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What's the main question I'm asked, when it comes to competitions. For entrants and members, it's simple ...... "what are your tips for winning?". No brainer, that one. But, for promoters it's "what's hot at the moment?" By this, they generally refer to the prizes that are having an impact.

Competitions Guide lists around 5,000 online competitions a year, so it's not an unfair question. We see the type of numbers being recorded, but there's a few factors that can make a difference (what page a competition is listed on, what other similar comps are in the market etc.)

But for the most part, we can determine what is most likely to work, even if it isn't an exact science.

In 2010 you would have been forgiven for thinking that Competitions Guide was one gigantic advertisement for the iPad. It has been popular, but like the iPod and the iPhone before it, just assuming that this is going to work can be a mistake.

The trouble occurs when a sea of similar competition prizes develops, it can become a blur. Yet, when a laptop or PC is offered as a prize, it may sound obvious, but it works. Not everyone owns or wants an iPad. But I'd suggest that most web users have a computer of some sort .... or could use a better one.

To me, competitions have always been favoured towards cars, cash and holidays. But, not every promoter can afford to shell out for big prizes, and in most cases they don't need to. It may surprise you that the most clicked on competition of 2010 was valued at less than $1,000.

Smart promoters tap into the things that the audience are likely to want. That's why cosmetics, fashion, and other women-friendly products have always been so popular. Luxury is always in demand.

When it comes to products around the house, new or improved appliances always hit the mark. We've seen a lot of slow cookers and top brand cookware really take off. Not so much coffee machines. Why? My guess is that not everyone has the need, or the space. BBQ's have always done amazingly well, and will continue to do so.

It used to be thought that the best prize is anything that's free. True to a point. In the past, though, there were not as many competitions available. Online has changed all that, and people only have so much time.

Promoters selecting the wrong prize have a tendency to get punished with small click numbers.

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 17/2/2011


more guy stuff
A lot of comps are really geared toward mums and woman.
I am a gay guy so i am not looking for power tools, but more mens prizes would be great.
Peter (Member Number: 67444)
Cash is king
Or vouchers for electronics stores, or department stores, so you still have some control of the actual prize. Everyone needs different things these days depending on their own circumstances.
(Member Number: 85252)
Just joined and now have to wait
I'd just love to be the one who jumps up and down with excitement and win something, not too fussy about what but a holiday would be a dream............
(Member Number: 80225)
Holidays or backstage passes
I would love to win a holiday or back stage passes to TV sets. However mostly anything is great to win if it can save money. I love the feeling of winning something!
Jean (Member Number: 25291)
anything is good
anything i win is fab only ever won 2 things in my life
(Member Number: 72965)
Be selective
I've become fairly choosey about what I enter due to lack of time to enter, plus I no longer want to win just anything, especially things that I don't really want or need. What's the point in winning something that you don't really want or need, it just becomes disappointing when it's not something that you'd really like. I would far rather let someone else who really wants it have a better opportunity to win it. I see comps that have fantastic one-off money-can't-buy comps (particularly prizes involving band merchandise/meet the band) and hope that the person who wins is a genuine fan and genuinely thrilled to win.
Bron (Member Number: 9143)

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