The Noticeboard has information, updates and news about our site, plus winners of our exclusive competitions and the odd "quick comp" that we'll run from time to time.

Competition Tips Winner

Congrats to Chelsea (Member 434961) who has won $100 in our competition to find our member's best winning tips.

Chelsea's Member number was drawn at random (the actual number drawn was 436134, but hers was the closest) however here is the comment:

Being consistent in entering comps will see you winning more. I enter comps every single day but I don’t enter them all! Just the ones I really want to win
Chelsea (Member Number: 434961)'


What Car Would You Like To Win Comp Winner!

Congratulations to GO PREMIUM MEMBER Jonalyn from Victoria, who has won a $250 Woolies Gift Cards.

Thanks to all that entered!


Green Tick Fixed

Thanks to our Go Premium members that let us know the Green Tick was fading, when logging out and in again.

This has now been fixed!


Go Premium Blog Competition Winner - July

Congratulations to Go Premium Member Tara (ID 449857 ) who has won $100 Cash.

Thanks to all who participated - keep an eye out for more Exclusive Competitions!

"I'm so happy I stumbled upon Competitions guide! After only joining a few short months ago I have won a toaster and now the Blog competition this month. It is a great feeling to win something and as they say you've gotta be in it to win it, thanks Competitions Guide." Tara


Go Premium Comp Winner April 2017

Congratulations to Les Ings (NSW) who has picked up a Grocery Gift Card valued at $100.

Thanks to everyone that took part!


Go Premium Comp Winner - February 2017

Congrats to Go Premium Member, Julie who has won a $100 Woolies or Coles Gift Voucher.

Julie's entry was

"Premium is No 1
You only need to win one small competition to have a return on your investment. Now that is good Economics."

There were some fantastic entries, and many alluded the same thing. What we liked about Julie's was the way that she packaged up her answer into a short and sharp statement!


Blog comp winner January 2017

Congrats to our member Jonathan who has scored a $100 Woolies or Coles gift card.

This competition was drawn at random, however interesting to let you know that around a third weren't published, simply for not answering the question!


Lucky Door Prize

Lucky Door Prize 8th August, 2016 - Congratulations to Gaye Craze (VIC member 16094)

The Secret Comp was for Pope Products 'Win 1 of 15 Capital Sprinklers'

Gaye, please contact us before 5PM EST on Thursday 11th August on


Tell Us What You've Won Competition

Congratulations to Jeannine Barrett of NSW who has won $500 in our Exclusive Competition.

The competition was drawn at random, however we'd love to post Jeannine's entry just the same ....

Prize came when I really needed it

I've won a few small prizes over the years and have loved each of them but recently when my old steam mop was on it's last legs I found a comp with a stunning Black and Decker steam mop to enter and guess what I won it. I may have done a happy dance that day from one end of the house to the other.

Further details to follow - thanks to everyone who took part!


Coleman Competition Winner

Congratulations to Erin from NSW, member number 347679 who has won a Coleman 'Instant Up' tent.

'Coleman tents save marriages!!!!!!
I would love to win this tent. It supports our adventurous family life and very reliable in various weather conditions. They are easy to set up and take down - (My husband and I nearly get divorced with set up/pack down of our non-Coleman tent whilst our friends put their Coleman up in about 15 minutes)!'

Thanks to everyone that entered this extremely popular competition!


Guess the PIN Competition - August 2015

Congrats to Graham Robertson whose guess of 1532 was closest to the actual PIN of 1604. Graham wins himself a $100 Woolies Gift Card. Thanks to everyone who took part!


Exclusive iPad Competition Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of brand new iPads in our 'Snap and Upload' comp:

1. Creative pic was won by Angela Liu for a simple but effective effort. Our judging criteria was which image we would most use if we wanted to create an ad for Competitions Guide. It was a close call, but this was it.

2. Simple draw went to Lesleigh Stewart.

Well done both winners!


SNAP Competition Winner - July 2 2015

Congrats to Mary Cormack of NSW who has picked up the $50!


Accessorize Bath Towel Competition - 30th June 2015

Congratulations Belinda Mouk, who has scored a set of Accessorize Bath Towels $249 RRP

Thanks to all that entered!


Prinetti Food Station Competition - June 23, 2015

Congratulations to Kimberley Headford of Victoria who has won a snazzy red Prinetti Food Station.

Thanks to everyone that entered! Kimberley, please use our contact page to get in touch with your address details.


SNAP Competition Winner - June 17 2015

Congrats to Luke Reavely, from SA, who was our 101st Entrant. Luke will grab a $50 Grocery voucher for his efforts!


SNAP Competition Winner

31/5/15 Congrats to (joint Facebook account) Braydon Smith/Megan Shae who have won their choice of $50 Coles or Woolies Card!


Sshhh Secret Competition Winner

Congratulations to Imogen O'Meara who has won her choice of $50 Woolies or Coles Gift Card for our 27/5/15 comp. Imogen, please drop us a note on our contact page with your details!


Guess the PIN Competition

Congratulations to Shona Mackay from VIC who won last month's 'Guess the PIN' competition. Shona wins herself a $500 Woolies Gift Card!

Thanks to all members for participating!


December 2014 Code Word Comp Winners!

Congratulations to our Major prize iPad Winner Tanya Scott (NSW)

Minor prizes of $100 Coles or Woolies Gift Cards are:

- Courtney Bridge (NSW)
- Ariani Rahardjo (WA)
- Barbara McHugh (QLD)
- Chris Barrett (VIC)
- Kathryn Gorman (QLD)

Thanks to everyone who entered!


BeefEater BBQ Winner

An extremely big congrats to Sharon Gomes who has won herself a BeefEater BUGG BBQ!

Thanks to BeefEater for sponsoring this exclusive comp!


January 2015 'About Us' Comp Winner

Congratulations Amy Ghazzawy who has picked up an easy $50 Woolies or Coles Gift Card!


November 2014 Blog Comp Winner

Congratulations Richard who has picked up a $100 Woolies Gift Card!


August Blog Competition Winner

Congratulations Kerrie Nixon who has won a choice of $100 Coles or Woolies Gift Card. Kerrie, please contact us at with your details!


Competitions Guide $2,000 Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to Kerrie Crawley of VIC who has won for herself a choice of gift card valued at $2,000.

This competition was exclusive to Competitions Guide members - more on the way soon!


March 2014 Blog Winner

Congratulations to Brooke, who wins a $100 Grocery Gift Card, for sharing her Outdoor memories with us:

Memories in a moment
Outdoor prizes remind me of my childhood with my extended family. Swimming during the day or rafting down the river rapids on the lilos that we were going to sleep on. Walking up through the blackberry bushes to catch fresh water cray and skim stones across the water. Nights too were exciting as the temperature dropped and mum cooked one pot food over the tiny electric griller while dad held the torch for her. We then lined up with the other kids at the caravan park showers and stood in our own little sanctuaries for as long as the hot water lasted before being allowed to sit around the campfire with the adults and a hot, yet slighty too watery milo. Going to bed smelling like smoke we were absolutely knackered from a big day outside playing with friends. So much so that we rarely heard the possums screaming murderously in the trees above our tent or even felt the cold of the earth when our lilos went down after being caught on a blackberry thorn that afternoon. I want my kids to experience this too and think that outdoor prizes are the only way that some families- like us, can afford to show their kids and create memories with others. Memories like those above that still bring a smile to my face almost 30 years later:-).


Tips on Completing Survey Style Comps

Some competitions ask you to complete a survey that poses questions such as; "Are you interested in funeral insurance?", "Are you interested in donating to charities?", "Are you interested in pet insurance?" etc.

If you are not interested in these products or services, and don't want to be contacted about them, then tick NO.

Ticking YES, does not improve your chance of winning and ticking NO, does not decrease your chance of winning.


Warning 'Free' Beauty Products Offer

There is an AdChoices advertisement appearing at the top or bottom of our competitions pages offering free beauty products. This is an overseas based offer that requires you to pay a small amount via your credit card for the postage of the 'free' beauty products.

As usual, it has a catch...the products are not free and if you dont return them within the trial period you will be charged full price for them.

Advertising placed by Google appears on our site and is identified by a small blue flag in the top right hand corner of the advert. When you hover your mouse over it you will see the word AdChoices appear.

Please be aware that these adverts are not approved by Competitions Guide and we do not have any contact details for these companies. If ever you are in doubt, google the name of the company or offer plus the word 'scam' and find out what others say before you hand over your credit card details.


Warning - $3,000 US Holiday Competition

We are still get enquiries regarding this so called 'competition'.

Firstly, it appears on a Google advertising banner, it is not endorsed by us and we have no say over what adverts Google puts there.

Secondly, it is not a genuine competition...rather a discount offer. You have to pay a minimum of USD $898 to redeem the offer. They will phone you, from what appears to be a Sydney telephone number, and pressure you into paying the $898 immediately via credit card (which they will debit straight away). They will not email you any information or provide access to their website without payment first. There are no flights included, it is accommodation only.

Thirdly, the whole purpose of the 'offer' is that you must present yourself at a least one (and possible several) hard-sell time share presentations.

They have a 7 day 'cooling-off' cancellation policy...but they make it very difficult to contact them within the first 7 days as they only give you their call centre phone number (no email address). As soon as they get a whiff that you are pulling out they hang up or pretend there is something wrong with the connection etc.

For more information, Google 'Preferred Guest Resorts'+scam

Helen - Editor