So, What's Bugging You? Stories

As you'd imagine we get a heap of member emails at Competitions Guide HQ. Of course we love the positive ones most, but there's also a number of unhappy Vegemites with competitions in general!

We want to know when it comes to competitions, what bugs you most?

First, we'll kick off with one, which is a big annoyance.

We wish promoters would close off their competitions at Midnight. Sure, we know there are differences in time zones (we ourselves work from Brisvegas), but there's no reason why a comp really needs to end at 2PM.

The reason this is a problem is that our site runs on specific days, not hours. If a comp ends on March 31, at Midnight Eastern Time on March 31, it will disappear forever. If that same competition closes at 2PM on March 31, it will appear for 10 hours on our site often going through to a 'this comp has closed' notice, or worse still a dead page.

Okay, we've got that off our chest(s). So, what really bugs you? What do you wish competitions promoters wouldn't do?

Yours Comp-letely,

Competitions Guide


As many above, hate facebook comps when all can see your details and having to share.
Like 25 wol challenges, have won some great prizes on these, but would love to see more winning entries, to know if comps are legit!
Hate when comp closes earlier than t's and c's show, feel compelled to comment and enter on their 'contact us' then - sometimes they get back to indicate they've put my entry in!
Lyn (Member Number: 14691)
I entered competition for a Bike! Well the questions were very personal to the point of rudeness.
Milena fountain (Member Number: 218726)
25 words and less
I can't believe that judges read all the entries the receive. I suspect they randomly choose about 100 entries,read those, and then pick a winner! I would like to see more examples of winning entries.
Anne (Member Number: 312576)
Enter this sweepstakes as many times as you like and win!?
No Barrier. Pointless to say the least as this crowds the entry pool with masses of entries making winning as remote as winning lotto. Probably doesn't show much social responsibility either as many people could enter for hours on end in the hope of winning while dinners burn.

I don't like competitions that judge me on how many friends I have and not my entry.

As for those viral telemarketing systems? I'm polite when I say no, ask to be removed from their database and text "STOP" back on missed call messages. After all maybe they're in a competition to win a trip to Hawaii....

On the positive I like most competitions and enter those I'm comfortable with which is what comping is all about.
Kim (Member Number: 223933)
I've never won anything even on this site
I have been in this website for ages and still not won 1 thing. I've read the ebb ok twice. When I first started I went and entered as many things as I can. Still nothing now I only enter every now and then as I used to out in the effort a lot for no returns.

Annette (Member Number: 141753)
Blurry or illegible captcha. What is the point?! If it needs to be verified, then it helps if it can be read easily!
Karen (Member Number: 134133)
you have 1029 unread emails from today.

Sarah (Member Number: 307571)
what bugs me
WOL comps !
The ones on facebook bug me most , I havs been competitions for years on and off , the rafflecopter comps a year off where you need to like atleast 50 pages to win a small prize ,the rafflecopters comps now are creative comps now which is more a headache ! Voting comps are as bad especially when it's a like comp , some people have 100 friends and others have a few , its not fair and the promoters don't really care.
I wish comps were random winner ones , comps will be much fun that way.
Aimne (Member Number: 10383)
Missing a competition
I am so addicted to comping, I start to twitch when I realised I have missed a deadline!
Alysse (Member Number: 204313)
Comps closing early
Sometimes competitions close a day before, or earlier than the stated closing date. Also there's no way to advise the advertiser that it doesn't adhere to the competition's closing date, as there aren't any contact details.
Sharon (Member Number: 53946)
When you enter a competition & you see 1,000's have already entered so you have a 1 in a million chance.. Kind of like LOTTO! I mean I guess it is who's more creative with answers ect. but really .. PICK ME for once! To be honest, I just like entering because I really want 'That' holiday or new car & cannot afford a proper one on my budget .. Being poor is my excuse.. but don't get me wrong.. I WORK HARD but everyday life has expenses too! It also bugs me when you find a great competition but you have to have instagram or twiiter .. Come on, Isnt the world's number one social networking site AKA Facebook enough!
Juanita (Member Number: 173560)
What l hate
Phone calls out of the blue that are in no relation to any comp and then they argue with you that you made contact with them or youl recieve up to 5 phone calls a day for a donation Haressment
Alane (Member Number: 288227)
Facebook only entries
Any requirement to like the company concerned with the competition is a bribe to get accolades. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook with all the dangers associated with it. These people are excluded. Good companies give entrants the option of liking them on Facebook.
Roger (Member Number: 218539)
All of the above
Agree with previous comments mainly having to like and share on Facebook, having to answer in 50 words or less and have to sign up to other offers or websites just to enter
Andrea (Member Number: 265690)
What Bugs Me
Never finding out who wins a competition, and if indeed there are winners. It would be good to know.
Di (Member Number: 6898)
Closing early
It really bugs me when you fill in all details, or worse still, make a purchase especially to enter a competition, and find the comp has closed early. If they state the competition closes on 30th Nov. it shouldn't already be closed by 9.30 in the morning. Being the weekend (my comp catch-up time) I bought several necessary-to-enter-the-comp items on Saturday and set aside Sunday to do the entering. Two of the comps were already closed. This, unfortunately, happens quite a lot and is very unfair, and annoying.
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Voting comps
I know it's to generate advertising but for people who don't have many friends online it's a bit unfair even though some of the responses/pics are the best ones posted on the site.
Antonietta (Member Number: 68774)
I hate it when i get bombarded with third party spam from companies that are not connected to newsletters or comps ive signed up to.
Heather (Member Number: 138346)
what bugs me
It bugs me that most competions want a mobile phone number so why not home number
Helen (Member Number: 144210)
Surveys requesting the same information
i hate entering the same surveys over and ver with identical information, and then getting harassed by pushy salespeople
Wendy (Member Number: 302625)
Sharing personal details with third parties
Third party soliciting. I read T's and C's as much as possible nowadays days. Particularly to ensure that my personal details aren't shared with unknown third parties. I've learnt to do this because I have fallen victim to cold calls by international call centres who now ring me to sell me various products. This is due to me not being careful enough when I enter competitions online.
Mark (Member Number: 199206)
Many things bug me
Like people who win more than once and its a enter only once competition. Or 25 words competitions, I dislike them, I'm not witty or can rhyme or anything I want to say cannot fit into 25 words. Also I have seen entries that are not 25 words but still win. All spam and stop with the extra form when you can have health insurance etc.
Sharlene (Member Number: 5540)
Voting and sharing
I really dislike the voting competitions. It's a very very unfair disadvantage to the legit people wanting to win. With people buying votes,vote exchanges and so on. These aren't even a real competition anymore.
I also hate having to share. I know they just want us to advertise for them. But just say you enter 10 sharing comps in a day. People start to get annoyed.
Kathryn (Member Number: 100473)
don't win
I never win and when you enter a competition you got to do pages of surveys and when you go to submit your entry,they send you more and I never win and they should keep the surveys simple not with these added bonus to fill out
Vicky (Member Number: 221866)
What bugs me
It bugs me when I enter a competition, after pressing submit it spews these 'invitations' to be contacted from random companies... ahhhh no thankyou!
Erin (Member Number: 306751)
Not really, but hey got your attention!
What buts me:
instagram/twitter/tag your friends comp! - erm NO
why do they want to know my date of birth??
the easy entry, with a zillion pages to answer before you can easily enter grrrr
Kim (Member Number: 65678)
What bugs me!
When they don't let you know who won and why. I would be interested to know when it is a creative answer what was it they liked! Thank-you :)
Claudine dickson (Member Number: 156647)
Text Comp
Competitions that require you to receive multiple ridiculously priced text messages. These are not competitions, they are profit generators
Nick (Member Number: 303591)
Hate Social media Comps
I hate entering comps,with 'easy entering' and the comps are linked into how many likes can you get to win...I don't have that many friends who will take the time to help me win. And I hate after you fill in forms from the FB page And then you have to enter via Twitter,instagram etc,sites I'm not even in,just a bit unfair
Tina (Member Number: 142272)
Where does it come from? I don't mind newsletters etc that I sign up for but other weird stuff appears too. Very irritating and time consuming deleting it all too.
Wendy (Member Number: 22194)
Facebook Sharing
I dislike sharing competitions on my Facebook as many of my friends are making negative comments about how annoying it is that I do it.
Emily (Member Number: 220843)
Holiday for 2? And no flight included!
Why most holiday competitions are for 2 people and not a family of 4. We don't have family in Aus that we can leave our kids with for a week while we flit away on a grand adventure. We would like more holiday prizes that include families.
Also, why offer a holiday prize to Fiji (as an example)that doesn't include flights?
Linda (Member Number: 190207)
25 WOL
I feel that the stories you write are not even read, and the winners are just drawn from a hat
Erin (Member Number: 210018)
Twitter and Instagram
hate twitter and instagram I can barely work out email and facebook comps certainly not social media savvy and have no idea of twitter or instagram, hate those comps with photos required too.......
Colin (Member Number: 23912)
what cheeses me off.
Free to enter they say... not, survey after survey after survey? I just love your website I enter as many comps as Ican however at times I get discouraged when I have spent half an hour having gone through easy, quick, free to enter competitions that take me longer then to make my dinner. Maybe if there are some prewarnings about this. When companies ring me and they just don't take no for an answer? thanks for your time.

Loredana (Member Number: 290204)
what bugs me...
It bugs me to sign up and create a profile with external sites to enter some comps, you could make a septate heading for these.
Zoe (Member Number: 170056)
under appreciated talent
I hate it when I think my answers are the most creative and hilarious and yet they never win. Also, when my sarcastic humour is lost on people
Amelia (Member Number: 180418)
Protecting my personal information
I agree with most of the comments already made, although I disagree about companies not having the right to ask for something from you at a basic level (such as signing up for a free subscription). After all, they are businesses who are running these competitions to gain more customers. There has to be a valid reason for them to run the competition in the first place. But I strongly object when businesses say they are going to share/sell/rent your personal information it to 3rd parties. Who are these 'parties'?!! And how will THEY use my information. Entering competitions for these kind of companies greatly increases the risk of identity theft/fraud by third parties. DON'T DO IT!
Jan (Member Number: 17920)
Ignoring the loyal supporters
It's the sites where only new sign ups are able to win a comp making those who have supported the site long-term ineligible to win that really annoy me.
Brenda (Member Number: 40888)
extra qualifiers
I hate it when you fill out the form only to find they are asking for a code or special word with no obvious way to get it
Murray tully (Member Number: 305735)
Having to be signed up to a site, just to enter the competition!... ( no punn intended here, but ...) it drives me nuts, having to sign up, give all my details just to enter, then only to be spammed to death by all the affiliate and 3rd party poop that comes with it!.. And giving my telephone number, NO WAY HOZAY, just fill it with area code and a few 0000's and I'm done!.....
Sonya (Member Number: 39049)
It bugs me
It bugs me when you go to enter a competition, only to find there is no where the enter, except for signing up to a web site, that you might not want to or already have and you can't sign up again
Ian (Member Number: 243443)
When there is a Facebook heading here, I don't enter. When there isn't a Facebook logo, I enter, only to find out it is a facebook competition....
Ashley (Member Number: 54194)
Polls and Online Voting.
I cannot stand the "Vote to Win" contests where they open up your entry to a poll. It's vastly unfair to those of us who have a select number of friends on social media and who add people because we like them, not just because they're a number in our 1000+ friend list. I also hate bugging my friends on the feed every day asking for votes. Gah, so annoying!
Amy (Member Number: 180541)
All of the above+++
I agree with almost everything said but I also have a minor gripe with 25 wol comps. They're OK if you have a big box to type in but when they put a single line box that goes on forever it's so hard to keep track of the number of words you've entered. I like to type what I want to say and then edit it but this little box is so annoying. I also don't like FB comps that ask you to share, some of my friends just aren't interested and I don't want to bug them.
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Meegan (Member Number: 37252)
Facebook only
Getting an email for a free competition only to find it can only be entered via Facebook
Trevor (Member Number: 144695)
So call "free" competitions.
"Free competitions" that want to know what size your undies are & want you to jump through hoops just to get started.
Adam (Member Number: 97739)
Boring 25wol questions
Answer in 25 words or less
- Why would you like to win XYZ?
- What would you do if you won XYZ?
- Why would winning XYZ change your life?
- How would you use XYZ if you won?

If you're gonna force me to make up an awe-inspiring answer in less than 25 words, at least make the question more interesting.
Chris (Member Number: 175253)
Really Annoying....
Being required to share friend info on Facebook comps and having to be a member of a particular site requiring sign in access........I wont enter these ones...
Robyn (Member Number: 300592)
Unfair Competition Trading of personal details
It bugs me that my details are given to third parties as part of competition entries that's unfair and annoying
Jo foster (Member Number: 302267)
Who deserves the prize?
It annoys me when competitions ask why I deserve a prize. Who can honestly say they deserve a prize more than another person and why would I want to brag?
Sue (Member Number: 126165)
Too much personal info
Having to include personal details on the entry form I.e. Age/address/birth date
Aggie (Member Number: 171150)
Photo competitions where entrants use a professional photo they have found on the internet.
Compers who couldn't be bothered writing their own answer and just copy someone else's winning answer.
Promoters who don't check if entries are original and award prizes to blatant plagiarism.
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
What realllly bugs me
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram comps. Especially when your filled and answered every question and submit only to be told to 'like' them on facebook grrrrrh!
Bronwyn (Member Number: 280976)
Shop to enter
It really annoys me when you can't enter a competition unless you buy something from the competition host or have to sign up to the competition host before entering...grrrrrr
Emma (Member Number: 306596)
Two things bug me
Competitions that want you to tag 5 friends and competitions advertised on Facebook that require you to use Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, it feels like Facebook users are no longer valued by companies.

Kimberley (Member Number: 145)
Voting competitions
These are my biggest gripe - they rarely go to the "most popular" but to those who can wrangle up the most votes (either legitimately or otherwise)
Ross (Member Number: 5410)
Are 25 wol comps just a draw now?
I love competitions and love your site. I don't love voting comps, people with masses of "friends" will always win those unless they are judged as well. BUT what really bugs me is 25 word comps because I'm pretty sure 90% of them now are just a draw. I think perhaps the promoters don't have to pay for a permit if they make it a 25 wol maybe, not sure. Even though many people say "it's too hard", I always enter them anyway because you can't win if you aren't in. Just disappointing when you know that on a level playing field your entry would have a very good chance of winning.
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
just plain unlucky
Well cue the violins here goes..... this is going to be a long one, WHAT DO I HATE you ask well i'll tell ya. deep breath, sigh , blaa blaa , its I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!!!!! sook grumble, thats all
Ann (Member Number: 300376)
Unsolicited Phone Calls
When one enters a competition , who wants unsolicited calls from annoying companies months later , unrelated to what I ticked "yes "to ? Who really wants to be hammered with crap ?
Graeme (Member Number: 302579)
Unwanted phone calls
I hate it when you enter car competitions and yes I understand they want you to buy their car but if you've just ticked only send me email correspondence and they decide to ring you half an hour after you've entered to bug you about buying the car, it's rude and annoying
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
facebook, twitter, instagram accounts
When you enter a competition to be redirected to facebook, twitter, instagram and you have to have an account to be eligible for the completion. But they only tell you that after you have filled out the form and accept their terms. So they can bombard you with advertising
Mary (Member Number: 304901)
I hate competitions that require a photo to enter. I don't like to share my private photos publicly so never enter these comps.
Anne (Member Number: 72459)
Stupid questions
I hate stupid questions. My favourite
is "How will winning this prize change your life?" when the competition is to win something like a CD or a DVD or movie tickets. Winning one of these is good, but it really won't change my life. Would winning one of these change your life?
Merryl (Member Number: 56367)
Movie Tickets
What upsets me is when you win movie tickets to see a flick you really want to see and can't use them because the cinema is not listed on the back of the winning ticket, especially frustrating when it's a family pass and the kids are also looking forward to going out. Big sad faces everywhere :-(
Patricia (Member Number: 12840)
Facebook and social media
As a self-confessed competition-a-holic, entering comps has become an obsession. But what cheeses me off to no end is comps that offer to increase your chances of winning for each friend's name AND email you give them! No way, never again-I wouldn't do it my friends and wouldn't appreciate it either.
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
Pushy pushy
I hate it when people push infront of you and pretend not to notice!
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
25 words or less
I know these competitions are the least entered but they are so hard
Natalie (Member Number: 158549)
Non-Functioning Entry Forms
They either won't load, keep loading every time you enter a letter, or refuse to do anything when you click "submit"--Arghhhhh !
Alicia (Member Number: 102366)
Voting Facebook Comps
The facebook comps that state the person with the most votes wins, I have seen over 500 votes for certain comps. I don't even have that many friends on facebook.

Caroline (Member Number: 62)
Giving them my email address
All the unwanted sales emails is the most annoying factor that bugs me. Also waiting for a winning notification email..
Manjula (Member Number: 304331)
Age is just a Number!
Is it really necessary to ask for date of birth? Some competitions are designed for a certain age group it would seem. Some are not.
Julie (Member Number: 202397)
Occasionally winning
Cannot complain...have had a few good wins,but wish advertisers would have 10 or 20 prizes rather than just one
Avril (Member Number: 56779)
Instagram Competitions
-I have developed a dislike for most Instagram Competitions. The main reasons are:
-poorly organised
-lack of T&c's
-Some companies would rather award the prize to a user with a large follower base.
-Too easy for people to set up multiple accounts and enter competitions that are won on 'random' selection.
Having said that I have won a few comps on Instagram but it's not my favourite 'platform'.
Sonya (Member Number: 267752)
Third Parties Ringing Me
I am really hesitant to give out my phone number when filling in competitions because I always end up getting third party phone calls from a survey I completed. The worst thing is, you tell them you're not interested, and they continue ringing you!
(Member Number: 3493)
Only phone numbers please
I dislike competitions that only ask for your name email and either home or mobile number you really have to wonder if these ones a legit or not
Kim (Member Number: 11141)
never win
i never win thats my main issue - also hate all the crappy advertising from promoters once i enter their competition.
Geoffrey (Member Number: 260703)
Too many hoops...
Competitions which give you too many hoops to jump through but don't reveal these until you are halfway through the entry eg like our facebook page, AND complete our survey AND then tell us in 25 words or less...
Kathryn (Member Number: 13770)
Too many steps...
I hate when there's more than one step to enter a comp. liking a page, adding a comment, taking a picture, voting.....too much! Even 25 WOL comps are becoming too tiresome these days.
Jenna (Member Number: 122004)
What bugs me
I hate the so many quesions
Helena lazarevich (Member Number: 306366)
What bugs me the most...
is the fact that we have to sign up/register an account with them in order to enter the competition - Just can't keep up with the number of accounts created, that I have given up on those competitions. Too troublesome!
Kristel (Member Number: 286143)
Competitions that need referrals
I dislike competitions that require you to refer friends/family to be able to enter. I don't want to spam my friends just to enter a competition.
Hilda (Member Number: 3501)
Who's won?
I hate it when you have won something on Facebook and only have a small period of time to send in your details or they pick someone else instead. I've lost out in the past as I didn't see my name until well after the winners where announced. I can't been on the internet 24/7.
Cheryl (Member Number: 5384)
Call me, Maybe? NO!
I hate it when promoters call to advertise their product and let's all entrants have a discount for their expensive product. Like no offense, but I wouldn't have entered in the first place if I could afford to buy it!
Melissa (Member Number: 5286)
What bugs me
Do people really win these beautiful trips or do they just want you on their data base.
Diana (Member Number: 42642)
I was winning a few years ago but your site's popularity has 262622 more users since I joined. Good for you but, now,not so good for me
Sonja (Member Number: 41528)
what bugs me
As in previous comments I tick No to most insurance and charity answers in the surveys you have to fill out but they still ring me.What I hate the most is when I tell them I am not interested and they still try to continue with their spiel.I had one recently who was very persistent and I told him I'd had enough already told you I am not interested and am going to hang up,I was also very sick and short of breath with the flu at the time and I hung up and he actually called me straight back asking why I spoke to him like that.Well I was not abusive to him in anyway,I may have sounded a bit snappy but what do they expect when you tell them nicely that I did not request for them to call and they don't listen when you say you are not interested.
Janene (Member Number: 206549)
What bugs me
What bugs me is when the T&C's are not updated for the competition - they just use a generic list of T&C's so you never know what is applicable to the current competition - very lazy!
Bev (Member Number: 165025)
Millions of Surveys
I hate it when you enter a competition and they expect you to fill out pages of useless surveys,which if you click one accidentally they get all your details to and start ringing you.
Natasha (Member Number: 271757)
What bugs me once you click submit details to enter the comp, it comes up with pages of advertising with 25 or so questions and you can only submit if you have selected something. It's a little annoying when it asks for your personal home address also.
Marie (Member Number: 287196)
I hate it when they ask for a 25 wol answer and then when you read the terms and conditions it says will be random winner from all entrants, wish they would stop using our creativity for their advertising campaigns, they get paid a fortune.
Karen (Member Number: 3504)
one entry only options
I wish competition runners would have a box we could tick so that we can see we have already entered the competition - nothing worse that thinking up a 25 worder only to be zapped by "you have already entered this competition"
Mick (Member Number: 55377)
Most annoying thing about coming
the cheats. I see voting comps where people get thousands of votes in day. Who even knows that many people? Then there's the people who use other winner's WOL, or copy pics from google and claims them as their own. grrr
Nell (Member Number: 24613)
25 words or less
I hate having to do them, I can never think of a good answer, and never win.
Andrea (Member Number: 38561)
Sign up to receive these offers!
I hate when you enter a competition and then you are shown page after page of "offers" from alcohol websites, survey websites, insurance websites etc... before you can confirm your entry
Lisa (Member Number: 167783)
email clogged with ads
What bugs me is that I enter competitions to try and get ahead and my email is then filled with advertisements from all the companies youve had to subscribe to so you could enter but arent really ingerested in. I also feel like a dork for thinking i might win as I spend alot of time.entering and dont win anything, never give up though
Elizabeth (Member Number: 219765)
You won... not!
They say 'you have to be in it to win it'. Still waiting... hope I win something soon
Vanessa (Member Number: 203966)
Emails A Little Misleading
When I get an email telling me about a comp, the subject line might lure me in, but then there is no link within the email to go directly to that competition, I have to go to the main page and scroll through until I find the particular comp. Today's thermomix was a great example, no direct link in the email and was on the second page of competitions on the main site. Would love for items to be hyperlinked within emails so I can go direct to that comp, or even the page on the Competitions Guide website which contains it to save time. There have been a number of times where I've not entered because I don't have time to scroll through pages to find the comp mentioned in the email. Thank you for your efforts, but this is one change I'd love to see and would get me entering more! Thanks again!
Camilla (Member Number: 258471)
Over 18?
When an entry form has ONE tick box with a combined question "Over 18? Sign me up for other offers and emails?" Well Yes I'm over 18 but I don't want other emails!!! Sneaky way for promoter's to get more people to sign up for emails.
Robert (Member Number: 140580)
Phone calls
I hate my phone number being passed on and used for other things.
Sally (Member Number: 289169)
Emails saying sorry you didn't win but do you want to buy
Christine (Member Number: 146394)
Oh, by the way: "No flights included"
It's so misleading and pointless to run a competition to win this "beautiful scenic holiday of your dreams!" on the other side of the world, that only tells you in the fine print flights aren't included.
It's the bug infestation of holiday comps!
Kirra (Member Number: 195327)
Incorrect dates
Terms and conditions that use incorrect dates. The wrong year. Or the draw is before the end or start of the competition.
Nicola (Member Number: 299086)
When No means NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
i Hate when you enter conpetitions and they ask you do you want to hear about deals or have the companies contact you with two options "YES" or "No Thanks"
I have always clicked NO but i still get phone calls or e-mails saying that i have agreed or i wanted more information
Paul (Member Number: 202777)
Personal Details Shared Overseas
It bugs me most when, by entering a competition, you automatically agree to the company supplying your details to countless other companies in numerous countries; and to allowing all of those companies (no matter where they may be) to bombarding you with advertising materials and offers.... and YES to all of the above pet hates.
Annette (Member Number: 306304)
What bugs me.
The things that bug me the most are to many things to mention . Things like Facebook ,invite a friend,upload a photo things that I know nothing about and I think other people would have the same problem as I do.
Peta (Member Number: 244474)
food food
i would buy food that we mormally dont buy thanx for the chance
Lisa (Member Number: 225690)
Facebook Notifications
So many facebook competition results are totally impossible to find which puts me off entering them. They tell you to check back on a certain date but they do not post the winners.
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
Not everyone's life revolves around social media..
Just imagine you're sitting there filling out the entry to win something that you'd love to own, you've been witty and creative, you sit and look at what you've written you think "wow, this might actually have a chance, I've done a pretty great job." You hit the submit button a new page starts to load you're thinking " well this is it, it's up to the judges now." Then all of a sudden it takes you to Facebook to log in, you're just like many other people out there that DON'T have a social media account, that one product you had just thought you might have had a chance at winning is completely torn from your grasp. SERIOUSLY COMPITIONS LIKE THIS.. IT BUGS ME...
Tara (Member Number: 287453)
25 Words or less
I don't like writing the 25 words or less. I would like to see a winning entry to see what sort of entry wins. I try and think it sounds great but have never won, Also getting emails and phone calls from third parties selling such things as wine etc after entering. I would like my phone no to be kept confidential.
Janelle (Member Number: 306225)
what bugs me
* comps where you have to like a million facebook pages for an entry,
* comps where you need to enter all your details - whats wrong with giving an email or phone number and they contact you if you win for the other stuff??
* sites that spam you afterwards!
* having to go through a long survey after you have entered

but... it is something for nothing & all a bit of fun so you take the good with the bad and hope you get lucky :)

Elizabeth (Member Number: 271780)
I have to giggle,
When it is comp for a dvd or book and they ask you why you liked it. I am entering because I want to see/read it. If I have seen it then I will leave it for someone else to win! Love this site thank you!
Kim (Member Number: 34792)
What irritates me...
The ones that have 20 mins surveys at the end to complete entry.
Melissah (Member Number: 282182)
What Bugs Me..
When there are Facebook competitions and the winner needs to get the most likes, it seems more the a popularity vote more than anything. Whoever has the most friends normally wins
Rachel (Member Number: 296323)
Competitions Guide Log In
Having to log back in to Competitions Guide to enter particular competitions, even when I've already logged in! Surely the system can recognise when I'm already logged in or not??
Casey (Member Number: 24222)
Don't Give Up
So many comments about never winning any comps so they give up. When you think about how many people are entering competitions and there can only be one winner you realise that you have to keep trying. The next time it just might be you. Just don't give up.
Janine (Member Number: 179388)
It just bugs me that....
You have to enter so much personal info! And the fact, that I never win :( somebody pick me, please?! :)
Taylor (Member Number: 306246)
Quick entry
I hate it when the comp is advertised as a quick entry and I fill in my details then it takes me through 5 pages of surveys that I must click if I want to join or not before I can move on to the next page!
Natalie (Member Number: 212154)
Spam emails from 3rd parties
#Third party advertising and indated with emails (spam)
# t&cs
#competition closed
# voting competitions
# sometimes it says shop for purchase and free to enter but it's shop (hidden terms)
Sally anne (Member Number: 2075)
What Cheeses Me Offffffffffff!
I like to use a little known feature of GMAIL where you can add +folder as part of your email address (for example to try and automatically separate the comp emails .. it's a valid addition according the email standards, but a lot of comp sites don't allow it
Stephen (Member Number: 178590)
Do my entries get lost???
I never win comps, no matter how many I enter. It is entirely frustrating and bugs me big time!
Oh, and the plethora of mini surveys to submit prior to your actual competition one.
Samantha (Member Number: 289864)
Phone requirement at a cost after answering q's.
Comp where there is a charge for the entry on the last page as you are required to enter a phone comp after the questions. Slimey and dishonest competition.
Bodil (Member Number: 283405)
The judges.
When you sweat over a 25 wol answer and it's hilarious. Then a lame, sycophantic answer or sob story wins. Grrr. If you don't want creativity and originality then don't ask for it!
Lin (Member Number: 7431)
mobile phone numbers
I don't have a mobile phone and don't want one..too many competitions demand a mobile phone number to enter.. my landline and email should be enough for them
Andrew (Member Number: 146053)
Facebook Liking
I get frustrated when you think you are entering a competition on facebook, you like that one page but in order to get an entry you have to like many, many many, more.
Maggie (Member Number: 135031)
Keith (Member Number: 208631)
25 WOL Topics Being Ridiculously Hard to Answer
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind 25 WOL answers, but there are some which have extremely hard topics for a seemingly simple prize.
As creative as we all can be, sometimes you just cannot answer such long complicated questions in 25 WOL. EXAMPLE: 'To win a kids Christmas book in 25 WOL describe your ultimate Christmas Wonderland holiday experience, state who you would share it with and then tell us which Christmas carol will you be singing while you are enjoying your ultimate experience. And entrants - don't forget to tell us why this is the best experience you can possibly have!'
I don't mind a challenge but come on guys! 25 WOL? Lol.
Kristy (Member Number: 899)
I hate when I get sent SO SO much advertising material from the websites in which I have entered via email. I don't mind a bit, but sooooo much is so annoying
Tash (Member Number: 25126)
insistent subscriptions
I hate companies that insist on sending you advertisement emails even after you have unsubscribed many times
Phil (Member Number: 11209)
Comps that bug me!
Nothing original- the comps I don't like are:
-Facebook comps requiring the most likes/votes,
-ones linked to long surveys,
-huge prize comps where the winners are never identified!
Amanda (Member Number: 146995)
I dont mind competitons but...
I cant stand Facebook comps where you have to upload a photo then you have to get the most likes to win.
Norman (Member Number: 735)
What bugs Me
Josh (Member Number: 280764)
Extra Survey
I hate entering a competition only to click on submit and then it says to complete your entry please take our short survey! They are never short!
(Member Number: 91984)
Having to purchase something
It really bugs me when I enter a competition with a chance to win $1000 and I have to purchase something to enter
Adamantia (Member Number: 306124)
Terms and Conditions
They should be standardised, one says barcode, one says receipt, another says both, then theirs all the hoopla just for winning a prize to verify it's you.

Jenny (Member Number: 296504)
What bugs me
I refuse to enter competitions in which the competition provider wants to know my life story before I can even get to the 'Enter' page. I also do not enter any comps which require social media access or require me to provide names/contacts of friends. Generally I will only enter competitions run directly by the competition company itself, not a third party company giving away a measly gift card just so they can get my details on their database and then on-sell it to who knows how many other companies.
Sophia (Member Number: 197508)
Facebook, Like Share and comment competitions
They annoy me, they aren't regulated and half the time winners don't find out if they've won. It allows people with competition profiles to enter a million times and us regular entrants just enter the once because we don't won't to bombard friends and relatives with the advertising. It seems lazy on the competition hosts part to run these sorts of competitions. I can guarantee they aren't getting anymore fans from my friends list, they are just being blocked, and I am getting complaints from friends and family.
Rebecca (Member Number: 93274)
What bugs me Facebook & tag an post & too much information requested
Facebook or#tag. Is not something I want nor do I use to enter simple competions.
Simple to enter competitions what is this. Too much info is required
Liz (Member Number: 288308)
Facebook like
I'm not a fan of the Facebook like competitions. My peeve is that when you like some pages the site is then supposed to have access to all your info including your friends. it is not my business to be putting my friends names out there. Refuse to like these sites
Helen (Member Number: 281253)
I think we'd all agree it's the over-spamming
I don't mind the opportunity to enter a competition and sign up to a mailing list, but when the mailing list is 4-5 emails a day it's not worth the possible prize at the end.
Linda (Member Number: 260283)
What bugs me
I cannot complain, I have won loads of great stuff, thanks Comps Guide, no exterminator needed here.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 206730)
Valid Email
Competitions that keep saying that your email address is invalid just because it ends with .com!!!!
Tina (Member Number: 177689)
Having to post a photo on social media of yourself or your cat or some private moment then sharing it with some #lame hashtag. I'm not that desperate
Shane (Member Number: 273156)
spam and pineterest/instagram/twitter
I don't use either of the latter so am often precluded from entering...and as for the avalanche of emails....I visit the city for a couple of days and always return to a couple of thousand....ridiculous...delete is my friend!!!
Barbara (Member Number: 312)
404 error - page can't be found
How many times have we had to deal with this issue. You go to enter a complete and it doesn't load. You contact whoever runs the comp and they say use another browser which you do and BAM... Comp won't load! I love my conps but seriously people... Get with it!
Jade (Member Number: 199047)
Constant Surveys
When you enter, you need to do a survey, that has a hundred questions that you need to answer before your entry is taken, that annoys me.
Renate (Member Number: 40843)
put on hold
hate being put on hold, by telstra, optus,being bombarded by emails from competitions.
Christine (Member Number: 228127)
My date of birth is my business
My actual age can be of no genuine interest to competition promoters. That I am over 18 may be relevant and a legal requirement in some circumstances and my age bracket might provide useful marketing information. Asking for my date of birth makes me suspicious of the promoter's motives.
Kathleen (Member Number: 303527)
What "bugs" me!!!
I dislike being bombarded with phone calls and letters from third parties after entering competitions that I am interested in....
Amelia (Member Number: 268611)
too many questions
how many times i want no life insurance tops the bill!
Chris (Member Number: 223452)
I agree with ALL the comments above... dobs, why do you deserve this prize, surveys, amateur setups, and only one small petty prizes - ridiculous considering amount of entries and publicity !!!
Sannie (Member Number: 293734)
Winning answers
It bugs me that we never get to see the winning 25 words or less winning answers for competitions. It would help to see if I'm on the right track answering these types of questions
Jenny (Member Number: 132950)
Tell us in 25 words or less
Having write 25 words or less in a Comp. And running out of words to say in the space!!
Simon (Member Number: 215261)
What bugs me
I really don't like doing the 25 words or less entries, I spend a lot of time doing these, but I never seem to win anything, which is my other main annoyance!
Nyssa (Member Number: 14285)
Mis-matching dates & no confirmation
Sometimes, the competition advertises a different closing date to what's actually in the terms and conditions.
Also, I don't mind filling out a survey to enter a competition, what really bugs me is when you get to the end of it and you have to sign up to something else like another newsletter or another rewards site - then when you do that, sometimes you don't even get confirmation that you've entered the competition.
Serena (Member Number: 306048)
What Bugs me
I dont have a mobile phone & you would not believe the comps that wont let you enter unless you have one!no matter if you have a land line they wont let you enter,UNFAIR
Chris (Member Number: 171708)
What bugs me
Having my information given to places/people without permission and having all this junk mail in my inbox. And not ever winning anything, ever
Mary (Member Number: 174099)
The mystery of the winning entry!
For every 25 word or less I don't win, I'd love to see the creativity of the winning entry! It bugs me not knowing.
Ashley (Member Number: 132113)
And the Winner is...
It bugs me when companies don't update their website with competition winners or notify entrants of who won...
Rhoda (Member Number: 293586)
What bugs me.
Having to give your date of birth, is it nessecary, that s private information. Saying it's free to enter and it's not, you either had to have purchased their magazine or have a barcode, sneaky if you ask me. Having to upload a photo or use facebook, so many of us will never be on facebook, twitter or use instagram, what happened to genuine competitions that everybody could enter. So over surveys. Great site Competitions guide, hope more winners post their wins though, it would keep the rest of us entering, in hope.
Michelle (Member Number: 283376)
Social Media Overload
I have facebook and all but I think its unfair extra entries are awarded to those who share/tweet/post on twitter, instagram, blogs, pinterestetc. most of which I dont have - sometimes just entering is hard enough on some sites but I guess that's why they award extra entries, and for the free advertisement of course!
Lenny (Member Number: 124313)
Your Own Photos
Recently there was a travel page comp where u had to submit a photo of yourself in your favourite place in Europe to win a trip... I've never been to Europe, could never afford a trip to Europe so there's no way I have any pics of me in Europe!!! LOL
Prue (Member Number: 128766)
what bugs me
I just want to enter competitions with no ifs or buts just plain & simple enter to try and win...
Tracey (Member Number: 200057)
Facesook comps
I dont have facesook.I will never have facesook.Why do we need facesook? Yet companies keep setting up facesook competitions,just to get likes on their pages.I think this is a huge scam.I object to this lazy marketing and apparent harrasment preceding the "like"
Unfortunately more and more companies are using this for their comps and that doesnt help the many of us who wont follow the sheep and open our lives to the world on a web site.Anyway,my soapbox is starting to wobble so I must stand down now.
Sandra (Member Number: 99064)
It's Bugging Me!
It's bugging me when I have to go through a lot of surveys/questions to submit the competitions and there is no email confirmation that I have already entered the competitions
Sherly (Member Number: 288653)
Not following the T & C's
When the competition holders don't follow their own rules, whether it be choosing a winner that has gone over the 25wol limit, hasn't even answered their what AND why question or entered multiple times when there's a 1 entry per person limit.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
I can't stand those competitions that you have to answer a thousand offers and suddenly your junk file has got emails from Dorothy in Texas offering penis enhancements. Someone sold my information!!!
Rhianna (Member Number: 50970)
I don't have or want Facebook, so it is annoying when comps are facebook only.
Roger (Member Number: 222929)
Tagging a friend
It's annoying when I want to win a comp but I have to 'tag' someone. It's like sending them junk mail!
Sarah (Member Number: 262822)
I absolutely cant stand the offers after completing a competition entry. It takes another 5 minutes to complete them to CONFIRM your competition entry. They just don't make competitions like they use to!!
Samantha (Member Number: 205594)
All of the below
Coming up with 25 words or less that don't sound silly, having to enter via Facebook which I am never going to join and not winning!
Jeff (Member Number: 26416)
What,s the catch?
I don,t like entering the competitions which require me to subscribe to their news letters. When I like an item enough to try and win it then I will do my own research and don,t want to be bombarded with emails. For now though, thanks Competitions Guide, this site is great.
Kerry (Member Number: 291107)
I just want to win!
I am so excited everytime i sign on! I never win anything, but maybe this might change things!
Sonia (Member Number: 305879)
Waiting, waiting, waiting for the email that screams out...YOU HAVE WON!
Tessie (Member Number: 36214)
I can't stand the "popularity contest" comps
I hate the "popularity contest" type competitions, for example the Bonds Baby Search. I'll never enter these as I hate being spammed by people asking me a hundred times a day to vote for them.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 17949)
Date of Birth
Why do they need to know that? Is my age or an age range not sufficient? It bothers me since they now have the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to accessing my personal information. When you ring up the electricity or phone company, they ask for your name, address and date of birth. They now have it all. At one stage I would simply put in the 1/1/Year, but then I worried it'd make the entry invalid should I actually win.
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
photo and mobile phone
It's annoying when competitions want a photo but you don't know until you have opened the 'comp' page and why can't I put my home phone number? I do not have a mobile and so can not enter a lot of competitions, very unfair.
Margie (Member Number: 278264)
25 Words or less
I used to spend lots of time entering 25 words or less competitions and not winning so now I don't bother!
Louise (Member Number: 287173)
25 words or less
I hate these competitions and avoid them but there are so many of them now.
Jeanette (Member Number: 297048)
I wish they wouldn't make you like them on facebook for everyone to see!
Melissa (Member Number: 198250)
Facebook competitions drive me mad! Liking these products I know nothing about and then my poor friends get bombarded by these posts that were only posted as I wanted to enter the competition. I try and stay away from these but there are more and more. Kymberly
Kimberly (Member Number: 295550)
Invite friends
I refuse to enter a competition if I must invite several friends. It's fair enough if I'm signing myself up for an entry but I will not spam my friends to win something.
Kaitlen (Member Number: 190560)
To many companies
If you need more than yourself to run a giveaway..concentrate on your have bigger issues
Linda (Member Number: 265094)
mobile phones
when they want a mobile number not everyone has a mobile phone
Narelle (Member Number: 241961)
added on "deals just for you"
I hate those third party advertisement question thingys! "Would you like to be more wealthy?" "do you have solar?"
and you can't just skip them cos your entry isn't valid until you've gone through them. And they switch around the positions of the 'yes' and 'no' in the hopes you'll trip up & push 'yes' and then it's gone & you can't go back & change it.. and then you're getting random phone calls saying "so I understand you would like more information about funeral insurance?"
Gahhhh!! No I really don't!
Kirstyn (Member Number: 284721)
Must join & become a member before u enter.
Needing to become members of certain websites before you can enter their competitions. Then I forget all the passwords and can't enter anyway. Very Annoying!!
Lauren (Member Number: 164696)
Average family...
'Family Competitions' I am a lucky mother of 5 beautiful children (ask me at bedtime if they are still 'beautiful'). Entering family/holiday competitions; I find it really frustrating that they only have 2 adults, 2 children prizes majority of the time. I would be in quite a pickle. A family holiday competition should have flexibility of individual family's, so it can be catered for your family needs. Even if it means providing documentation (in the rare chance of winning!) to prove that yes indeed, all 5 are mine!
Tess (Member Number: 288350)
what bugs me
when competitions require you to sign up for their website to enter
Caitlin (Member Number: 282059)
Survey comps that spam you.
Survey comps that spam you hard and you never hear of any winners.How many "votes you can get" comps...usually some 18yr old with 1000 friends win those so i dont even bother-And one thing that really annoys me is when compers answer questions "why they should win" stating that- 'ive just recovered from cancer have a broken leg and ten kids all with some kind of illness etc etc etc...makes me cringe.I've won about $3000 worth of prizes in the last 8 months so cant complain to much,so thanks CG.
Lea (Member Number: 254434)
25 Word Limit
I have written so many 25 or less words in my life, I should list it on my resume, totally loathe it.
Kim (Member Number: 5150)
Dodgy comps
I recently won a cool prize and it never came. Comp company just ignored my emails.
Matt (Member Number: 1412)
No no to voting comps
Voting comps suck. I hate having to pester people to vote for me.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
Every time i check my email account there are way too many emails from other companies or scam emails. I enter comps to try and win, not to be harassed with annoying emails!
Amber (Member Number: 300208)
have to be a member of social media sites
one thing that bugs me about competitions is with some, you have to be a member of instagram or tumblr to gain entries.These sites aren't that popular,at least to me,so I'm not a member.
Katrina (Member Number: 185862)
Survey/Cold Calling
I hate when you have to go through pages of surveys, than you get to the end, think you've successfully entered, then bang, another page of surveys. Also, I always get cold calls after I do these ones.
Naomi (Member Number: 221952)
Don't Tie Me Down!
I hate competitions that tie a holiday to other (compulsory) activities, eg you win a trip to Europe but must take cooking lessons or visit a specific sporting event. And also ones that ask ridiculous '25 words or less' questions such as 'Tell us your most amazing (insert brand name) moment'.
Vivien (Member Number: 122830)
Positivity pays off!!
I enter loads of competions and some times I win a few.I would advise to stay positive and don't over think it,you never know one day you might win big holiday,car that's what I'm hoping for.Good luck everyone..
Amy (Member Number: 188690)
I hate competitions that require you to sign up with Instagram to enter because i think you need a smart phone to do that. Also certain magazine comps show up that say free to enter but when you go to enter your details into the competition form it says you need the magazine codewordy it is'nt a free competition to enter unless you already by that particular magazine for that is need for that particular competition.
Sam (Member Number: 268303)
Not winning bugs me
Been on here quite a few years and not won anything. Don't even think I could win a fight with a bag of fairy floss
Marion (Member Number: 2145)
popularity contest
I really dislike the Facebook competitions where it's up to the public to vote, or how many friends you have on Facebook and they vote.
Alarna (Member Number: 20231)
Just stop..
It really bugs me when you have to fill out surveys in order for your competition entry to be confirmed. Even though you say 'no' to surveys like, "Would you like to be contacted in regards to life insurance etc", the companies still contact you. Please stop!
Krystal (Member Number: 284092)
you are nearly done
What bugs me is surveys/ comps that say time after time you are nearly done and 10 questions later you arent done yet
Linda (Member Number: 305940)
What bugs me
Promoters not sticking to terms and conditions.. Especially in relation to not notifying winners in a timely manner. Also when prizes take forever to arrive, like months!
Christina (Member Number: 63099)
'like' facebook comps
Not everyone is on, nor wants to be on FB
the amount of times I open a link it goes to fb is really annoying
Love clearly marked with fb logo so I know to avoid
Melanie (Member Number: 169796)
Why do you deserve to win
i hate comps that ask why do you deserve to win. Everyone has a story, everyone deserves to win.
Catherine (Member Number: 185092)
25 or less words!
I hate 25 or less words competitions.I think there are more creative people than me.I'm less confident in this type of competitions.
Indika (Member Number: 96836)
Rules Is Rules
I get the grumps when promoters don't follow their own terms and conditions. Usually, it's a matter of the technical people not talking to the marketing people not talking to the legal people.
Troy (Member Number: 14862)
Check back here to win!
I hate competitions where they don't contact winners, rather they ask you to check back - I'm never going to remember to check back!
Alexandra (Member Number: 285539)
Where do I start?
I love entering competitions and I spend a lot of time doing it. ( yes it has paid off quite well so far.) My pet peeve though is the fact that many competitions are not based on skill but a popularity contest where you harass friends and family to vote for your picture etc and not only might they have to vote once but some have options for them to vote every day! Not only would I not be able to convince someone else to do that but I would hate to be asked to do it for someone else. I also find these comps that have surveys attached to them for third parties annoying. You never know when they are going to be drawn and you are filling out exactly the same survey for different prizes. you can enter multiple times but they don't shortcut anything like save your entry details or the picture you picked or the info you put in to their survey and so you are filling out info over and over again. its a real time killer. One of the BIGGEST things though is who wants to read all the T&C? If you aren't allowed to enter multiple times then have the comp set up that once you have entered your email address the comp recognises you have already entered, not allow you to fill it out 20 times thinking you have more chances only to actually be disqualified.
Erin (Member Number: 116356)
Unnecessary phone calls
Entering competitions, only to be contacted by a third party trying to sell me something. It really annoys me and I think it's unnecessary
Lana (Member Number: 270956)
the smaller the prize
The smaller the prize, the more is required of the competition entrant.
Edwina (Member Number: 291764)
Missleading competitions
The ones that say 'complete a quick entry' or 'just enter your details' or 'a quick survey' and then after you've given them your details, require a 25 WOL answer and 15 pages of yes/no promotional crap that you KNOW is being sold off to marketing companies so you will forever get calls at arsenic hour about life insurance... yes, call me during dinner preparation & homework supervision and YOU will need life insurance!
Natasha (Member Number: 167579)
What bugs me
It bugs me when they ask why I deserve to win this prize.
Karen (Member Number: 165601)
Facebook RSI
I really like Facebook and I don't mind entering competitions on Facebook. I don't mind "Liking" pages - you can always unlike then at any stage. But I hate it when entries require following a company on Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Instagram and each method gets you one entry. It's one thing to like a company, it's another thing to be owned by them. I also hate having to like 33 companies for one entry. Definitely a case for RSI compensation. Finally, I hate any competition that requires a photo. I don't own a digital camera, and I feel very unwanted by that company.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
The most enteries
Competitions that are won based on the highest referrals from friends.
Cleo (Member Number: 158139)
Those cursed devices to prevent spam that either don't work or aren't even there. Just tried to enter a Xmas Comp for a HUGE prize and had to email the site to see if they could sort it out. Submitted the entry, then immediately was told 'reCaptcha wasn't entered correctly' when there wasn't any reCaptcha there to enter at all in the first place. Not even the logo! Unbelievable how they through comps up and don't bother to make sure they are working properly!
Scott (Member Number: 285715)
Facebook entries and unexpected 25 word answers
Like a number of other respondents, I hate Facebook only entries (discriminatory?) and spending my time completing surveys only to find out at the end there is also a 25 word response required. Competition sponsors need to be upfront about this, it is dishonest.
Anne (Member Number: 20640)
Does age really matter
Age bugs me, not only because of the grey hair and wrinkles but would a person on a computer far far away really care.. why does a promoter need to know how old you are!! I understand the legal 18yrs but they can surely just put a box to tick being over 18, not specific age bracket..

Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Free to enter
I get annoyed when it says free to enter but when you go to the link you actually need to be a member/customer. Foxtel comps, RACV/RACQ all seem to be this way. Yes they are free, as long as you are a customer so it would be good if this was noted prior to following the link.
Paul (Member Number: 188609)
Wanting to know my income
I won't ever answer the question of what I earn-some of the competitions have that as a required answer.
Jenny (Member Number: 287385)
what bugs me
when they get a lot of information.full name birth date ect...identity theft scares me...why all these info needed at least the birth date should not be asked.
Bassem (Member Number: 289974)
I hate Facebook, I don't Facebook, I will NEVER Facebook so it's bugs me right up the wall to click an interesting looking competition to be taken to Facebook. I have my own "social network", it's called A LIFE!! Rant over, thank you
Jenni (Member Number: 2843)
Where are the winners?
If they have your email already , why can't they send
us a list of winners with answers after the comp has closed? I do so many comps that I don't remember the closing dates and always wonder what happened to that fantastic slogan I wrote.
Dawn (Member Number: 302496)
My pet peeves
I hate competitions that require you to purchase something before you can enter - whatever happened to the good old-fashioned simple entry where you only enter your name and email address without any commitment whatsoever?
Elise (Member Number: 476)
25 words
Once I open a comp and find its 25 words I don't bother. Its impossible as you don't know what they are looking for.
Jenny (Member Number: 159427)
cold calls
They call right at the end of my working day when all I want to do is throw my phone.
Sarah (Member Number: 301076)
25 words
I hate the 25 words or less comps!! I can never think of anything witty or original to say!
Suzanne (Member Number: 91070)
What bugs me...
I have never won a competition.
Natasha (Member Number: 202215)
Annoying Phone Calls
i don't like when you have to agree to them contacting you by any method in regard to questions you have answered, and then when they ring and you say you aren't interested, you know you haven't got a chance of winning because you haven't taken up their particular offer.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
It's all about me!
I hate the comps where you have to enter friends' email addresses. I think they're a bit rude. I'm pretty sure most of my friends wouldn't want me to do it/I feel it should be their decision not mine. I'm the one entering so I should only be required to enter my details!
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
Follow up phone calls
Competitions that are probably not legitimate and are only there for cold calling ... it REALLY annoys me!
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
What Bugs me
I hate competitions which then makes you answer whether you would like such and such company to call you about insurance/wine/foxtel etc. Not only are they a waste of time but you know that they are passing on your information to a million other companies.
Marianna (Member Number: 79629)
Sales Surveys
I am really over the comps where you have many pages of surveys/sales pitches to fill in, e.g funeral insurance, quick meals, psychics, etc. They just take too long.
Kaye (Member Number: 18013)
Facebook like
It really bugs me when companies want you to like their Facebook page to enter. I don't want yo enter comps via Facebook!
Laura (Member Number: 297085)
Dead Facebook leads
When I get a dead Facebook link; I usually do my comping in my lunch break so don't have time to waste!
Katrina (Member Number: 285187)
what does 25 word mean
i really dislike the question why i deserve something i mean really???? i loath 25 words answer and someone wins with more words
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
Tasmania - we are a state!
I wish that promoters would not continually combine Tasmania with Victoria, it takes us from the smallest population to the largest! There should be a compromise, combine us with NT and ACT?
Donna (Member Number: 212020)
Don't ask for a Facebook like!
I don't do comps that request for a Facebook like. For me fb is only for friends and family not promoter and advertising. They really should force people to 'like' before entering the comp. If people actually like the product they will still buy no matter what!
Kat (Member Number: 297691)
I wish competition promoters didn't make us have to do boring surveys, and then hassle us with phone calls. the only phone call I am interested in hearing is if I have won a prize lol.
Renee (Member Number: 300566)
Terms and Conditions
It would save people a lot of time and effort if some promoters would specify particular terms and conditions up front on the entry page - rather than have the entrant read through the terms and conditions, only to find that on page 20, clause 4.4 you may be excluded from entering, for some rather ridiculous reason.
Kelly (Member Number: 61560)
I have that many of the competitions continually have surveys to enter a competition - some questions asked are very personal and I feel that they are stepping over the mark.
Narelle (Member Number: 208419)
what bugs me
i wont enter competions that require you to fill in two or more pages of survys, ( do you drink wine, do you need life insurance ) and so on it take the fun out of doing competions.
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
Facebook friend sharing
My friends see this as spamming and complain. So I don't enter these comps. Also the ones that rely on friends 'liking' your link.
Sandra (Member Number: 36891)
Likes on Facebook
I don't to enter the competitions that are only through Facebook.
Companies that always want you to like their Facebook page just come across as needy.
Faye (Member Number: 192468)
Never winning
I hate 25 words or less I haven't a creative bone in my body and never win 25 words or less comps
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
What bugs me
I hate 25 words or less
Rebecca (Member Number: 1637)
I have been doing these for years and often wonder if they are genuine. There is no real way to test this unless winners details are posted up from time to time. All the same I keep trying in case it is real.
Richard (Member Number: 8441)
Competition where you have to have votes
I hate the comps where you enter and people have to vote for your entry, there are cheat sites where you can buy votes and its not fair! also I don't like annoying all my friends!
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
Competitions with broken or malfunctioning links - especially if I have entered all the information required and then it won't submit! What a frustrating waste of time.
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
What bugs me
I never win
Annette (Member Number: 86297)
Just the facts, ma'am...
When entering competitions I'm always sure to go through the T's and C's to ensure I'm eligible, find out specifics about the prizes, if multiple entries are allowed, and so on. Quite often I've come across vague information that should have been clarified, and in one case a large section of the terms which hadn't even been filled it (it was full of brackets like this with sections reading 'add name of competition' and 'insert relevant date range here')
Greg (Member Number: 122192)
It's been a year now and I'm yet to win anything, even something small. Must just be a matter of time now!
Katie (Member Number: 221175)
What bugs me
I hate it when a comp invites you to "simply enter your details and you're in the draw to win", but when you arrive at the entry form more than basic details are required eg 25 wol, a Facebook like/allow access, sharing/referring etc.
Mary (Member Number: 1101)
Advertising Bombardment
I hate entering competitions and then being bombarded with emails from the competition host or other third parties!
Paul (Member Number: 75709)

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