What prize would you like most to win?

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Different people like different things, we get that, and this is especially true of competitions. That's why we like to make it easier for our members to find the kind of prizes they want as quickly as possible.

At the top of our pages, you can find our most popular 'Comping Categories', simply choose whichever prizes you want to Win and they will all be there

So, what prizes get you the most excited...what would you really like to win?

Yours Comp-letely,

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At seventy five to win a queensland holiday would make me feel 65 again
Bruce 631981
Bruce (Member Number: 631981)
would love to win motorhome or cash to put towards getting one,want to sell up and travel around australia
Natalie (Member Number: 517860)
Winners are Grinners!
mmmmm - Mustang for my husband - nothing would give me more joy that a red ribboned Mustang in the Driveway and a matching Mustang keyring
Anastasia (Member Number: 608022)
Win competitions
I would like to win a car for my son when he returns from the USA with his wife & 2 babies or a house or money just to help them out. Judy
Judith (Member Number: 498019)
To win wealth in order to marry my fiancee!
To win wealth in order to marry my fiancee!
Alexander (Member Number: 463151)
AFL grabd final tickets for my husband
Jennifer (Member Number: 460734)
Home sweet home.
I'm bed bound and hubby is a horder.....need I say more...money for a clean- up, pleeeeeease!!!
Brenda (Member Number: 7404)
Financial security
A family home and bills paid for a year.
Deborah (Member Number: 347959)
Needing a Break!
Right now I need to win a holiday away to escape the dreadful situation I'm in.
Sinead (Member Number: 403757)
$1000 petrol from BP would give my car more zoom zoom zoom! Instead of filling up to an even $40 or $50 spend I could really fill my car up. That would be a nice first!
Patricia (Member Number: 12840)
I would really love to just win anything!
I'm the most unluckiest person around.
I would be grateful to win that tin of tuna, yum!

Karen (Member Number: 247720)
My own car!
I do not own my own car and have been borrowing my brother's car while he is overseas so I can get myself to work, kids to daycare and school. We are in need of a car! I work 5 days but being a single mum it is hard with money!
Emily (Member Number: 220843)
Green with envy.
Any prize would be great but it would be good to see some green prizes, such as solar power systems etc.
Christopher (Member Number: 227537)
Most wanted
Would love a well needed holiday
Angela (Member Number: 215342)
definitely another gopro, obsessed with it and all my friends love my shots and love how obsessed with using it and taking photos with it haha
Grant (Member Number: 209310)
th prize I would like mostly to win
would be a travel voucher so I could go visit family scattered around Australia.
Valerie (Member Number: 105162)
The prize that keeps giving
my ideal prizes are those for life, getting something everyday or week for the rest of your life. Winning a Mars a day would certainly help me work rest and play but how about a $1000 deposited in your account every day for the rest of your life....WOW
Steve (Member Number: 192585)
Prizes should be shared
I'd like to win something that I can share, like a holiday or a car. That way others can share the joy that I have from winning it, so it's doubled.
Sharon (Member Number: 53946)
My Magnificent Win
To be Contacted to say I had won a Car would be Magnificent as I could never afford a New One and this would be so EXCITING and Unbelievable.
Carmel (Member Number: 78712)
Monrey for sure then you can spend it on something you need
Laura (Member Number: 31785)
Something is better than nothing!
As a single mum, it's a struggle, I'll be happy with a gift voucher.
Ana (Member Number: 164940)
Win wish list
First pick would be CASH, preferably a lot of it but more realistically, a fuel card or supermarket card would help with day-to-day costs...boring but true!!!
Marianne (Member Number: 8619)
A big thank you for letting me join Cmpetitions Guide as for what i would like to win would be any thing i am not fussy
Helen (Member Number: 144210)
Robo-Unicorn Vehicle (bonus: world peace)
Honestly? I'd love to win a fuel efficient car in the shape of a unicorn. The car would emit glitter particles and gummy lollies. HOW MAGICAL! Oh, and it would come with a "peace wand" which, when used on living creatures, would bring infinite happiness and an occasional cute kitten.
Sara (Member Number: 158527)
Pick Me
I"ve started entering competitons and what a Buzz it gives me 'will I win"I'm not picky what ever it is i'll take it!!So I hope someone will PICK ME !!
Frances (Member Number: 199186)
Life's Basic Necessities
I would be happy with a Coles or Woolworths voucher to help me out with the food shopping each week. Don't get me wrong, holidays would be great but the reality is winning anything that helps me and my family survive right now tops my list
(Member Number: 72795)
Scenic Tours Canada & Alaska
Would love to win this - who wouldn't?
Pam (Member Number: 7508)
as many people say bills arghh
It would be great to win some cash as we are far behind in the Bills yeah I dont want to get into it LOL...a holiday and a car also would be nice I haven't won anything yet soo hoping my luck turns
Rachel (Member Number: 138486)
Competitions on the run
I would love to win an IPad so I can enter competitions where ever I go.
Jessica (Member Number: 20817)
Universe please give us a break!!!!
i would love to win enough to put a deposit on a house so we can give our kids a more stable life, or enough to pay for us to go on our honeymoon because life just doesn't seem to give us a break from all the financial worries. I would even love to win a scholorship for my son to go to a private school he is so smart and we cant ever afford to harness that talent. So anything would be amazing really
Amanda (Member Number: 119142)
My own
I'd love a place to call my own
I don't mind if it's only small
just as long as we all live there
a house is a home when there's a family in it!
Eva (Member Number: 589)
Keep at it !!
Been doing the competitionsguide entries for about 2 years now and nothing better than getting home to a parcel or a card for Austpost pickup. For an ole fella I still get excited and love the suprise of opening something unexpected. SO keep at it..
Colin (Member Number: 23912)
Cash Prizes
Would love to win anything. But cash is always best to spend how you wish.
Jacqueline (Member Number: 196587)
im not greedy ,but thankful
iv never had much cash so it would really help . I have never one a single thing in my life cause I have no luck but maybe todays the day for me
Sally (Member Number: 202527)
anything big or small
I would love to win anything that I can give as a present to my 7 children from 1yo to 15yo, it is hard in this day and age to be able to afford all the stuff they want especially when their friends have it. for myself I would love to win a new car that is cheap to run that I can zip around in for work and shopping.
Juanita (Member Number: 184949)
Winning some cash would be my first choice, to be able to complete my tattoos before headings to the Army next year would be great, plus vein able to leave my family some cash while I'm gone would make me rest easier
Corey (Member Number: 202480)
Motivation is the name of the game.
Holidays and cars will always get my name.
Oh, whoopee money's involved
maybe with that too I'll get involved.
Oh, but wait here's a gift card to win
I'll enter that perhaps I'll win.
Elizabeth (Member Number: 31575)
Anything Shiny
I'm desperate to win a car at the moment (poor old bomb is really struggling), and a new fridge would be handy, but jewellery would be my number one prize pick!
Janelle (Member Number: 5084)
the thrill of winning a family holiday for me is the ultimate thrill
Liz petsetas (Member Number: 199485)
Things have changed
I enjoying winning things I would have never brought, like skincare and cosmetics – i stick to the same old, same old then I try a friends or get a freebie and its amazing how things have changed and here I am still using behind the times stuff
Renae (Member Number: 202240)
I love woolies and coles
Im a chef and would love to win a kitchen aid to make beautiful pastrys and cakes ffrom great produce from our local supermarkets
Nicholas (Member Number: 202332)
Sometimes one just needs to escape. Not from trouble or awful friends and family but from routine, technology and obligations. A chance to regather and refresh.A cruise would be that for me.
Nell (Member Number: 24613)
Honestly - Anything!!
I can honestly say that it doesn't matter what I win - it's that feeling, the anticipation and expectation...
Vikki (Member Number: 131970)
Happy As A Pig in SHiiiiiiiii(you cant say that)
Im always keen on doing a little Charlie (Sheen) WINNING,...anything is always welcome in these tough times
Jeff (Member Number: 202082)
I would love to win a ski/snowboard holiday to ANY mountain. My boyfriend and I are avid snowboarders and a snow trip would save us a whole lot of money!
Rebecca (Member Number: 145792)
I'm easy!
Win cars, cash, cosmetics,
It only takes a minute,
I don't just enter because it's fun,
It's 'cause I want to win it!!
Lynne (Member Number: 383)
I would prefer money in any form from a gift card to a visa card. Holidays, cars and other goodies are great, but money does it for me.
Janine (Member Number: 179388)
Environmental Experiences
I'd love a holiday as my seven year old daughter has never gone on one. Having the opportunity to participate in voluntary environmental work in another region would be good, (eg cane toad catching). Any environmental products for house/garden. Combination prizes to a theme are fun because they contain bigger and smaller surPRIZES.
Chrissy (Member Number: 197585)
Hard workin Farm boy.
Im not fussy what i win.i generally dont discriminate on prizes because i just love that winning feeling.cars,cash,holidays,computers-bring it on baby!!
Robert (Member Number: 196247)
Up the duff!
With a baby on the way a cash prize would definitely help out of little family to be. So much to buy so little time EEEK!
Louise (Member Number: 201611)
Time with my wife and family
I would love more time with my wife and family, so prizes like holidays, movie nights, are great, But things like "a house cleaner for a year", or a "chef-cooked meal once a month" or "clothes ironed and folded every week" would be cool to give us all some quality time. Having said that, tho, ANYTHING is great!
Stephen (Member Number: 178590)
Home Sweet Home
I would love to win enough money to pay off my mortgage. This would be the ultimate prize!
Kerry (Member Number: 140528)
Bright Lights
I would love to win a holiday to New York just to experience its bright lights, like they say, dreams are made in New York, so i definitely havent had mine fulfilled.
Yousef (Member Number: 89088)
Money money money
"All the things I could do if I had a little money. It's a rich man's world"

Jen (Member Number: 201957)
$100 Gift Card
This will help us cover our groceries for a couple of weeks which will be a great help to our tight budget.
Devina (Member Number: 22659)
Money money money mo-ney, MONEY!
A big, expensive, mind blowing chunk of mu-lah! I go green-with-envy when I see other people win money. I'd love to be capable of buying unbelievable presents for loved ones without worrying about the bills. Family and friends are amazing to me, I could finally pay them back!
Ben (Member Number: 201796)
I would love to win anything as opposed to winning absolutly nothing
Amanda (Member Number: 13852)
Little luxurious items you can't justify buying for yourself like perfumes or movie tickets.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
I'd be grateful for anything
but, I'd love to win a holiday. As much as I'd like to win money I know I'd spend it on boring household things. An enforced holiday (hopefully with a little spending money thrown in) would be ideal.
Kathy (Member Number: 67348)
I would love a RETURN trip on the Ghan,with a weeks accomodation and a hire care ready at the station.
Carol (Member Number: 5238)
A cleaner and chef for 6mths
Im suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum as im pregnant with baby #3. Id love to have someone clean my house and cook healthy meals for my two kids while i try to survive each day :(
Ciel (Member Number: 201911)
Any win is good
A telephone call or am e mail letting you know you have won gives you such a buzz!!!
Susan (Member Number: 185525)
Cold Hard Cash!
I'm going to be totally honest and sound greedy too but I want to win MONEY or a new car, but mainly money, I have so many things on my wish list that it's starting to resemble a short novel.
Jeannine (Member Number: 11462)
I'd love to win time. There are never enough hours in the day. Unfortunately, nobody gives away time, so I'd settle for a year's worth of groceries, a lifetime supply of chocolate or a trip into space.
Merryl (Member Number: 56367)
All my Household Bills & Rent paid for a Year!!
Apart from the usual House, Family holiday to Disneyland, Cash, Car etc. the competitions that get me excited are the ones where I can win a years supply of something that I regularly consume like groceries, petrol, rent, bills. *Braces for the kids teeth would be a welcome relief too!!
Terriann (Member Number: 201245)
I would love to win a years worth of petrol! It's always that thing that feels like a hassle and to take that stress away for a year would be incredible!
Eliza (Member Number: 201786)
I've been trying to win one for a while and refuse to give up hope that I will win one one day. A note book would be perfect for me to use on the long days I sit with a sick family member while he has treatment.
Debra (Member Number: 17964)
Happy Holiday
I would love to win a nice holiday to Queensland for both myself and my wife - maybe for our 35th wedding anniversary
Mick (Member Number: 55377)
Baby Things
I have my first bundle of joy due in November. Would love to win anything for our little baby boy!
Teegan (Member Number: 191883)
I'm always entering competitions and I love opening an email or letter to see the word Congratulations! I've won a few small prizes but I'd love to win a European River Cruise. I keep trying to make my dream come true.
Dianne (Member Number: 152098)
A Dream
I've never won anything before. The last 12mths for my 2 beautiful girls and I have been hectic! Winning a car would be awesome! it will make life a touch easier for us.
Raewa (Member Number: 201798)
Petrol for a Year
I and my gas guzzler would love to win our petrol paid for a year!
Micaela (Member Number: 45782)
Helping Hand
You never realize the stress you put on your parents when you were a teenager until you are caring for one, a am now sole carer for my 14 year old brother and at 23 it's a struggle, I'd be most happy with winning a magical prize pack that paid school fees and got everything you need to have a happy 14 year old, Maybe a day spa would help too hehe
Sharlene (Member Number: 201723)
(Member Number: 70750)
Never won anything. poor me.
Would you believe I have never won anything big, the odd $13 at lotto. I figure if I had saved the money I have spent on raffles etc I would be pretty rich. So here I am again, still trying and would love anything. Would love a holiday for my son and his fiancee for their honeyjmoon. Please and thank you.
Patricia (Member Number: 191820)
Green Make Over
I would love to win an environmental make over for my house. With water tanks, solar panels, grey water systems and everything else that is available.
Bianca (Member Number: 183811)
I love Food Shopping!
I just love to shop, but food shopping is my main focus! Love yummy food!!!
Kim (Member Number: 6304)
A years worth..
Winning a years worth of anything would be fantastic! Whether it's bills, petrol or food. The best thing is that it would be a ongoing prize.
Skye (Member Number: 131525)
The Great Escape
I'd love to be able to take my wife on a real holiday where everything is taken care of like a tropical island. We haven't been away from work or family since our wedding 3 years ago and even that wasn't too far from home.
Dylan (Member Number: 189616)
Cooking appliances
I love to cook, so any cooking appliances will do me lots of favour :)
Ariani (Member Number: 178780)
Dream Come True
"Win $10,000 towards to your dream wedding" - That would sure take a lot of stress out of our wedding planning process! Hehe
Bryony (Member Number: 201503)
Just Love that Winning Feeling
I love to win prizes, doesn't matter what they are...I once entered 2 comps on one day for two different tv shows one I liked one the other not so much. Guess which comp I won...still felt great though
Keegan (Member Number: 105047)
Finished Dieting
Gift Cards, Cash, vouchers...
I am finishing up my diet on 30 June (worst 3 months of my life). I just want to go to Coles and go ballistic.
Robert (Member Number: 199522)
Would absolutly go mad!
I Would absolutly go mad with joy and excitement if and when I receive a call saying I have won a New Car.I have never owned a brand new car and it is a big dream of mine.It hasn't happened yet but I truly believe it will one day, and when it does I will share My winning experience with all my fellow competitors out there.
Amy (Member Number: 188690)
A car, ANY car!!!!
My car is an absolute bomb, every time I get in I wonder if this is the trip it's going to die on me and leave me stranded. To win a car, any car would be a dream come true. I would never mind being the designated driver!!!
Andrew (Member Number: 190142)
Free prizes
I would be more than happy to win any prize actually but if you want honesty then I would love to win a new car or 4 x 4 (could do with one!) and enter all the comps to do with winning something as fantastic as this!!
Rick (Member Number: 186971)
Big ticket items
Cars, Holidays, lots of cash. Sounds greedy but I would be so excited to win it!
Krystie (Member Number: 108538)
Ozzie Camping Trip
Any prize on your website would be fantastic but a 4WD ute to set up for our camping trip would be top of my list. We have been on two camping trips around Australia with our 2 man tent, car and two mountain bikes but from a safety point our next trip to the Cape will be sleeping on top of a vehicle in a pod. We like to rough it but sometimes it is pretty hard to set up camp in isolated areas especially when you can't get our tent pegs in the hard ground.

Denise (Member Number: 197672)
New Car
I would love to win a new car as I had to sell my previous car (which wasn't new by any standards) after falling on hard times.
Richard (Member Number: 81505)
wow I love to be a winner :) I feel blessed to be a part of the competitions :) wooohoo
Jaz (Member Number: 31364)
I'm only young so winning money would give me a great head start in life, with buying a car, or down payment for a house, or assist in hopefully starting a dental clinic in my home town.
Annie (Member Number: 201387)
I would be grateful for anything I won,it's all a game of luck isn't it? Mind you I could do with a new 4X4.
Chris (Member Number: 171708)
Sharon, you are going to Alaska
Those are the words I would love to hear at Alaska is the top of my bucket list. Any holiday would have me dancing like a crazy woman and screaming like a banshee, so you have been warned!
Sharon (Member Number: 50046)
Just love winning
I just love the high you get when you win something . But atm I'd really love to win an Ipad or Ipad mini . Fingers crossed & thinking happy thoughts !
Tracy (Member Number: 5830)
Lucky break....
I would love a holiday, some cash, a car, an ipad, anything really that will put me a little ahead of where I am right this moment. I'm not fussy.....I just find it tough being a single mum and would love a lucky break!
(Member Number: 62966)
It's A New Car
I's just love to win a car as I've never had one but just to win something would be great also as I've never won anything
Steven (Member Number: 198374)
Smiling :)
I would love to win a holiday but anything is nice. There is nothing quite like opening an email or answering a call saying you've won something except maybe those prizes that just appear on your doorstep you never quite know what is there until you open it!
Yvonne (Member Number: 129248)
Travel Bug
So many places to go and see, but not enough money, so winning a travel competition is just the ticket.Fingers crossed that I do.
Judy (Member Number: 175611)
I'd love...
...a home among the gumtrees (From Boystown)
With lots of plum trees (Gardenworld)
A sheep or two, and a kangaroo(Toyworld)
A clothesline out the back (Hills)
Verandah out the front (An Outdoor Umbrella from Bunnings would do)
And an old rocking chair (From Harvey Norman)
Kim (Member Number: 34792)
any prize will do
i just love winning prizes regards of the size it could be small or large its just a trill to win so any prize i win will do me just fine
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
wouldnt it be nice
A week at a health retreat,furniture makeover,massive hamper of the best skincare,disneyland{airfares included},cars,cash. oh i could go on and on!
Irene (Member Number: 200815)
Who do you think you are?
The TV show "Who do you think you are?" has inspired me to try and find my roots. I know so little of my grandparents and before them. I know there is a story to tell my grandchildren if only I could win the services of a genealogy researcher.
Liz (Member Number: 13376)
I'd like to win...
an opportunity to help my elderly mother financially and take her on a holiday.
Chris (Member Number: 53636)
Anything Fun
Hey I am a simple person. If I win lip gloss, i am all over facebook and braging for a week straight. I love being simple yaya
Alexandra (Member Number: 178546)
My Daughter
I would love to win a Coles or Woolies voucher for my daughter as she is just 18 moved out of home and living in Sydney doing a AIN course which finishes soon.I would love to help her and let her know how proud I am of her as I am an hour and a half away by plane (Lismore)and because of money situation cant visit or help as much as I would like.I know like a lot she is doing it tough but she has a great soldier on attitude and I would just like to help her out with a voucher as she would appreciate the help.THANKYOU
Amanda (Member Number: 172948)
Dream Luggage
The Road Ahead "Qantas Electra Luggage Set" would be our dream prize. Perfect for holidays away, weather it's being whisked away to a tropical island paradise or spending a well deserved weekend with the kids and loved one's. Thank you to Competitions Guide and the sponsors for your kind generosity!.
Kylie (Member Number: 121233)
An Amazing Overseas Adventure!!
Having well and truly caught the travel bug, winning an overseas trip would be a wonderful way to see more of this amazing world!
Natalie (Member Number: 166852)
Silent Juicer
I'm attempting to live a healthier lifestyle and home made fruit and vegetable juices are something I've never done,I noticed such a machine exists that is silent,a silent juicer would be a fantastic prize!
Richard (Member Number: 139264)
A trip from home - not capital city!
I would love to win a holiday, doesn't matter where to, but would love air fares included from where I live, not my state's capital city. E.g. a holiday to the Gold Coast, when I live in Cairns (1800klms away) basically means I win only the accommodation portion!
Glenda (Member Number: 196488)
Just got to join the competitions to win them! If you don't join then there's no chance!
Teresa (Member Number: 196085)
Love this site
I love winning skin care and gift cards then you cna spend on something that you have really been hanging out for. Love this site as it puts all the cometitions in one place and is easy to use
Tania (Member Number: 9219)
I would like to see more cash prizes or larger prizes of cars
Michelle (Member Number: 15459)
Cash attracts me the most, but I would also love to win a coffee machine or tickets to concerts and live theatre shows
Maree (Member Number: 124893)
So many things I would love to win. Tops would be a car or a holiday followed by electronic gadgets and home appliances I really can't choose. I am pretty happy with just about anything
Lesleigh (Member Number: 88523)
I've got mail
The joyous feeling of clicking on an email, opening the letter box or answering the door bell and hearing the fantastic words "you are a winner"
Margery (Member Number: 16133)
Feeling Lucky
A collection of Clint Eastwood Movies -Are you feeling lucky punk? Well am I?
Evol (Member Number: 159576)
1,000+tries1 and still counting
I am an aged Pensioner and desparately need to win enough to pay all my bills and take a much needed break
Paul (Member Number: 198539)
Ring ring!!!!!!!!!
In 25 words or less I would love to explain my obsession.....anything I can't afford is an adrenalin rush to win...ANYTHING!!!
Martine (Member Number: 61587)
all about meeeeee!!!
would love to win anything for me, always concentrate on the kids and forget myself, so to win something just for me would be fantastic.....
Marlene (Member Number: 77523)
just a surprise
I would just like to win a surprise for my partner who has just recently been diagnosed with cancer lost her brother and had her beloved dog given weeks ??? to live with an aggressive cancer . What else???
Gary (Member Number: 142594)
I have won my fair share of prizes so it seems greedy to ask for more but I just love the excitement of any win no matter how small.
Books are my favourite prize and i always want more!
Anne (Member Number: 4483)
I would have to pick cash. The reason being is to help my dad pay some of his bills and to help him get back on top of things.
Jasmine (Member Number: 137406)
$250,000 Cash
I'd love to win $250,000 cash to help us buy a house for our growing family.
Sally (Member Number: 65345)
win for my family
I love to win, but then my biggest joy is giving it to someone in my family,it gives me the best feeling ever
Karolina (Member Number: 241)
A break away keeps the doctor away
I caught the travel bug along time ago,which is why I would like to win a holiday,after all the World is my Oyster and I am ready to explore the world
Louise (Member Number: 134481)
I would love to win anything!!! I'm a newbe to the competition thing and havent won a thing yet!!
But maybe a lolly pop will do!
Michael (Member Number: 200733)
I am just happy to win a little something to put a smile on my face :)
Clay (Member Number: 16769)
Woo Hoo~ I've Won A Trip! Yay!
With a 6 month old baby, I would LOVE a girls night away, two nights, flights, meals, drinks, wonderful hotel room and room service! A decent break! Yes... keep dreaming!
Jacinta (Member Number: 185988)
Great feelings!
Give me a pampering session once a month for a year would make my day if I was to win. Wind down, relax an bracing myself for the rest of the month!
Justine (Member Number: 191932)
Car or cash
Need both desperately so either would be great
Judi (Member Number: 20887)
Choices, choices!
Any prize on your website would be fantastic but cash and overseas trips top my list. If I had to choose between those two I would prefer the trip as a large cash prize might see me doing something sensible like having the house painted instead of going on holiday.
Norah (Member Number: 173459)
washing machine
I would like to buy a new washing machine for my wife
Jin soo (Member Number: 32034)
Food glorious Food
A few weeks or months worth of free food would give me some time too save for a weekend away or something nice for the wife or home.
Matthew (Member Number: 135958)
a trip to see family
i'd love to win a trip too perth to visit family that live there now, havent seen them in nearly a year, hard here with no family nearby!!
Rebecca (Member Number: 12216)
Winners are Grinners!!
With so many different prizes on offer these days its wonderful to know that you're in with a chance for super prizes that can be shared with all the family whether it be toys, holidays, electronics or bikes. Thanks Competitions Guide...YOU ROCK!!
Nichole (Member Number: 9998)
Cash is Cool
Everyone needs cash for different things, whether it be to pay bills, go on a well-deserved holiday, pay for a wedding or buy that new appliance so this would be my ideal first choice of prize.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
Cruise Of A Lifetime
I love winning ANYTHING... but my ultimate prize would be a cruise... not for me but for my 12 y/o son who has disabilities. I have never seen him so free and so happy then when we took a short 3 day cruise. So this would be heaven for me.
Lorraine (Member Number: 81107)
family memories
when my daughter was two and hubby and i had tried unsuccessfully for baby number 2 (due to diagnosis of PCOS) we went to disneyland and the magic in our daughters eyes was just unbelievable and also inspiring. After two rounds of first step IVF we now have our beautiful second daughter and would love to take them both back there. Any assistanve to help us achieve our goal gift vouchers, toys, movie tickets or eventtickets would be amazing.
Rebecca (Member Number: 198196)
Things that make you go vroom
I would love to win a car for my younger sister, she has to travel public transport late at night and i worry for her satety
Catherine (Member Number: 48881)
Hubby Travel
Would love to win a holiday for my hubby & I!Just recently married, it would be great for us to getaway by ourselves, before little ones come along
Vanessa (Member Number: 198745)
Stuff of dreams
As someone who once won $100 worth of chocolate, I can say food prizes are brilliant. Bring on the tuna! Holidays, however, are the stuff of dreams. Even a weekend away gets my heart racing. Holidays are the one luxury competitions give that I wouldn't give myself.
Lisa (Member Number: 16281)
An adventure!
I'm in my early 20's and am craving an overseas adventure like a fat person craves cake! I love travelling and spend hours day dreaming about my next exciting adventure!
Amber (Member Number: 200539)
A Family Holiday
I'd love a holiday for the family - time out together somewhere to relax and build some more shared memories.
Bronwen (Member Number: 196848)
i want to win romantic holidays for 2 or family holidays for 5 people (its always for only 4 people)
Laura (Member Number: 194203)
Car plus daily give aways
I love a comp that has a large prize that you enter daily and can win multiple daily prizes (like a $20 gift card from coles/woollies) I love winning them, makes me think I was in with a shot to win BIG!
Tina (Member Number: 136061)
Home improvements.
I would love to win money for home improvements.
Kym (Member Number: 192376)
A holiday within my grasp
Yet to win there’s one comp,
and when I miss my feet I stomp!
The ‘holiday’ prize eludes my hand,
to win one would be mighty grand!
Christy (Member Number: 6224)
Cash or vouchers !
Ive been very ill / bed ridden for the last 12 years and im ready to go shopping !
Stef (Member Number: 200431)
Money would help heaps
Money is something that can be used to help buy groceries, pay bills or get you a little bit ahead. But then again I would be happy to win anything.
Darlene (Member Number: 200416)
Never having had a honey moon or a real family holiday, it would be ideal if I won one. Would love to spend time away from the daily grind with my beautiful family.
Tina (Member Number: 177689)
Interesting Prizes
Yes, I love hearing about prizes and products of all different types, but ones I could use regularly are travel, gift cards, insurance, information technology items, hardware, entertainment, appliances and the great one-offs (or maybe every 5 years or so) - renovations, car, whitegoods, furniture, solar power. You've got it all I can see, just waiting for it to come to my doorstep and very excited about the opportunities!
Ingrid (Member Number: 200195)
Vroom Vroom, Putt Putt
Ideally it would be a car,
Yes i'm reaching for the stars,
My auto's old at 27,
Should be up in auto heaven,
Hilux 86 it is,
It has rust through that and this,
Honestly it's not for me,
It's for my little girls safety
Caterina (Member Number: 198010)
A Car!!!
If I could win a car that would be amazing! It's just one of those things that could change your life, especially if you don't have a car to begin with.
(Member Number: 15691)
the thrill
Its like life's lucky lottery! I started entering these competitions without really
expecting too much...and then I won my first competition! The thrill of winning was so fantastic! I am totally hooked! I dont really care what I win the thrill of getting something is wonderful!
Julianna (Member Number: 36242)
Scanning the other entries a trip in either Australia or overseas is fairly popular and I have to say I also would dearly love to win one of these, especially to Perth.
John (Member Number: 16088)
Fun in the Sun
A holiday for four to send
to the bright Aussie Sun
with flights,accom and money to spend
for lots sun and family fun.
Terri (Member Number: 194208)
Cash or holidays
When I enter competitions it's exciting to just dream about the holidays or what I would do with the cash - I'm still to win a prize, so there's hope...
Isabell (Member Number: 20109)
god blimmee ive won
Id be happy with anything because I haven't won anything yet but if u can spare any cash id be real happy thank u
Lisa (Member Number: 122025)
Beggars Can't Be Choosers
A Car, Cash or Cruise,
Oh don't make me choose,
Nice things for the house,
Would really be grouse,
A holiday away,
I live for the day,
Appliances needed for kitchen, laundry and bath,
So many to think of,
You do the math
I enter your site,
As often as I might,
To vie for the prizes at large
One day I might win, then I would grin
How about a new Garage?
Jenny (Member Number: 166693)
Welcome home
I would like to win flights and accomodation for two to fly interstate to welcome our son home when he gets back from his deployment in Afghanistan.But mostly I just want him home safe
Sandra (Member Number: 99064)
Grateful for anything
But I would love to win a gift card in particular because I would then be able to purchase whatever I chose
Barbara (Member Number: 312)
A brand new home
I want to start up my own commune, or Kezbutz as I shall call it. All I need is a manson somewhere warm, and a group of devoted followers.
Keiran (Member Number: 99862)
a car - new or used
My car on its last legs wont pass rego soon. I 'FOCUS' on every single car competition possible and just cant seem to 'JAG' one. Would help me 'JAZZ' up my driving experience so much not get a panic attack that ill break down every trip. 'OH WHAT A FEELING' that would be :)
Penny (Member Number: 37315)
Biggest Loser
I would love to win one of the short cruise breaks. 3 nights. But any win is thrilling.
Susan (Member Number: 162370)
Win me a smile!
Just something to make me smile! I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been unwell for the last 7 months. I would love to win something, anything.
Michelle (Member Number: 200155)
New Car
I would love to win a new car because my current one is falling apart and is probably un-roadworthy. I live on a mountain and the poor quality gravel road has seen my little car slowly rattle to a sad demise over the ruts and corrigation caused by the drought and then heavy rains.
Angi (Member Number: 193609)
Money is always god to win because you can buy whatever you want.
Janet (Member Number: 10505)
Mum's car
In 50 years of driving, mum has never had the dough,
to buy a decent car; her rusty bomb would hardly go.
Then she crashed it, broke some ribs, insurance won't go far;
I'm desperate to win for her a brand, new car.
Marlene (Member Number: 176888)
Full Belly
I'd be grateful for a never-ending free grocery shopping card...and I'd even share my groceries.
Betty (Member Number: 198724)
I would love to win anything as I have not won anything as yet or in any competition ever in my live. Although cash and a car would also be great as I need both and could put both to good use :)!
Tamara (Member Number: 43926)
I love
I love the gift card prizes... that way I have the option to buy what I need
Leah (Member Number: 165018)
Please a DVD player as mine decided to break and I could get some nice gifts with a gift -card for people who deserve it.
Michelle (Member Number: 185105)
To hard to pick just one.
Anything would be nice,
Would be hard to choose just one,
Perhaps a house or a trip to paradise,
Although $100 giftcard would be better than none.
Sarah (Member Number: 23610)
A little closer to the big one
a car or cruise, would be so brill,
but something small, would still thrill!

Angela (Member Number: 153766)
Baby no.1 is on the way...
Id sure love a getaway...
Before the sleepless nights begin...
A relaxing Holiday Id love to win
Kara (Member Number: 200143)
my new car
i would love to win new a new car
cant beat that smell of new leather
(Member Number: 95924)
Anything Pretty Please
I've been a member for quite a while now and haven't won anything yet... Wouldn't you like to be the first win??!! LOL
Prue (Member Number: 128766)
A Can-Finally-Get-Married Romantic Getaway!
We've wanted to elope for 12 years but can't get the money together/can't stand up to our families who want the biggest wedding ever! I'd love to win a romantic getaway then the money side would be sorted & we could tell our families we got caught up in the romance of it all & just had to get hitched!
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
Any Prize is A Blessing
To win any prize in life is something to be grateful for and I continue to enter competitions in the hope that someday that may happen especially a cash prize to help with the bills
Lynda (Member Number: 140698)
Long-lasting experiences!
Any prize I can share with family or friends is truly valuable, like group holiday experiences, because the experience and memories last forever.
Otherwise, I would love to win a lifetime's supply, a year's supply, or a membership. These too prolong you win and you become the company's V.I.P!
Kirra (Member Number: 195327)
Winning takes time
But not mine
Competitions Guide has gifted me this
Sorted and linked to a vast range of prizes,
My knowledge is now more the wiser
The winning chance is now there as I select attractive offerings,
But the real winning comes deep within me as entering is so much fun
Thankyou for gifting me TIME and COMPING PLEASURE

Meegan (Member Number: 37252)
After Cruise
The best prize for me will be cruise, majestic fortnight of lazy relax.
The best way to start hating any product - is to win its one year supply. I know, what I'm speaking about as a winner of 2 huge boxes of TimTam, cannot stand it anymore.
Sergio (Member Number: 9707)
Just A Little Something
I would love to win cash or a holiday to help out with my wedding or honeymoon, but to be honest a dvd for the kids would really get my blood pumping and keep me and the family happy. We always enjoy our dvd nights.
Renae (Member Number: 65673)
Relevant prizes
Would love to win prizes relevant to the survey I have to complete, so that I provide information on products I usually purchase
Chris kerruish (Member Number: 200050)
Less bills more thrills!
Anything that helps makes ends meet!I just want to win things that allow me to spend more quality time with my gorgeous family.
Erin (Member Number: 116356)
An iPad Mini
I'd love to win an ipad mini so I can give it to my games mad grand daughter..no more wrestling over mine.
Lesley (Member Number: 117)
I would like to win anything as I am not yet a winner, all comps take my fancy, maybe a new car, cash or even a local trip for us to Melbourne or somewhere. I like the challenge of 25 words or less and I've read the book to get some ideas.

Kevin (Member Number: 130170)
Coles or Woolies - GIFT CARD
The prize I’d most like to win would be the one offered by Australia’s leading FREE Competitions online guide and would no doubt include a $100 gift card from one of my two favourite places to shop, Coles (Where Prices are Down, Down Down) or Woolworths (The Fresh Food People)
Kurt (Member Number: 193200)
what ever, i would be stoked to win anything,i'm not fussy a couple of million$,a car,a snot rag anything!
Luke (Member Number: 145533)
A daughter on a pension who constantly dodges debt - I'd love to win money to help her out every fortnight with just $50 at a time :)
Deb (Member Number: 894)
No.1 has to be cash BUT......
I love that cash prizes give you the freedom to do whatever you want with your winnings, and cars, holidays etc are also great, but to be honest, smaller prizes can get me just as excited - especially if its something I normally wouldn't feel justified to buy for myself
Michael (Member Number: 191700)
Fingers crossed
Money to finish our home, gift cards to deck it out and movie tickets to relax, anything would be great. Always have fingers crossed.
Diane (Member Number: 60539)
The Oldies.
We don't ask for much, a few dollars to fill the fridge, BUT a holiday would help ease the every day pains. An old Winger.??
I will keep trying.? I'm in it.?
John (Member Number: 83246)
I used to think a car was THE thing to win and yes, it would be fantastic, but now I'm happy to win anything. Something unexpected, something I didn't know I wanted till I got it. Impossible? Maybe but I'm enjoying the journey. Thanks.
Sandy (Member Number: 3075)
flights to the UK
I migrated here from the UK in 2007, leaving two of my children (now adults) with their father (their choice). I haven't seen them since then (except through skype) and would love to surpirse them and arrive on their doorstep to give them both a big hug.
Caron (Member Number: 194299)
Anything Reallly - but money & holidays at the top of the list!
Maybe a holiday or a little money for us and what ever the kids might like
Pauline (Member Number: 39724)
Money to reunite family on a road trip
Money for a road trip from Harvey Bay to Sydney to reunite my mum with her brother and sisters for the first time since their mum died in 1997.They can't to afford to travel or in my uncles case he has M.S so this would be their gift.
Catherine (Member Number: 5441)
happy competitier
I'm happy to participate in any competition and win cash, electrical goods, holidays, car, gift cards. Any prize would be useful.. got be in it to win it.
Janine (Member Number: 180522)
I would love to win a overseas holiday but anything is always good
Cheryl (Member Number: 1833)
Win for the Family
I have just started this competition thing and I am EXCITED. I just want to win something for the family!
Tamar (Member Number: 138711)
Something Unique
Something practical like money or a trip is nice and conventional. But I’d prefer something I’d never purchase, such as a novelty sized Batman figurine. Competitions are all about the thrill of the ‘win’, which is at its zenith when you get something unique.
Benjamin (Member Number: 173091)
An Internet entrepreneur's dream prize
I love everything to do with competitions, entering, creating or viewing. I'd love to win competitionsguide.com.au, so much potential and so many ways to monetise. I'll turn it into a business & I'll never have to work for the man again. A prize that keeps on giving!
Ei (Member Number: 191130)
Pick Me...
I would love nothing more then to take my 3 beautiful children and partner to USA for a white Christmas!!!
Craig (Member Number: 199863)
Would love to win
I'd love I win an all- expenses paid holiday for my beautiful hubby and daughters and I, to anywhere in the world we wanted.
Or to have all our bills paid for so we could actually save for a holiday ourselves.
Amy (Member Number: 157057)
is King!
Lisa (Member Number: 94560)
Money, money, money!
Would love to win cash so I can spent it on whatever I want...and may even pay the bills.
Karina (Member Number: 1011)
the one thing everyone is chasing, More time to focus on the important things in life, winning the gift of time.
Donna (Member Number: 31249)
Home decor
I'd love to win home decor items. Cushions, lamps, candles etc. I love different & unusual items
Karen (Member Number: 99490)
Winners Are Grinners!
I'd like to win something my whole family can enjoy but just winning anything and receiving a parcel your not expecting in the mail just brightens your day!
Ricki-lee (Member Number: 198581)
Money, Money, Money
I would love to win an ipad so it would release me from this desktop computer.
Terry (Member Number: 18171)
Prime Minister
It's only a matter of time until we elect our PM directly. I say best 25 words-or-less entry gets the prize! Just think: free accommodation, generous superannuation, gold travel pass, and the freedom to say what you want and not get sued under parliamentary privilege! Where do I sign up?
James (Member Number: 167659)
bills bills bills
i would love nothing more then have all my bills paid so i can just spend it on my kids
Tashana (Member Number: 78668)
Freaking Awesome overseas holiday
so I can take my partner on surprise holiday overseas,as he's been in hospital the last few months
Tina (Member Number: 142272)
love to win
I would love to win any thing I would like to be known as winner at least once.
Judith (Member Number: 45690)
Most wanted to win!
I would be happy to win anything, my first preference being cash, second travel vouchers and third a years supply of products.
Ronald (Member Number: 97978)
Competitions Keep Me Young
Absolutely love entering comps and have won some great prizes. My favourite prizes are gift cards that I'd use on groceries or to buy prezzies since I'm on low income, have even got my Dad and friend addicted and have a spreadsheet of the draw dates of comps I've entered.
Karen (Member Number: 3504)
Fill the Freezer
Luv John West tuna...specially when its tossed through pasta with pesto...would luv to win a off road camper trailor so we can go fossicking on weekends :)
Sharon miller (Member Number: 198267)
I'm Easy
I'm a full time student again and would love: a holiday; mini ipad; anything entertainment; fridge; dryer; microwave; flat screen tv; supermarket or multistore vouchers; car and last but not least a house....this is all the stuff I'd love to buy but can't afford, in reality I'd be happy to win anything.
Marieann (Member Number: 173349)
A relaxing and rejuvenating, all expenses paid holiday in a warm, scenic location to get away from the everyday grind is what I crave!
Kylie (Member Number: 191199)
Money Money Money
All the things I could do if I won a little money: - pay the bills, buy something new, have some time away with my family. Any prize though would be lovely!
Karen (Member Number: 169619)
The Ultimate Prize
I would like to win......Buckingham Palace! Seriously, can you imagine a better prize? Think of all the parties you'd be able to have! I'd even let the Queen stay. And all her servants, of course. And Wills and Kate cos I think they'd be awesome housemates.
Cherie (Member Number: 103958)
Secret thrills
Its the secret thrill of something for nothing, the prize in the mail, the phone call I must have a sad boring life haha
Maxine (Member Number: 197342)
Winning is exciting, but right now I would love to win money so I could help my family who are really doing it tough.
Winning a ipad for my granddaughter who is going to Uni next year would also be great.
Bev (Member Number: 196926)
Happy with anything BUT...
I am happy winning anything, since joining a month ago i have won 3 things! I am just grateful for anything extra that puts a smile on my families face BUT would love an all inclusive family holiday.
Melissa (Member Number: 46041)
taa daa!
I would love to win a holiday. I've got a sick mother at the moment, so anything to keep her happy, would be great!
Katie (Member Number: 88452)
Nana and Pop, can you babysit?
Prior to Competitions Guide, hubby and I rarely went out. Since joining a year ago, we've had two weekends away, seen a concert and more movies than I can count. I love winning "experiences" we'd never normally have.
Jill (Member Number: 127444)
Never Won :(
Been entering for years and I've never won a thing I keep trying but I sometimes think it's rigged but I'm still a fan maybe I'd be more so if I won pls :)
Renee (Member Number: 62280)
Just Like Christmas...only BETTER!
Take half an hour a week, a pinch of creativity, a dollop of patience, a spoonful of hope, click the mouse...and hey presto! Fabulous samples, awesome products, even a holiday! It's better than Christmas!!
Virginia (Member Number: 74108)
Entering competitions is almost as exciting as winning prizes! Thankyou competitions guide for brightening up my day, everyday! I would love to win money to help out around the house. I would also love to win something big to prove to my partner entering comps is a good thing!
Stacey (Member Number: 141987)
I have won little bits here and there but I still waiting and hoping for that big one to happen, like a holiday or car. Something like this would make life so much better.
Michelle (Member Number: 152233)
I would like to win anything many times, because winning feels soooo good and exciting & invigorating & enjoyable & rewarding & have I said exciting? The ultimate would be to win my way out of work. Oh the bliss I would feel then!
Justine (Member Number: 191479)
Winners ARE Grinners!
Winning a prize, no matter how small, is exciting. But given the choice, I would love to win a European holiday so I could take my immediate family on a trip of a lifetime, and celebrate with a huge family reunion.
Sally (Member Number: 16368)
Family Holiday my dream prize!
Without a doubt, winning a family holiday is my ultimate prize, either at a sunny beach location (hello, Port Douglas!) or somewhere overseas (anywhere!). It is so nice to share a win and who better to share a prize with than your own family. I love going on holiday with my family, it's the ultimate in relaxation and fun, and who wouldn't want to win that???!!!
Bron (Member Number: 9143)
Something special....
Winning an 'experience', not possible to purchase, would be fabulous; eg the opportunity to meet music or sports celebrities. Imagine Coles offering not only tickets to One Direction, but a priceless backstage pass! A precious memory is the ultimate prize for me.... thanks Competitions Guide.
Michelle (Member Number: 174650)
Weddings and daughters
My daughters times 3 are getting married in july- september-november of this year and as i only recieve a meeeega disability pension of less than 18000.00 a year it is hard to afford wedding gifts or a new outfit let alone helping out with the costs. So a little help with gift cards for gifts and kmart for clothes,not fussy as it all helps and im getting desperate.
Karon (Member Number: 51338)
Cash or holidays I have a young family and would appreciate either.

Ashlee (Member Number: 199795)
Football is life
A trip to the football World Cup in Brazil next year.
Darko (Member Number: 11380)
4 wheels
Haven't won anything yet, but would just love a new car for my daughter who does not own one and has tocommute evrywhere by public transport
Anne (Member Number: 195124)
New fancy do everything computer
I want to win a computer. I need a new computer, because this one is sick and sad. With a brand new computer I can enter o more competitions to win more things :)
Annie (Member Number: 185167)
The Best
A holiday for my family, sometimes you just need to 'get away'.
Sandra (Member Number: 170120)
With all that has happened of late - a winning of something no matter what would be nice
Dale saunders (Member Number: 193174)
Bills paid
Right now I would love my hospital expenses paid, having Cancer treatment and it costs so much!
Tony (Member Number: 6362)
Always hopeful for something.
I have never won anything but I would like to win just anything. I would be so excited be it a pen, box of nappies, kitchen appliances or even cash.
Reginah (Member Number: 88129)
I look at the cost of flights and know we casn't afford it. I would love to give my family a white Xmas in Canada.
Mary (Member Number: 198154)
still hoping
The luckiest thing to win for me would be a holiday but i still get excited when the little things arrive especially if you do not know it's coming hampers are a real buzz only winning 1 but that's ok still hoping
Sharron (Member Number: 15973)
Help around the home
I would love to win a tradie to help with all the jobs around the home that need doing.
Karen (Member Number: 192688)
surprise xmas visit
I would love to win return airfares to germany to visit my daughter as a surprise for christmas.
Michelle (Member Number: 173534)
Winning Money would be one of the best prizes - it always comes in handy to pay the bills or shout my children a new toy. Even wining $20 makes me so happy. But so would love to win one of those $10,000 comps.
Andrea (Member Number: 38561)
to be sure to be sure
would love to win a trip to ireland to check out the new titanic museum and my irish heritage
David (Member Number: 6526)
As a small child i would watch Walt Disney and dream each night my parents would win tattslotto so they could take me there. Now i dream to be able to afford to take my children and granddaughter there so i would to see more Disneyland or world competitions
Michelle (Member Number: 181989)
Winner Winner Chicken dinner
I have already won some great prizes through Competitions Guide - thank you! It's always a treat to get something unexpected in the mail. But for me - a holiday is always a dream come true!
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
recieving a package
I always get a high when I find a parcel at my front door, keeps me entering those comps till the next one arrives! Thanks Comp guide your the best!
Elizabeth (Member Number: 179110)
Enjoyment and always the hope of a win
I have always had poor health which has restricted what I got up to. I had my ankle replaced recently and entering your competitions is surely better than watching repeats on TV. I do hold out the faint hope that I may have a win and what great prizes there are on offer so I would not be disappointed whatever I won.
Lynda (Member Number: 194794)
Anywhere will do but then I still get excited when I win a mascara.I have given most prizes to family members and some to local schools.
Cheryl (Member Number: 87716)
My Dream
Free Irish dance tuition or private lessons, or a subsidy for the course I want to do in Ireland :)
Tara (Member Number: 196810)
Suprise Me
Any prizes would be fantastic but a holiday to take my daughter on would be fanstastic.
Melody (Member Number: 121076)
Scroll.browse.enter.submit = Win
Daily spend 10 minutes submitting on new competitions that's where the excitement is, a chance to win. Travel, cars, cash and tickets to events are ultimately the top of my winning list.
Jasmina (Member Number: 189161)
I live on under $30,000 pa so help with basic living expenses is what I most appreciate.
Vivien (Member Number: 122830)
Having four children would love to win a holiday but I really enjoy winning skin care products, they're my special treats!
Natalia (Member Number: 181498)
Always exciting to win anything
Winning anything is always exciting but the best would be a holiday to a dream destination like Europe or America
Helene (Member Number: 151348)
Being on a Disability Pension and a single Mum to a teenage son, cash or gift cards are what I would LOVE to win!
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
Hi, Congratulations, I'm just ringing to tell you..................!!!!!
Would just love to hear someone ringing to tell me I'd won anything!! I'm not very lucky so, any win is fantastic.
Ena (Member Number: 198714)
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
I've always wanted to write that! I need it to fund our pantry, the husband keeps buying lunch I need to keep in interested with some exciting items
Tamara (Member Number: 83549)
Whilst I would be forever grateful to win anything on this amazing competition site a holiday away to a tropical paradise or Italy would bring so much joy in my world considering I haven't travelled in over three years!!!
Julia (Member Number: 2725)
Something that helps
I'd love to win something that helps me organise or pay for my wedding cash or vouchers or even some sort of decoration would be good
Lisa (Member Number: 117265)
Winners are Grinners!!
Anything would be great
Car, cash, white goods, cleaner!!
Holidaying finds new mates
Am I just a dreamer?
Competitions Guide -
Looking on the bright side!!!

Sue (Member Number: 152320)
Random excitement
I love winning any prize at all, it's fun to enter and the surprise of winning is a prize in itself and there are some amazing prizes out there that thousands of people are winning every day!
Jeff norton (Member Number: 37340)
I would like to win anything but winning some money would be fantastic!
Nescia (Member Number: 1617)
win !!!!
I would just like to say " ive won" no matter what it is !!!!!!
Sue (Member Number: 47343)
Winning Has Me Grinning
Any win for me is a good win. Movie tickets, DVD's, food, beauty products, whitegoods, TV's, toys, they never fail to put a smile on my dial. I'm still hoping for the day a new car comes my way, I've always had to share a car and never had my own, that would definitely be a dream come true.
Michelle (Member Number: 3078)
You've got to be in it!
My friends get jealous when I tell them I've won something, I tell them it's fun to enter! I love to win travel vouchers as I find it hard to convince hubby to go on holidays
Trude (Member Number: 11700)
We're all going on a summer holiday!
I'm not picky, but my dream is to win an overseas holiday. I'm not fussed about the destination, I just want to have a break!
Lauren (Member Number: 189482)
Busy mum
As a busy mum with a young family I like to win the small luxuries that saves me money (ie shopping sprees, clothes, make-up, accessories), updates my home (ie renovations, new appliances) and gets me out of the house (ie movie tickets, dinner).
Jodie (Member Number: 181832)
cash, id love to win cash or gift cards they come in handy when your broke
Jessica (Member Number: 6379)
I would love to win a Thermomix so that I can join in on all the Thermomix themed conversations my friends are starting, about all the amazing food they are making!
Karyn (Member Number: 199362)
You have to be in it to win it..
In it to win it i would be happy with any thing i go in so many comp's and don't have luck
Rosemary (Member Number: 187162)
hard Decision
Don't make me choose!! I would like to win money, a house, a new car and electronics. But then again anyone would love to win anything.
Bailey (Member Number: 130814)
I would like to win anything from cash, voucher to electronic goods.
Efendy (Member Number: 198778)
A big flat screen T.V
We are paying of a tv ATM weekly so to win a tv and some money would be nice. :)
Cara (Member Number: 180370)
Cash or vouchers
I love to win anything but I get most excited by cash and/or vouchers prizes. As a pensioner these are really useful for extending the budget a bit and providing some little luxuries.
Bev (Member Number: 165025)
A place to call my own!...
Honestly.. Winning anything will put a smile on my dial, but the one thing I'd love to win, would be a House & Land Package.... That's my ultimate prize!... No more renting, just a place, some space my kids can call their own....
Sonya (Member Number: 39049)
Id love to win everything from cash, cars, ipads, electronics/appliances holidays anything!
Apart from a years worth of any seafood lol it'll make me sick literally
Melanie (Member Number: 169796)
Europe & UK Holiday....
Overseas Holiday would be a GREAT WIN... for anyone...
Contessa (Member Number: 165436)
One of my Daughter's and her Family are struggling so hard, so I would love to win enough Cash to pay for a house for them, as the one they are in is way too small for 2 Adults and 4 Kids, and they are only renting! Please, please, please!
Tom (Member Number: 12061)
Winning a prize is always exciting, but I would love to win the airfare to Europe!
Sophie (Member Number: 118805)
Share the winnings
I would love to win cash because then i can share it with my family, spread the love
Renee (Member Number: 193568)
I want to be a winner!
I`ve entered comps for cars, holidays, dvds and I would love to win anything including a 3 months nappy service. The nappies are driving us crazy!
Jeremy (Member Number: 152220)
Any email.. any phone call.. any letter containing these two words is amazing! In my dreams I'd adore winning an overseas holiday with accommodation and spending money!
Stephanie (Member Number: 162866)
I would be happy winning anything but cash would be first preference just to help make life a little easier so I can enjoy it more with family
Beth (Member Number: 16788)
Cash is king
Cash is always best, as that leaves me the discretion to use it for exactly what I want, when I want.
Mary (Member Number: 1101)
CASH!! ... or a job
At the moment I would love to win some cash, trying to plan and pay for a wedding while keeping up with the cost of living after losing my job has made things very tight!
Ashley (Member Number: 149007)
Thermo Cray Cray
I would love to win a Thermomix. I've liked heaps of Thermomix recipe blogs and pages in preparation for that lucky day.
Kym (Member Number: 66777)
white goods
I'd love to win any sort of white good, because I have trouble convincing my husband that I need new ones.
Wendy (Member Number: 16181)
That winning buzz!!
Prizes the whole family can enjoy without having to make a purchase. Especially: pre paid visa's and gift cards, electronic gadgets, cash, family holidays with kids 12 and over, cars, house appliances, and promoters merchandise. Winning is such a buzz!! Thanks Competitions Guide for sharing the best comps with us!!
Kathryn (Member Number: 167732)
Oh Boy
It would be so nice just to see my name on the winners list. What a thrill regardless of prize, I have go this far.
Diane (Member Number: 183314)
Mickey Mouse
I want to go to Disney Land and ride the tea cups. Around and around and around and around...
Olivia (Member Number: 195602)
Looking forward to a long overdue holiday after 10 years without.
Richard (Member Number: 8441)
Need. Want. Desire!
Wanting to replace our dinosaur aged TV (it has a weight problem), I'd love to win a Smart TV!
Melissa (Member Number: 5286)
Retirement Fun Time
I would really love to win a holiday anywhere as retirement is just around the corner. A holiday would be a great way to celebrate.
Cheryl (Member Number: 153024)
Cash prizes let you buy any of the other prizes so it makes sense it's at the top of the list! Although in terms of excitement, it'd be pretty cool to win a vehicle of some sort
Jordan (Member Number: 175946)
Cash is King!
I'd love to win money so I could settle all debts, help my family, renovate my home, travel to exotic places, buy the dog I've always wanted & support a couple of my favourite charities.
Adrienne (Member Number: 173089)
It would have to be an overseas holiday! No better prize than an all expenses paid holiday with family/friends!
Amanda (Member Number: 91331)
Family holiday!
We have only been on one family holiday.. and that was for our honeymoon! We took the kids so they didn't miss out! They ask to go on a holiday every other day..would love a holiday!
Kate (Member Number: 165518)
Show me the money
Cost of living and kids in high school, not much left for everyday fun or those cool clothes they need. Would love 5grand to help this family enjoy life again.
Sharyn (Member Number: 62626)
Luxury Holiday
A fantastic holiday to an exotic location would be wonderful. Who doesn't enjoy a terrific holiday??
David (Member Number: 64588)
Moving to a new state, starting with a new job, new life... Something as simple as a Coles or Woolworths voucher is making me ecstatic! I wouldn't mind the extra $100 I would've spent to use on something for me!
Kaitlen (Member Number: 190560)
I would love to win cash!!! I would love to buy my husband some land like he has always dream of his whole life!!! Make our dreams come true!
Jade (Member Number: 193818)
A car for me
I would love to win a car So I can visit friends during the week, or enough money to buy one
Denise (Member Number: 107859)
A Family Holiday
I would love to treat my husband and two boys to a family holiday, my children are desperate to go on a plane for the first time and would adore a holiday by the beach!
Brooke (Member Number: 120421)
im with Winner!!! Lara
i too have won, with a great family. we love holidaying at north stradbroke island (qld). we drive up the beach, find a good spot with no people have a swim or fish. last year i won the pepsi max daily prize and that paid for the trip. more cash. more holidays.
Don (Member Number: 91427)
retired due to disability
id love to win anything but need help with the cost of living the most,prizes like shopping vouchers,money,new car would be great but so would winning any competition.
Ron (Member Number: 171783)
Credit Card
I would like a credit card to pay for my daughters 21st birthday on the 16 July, 2013
Debbie (Member Number: 54347)
Mega Bux
I'd like all the freedom to go with the Mega Bux prizes 10k 50k 500k!
Gerard (Member Number: 156278)
What prize would you like most to win?
Any thing but could do with a new Fridge, stove or car oh and I would love a holiday haven't had one for 12 years. But even a gift card for food shopping would be handy
Marion (Member Number: 2145)
What's wrong with tuna?
I'd prefer salmon, but a lifetime supply of tuna would be A-Okay! Just provided I didn't have to buy it all at once. I wouldn't object to fuel cards, perfumes, hair products, TV sets, cars, and, of course, gift cards. A new microwave oven would be great.
Simone (Member Number: 2251)
Sharing is caring!
I love prizes that I can share with others, group tickets to shows, events or trips. Seeing their excitement too makes the experience of winning that much more enjoyable!
Louise (Member Number: 61888)
Grateful Comper
While I would be grateful to win anything, I really would love to win a holiday that is transferable. My sister and her family have been going through a very traumatic time, so it would go to her if I were to win one.
Nola (Member Number: 172486)
I'd love a new iPad to use for the family.
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
You have won a new car
I would love to win a new car as ours is 18 years old and does not have air conditioning...It is also a two door which is a pain if you have a child or older people in the back.
Karren (Member Number: 181471)
I get most excited by things I can use in the home--coffee machines, entertainment prizes, renovations. I guess I like a permanent reminder of winning and my home really is my castle
Natasha (Member Number: 20675)
I'm not fussy. Any prize is good enough. But then again I wouldn't mind winning a lifetime supply of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups... Oh how life would be a dream, YUM YUM YUM YUM!
Jade (Member Number: 199047)
I've already won. I have a beautiful family, lovely home but I tell ya, I can never get enough family holidays!!! Time together is most important to me so any chance I get for cash or holidays! I'm in it, to win it!
Lara (Member Number: 117231)

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