Promoter's Choices Aren't Easy Stories

As you'd expect, I have a fair deal to do with competition promoters, and the question I get asked most often is "what prize recommendations?" Fairly simple question you'd think ..... anything my members don't have to pay for? Not the case.

Case in point, out of interest this morning I posted a question on our Facebook page asking what city or country (outside Australia) would be the ideal choice of prize destination. Take a look ..... the response was immediate, and the variation was amazing.

Competition entrants have so much choice these days, and not all the time in the world to act on it. For the promoter, the wrong choice of prize can be devastating and cost them thousands of dollars through lack of interest.

I've seen first hand competitions bomb. What may seem like an attractive prize on paper is greeted with a ho hum by our members. They either don't click, or if they do, don't enter. Sometimes these competitions are for websites that require only an email address, nothing more.

More often than not, I'm starting to suggest offering prize choice alternatives. In other words, rather than offering a trip to Los Angeles, offer up a $10,000 travel voucher.

Or, as many are now doing, putting forward a suite of prize choices, such as choosing between a laptop, travel voucher, cosmetics, etc. etc.

It's not a bad play, but the problem can be that too much choice may have the reverse effect. Imagine if you saw a Competitions Guide page with nothing but wild choices of several prize per campaign. It would become nothing but confusing.

My tip to promoters is always follow BIG W, Target and Myer catalogues. Products that appear constantly tend to have some popularity attached. But, don't always follow what other companies are offering up as prizes. Sometimes a prize keeps popping up just because everyone else is doing it .... doesn't mean it's a popular choice.

Just as winning a competition involves a bit of luck, sometimes the same applies to the promoter!

Craig Seitam 9/9/11


Capital cities & spending money
I agree with Ross and Lesleigh. There are an awful lot of people who live near large regional airports (in my case even an international airport) but would have to spend a considerable amount of money to get to their "closest capital city". Also there is often no spending money, and only a couple of night's accommodation with an overseas trip! I just would not be able to afford to take such a prize even if I won it, so I read the T&C very carefully (thanks so much for providing them Competitions Guide), before entering.
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Happy to win
I only enter the competitions that I would really love to win the prize. Not because I am picky but I would rather someone else that entered that really wanted it to win. Have heard of people entering everything and selling their prizes on Ebay. I don't think that is quite in the spirit of it all. Having said that I am waiting for the day that my name comes up in the winners circle. Crossing my fingers!
Sharon (Member Number: 107066)
Subscribing for everything you enter.
I find my inbox becomes crammed with subscriptions that I've had to sign up for when entering comps.
When you enter a comp at a shopping centre you don't have to sign up for anything.
Michelle (Member Number: 105589)
I tend to only enter what I want to win, for example: I dont use hand cream so I dont bother entering, I'd rather someone win the hand cream that would use it. sharing is careing
(Member Number: 65468)
Please include spending money
It would be better that if promoters do a travel prize they include sufficient spending money. I've been fortunate to win three overseas trips but in every case had to spend a considerable amount of my own money to take them - even the $15,000 all expenses paid ski trip cost us $2000 of our own money to take - a bargain certainly but it would have been difficult for someone less fortunate than ourselves to take this holiday.

Spending money would also pay for the cost to get to/from the required airport which would hopefully appease those not living in capital cities.
Ross (Member Number: 5410)
Capital Cities
I live quite a distance from a capital city but have a better than average airport in my town but what really turns me off is when the prize has in the t&c that it is to be taken from your nearest capital city when often I live closer to the destination anyway. It means I have to fly there at my own cost and sometimes wait for connecting flights etc. The promoters should realize that Australia is a huge place and not everyone lives in a capital city. The prize is not really a prize when it costs you hundreds of dollars just to take it.
Lesleigh (Member Number: 88523)
I think having a choice of prize is a great idea. I also think upping the flights to business class would gain more entries where ever the trip is to.
What a boring world it would be if we were all the same....
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
sounds great that you sort for us
(Member Number: 94371)

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