as a reference guide by promoters wanting tips on running competitions.

The Inside Retailing article ran into two pages, and was an exert from the chapter "Mistakes Promoters Make"


Daily Telegraph/Herald Sun - December 2008 Stories

Funeral Director Gregary & Carr caused quite a stir offering the chance to win a coffee machine with the purchase of a prepaid funeral.

Competitions Guide was featured also on this story in the Courier Mail, Herald Sun, and interviewed on radio 6PR. See the online article


That's Life Magazine - November 2008 Stories

That's Life released a two page article on "Competitions - The Book" and Competitions Guide. The story revolved around Craig Seitam's life as a competition creator, including tips and tricks on how to win

- Click here to see That's Life's online article.


Today Tonight - October 2008 Stories

The first TV experience for Competitions Guide was on Today Tonight, prompted by the launch of Competitions - The Book. Inner city backyards and TV interviews don't always mix, courtesy of planes overhead. Watch the story here or view the article


Courier Mail - September 2009 Stories

The article referencing the danger of Premium SMS charges began on a small scale in Tasmania, eventually reaching other newspapers across the country

Read the online article

Plus, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Authority also took note - see here