Competitions Guide Promoter FAQ

Promotor InfoCompetition Promoters are the reason that Competitions Guide exists!
Good quality competitions helps us achieve our objective of being the best comping experience in Australia.
We’ve put together some FAQ’s that will assist you in increasing your engagement with our valued members.


What’s different about Competitions Guide?

Competitions Guide is a Premium Subscription Service – not only do we source the best available competitions in Australia, but we list them to an audience that doesn’t expect everything for nothing. We believe we have the most valuable competition entrant database in Australia!


How do I submit a Competiton for listing?

Simply register your details at - We will review your application quickly and notify you as soon as you have been approved.


Does it cost anything to list a competition?

You can list your competition with us for free. There are no charges unless you want to Boost your listing to a Premium Highlight.


What happens if I stay with a Standard Listing?

Standard listings are fine, if you want an initial spike in traffic, and are okay with declining volumes over time. Remember, Standard Listings fall back by a page a day, so if your listing is more than a week old, it’s going to attract little attention.


What’s a Premium Highlight?

A Premium Highlight allows your competition to maintain a page one position, until it is clicked on by a member. This makes your listing impossible to avoid, as all member traffic must flow through page one. Once your competition is clicked, it simply reverts back to its natural listing.


My listing is running long term, can I Boost more than once?

You can Boost a listing as many times as you like. As soon as your Premium Highlight ends, we’ll send you an email and give you the option.


Are statistics on clicks available?

Real time stats are available at any time for both Standard and Boosted Listings!

Thanks for reading.  We look forward to seeing your comps on our pages!