What Have You Won?

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There are two interesting groups of comments we get here at Competitions Guide -

First are those that send us emails or post on our Facebook wall to tell us of their wins. Some are big, some are small, but regardless we always appreciate people taking the time out to let us and our members know of their success.

We also get a number of Facebook and blog comments questioning whether this is all real. Usually we point out our Winners page, but it's always good to be able to see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for those yet to experience a win or any type.

So, on this blog we would like to know what prizes have you won?

Let us know what you have won over your time in comping. We want all members to see what kinds of prizes are being won by others.

We don't mind if there's 1 or 100 items on your list - the fact that you've won is the big deal.

We are looking forward to seeing your list!

Yours Comp-letely,

Competitions Guide


Been a premium member for a month
Iv been a premium member for exactly one month and iv won a trip to New York for 2 and tickets to the woman’s ICCC cricket so far....
Absolutely love comping I always have but this is the best $40 I have ever spent
Megan (Member Number: 574918)
2nd Major win
I've been a member for just over 2 years and had my second major win, I won $100,000 in the Giftbox AFL/NFL promotion, my first win was the Sidchrome Mustang, people say I'm lucky I'm not I just enter lots and lots of competitions, if you're not in it you can"t win.
Antoniette (Member Number: 475319)
gotta be in it to win it
I won a ford ranger xlt ute with accessories worth $77k at the start of the month and have been comping since November. best $40 i have ever spent!
Lyssa (Member Number: 564250)
Great Start
Only been a member for 3 short weeks...won a 13 day cruise with Princess!!
Jane (Member Number: 568582)
First prize
I just won my first prize! I have been a member for about 3 weeks and i won a Portable Fridge/freezer for the car! RRP is abut $1300, so i'm pretty happy with that!
Jenna (Member Number: 568870)
Latest wins
Been premium for 2 years and I've won so many things but the latest 2 are winning the Inghams comp twice so $500 worth of prepaid gift cards comes in so handy when your only living off 1 income at the moment.

Congratulations Desley!

You’ve won a VISA Pre-Paid gift card valued at $250
Desley (Member Number: 373166)
It pays to enter
In the past year I have won $10k, movie tickets and $500 vouchers in a Tasmania comp! Not too bad for a SAHM :)
Natalie (Member Number: 445133)
Premium member just over 3 weeks
I have won double passes to Have you Seen the listers ,
4 passes to see Tinkerbell and the dream fairies at Sydney Botanical Gardens
and a book
“The Fat-Loss Plan: 100 quick and easy recipes with workouts” –
Anne-marie common (Member Number: 484869)
Love my shoes!
I won a lovely pair of shoes worth over $200! I just love them. I got to choose the shoes from their entire collection. So excited to win more.
Stacy (Member Number: 445714)
Started eearly
I have won over 60k in prizes and cash. Most have been in skilled based comps. Mainly on Radio starting from the age of 16
Chris (Member Number: 419994)
Prizes won
In the last 2 weeks I have won 4 prizes! A $500 Visa Gift Card -Golden Circle Promo , A River Cottage Cookbook, $500 spa Voucher and 2x Tickets to see Rod Stewart Live in Melbourne..Very excited!!
Melissa (Member Number: 194075)
I'm happy
I won $500 wardrobe shopping spree is my biggest prize so far, dvds & lots of small items like lipsticks, cleaning products, $100 woollies gift voucher. I've only been Comping for 4 years.so plently time to win holidays :)
Tina (Member Number: 142272)
Do the 25 words or less
since joining I have won:
- makeup x3
- clothes
- jewellery x2
- $100 worth of organic dog food
- a deluxe edition CD
- a Blu Ray
Makeup and jewellery often have a lot of prizes to give away so your chances are higher. And not everyone bothers with the 25 words or less so most of what I've won has been through that :) I am happy for someone who only enters very periodically when I have free time or am on holidays from uni.
Kirra (Member Number: 195327)
As they say, you've got to be in it to win it!
I've been entering competitions for a long time, and here are some of the prizes I have won:

Not one, but two Tefal Slow Cookers (my name was drawn twice apparently)
One year's worth of Event Cinemas Gold Class tickets (very hard to go back to normal cinema viewing after this)
Countless double movie passes
A $750 Salvatore Ferragamo shoe voucher
A Sodashi skincare set valued at $200
A pair of EMU Australian sheepskin gloves
A $100 dry cleaning voucher
A $500 Coles Myer voucher
A 7 night holiday to Hamilton Island including daily breakfast and dinner, buggy hire and a return helicopter trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef
4 nights at The Reef House at Palm Cove, including return flights
A $200 Jetstar voucher
2 VIP tickets to the Bondi Openair Cinema, including deckchair and blanket hire and Ben and Jerry's icecream tub
$1000.00 on Hot Seat
A $25 Coles Myer voucher, Holland America Line Coffee Mug and Water Bottle
2 nights at the Park Hyatt in Sydney including valet parking, daily buffet breakfast, a bottle of French Champagne and a massage for 2
Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm
L'oreal Lipstick
L'oreal Shampoo and Conditioner
Schwarzkopf Hair Oil
Maybelline Mascara (twice)
$500 cash on a radio station competition
$50.00 Nando's voucher
Canadian Rocky Mountaineer cookbook
Antler Cyberlite suitcase

I am sure there are some I have missed however these are the more memorable ones.
Sharyn (Member Number: 145445)
The lure of gift cards has brought me out of the closet Craig! Over the years I have won many great prizes through your amazing website. My favourites are: Family Holiday to Queensland and Tickets to One Direction!
Susie (Member Number: 18296)
Enter or Be Square
lotsa movie tickets
limited edition Gant old style bicycle
Mobile phone
movie prize packs
Pulsar watch
case of wine
food hamper
codes for downloading game
5 different front row seats for music concerts
Meet and greet with Keith Urban
and I only enter comps once a week for about 75 minutes each time.
Gotta be in to win
Colin (Member Number: 23912)
Competition Crazy
Gosh my list is so long now it probably seems almost excessive to some, but I say to these people you too can create your own fortune in the same way that I have through consistency, effort, time and some nouse.
Among my winnings have been trips, cash, a car, surfboard, jewellery, outings, movies tickets galore, kitchen appliances, linen, food vouchers, furniture, hardware, gift cards, clothing, perfume, cosmetics, sound equipment. Competitions can be a hobby or for the more serious comper like myself just do it and have fun.
Helena (Member Number: 191563)
WOL winnings.
I have won more recently:
iPad mini
Salin Plus salt therapy machine
$1000 Metalicus voucher/styling session
SPC sample pack.

In the past I have won:
Hamilton Island Holiday
Hervey Bay QLD Holiday
$1000 Virgin flight voucher
$800 Heinz baby food
$1200 Hair product hamper
Family tickets to the circus (twice)

There have been a few smaller wins but the above are my main ones. All from WOL entries :-)

Narelle cameron-brown (Member Number: 287729)
Lucky Me
Prizes I've won:
$1000 voucher from The Glen Shopping center
Numerous cinema tickets
Lava lamp
Beach towels
Coles Gift Vouchers
Arcade Maachine
Joan (Member Number: 288956)
Another frypan?!
Long-time member who has won:
You guessed it, multiple frypan sets - seems to be my speciality!?
Stanley Rogers Cutlery Set
Rescue Remedy Pack
Movie Tickets & Memorabilia
Fuel Vouchers
Tickets to see Arj Barker
Oral B Electric Toothbrush Set
Fav win was Underwater Camera Goggles - gave them to my nephew & he loved them. It was something I couldn't have afforded to buy for him.
Love comping & Competitions Guide!

Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
You never know if you never have a go
I have won the following over the years as an intermediate comper :)...

- a Fridge/Freezer with 2 cartons of Canadian Club
- An Arctic Monkies vinal/CD set for their album Humbug
- Multiple movie tickets
- a Disney Blu-Ray collection

Plus more I cannot even remember.
Karl (Member Number: 461467)
A win after only 6 days
I have recently become a premium member only 6 days ago and I just won a $1000 engagement ring! These competitions do work, and I am so happy now!
Bronwyn (Member Number: 654603)
Been a member since October 2022 and finally won something
Thinking there is no hope in winning, I was getting on the down side then I got an email saying I had won something. It's only worth $108 but it something, hopefully it will be upwards from here.
Juanita (Member Number: 643713)
Best . Win. Ever
I thought I won a bar fridge with 2 x cartons of Canadian Club.

Nope, I won an actual fridge/freezer with 2 cartons of Canadian Club :).

Rita (Member Number: 156532)
Lots of prizes
I have won a holiday to Disney world in Florida with Woolworths Ooshies.
A Kia Rio car in a raffle.
$5000 Harvey Norman voucher on the radio a skills based comp.
Jane (Member Number: 424017)
Less than 24 hours - $250.00 prize!
Joined on Sunday - 'Shop to Enter' prize of $2500 Coles e-card less than 24 hours later! Amazing! Not bad for just buying a loaf of bread!
Nicholas (Member Number: 467107)
Lovely way to start the day...
Been comping for only 2 months. Had my fist win - Olive & Grove tea worth $56! Very happy start as it delicious tea and I drink it as I enter more fabulous competitions :)
Joanna (Member Number: 564502)
Joined four months ago and I've won
$200 gift voucher
Nintendo DS
Lip Balm
Moisturising Cream
Exfoliating Cream
Mandy (Member Number: 521640)
Prizes won
2 x double passes to movies
A Dashmate
1 book pack of 3 books.
Another book pack of 7 book.
Yvette (Member Number: 520395)
My Winning ways
I'm brand new to Competitions Guide. I hope to be on my winning ways choosing to be a Premier Member. I won two tickets this week to see American Made but unfortunately broke up with my lady love today, because I prefer a faithful girlfriend. Thanks for allowing me to join. I look forward to visiting this page often. All the best to my fellow members, I hope like me, you win heaps.
Paul (Member Number: 456422)
Not Yet, But Maybe Oneday
I haven't won anything yet, I have been a member for a while now, I envy all the many winners, and cant wait to be one of them. Maybe I just have to hold my tongue in a different direction. Ill try that. :)
Deb (Member Number: 59764)
Well I won but need to do better!
So far this week I entered for a barbeque and won a stubby holder!I also won A bottle of washing up liquid and a pack of facial wipes. love to upgrade soon! I do your competions every day and have gone into overload for Christmas hoping for that good win!
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
First of many (I hope)
After entering a ridiculous amount of competitions via competitionsguide.com.au, I have finally received notification that I have won the Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Care Pack. Not the biggest prize but my first so I am happy :)
Linda (Member Number: 190207)
Won through the Sunday newspaper
The only big prize I won was a weeks trip to Fiji with all expenses paid including a cruise 20 years ago. This was through the Daily Telegraph. Hopefully by joining here, I will win more prizes.
Leeann (Member Number: 296757)
I've won a couple of small things, movie pass and DVD's, looking forward to winning more great things.

Katrina (Member Number: 265956)
Winning is grinning
competitions guide here's a list of my one and only win
I've only ever won free tickets to John Edwards through mix 101.1
Amanda (Member Number: 287647)
It's the start of bigger things to come!
-3 huge stuffed animals at the show. Years ago in college
-$500 myer voucher
Aggie (Member Number: 171150)
Comping Newbie!
I've been entering competitions for just over a month now, and I was lucky enough to win my first prize the other day - a Chicken Tonight prize pack with three simmer sauces and two Hoyts movie passes. Hopefully the first of many!
Daniela (Member Number: 285397)
Got to be in it to win it.
I have won a 6month supply of cuddly washing powder through competitions guide. And to anybody questioning whether people really win holidays: yes I won a holiday (flights & accommodation) to Port Douglas. But had to spend a minimum of $5 instore- at the retailer who was running the competition. I spent $7 and won! :)
Lauren (Member Number: 164696)
It's all good
I have won:
Movie tickets
Tennis Tournament tickets
$100 Bunnings voucher
Wendy (Member Number: 230053)
I won a hasbro board game from woolworths big night in. I know it's only small but it's great to win something.
Tara (Member Number: 287453)
sewing away
I won a sewing machine which was great because I love to make clothes for the grandchildren. Also won hair care product packages twice.
Corinne (Member Number: 20408)
Prizes I've won
So far, I have won a bottle of Vera Wang perfume, a couple bottles of shampoo and $320!
Rachel (Member Number: 291945)
Skincare & Makeup
I've won a variety of prizes in all shapes and sizes, but probably the most consistent prize is skincare and makeup.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
I've won movie tickets
Bath toys

I'd like some bigger wins!
Larissa (Member Number: 120681)
Love Competitions!
I haven't really won anything yet, just movie tickets, but I'm amazed by stories of people winning big cash and prizes, and this gets me all excited it could me my turn one day. Fingers crossed I win something soon.xx
Kristel (Member Number: 286143)
Still Going Strong
I've been entering for many years now and still enjoy the thrill of winning and sharing prizes with my extended family.My latest prize was a Tiffany jewellery voucher for $1,800.Thankyou Competitions Guide for all your efforts.
Lesley (Member Number: 117)
Amazing opportunities
I've been entering competitions on competitionsguide.com.au for a year now and have won a set of bracelets from mount franklin water which I love and wear everywhere!
Madison (Member Number: 216431)
Best prize to date was my trip to Honolulu - flights and 5 star accommodation included! Best ever!
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
Still trying....
Now I know why I haven't been winning any prizes because it is all these other people winning them instead!! Just joking, I did win a Sony Xperia Smartphone and a logitech computer accessories package and I'm still trying......
Ronald (Member Number: 194890)
My first big prize will make me fat
Am reasonably new to 'comping' getting a few little wins like wash powder, cleaning products etc, then in June, I won a major competition from Cadbury ... a years supply of chocolate. Hopefully the first 'big one' of many :)
Michelle (Member Number: 260332)
Love Competitions
I have won Sydney food festival tickets and a Simon Johnson hamper. Awesome feeling getting a prize in the post!!
Amanda sale (Member Number: 142419)
Still waiting for a big win...
However, have happily won small prizes a few times (DVDs, a cookbook and skincare pack worth $30) but it must be noted that Competitions Guide is the real deal and the thrill of winning, big or small is a fantastic feeling! It truly makes your day.
Bilyana (Member Number: 181941)
One of the first times I entered a competition I won $500 worth of Lingerie thanks to Curvy Kate and Bras n Things! I actually received about $750 worth of underwear all up because they also sent me the matching briefs to the bra's I had chosen. I haven't won anything since, but winning such a huge prize made my year!
Ashleigh (Member Number: 263979)
So far so good
I have won a Nintendo game and a bottle of wine so far.
Jenna (Member Number: 122004)
Small Things
While I have only won small things so far, it is only a matter of time. DVDs, cushions etc. The 25 words of less competitions seem to be the best from what I can see.
Richard (Member Number: 212593)
I like suprises
I have won a Samsung washing machine, also a M & M foosball table, comps are definitely worth trying.
Margaret (Member Number: 3732)
The thrill of the chase.
38 DVD'S, Phone protection cover, 15 dble movies passes, $50 gift card, 12 cd's, A $4,000 mountain bike, Silk tablecloths, 5 t-shirts, 6 books, iPod, solar powered calculators, towels.
Paul (Member Number: 286173)
Grateful for all prizes big and small!
I've only been lucky enough to win a box of high quality coconut water, but I was stoked with that!
Jennie (Member Number: 271116)
Sometimes Lucky
The biggest prize I have ever won is a $10,000 travel voucher through NRMA. Even though I am extremely lucky to have won the trip of a lifetime, I have had small wins over the years, such as cook books, toys and woollen beanies!!
Sue (Member Number: 152320)
I have won a box of Vegie Chips containing 3 packets
Alana (Member Number: 16966)
Best Beauty Buys
I won the 101 best beauty buys worth over $5000 from a competition I entered through this site
Jessica (Member Number: 248385)
I have won holidays to:

- Hawaii
- New York
- UK (twice)
- New Zealand
- Vanuatu

I love winning holidays because memories last longer than things. And I get to share the experience with people I love.
Troy (Member Number: 14862)
Prizes Won
I have Won an iPad mini and a set of Enid blyton children's books since joining competitions guide.
I have won small prizes
A dinner set,digital radio,drink dispenser,CD,perfume,aftershave,cosmetics,DVDs ,men's wallet,puzzle mags,mixing bowls,board game,a scarf,jewellery,and a few other small prizes from entering comps in that's life,take 5,new idea and woman's day
Hoping to win something big such as a car or holiday from camps on competitions guide soon.
Fingers and toes crossed that my turn will come.
Janene (Member Number: 206549)
Prizes Won
I've only won small competitions but I still get so excited. I have won dvds and dvd packs etc but hopefully with a bit of luck I'll win bigger and better prizes.
Andrea (Member Number: 38561)
I've won $2000 Cash & $2500 Cash! I say stick with it and GO FOR IT! It COULD be you next time!
Scott (Member Number: 285715)
You got to be kidding me!
I started entering comps through this site 2 weeks ago and today I just got an email that I WON a new Samsung tablet worth $600.
Wolf (Member Number: 273338)
The list goes on.......
I too have kept a long list of prizes won.. A list of close to 150 prizes.. The best so far being my iPad2 and a Panasonic Digital Camera.. But I've won countless gift cards, movie tickets, photography packages, make up, kids toys, DVDs, CDs etc... Its fun!... :) Thanks Competitions Guide for making comping a pleasure!...
Sonya (Member Number: 39049)
DVDs & playdoh
So far I have won 3 dvds and a girls playdoh princess kit, great for presents...waiting for the big one
Bek (Member Number: 248704)
Lucky kid
I won once as a kid a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica that was neat
Brad (Member Number: 268852)
Got to be in it to win it :)
I have won a DVD, a 4WD book, tickets to shows and a CD. Oh and chocolate!
Jonnine (Member Number: 119117)
small stuff
I have mainly won small stuff here ....

and a HUGO pack relating to the movie

Andrew (Member Number: 66541)
prizes i have won
recipe books
house gift card
Karena (Member Number: 58443)
Wnner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Over the past 2 years or so I've won a Margaret River gourmet hamper, a mobile phone, a Nikon SLR camera, various pieces of jewellery, pantry items such as a TimTam gift hamper, a Moccona gift hamper and a Purina cat hamper as well as a $200 Westfield Shopping Centre voucher from Glen20. Oh, and a weekend at the Holiday Inn Melbourne including tickets to AFL Geelong/Essendon match...we were upgraded to a suite at the Holiday Inn on Flinders and our meals were inclusive! I no complain! :-)
Deb (Member Number: 290095)
I am addicted to competitions!
I have won a TV, heaps of DVDs, heaps of cosmetics, books, a Honda power tools prize worth $3,000, a $1,000 visacard & an iPad and lots of other prizes. I do not have to buy manyChristmas or birthday presents. Thanks to you Competitionsguide!!
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
small win so far
I have just joined this site and after reading about all the winners, I have renewed hope. I did win a set of bamboo sheets so hopefully more prizes to come.
Margie (Member Number: 278264)
Prizes Won
I don't think I have won anything from entering through this site but I have had a few wins over the years. Some of these being Movie Tickets, TV, mobile phone, small cash prizes, Chocolates, DVDs. Not as much as many of the others although people say how lucky I am, I don't seem to win anything of real value or that I really need or want.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
my wins
I have won clothing, makeups and jewellery but nothing big!
Lea (Member Number: 61598)
Always hopeful
show tickets

Heike (Member Number: 159796)
i won
knife set and cutting board
coconut water
florescent lights
hair dye
tickets to a puppeteer in Melbourne
blocks of chocolate
candles in glasses
face creams
two handbags
and that's only in the last 6 weeks

Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
Happy go lucky
-weekend in SPA for 2 people
-one term of swimming lessons for my daughter
-Birthday Party "Frozen" at HOYTS cinemafor my daughte
-prize pack of toys worth $500
-many dvds, tickets

I want to win a car or holidays :)

Renata (Member Number: 98779)
Boom Boom Shake the Room!
Only movie passes so far, but I am new to the site, ad very excited to utilise this great resource! Yeeeehaaw!
Tyler (Member Number: 289391)
1000% Return
$50 meat pack down the local cost $5 for the ticket only thing I have won so far.
Hohepa (Member Number: 286005)
My Fantastic Wins
McDonald's vouchers
Movie pass
Make up bag
Children's toys
Love entering competitions you have to be in it to win it :)

Michelle (Member Number: 288626)
Movie Tickets
Lisa (Member Number: 285456)
What have you won?
I PAD $650
Odeliaf (Member Number: 249296)
I have won
I have won movie tickets
Hair are packs
A dress and other clothes
Earrings and a bracelet
Hat and cd
Lots of wonderful little prizes :-)
Renee (Member Number: 23460)
prize win
I've won skincare products and yesterday won a camera
Belinda (Member Number: 206814)
Winning!!! :)
My two biggest wins would have to be a $10,000 custom designed diamond ring which I absolutely adore!! And when I was on live TV and I won $15,000 cash!!!
I love my hobby, I truly do!!! :)
Fiona (Member Number: 2124)
Overseas Trip with Snoop! :)
When I was 20, I won an amazing trip to see Snoop Dogg in London. It was my first ever tip overseas! :)
Sarah (Member Number: 288143)
Just lucky?
I am a keen comper - and even more so since I found your great site! My friends think I am "lucky" but I say you just have to be in it to win it! Some of my favourite prizes:
A trip for 2 to New York with a $5000 spending spree in Saks 5th Avenue with stylist Patricia Field (Sex and the city)plus my hair styled at a salon in the Meat Packing district
All inclusive accomodation for 2 at a luxury resort in Fiji
My hair styled at an exclusive inner city salon
A bike
2 x swim suits
a watch
books, CD's, countless movie tickets
Numerous theatre tickets and tickets to the Opera
Hair care products
Jurlique skin care products
A mani/pedi
La Creuset cookware and a gift card for groceries
vouchers for on-line and local boutiques
Personalised Christmas cards
Several cleaning/homecare sets (washing powders etc)
Tickets to heaps of Fashion Parades and product launches
A giant stuffed "Kleenex" puppy

There are actually too many to remember and list here. It is my favourite hobby!
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
quirky wins
i have won some things I forgot I entered. I've won an in season movie pass to Lucy, a book called "The Little Book of Thin", an ITunes gift voucher and a box of children's books.
Alison (Member Number: 288154)
Hai thank you very much to help me win $1000 in cash. It was very useful to have this money on my vacation time.
Jesto (Member Number: 195003)
Waiting for the big one...
I found your website in April and since then have become ever so slightly addicted to comping. To date I have won: 5 x double movie passes (all separate competitions), a large beauty hamper, a lipstick, a mascara, a book, isowhey protein pack, a pack of jams and conserves, a family pass to 'We're going on a bear hunt'', a set of Cook books and a $300 Gold Class voucher. Now if I can figure out how to win an overseas trip I'll be set!
Olivia (Member Number: 195602)
Comping is fun!
I see it as a bit of a hobby and enjoy the process even though one doesn't always win. I've won many things over the years but don't bother to keep a list of things! lol

They've ranged from a customised denim jacket worth $500, La Prairie face cream worth $975 to the latest a few days ago of $250 cash and a $250 Terry White Chemist gift voucher. I'm not one to gloat so I'll leave it at that.

Love and peace
Angela (Member Number: 952)
CompGuide Newbie
Roughly 12yrs ago I won a Queen size mattress.

Feeling lucky with Competitions Guide!
Karen (Member Number: 287931)
Zoom zoom
I have won a car about 12 months ago through boost 2nd chance draw, a BBQ through a Facebook comp and lots of little comps about 1 per month.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 124949)
ive won
many toys for my toddler
movie passes
books, dvds,
Melanie (Member Number: 169796)
1. VIP Trip for 4 to The Australian Open Finals including Front row seats and $4000 spending money $25000
2. Trip to Bora Bora - went for our honeymoon and was heaven $15000
3. Trip to Africa $12000
Christina (Member Number: 63099)
In it to WIN IT!!
I was always lucky as a child, winning raffles or colouring in competitions. I had seen an advertisement for CompetitionsGuide.com.au and thought, why not?. With thousands of people I thought 'doubt ill win but ill have a go' I didn't believe the large prizes were actually won by 'regular everyday people'.
Around lunch time one October day in 2009 I received a phone call from a major Australian magazine company advising that I had WON one of their competitions. My heart stopped and had to sit down, I had won a brand new limited edition Honda Jazz AND a $10,000 shopping spree in Melbourne!!!
Since then I have won numerous things from giftcards, camera, toys, DVDs, even an electric toothbrush!! No matter how big or small the win, it still makes my heart race with excitement. Just goes to show, an everyday person can win big.
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
Competition is just a click away with Competition Guide
Within this 2 years I've won :
Westfield voucher $100 and Glad products, Skin Physics derma sonic, Garnier Miraculous Oil, Free Hair colouring from Salon Express, my son won Disney Infinity, DVD Madagascar and Staedler from colouring competitions, Coles voucher $100, Few cookbooks, Bake Boss DVD, Fresh produce from Diner Twist. Thanks Competition Guide!
Ariani (Member Number: 178780)
The Tap Pack
I won tickets for The Tap Pack. It was brilliant in that I went to the Hayes Theatre at Potts Point. I probably would have never went to this unique theatre. Look forward to going again
Kerrie (Member Number: 285646)
Winners are grinners
I have won so many things over the years. big and small it is great to win something.
Westfield gift cards up to $300
movie tickets
A nights stay at Joondalup resort
Robocop prize pack
and a Go Pro I gave to my hubby for valentines day :)

Amanda (Member Number: 152202)
Daggy Dad Competition
I entered my husband into a Daggy Dad Competition & he won! - gift pack & vouchers. Also kids electric ride-on jeep, keyring, gift cards.
Lee (Member Number: 220778)
Bon Jovi New Jersey cd
I just won a Bon Jovi cd from Max tv
Cleo (Member Number: 158139)
Will competitions guide save me
Luckily I am a proud owner/winner of a push along scooter, that I let my niece use, it keeps her happy. Hoping that competitions guide can change my luck
Matthew smith (Member Number: 286598)
Just starting out
I've just started to enter online competitions and won a protein pack and a $ 500 cash prize.
Sure hope this keeps going!
Isabell (Member Number: 20109)
Having a Go.
This year I was lucky to win a $100 voucher for Woolworths as well as tickets to the lego movie.
Kim (Member Number: 285870)
my cat won
My cat Malcolm was the south australian winner of the claw club crazy little thing called love competition. He won nothing but some well earned notoriety!
Marnie (Member Number: 285955)
Thanks Competitions Guide
Thanks to Craig's hard work I have won thousands worth of prizes over the years; iPads, vouchers, shed, movie tickets. The list goes on.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
More prizes than I can click a mouse to!
Lots of movie double passes, DVD’s, kitchenware, cookbooks and gift cards. My biggest win to date was cash, nearly $2000. Yes, it involved a kissing booth. You got me there! The money certainly came in handy. Comping RuleZ! ;-)
Christopher (Member Number: 113851)
I have one a mix of prizes, with my lovely list including; money, gift cards, hair styling tools, hair care, small weekend getaway, food, household appliances and etc. Never give up! Persistence is key!
Melissa (Member Number: 5286)
Slowly, slowly!
I love Michelle's ida to keep a list. Here is what I can remember so far... Mostly my bigger wins are for hotos or recipes, but there are also a few Facebook and 25 word or less. I think the size of my wins has increased since joining Competitionsguide.com.au. Thanks for the encouragement too, that has helped!

August 2014, Family pass to see Postman Pat: The Movie and DVD prize pack $139.40 each (25 WOL)
May 2014, Kambrook Mother’s day prize $400 (recipe)
Feb 2014, Coleman tent $270 (25 WOL)
October 2013, double pass to Mystery Road
May 2013, magazine subscription (Ride to work registration)
July 2013 compression Socks $50 (Facebook mapping comp)
June 2012, $25 Woolworths Wish card, (banana photo competition)
May 2012, $100 restaurant card- (recipe competition)
Jan 2012, $500 Hungry Caterpillar gear (SMS 25WOL)
Dec 2011, 2 tickets to Homebake $220 (Music Quiz comp)
Aug 2011, $200 gift card – (SA Shorts Photo Comp)-
May 2011, in season double to Snowtown

Amanda (Member Number: 146995)
Thanks, Competitions Guide!
Since I joined Competitions Guide, I've won $100 Coles voucher last December, and last week I've won $100 Petbarn voucher,and 3-months supply of cat food. Now, I am really keen on playing and winning some more. Thanks for all the info on competitions and the tips for winning in the e-book!
Zorica (Member Number: 219333)
In it to win it
I love entering competitions, even if I'm not really into the prize, it's the thrill of the chase. I have won Gift cards(the most $250 from Bunnings, the least $20 from Big W), a Webber Baby Q BBQ, make up, hampers, wine vouchers, pet care, lots of goodies. It's a great week when something gets delivered nearly everyday, so much fun but very time consuming much to my family's disgust not mine ha ha
Gayle (Member Number: 204932)
Prizes Won
This year I have won a $100 Hoyts voucher and a $200 Myers giftcard. Both from using Competions Guide! There is nothing like the excitement of getting the email of congratulations.
Krishna (Member Number: 103190)
Competitions are my addiction! The prizes I have won so far are:
- Petbarn voucher
- Gift cards
- Money prizes
I haven't won anything major yet, but you have to be in it to win it! I have even shared my competition experiences and prizes on Facebook and give others advice on how to win and increase their chances in competitions.
Krystal (Member Number: 284092)
comps are great!
i just recently won a dvd on the world cup! gooaaall!
Chris (Member Number: 223452)
Just to win .
I have won a insect repellent prize . I don't know if it was on your site or not . So if I win this time I know that it is on your site .
Peta (Member Number: 244474)
You have tobe in it , to WIN IT!!!! :-)
My partner and I of 16yrs+ won our 1st comp family honeymoon.To the beautiful Hamilton island for 6 nights.With our 3 beautiful kids.To beable to win a gift card.Geee well that would be so amazing.But like they say u never know your luck....Thanks for all your comps & to everyone who holds them.So much fun, dreaming and wishing.It's a good feeling :-)
Sara (Member Number: 262711)
1 big prize, several smaller ones
Food and Wine Festival prize totalling $25k (approx) including a trip to Tasmania, Dyson Vacuum 48 bottles of wine, Dinner settings, dining table, and lots of other things.

Movie tickets, Playstation games, Child's onesie
Stephen (Member Number: 178590)
A little winner
I won a ladies cardigan on facebook about 3 months ago and I am hooked now!! So far I have won:

a Dress, Scarf & another cardi combo,
a fingernail polish thingy,
a couple of dvds,
a cd & book set,
a pair of candles,
a quilt cover set,
a body scrub & body butter set,
a $30 coles voucher and
a $50 gift voucher for an online store.

Nothing major, high value or life changing but still hoping and entering. I am just grateful to win at all really. I love getting that email or message to say I have won and really love getting my little goodies in the mail!! Nothing from this site yet but early days so still waiting :)
Elizabeth (Member Number: 271780)
Holding out for that major one
I've never won a holiday or a car. But constantly win beauty products, concert tickets, and kids clothes. That big one will come soon
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
Dont usually win anything but....
through Competitions Guide I've won tickets to a comedy show, a hairdryer and straightener!
Cath (Member Number: 199469)
What I've won...
I've won:
A storage cabinet
$200 Gold Class Movie Voucher
$1,000 website package
An outdoor survival pack
A few different DVDs
Plus a few other nick nacks.

It is definitely worth entering your competitions. You don't win 99% of the time but it is nice when you do win :)
Nasrin (Member Number: 152729)
Avid 'Comper'
I am now an avid 'comper' thanks to competitionsguide.com.au !
Winning is very addictive, no matter how large or small the prize - anything is a nice bonus.
Since following the site I have won numerous items, from movie tickets to a picnic set and it's always exciting to come home and check the mail box every day just in case there's a little surprise waiting there for me! :)
Ben (Member Number: 222241)
prizes this year
$10 from mentos
family pass to postman pat
So maybe I'm not as good at this as some
Cheryl (Member Number: 87716)
I've won movie tickets, books, CDs, DVDs, wine, chocolate, cosmetics and various other prizes. My best win was a carton of lollies - there were 100 packets of gummy lollies and it weighed a massive 18kg.
Merryl (Member Number: 56367)
Good Start!
I only just found competitionsguide and have already won a double pass to see Courtney Love tomorrow night. Thanks!
Shane (Member Number: 273156)
It can be addictive if you have the time!
With a toddler it's hard to concentrate and enter creative comps but I fit them in when I can. I've only just started out but I just won something!
- A hot chocolate stencil pack. Ok it's not huge but I'll take it!
Sarah (Member Number: 262822)
Entering competitions has become a hobby.
Prizes I have won so far:
Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara
Roadshow’s top 100 DVDS
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick
Burt's Bees lipstick
I have won a few more things,but this is all I can remember
Louise (Member Number: 134481)
What i have won
Ive recently won the Maybelline mascara
Olga (Member Number: 152891)
Happy winnings
I love the fact that the comps are free and that you can win so much just by a click or a few words. I've won: A Sony Cybershot camera, $2000 travel voucher from DFAT, a Toshiba laptop, countless bottles of perfume and lots of little things over the years. Like others I'm waiting for the big one but it's so much fun just trying
Deborah (Member Number: 1846)
Thanks Competitionguide!
I've only been entering comps on this site for a few months and i've already one a sighned copy of Julie Goodwin's latest cooking book and other things aswell. :)
Sam (Member Number: 268303)
Happy Days
Since joining last year I've won...
a trip to Sydney staying at Star Casino
A holiday to California I'm going in October (flights,accommodation, car hire) and have lunch with Jackie Collins,
A weekend away, including flights, for 6 to
Tasmania where we had a gourmet chef prepare us a five course meal.
And lots of other prizes including DVDs, movie tickets, toys, vouchers etc etc
I really appreciate everything I win and hope my luck continues. Thank you Competitions Guide for the amazing site.
Danielle (Member Number: 79236)
In my first year as a member
ive won so far
1)Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey & 2 Glass Pack
2)$100 Sunglass Hut gift card

Fingers crossed my list will grow as competitions are listed and closing daily =)

Paul (Member Number: 202777)
Always Look on the Bright Side
In 2009/10 our family suffered the worst years of our lives, with near death and long recovery for myself, then my Mum and lastly my son, but I never gave up entering my competitions.

Then in 2011 we hit the Jackpot with a competition from Lipton's Iced Tea, of a Trip for 2 to America including Flights, Accommodation and $4000.00 spending money, then the wonderful people at Lipton's let us use the $4000.00 spending money to buy flights and accommodation so we could take our Son & Daughter as well our little Granddaughter with us. We also got to go to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon and heaps of other amazing places. This really brought the sunshine back into our lives.

Last week I won a Play Kitchen for my little granddaughter from Bushells and $100.00 Pet Barn voucher for my cat.

You have to be in it to win it.
Patricia (Member Number: 1234)
American Honey Australia
i won a trip from American Honey Australia to Vegas for 2 people valued at $6700 that i took in Feb 2014, this included $2000 spending money
Monika (Member Number: 206762)
Prizes I have won.....
Hello, since joining up this year I've won:

- A Sony Xpedia Tablet & Years supply of gillette
- A $600 voucher for two pair of glasses (Specsavers)
- A Lenovo Yoga 8 Tablet, and
- Dr LeWinns products (3 items)

Hopefully I can add a $100 Woolies / Coles voucher to the list too ;)

For anyone that hasn't won just yet - be patient and try the creative 25 words or less comps. They always work for me.

Happy Comping x
Holly (Member Number: 223025)
I have won a few prizes
$100 voucher for Surf Stitch on line store
A limited Heritage Edition Russell Hobbs Vegemite 4 Slice Toaster, tshirts, hats, headphones

Vicki (Member Number: 114093)
Prizes Won
I have won over 20,000 dollars off prizes in 5 years from TV, Holidays, Foodland Vouchers, movies passes, hair cuts but NO CAR AS YET :( but im happy with what I have won. Being a full time career 4 hubby I love doing puzzles and competition when I have time and he helps 2.
Julie (Member Number: 229872)
Prizes won
Nothing yet....it'll happen on day
Suzanne (Member Number: 242596)
Not sure it was better than nothing
Quite a few years ago I won a meat tray in a local fundraising raffle. I am Vegan:( I wanted to win the painting.
Maraika (Member Number: 225224)
Learning all the time
A couple of weeks ago I won two watchs worth $1049, and before that a MiNDFOOD Magazine competition. I don't have much experience as yet but I KNOW that my entries, especially 25 WOL are getting better. It's amazing how my general knowledge is increasing too!
Kim (Member Number: 223933)
My winnings so far
I'm "Competition guide" member for last 2 months. Benefits of being a member, I find right competitions( I prefer food and cooking based) and also the tips provided has helped me to win below

1.Pinch me Glade sensor sample.
2.Bulla $100 tinyme voucher.
3.McCain $100 gift card.
4.Patak's DIY $200 Kitchen warehouse gift card and hamper.
5.Bulla Breville Multichef cooker.
6.Leggos $600 Kitchenaid food processor.
7. Movie passes × 2.
8. Five taste $10 gift card.
9. Toysrus $100 gift card from Eveready.

And many more to win.
Mythreyi (Member Number: 271259)
Enter frequently and abundantly!!
I have won some fab prizes over the years!
My first 'big' prize was 2 tickets to see my favourite band, U2 in Dublin in 1987. I have also won;
12 bottles of wine
250 pounds
2 Christmas hampers(different years)
A day boat trip
Several DVD's, CD's and Books
1000dollar Visa card
2 Washing Machines
Movie tickets
Beauty hamper
500 dollars to spend on beauty products
The use of a new car for a week(to review)
Food Steamer
200dollar woolworths voucher
X Box
Canon camera
And various other prizes that I can't recall. I Love to enter competitions and I tell people it's my Hobbie!

Lorraine (Member Number: 76685)
I love when the postie comes
This year Hi 5 pack with backpack books etc, $1000 voucher to spend at TVSN, box of 29 books, jar of honey, iPhone case, $50 paypal cash, $30 woollies gift card, 12 months supply Divine Blends dish washing liquid, Chux product pack, chocolates, rubber gloves, marinades and spices selection, 2 other books, dvd's x 3, palmers cocoa butter pack, shampoo and conditioner pack, Burts Bees cuticle cream, Nivea pack, towels, pressure cooker and 2 x magazine subscriptions. Can't find my list to remember any others. It has been a great year and I love when a parcel arrives in the mail
Yvonne (Member Number: 129248)
My winnings for the last few years
ok here we go
These are my winnings in the last few years
100 Magnum ice-creams for work- radio comp $400
Mobile phone & credit (Coca cola); $900
Wonderdogs book (Oreo)
Crazysales voucher $25
Summers prize pack w/ beach umbrella/towel etc $350
Phillips Quickclean juicer (Mouths of mums) $260
Continental soup sachets (continental) $600
Fantastic furniture voucher $50
Burts Bees prize pack $109
Samsung blu ray surround sound system (NightOwl Convenience store) $429
Blue Flea Collar (Mammoth Pets Supplies) $20
Red jewel lead (Mammoth Pet Supplies) $20
Pet First aid kit (St John Ambulance) $90
SodaStream Machine Pack x2 (SodaStream Australia) $322
Lifeproof iPhone/ipad cover and case (Dick Smith) $200
500g schmackos and chair (Discount animal supplies)
Scanpan saucepan (Everton) $379
Cuisineart Slow Cooker (cook republic) $199
Bahati Years supply of coffee & Tea $1,600 (Bahati)
Capt’n Snooze voucher (2/9/13) $5,000
Logitech iPad foldout keyboard $90.00

Michelle (Member Number: 140751)
Fun and games
This year i was super lucky to win $5000 cash, unfortunately my car broke down just 2 days after so a third went to fixing it up but the rest was saved! Last year i won the chance to dig in a giant sandcastle for gift cards at The Jam Factory in Melbourne with some other winners. I only won some small gift cards but it was so much fun and nostalgic digging in the sand! Anything you can get a new experience from is an awesome win to me!
(Member Number: 24152)
Be persistent
I've been lucky enough to win some jewellery, several books, Coles/Myer gift cards x 2, and a child's toy. Still waiting for the new car and enormous wad of cash to pay off my mortgage but I'm sure it's coming soon!
Wendy (Member Number: 22194)
A storm is coming
Trent & Steele 1.8L Kettle - Copper , Trent & Steele 4 Slice Toaster - Copper and a cookbook Coi By Daniel Patterson. Know i need two win some more cookware and then some food stuff and i will cook up a storm
Matthew (Member Number: 135958)
Custom stuffed toy
I won a custom stuffed toy made out of one of my daughters drawings. Possibly the greatest thing ever!
It was made by Pieces of You Designs
Katie (Member Number: 230153)
Comps are LOTS of Fun!
Over the years I have won many things. My best win was about 5 years ago in a "Continental" Competition. I actually won twice. The prize was a set of Jamie Oliver Cookwear, worth almost $600 each. Then the promoter also sent out two $20 gift cards due to the prize coming late. My next best win was a Breville slow cooker in a "Maggi" Competition. I have not stopped using the slow cooker since! Have also won quite a few gift cards, all thanks to "Competitions Guide" and instore advertising.
Anita (Member Number: 9071)
Prizes galore
This site is AMAZING: since joining I have won:

2 X Tickets to Brisbane International
An air conditioner
Ipad 2
Ipad Mini
Various books and make up products
Philips Air Fryer
And lots more but at this stage my mind is drawing a complete blank, there has just been so much
Lisa (Member Number: 117265)
Prizes Won
Since finding this site this is what I've won in the last 5 months. It's amazing how many competitions are out there and they're not a lot of trouble to enter! Here is the list:
Prize List
Philips Airfryer XL $369
Local is Lovely Cookbook $30
Electrolux Turbo Stickmixer $169
Handmade Card $5
2 x Red Balloon Vouchers $280
Two Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure Cookbook $39.99
4 x Hairy Bikers DVDs $100
Dr Lewinn's Face Cream $69.95
Bosch MUM5 Kitchen Machine $499
Dermalogica Clear Masque $27.50
Sunbeam Slow Cooker & McKenzie's Products $269
Sunbeam Cafe Series Planetary Mixer $649
San Remo Pasta Pot Prize Pack $136
Ardmona Hamper $25
Slinky $25
Family Cinema Pass $66

Not bad since all comps were free to enter!
Thanks Competitions Guide!
Sonya (Member Number: 267752)

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