So, What's Bugging You?

Emails A Little Misleading

When I get an email telling me about a comp, the subject line might lure me in, but then there is no link within the email to go directly to that competition, I have to go to the main page and scroll through until I find the particular comp. Today's thermomix was a great example, no direct link in the email and was on the second page of competitions on the main site. Would love for items to be hyperlinked within emails so I can go direct to that comp, or even the page on the Competitions Guide website which contains it to save time. There have been a number of times where I've not entered because I don't have time to scroll through pages to find the comp mentioned in the email. Thank you for your efforts, but this is one change I'd love to see and would get me entering more! Thanks again!
Camilla (Member Number: 258471)

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