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Personal information is an extremely important issue, and being in the competitions arena we see this question raised all the time.

How much information is too much?

We took a look at information we collect on joining us, and this includes:

1. First name
2. State
3. Gender

Why do we need your State and Gender? The reason is that a number of competitions are specific to either. We tend not to display these competitions on our general Comp-List pages, but we do send emails out regarding these type of campaigns.

We don't collect:

- Addresses
- Phone numbers
- Age, and especially
- Income or other such private matters

However, some of the above have not always been true for the past. When we have run our own competitions, we have collected address and phone numbers. The logic was simple, if we need to contact or send you a prize, we would use these details to do so. But, in reality, only a small % of entrants win, so we didn't really ever need to have this extra information.

So, from now on you won't need to give us anything but the basics.

There is a negative in all this. We find that telling prize winners about their wins are a double edged sword. Often, prize notifications sent out by email and Facebook remain unnoticed.

We won't have the ability to contact winners in any other way from now on, so the message is simple. Please take note of prize announcement dates, and check your emails.

We hope it's fair trade-off ......

Craig Seitam 5/10/11


I think this is very fair of you however so many comps ask for so much info just to enter or you cant enter at all which is a bit disappointing.
Michelle (Member Number: 8123)
Some of the comp sites want too much detail about entrant, do you own your home, annual income, etc, etc. I close these sites immediately
Freida (Member Number: 122663)
Definitely Fair
As a general rule I prefer to give personal information on a "need to know" basis. Until I win a prize, no one needs to know my phone number or address. And as for my income, it's infinitesmally small, which is why I always appreciate prizes. But why would you need to know the exact amount, unless you are worried about my dying of shock when you tell me I've won a large prize? So unless you want to send me lots of prizes (and I'm open to that option) I'd be happy with name and email address. Thank you for taking this issue seriously.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
i have just looked at 20 comp on this site. All want Address Phone Num date Birth and so on. I only want to give Name and email,And then want you to sigh up to hard not coming back to this site Ann
Ann-marie (Member Number: 104268)
I think that's fair enough.
Good on you.
Deborah (Member Number: 18486)

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