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People join websites for all kinds of reasons!

Since 2005 Competitions Guide has evolved in a lot of ways, and we try hard to provide what our members want.

But, subscription websites have to try even harder, and we're no different. We like to think that removing advertising, and 3rd party survey competitions have been a big part of this process, but maybe that's not all.

So, we're keen to know: Why did you decide to Go Premium?

Let us know briefly below!

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Thought this was going to be a scam website
BUT after only being a premium member for 4 weeks have won a $10,000 Webjet bali escape prize - To say I am thrilled is an understatement.
Kylie (Member Number: 644373)
Best and easiest competition site
Used this site for years and have absolutely no issue paying for the service. Dont have to worry about scam comps and have won plenty of prizes.
Mark (Member Number: 168413)
Worth every cent!
Joined premium 2 years ago and have won quite a few small prizes that have more than covered the cost. Love this site!
Jacqueline (Member Number: 157111)
Go premium
I went premium as soon as I heard of this site and have won a $5000 prize! So worth it!
Helen (Member Number: 486019)
You WILL win!
I made my money back within one week of entering competitions on my premium account! I was jumping for joy, it's the best small investment I have made.
Kimberley (Member Number: 415863)
Better value
I used to pay for other comping sites but I found Competitions Guide to be better value so I went premium last year.
Lesley (Member Number: 117)
I won a family holiday!
I was lucky enough to win a cruise around New Caledonia for my family, just a couple of months after going premium! SO worth it!
Jessica (Member Number: 407724)
Worth it
I signed up solely to see what the hype was about. Within two weeks I'd won $150 worth of prizes.
Stephanie (Member Number: 495937)
Won a trip to LA!
It made sense to pay such a low fee to have access to all the comps. I won a trip within five weeks to LA through Competitions Guide. The comp was legit and was run by 20th Century Fox. We had a blast!
Adelle (Member Number: 458916)
Pays dividends
Looking over the comments it seems like people seem to win much more than the cost of the membership, and this has definitely been the case for me too.
Bonnie (Member Number: 417648)
Better Chances
I figured that the small amount it costs to go Premium, for the chance to win more, it was well worth it. Also the quality of the competitions offered are better.
Leah (Member Number: 489355)
Hubby encouraged me
Won about $1200 worth of stuff last year so hubby decided to pay for another year :-)
Carolyn (Member Number: 452039)
Best Decision of my life...
Joined premium as a skeptic 3 months ago to try my luck, but can't explain how amazing the experience has been... one stop shop with every competition at your fingertips. A few wins already so im well and truly hooked.
Alicia (Member Number: 482145)
Its worth it!
I went Premium to get access to more competitions more often. Within a week it had already paid for itself!
Adam (Member Number: 464742)
Trusted site
I went premium and won in the first day of entering comps
Jarryd (Member Number: 498450)
Great value!
It's so cheap and I more than win my membership fee back every year. It's awesome to have access to such a huge range of comps in each place.
Erin (Member Number: 5696)
A small cost for what you'll gain!
Going premium has allowed me access to so many more competitions and allowed me to win a lot more prizes. It's money well spent and the free eBook that you receive is definitely worth a read and gave me some great tips for entering comps going forward.
Sarah (Member Number: 27016)
Outstanding value for $
A few months into my second year and I've already won over $10,000 in prizes. Not bad for a minute annual fee in comparison!
Jessica (Member Number: 439943)
Great number of opportunities for very little cost.
Wendy (Member Number: 486108)
Gotta be in it to win it!
I've always been of the mindset that you've gotta be in it to win it no matter how long the odds are. Signing up to premium made sense as it bettered the chances of actually winning a prize
Matt farrelly (Member Number: 213893)
Never Miss A Comp Won Prizes Galore
Have won many prizes including DVDS , Movie Passes , Personalised Back Pack sets for grandaughter , Tickets to Events and its all been so easy as being a premium member gives me access to all available comps that are out there . Love the easy entry and the fact you can tick off as you enter .
Anne-marie common (Member Number: 484869)
Go premium and beyond
Premium is a must. I’ve enjoyed many wins in only two months. The features and access to everything really pays for itself.
Shane (Member Number: 322108)
It's the Way to Go
I decided to join as a premium member as I love entering competitions, (love winning more) and this seems such an easy way to access all the available competitions in the one place and at such a great annual price. The first prize I won after going Premium was an Ipad Mini, so my membership well and truly paid for itself. It's the only way to go. I have won more prizes, since joining as a Premium member.
Kristy (Member Number: 448401)
Definitely Worth it
Have access to every competition on a daily basis. The App makes it so much easier to sort through and indicates that you have entered. My premium membership paid itself many times over by winning a $300 Jag gift card. I was so excited.
Jodie (Member Number: 230194)
2nd year as premium
I recently rejoined my 2nd year as a premium member I've had soooo many wins last year well and truly worth the money. I'm hoping this year will be a holiday or a car or what ever comes my way as I'm sure it will.
Desley (Member Number: 373166)
Easy to attain the competitions all in one place have won a few things enough to cover the cost of going premium
Anthony (Member Number: 417512)
Only lists legitimate competitions.
I've been a member of this site for a few years and have won lots of prizes ranging from movie tickets to European cruises. It's handy having one place which finds, filters and keeps track of all the competitions for me.

Although I do have 2 suggestions, a product purchase category and a hide button for the ones we don't want to see (if that is even possible)
Carmen (Member Number: 61989)
I joined a month ago and have already won 4 x cinema tickets and a book. So worth it!!
Sarah (Member Number: 450674)
Worth the payment
It is definitely worth it to go premium. I have won a few things so the money has been recouped in prizes. I am hoping for an overseas holiday...just putting it out there to the universe!
Amy (Member Number: 474495)
Easy to keep track!
I love being a Premium member. Since I joined just 3 months ago, I've won thousands of dollars in prizes. In the last fortnight, I've won over $35,000 in prizes (5 of them including 2 holidays, appliances, books, toys and cash.) I'm thrilled. I love that it makes it easy to keep track of what you've entered and the types of competitions you want to enter. Highly recommended and the membership has paid for itself a thousand times over!
Melissa (Member Number: 477443)
Perfect sense.
We all want the best, and it is best and safer to pay for it. Free sites do not offer the best like this site. Happy to pay fees to use it.
Julie (Member Number: 506458)
No Brainer!
Saves me hours and hours of time and lets me sort based on a number of criteria options
Kerri (Member Number: 382619)
you just never never know if you don't give it a go still hoping but feel positive
Jane (Member Number: 61688)
Increased chances
I went Premium just this week. Fantastic competitions to enter.

Joan caldwell (Member Number: 489607)
The best that is out there
I find it relaxing to sit and comp at night. I find the site easy to navigate and easy to remember which comps I have entered.
Tracey (Member Number: 439232)
For the amount of time it's saved me, along with the chance to win great prizes, it's so cheap!!
Tenille (Member Number: 502027)
More Choice = More Chances
Premium offers so much more variety in the comps I can choose to enter. The range is fantastic.
April (Member Number: 500334)
Couldn't be easier!
I haven't won yet, but it couldn't be easier to enter competitions than going premium. The T&Cs are easily available for every competition you enter, so I can store everything in a spreadsheet to know what I have entered and when it is being drawn!
Jennifer (Member Number: 429876)
Going premium gives me access to lots of quality comps. The variety of prizes on offer is great too. I have one a few things which is great!
Michelle (Member Number: 3078)
My Goal is to Win Some for Fun!
Isn't it nice someone does the whole list of comps for you and all you have to do is just fill-out that form. It is definitely for fun and to test if I will win some. Great to be part of the premium!
Pretcel (Member Number: 478811)
You encouraged me !
In July I wrote to you and send last year I had not won anything - you wrote back said give it another go - so I did. You said try the shop to enter ones. Today, in the mail I received free movie tickets. Yipee thanks a lot - here's to more wins!
Ruth (Member Number: 438809)
why not!
i figure for a smnall fee there's so much more chance, it's easy to enter the comps and they're all in one place. fingers crossed
Catherine (Member Number: 851)
Wanted to see if it really did take only 30 Seconds
And it did :):):):)
Rachael (Member Number: 499959)
Common sense
To improve ones chances to win and to view the bigger variety of competitions. I haven’t won big yet I love the chances.
Bronwyn (Member Number: 443788)
Never won anything
just wasting time and money.
But I'm so happy because it proves the theory that I made about this kind of websites. thank you compguide. :D
Katalin (Member Number: 473243)
Never lucky
I've never won anything, I'm hoping this will change my luck
Kim (Member Number: 27658)
Giving it a go!
I thought about it for a long while and decided to go premium as I figured it might give me more of a chance to win something, as I have never won anything. Here's being hopeful.
Kirsty (Member Number: 444567)
Saves time!
I went premium so I could find competitions to enter in one place. I haven’t won anything yet, but it’s only a matter of time! :)
Mandy (Member Number: 333123)
Why Not?
I have been a Premium Member for awhile now. I don't get online every day, but WHEN I eventually win a prize, I know Competitions Guide have my back. They will make sure I get the prize. Its plain and simple - The question is not Why did you join, it is Why Not? It's an easy process and fun.
Deanne (Member Number: 45565)
Competition Superstars
Since I became a premium member I've won over $1,000 in prizes and its so easy. Competitions Guide filter out the scams and rubbish comps, listing all the competitions worth entering right here. I also love the favourites list and easy competition management style.
Mel (Member Number: 410169)
A family member won a holiday
When my father won a holiday overseas - a really great adventure - and he told me about this site. I joined and went premium straight away. It's like a showbag, you never know what you might win.
Rowan (Member Number: 497362)
Easy peasy
I love entering comps and having access to so many at my finger tips is a dream come true!
Melissa (Member Number: 469044)
Worth the cost
For very little, I’m able to enter hundreds of comps, not just the front page few. Bargain!
Carla (Member Number: 6866)
Why not
Everyone else is happy why not join the party
Bradley (Member Number: 499977)
Easy Peasy
Premium is great because the team check out the competitions before they go on the site to make sure they are "Not dodgy". The site is so easy to use and I love that there are symbols for each competition so you can mark it as a favourite to come back to later for more entries. There is a tick so you can see you have entered already which saves time and entering again which may disqualify you. There is a cross so you can show that you have looked and found that you aren't eligible to enter or aren't interested. It's well worth the money and does pay for itself and it's a lot of fun.
Tracy (Member Number: 446303)
Its easy!
I thought why not, I enjoy doing It and its easy
Zoe (Member Number: 445246)
Definitely worth it!
The small monthly cost to go Premium is well worth the opportunity to enter the amount of competitions and winning opportunities available. I haven’t won anything big yet, but have won a few smaller prizes and definitely paid back the cost in a short time. Do it!
Luisa (Member Number: 175233)
It’s fun!
There’s a wonderful range of competitions to choose from when you’re premium :) I absolutely love choosing some comps to enter every few days.. looking forward to a win!!
Fleur (Member Number: 495377)
Dreams do come true
I went premium because every time I clicked on a competition is always comes up go premium, so now I have
Mary (Member Number: 496436)
All together!
Its so easy to have everything together on one site. Ive enteted plenty and just won my 1st prize - but what that was worth was already more than I paid so worth it.
Danni sonego (Member Number: 225209)
Loved accessing extra comps!
Wendy (Member Number: 434492)
So many chances!
I love the thrill of entering competitions and the daydreams about winning! Haven’t won anything yet but keeping all my fingers crossed!
Briana (Member Number: 445116)
That winning feeling
For the small outlay Its worth to go premium. Increase your chances to win.You would be mad not to.
Harry (Member Number: 496535)
got it be in it to win
I went premium 6 mths, still haven't one anything but happy to keep trying

Allyson (Member Number: 479698)
You pay, the competitions stay!
Save site to the task bar and every competition is accessible at the roll of the mouse. Still enjoying the first prize I won 12 months ago - a free Stan subscription!!
Susan (Member Number: 407417)
Its fun !
I find it fun - lots of different competitions with lots of different prizes new things to see, places to look at..and you can win something = bonus
Leanne (Member Number: 495805)
It’s easy
Haven’t won yet but it’s fun to dream!
Catriona (Member Number: 480999)
many wins
I heard of so many people winning and it was perfect for me to have lots of competitions in the same place. Wins plus convenience gives a big thumbs up from me
Marie (Member Number: 155559)
The opportunities
I ummed and ahhed. I'm not really a person to waste money but I bit the bullet and tried it. It has been advertised on TV so I thought no harm. Well no harm done, only hundreds of dollars in prizes.
Shanelle (Member Number: 467011)
Upgraded Comping
A Premium membership offers me the Comp-lete comping experience so I never miss any opportunity to land an awesome prize.
Harry (Member Number: 412352)
Here's hoping!
There are much more comps to enter, and it is much easier to keep track of the comps you want to enter. I am going through a winning dry spell at the moment but an always hoping my luck will change!
Nicola (Member Number: 61049)
Winning is fun
I went premium because it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to enter lots of great competitions
Sarah (Member Number: 480051)
love free goodies
like how you guys set it up online an I love free stuff
Adam (Member Number: 46090)
Why Premium?
I went Premium because I never have any luck winning anything and I mean, ANYTHING. I thought that by joining Premium, I might just have a bit more luck on my side.
Denise (Member Number: 208325)
More comps
I love comping so access to more comps was a big plus.
Rebecca (Member Number: 1637)
Best money ive ever spent
There is no way to enter or even find these competitions without going premium. Everyone should sign up for premium competitionsguide membership. Awesome!
Robert (Member Number: 480701)
Fun & Lucky!
I've always had a lucky streak when it comes to competitions, so I thought I'd give it a go. After only two months, have won twice!
Christine (Member Number: 492657)
Why I went Premium
I decided to go premium because you get more competitions and I haven’t yet won one and it would be great.
Helen (Member Number: 465040)
win win situation
I thought i would have more opportunity to win but no luck yet i try hard
Susan (Member Number: 235)
Best Comps Ever!
I would recommend everyone go premium, that way you can enter as many comps and have a better chance to win a little or a lot.
Carolyn (Member Number: 42634)
small outlay for extra chances
I wasn't having any luck with the competitions I was entering, so thought for the quite small outlay to go premium it was worth it and you just never know your luck.
Margie (Member Number: 278264)
It passes the time
I have an infant that feeds ALOT during the night. Entering comps keeps me from falling asleep myself at 3am.

Bernadette (Member Number: 496152)
Only way to enter comps!
The only way I could get to enter some of the competitions I wanted to enter was to join Premium.
Barbara (Member Number: 96571)
I thought it was a small amount for access to safe competition without spam and scammers
Donna (Member Number: 480078)
Going Premium
I went premium so that I have a better chance to win competitions advertised.
Cvetka (Member Number: 499659)
You will win!
I joined this site as it is the real deal! Recommended by the media, trustworthy companies, I passed the other competitions that were a waste of time to me, & not legit, & am only with Competitions Guide as Premium Member. I won a Premimum Prize too! The Mazda CX5 Akera in Crystal Red!!! I've only ever won a $2 instant scratchy! Thank you Competitions Guide, you truly are the best & I highly recommend your company to all of my family & friends, & strangers!
Catherine (Member Number: 431603)
Just makes sense
You get more competitions to enter for a small amount. Just makes sense.
Jenny (Member Number: 315811)
Can't Beat That
Cheap way to win big prizes!
Brooke (Member Number: 499625)
Just love competitions
I love competitions and having so many different ones in one place is heaven for me.
Sonia (Member Number: 409957)
Too easy!
All the hard work taken out at an incredible price! Too easy!
Liz (Member Number: 496536)
I couldn’t do it without going Premium
Premium gives me the information and I just enter. If I didn’t have the competitions given to me I wouldn’t enter. Thank you
Diane (Member Number: 497857)
Got to be in it to win
I love entering competitions and this site has some good ones.
Kevin (Member Number: 343094)
All Comps on one site - Amazing
LOVE this, so easy and gone premium for a better chance. Fingers crossed I win something soon!!
Kerri (Member Number: 497760)
move prize more fun
i have not won yet i hope so soon why you ask because you get more competition and this is trust safe and im happy i went Premium because im having fun game to see if i win something great
Cathy (Member Number: 482273)
Take a chance on me
Hi, I signed up because I decided to take some chances at these competitions. Someone has to win - why not me?
Daniel (Member Number: 496029)
User Feedback
So many users giving real stories of wins!!!
Matthew (Member Number: 499593)
I love all comps and am always hopefull that my luck will change. So the more comps I'm able to enter the more my chances are to win. And maybe win Big..
Fingers crossed.
Julie (Member Number: 474701)
More Choices and Chances
It gave me more options to choose which comps I would like to enter and therefore more chances to win!
Conny (Member Number: 263082)
Ever hopeful
The number and variety of comps is fantastic. I haven't won anything yet but I am ever hopeful.
Susan (Member Number: 449960)
Worth The Money
I signed up for Premium straight away. I like that you can see which competitions you have entered, which are your favourites, and you have such a large range of prizes to choose from - all without being spammed! I have won a few things, I have my fingers crossed this year for a family holiday.
Kathleen (Member Number: 378076)
Phone a friend
Heard about this site from a friend. He had had some success so thought I should give it a go too.
Tiffany (Member Number: 498981)
Need some fun in my life
As a stay at home mum with 2 demanding children I need something for myself. So last night in the fog of broken sleep and severe fatigue signed up so I can spend some me time every once in a while daydreaming of winning a break away.
Palika (Member Number: 498726)
Limited Time
I decided to go premium so I could find competitions without the hassle of looking for them. It can take time scrolling the internet, but premium delivers them straight to your inbox :-)
Kim (Member Number: 459648)
Its exciting!
I've been thinking about it for a while now and really wanted more access too more competitions in the one place
Shannon (Member Number: 488545)
In it to win it
You have to be in it to win it and for such a small price to pay to go premium, who could resist.
Bernadette (Member Number: 498893)
All in one place!
I decided to pay for Premium last year when I found myself out of work for a few weeks, only put in a few entries, but this time I want to win big, so I renewed. Going Premium gives me the best chance possible. Worth the small cost for the convenience!
Darlene (Member Number: 158847)
You gotta be in it to win it
You gta b in it to win it
Tanya (Member Number: 498831)
Such a variety
There is such a variety of different competitions to choose from and they are all in one location. No need to search different websites. It was a no brainer to choose to go premium!
Sarah (Member Number: 496265)
Darrel (Member Number: 371801)
Its A Breeze
Love entering comps. Have done it all my life. This has now made searching a breeze. Love this site thanks so much. Hopefully I will win a prize here.
Lena (Member Number: 62893)
My sister won a family trip to Sydney last year so the green eyed beast caught me and I vowed to try and win more than her... unfortunately she is still winning the competition. Lol
Rachel (Member Number: 456683)
Seems simple
I keep reading comments how everyone seems to be winning.thought I would give this a try for $36, Will keep you posted if I get lucky
Niki (Member Number: 376278)
More competitions!
I love entering competitions and wanted to be able to enter as many as I could.
Kristy (Member Number: 328613)
12 month trial
Figure I'd give it a go for 12 months. Won a $50 Coles voucher to date.
Pam (Member Number: 458634)
still on a role
go premium was a no brainer for me have been with competitions guide since the begin,and have won well over 30,000 in prizes and still winning, my latest win is i am now a permanent product through that i have a george forman gill, a beef eater bbq, 4 different skin care products john freeman hair care products just to name a few.
happy comping everyone and good luck
Hellen (Member Number: 7112)
I’m hopeful to win!
Joining to hopefully win my family some fun items or a holiday.
Rebecca (Member Number: 442308)
My fingers are crossed (and my toes)
I only just joined up. An hoping by going premium I will be able to increase my chances of winning something by having access to more competitions.
Olivia (Member Number: 495655)
More opportunities
For a minimal outlay you access many more opportunities.
Kath (Member Number: 474234)
More chances to win
I presumed going premium would increase my chances of winning something because there are more competitions available to enter for premium members. It's a one-stop-shop for all the most decent competitions nationwide. Also, I read the testimonials and they were all good.
Eden (Member Number: 460474)
Gotta be in it to Win It!
I've heard about this site and thought why not give it a Red Hot Go! And it's a bit of fun at the same time. Can't wait to win something, he he :)
Melanie (Member Number: 499368)
At 75 I’m very hopeful of a win
Marj (Member Number: 457275)
A few bucks a year that pays for itself with one win! Its a must have!
Tony (Member Number: 450932)
Felt safer and the right thing to do.
I went premium cause it felt like a safer option with better opportunities for winning!! Haven't won yet but I'm working on it! : )
Monique (Member Number: 455339)
my fingers are crossed...
Hoping for a win, even though I only went premium a week ago!!
Kathryn (Member Number: 498760)
Fingers crossed!
I went premium last week in the hope of winning an overseas trip sometime in the future! We have always wanted to see more of the world but like a lot of Aussies our budgets are tight and could never justify blowing money on an overseas holiday, so fingers crossed we will eventually win one!
Jessie (Member Number: 498244)
Better comps, more time!
Love the range of competitions and ease of navigating the site - Premium gives me access to all the best competitions!
Georgina (Member Number: 485962)
Definitely worth it
It's definitely worth it to have access to so many legitimate competitions in one place. It's easy and hassle free.
Rachael (Member Number: 467073)
Fun for the kids too
I joined because I love winnings thongs & so do the kiddies, it's a fun way to hand out & do completions as a family
Tania johnson (Member Number: 405698)
Why not!
I haven't had the best of luck in my life so I thought if i wanted things to turn around then why not give it my best shot with a little help by going premium.
Nicole (Member Number: 498741)
Premium Membership = Premium Prizes!
I am a complete novice at entering competitions but believe if you're going to do something, do it well. Premium membership offers so much more - easy choice. Wish me luck!!!
Eileen (Member Number: 499287)
Can only win if your in if
Having one two competitions I decided to go premium to increase my chances of winning. It’s like an addiction the more you win the mire you go hard and put your mind to it. Out of so many comps you enter your bound to win something and it’s actudlky really fun and a good way to relax so highly recommend premium even though I gaffing win anything yet on this site,
Penny (Member Number: 469335)
Better odds than the lotto
The small cost to sign up is worth it considering how much more likely you are to win compared to lotteries
Sarah (Member Number: 475665)
Got to be in it to win it
I joined to have more chances to win prizes, it’s great that my mailbox isn’t filled with spam
Felicity (Member Number: 496207)
You do the work for me!
It's great having someone else source great comps for me!
Kristy (Member Number: 209404)
Reasonably priced
Cheap considering the prizes you can win i spend more on raffle tickets with less prizes
David (Member Number: 496445)
Pot Luck
Have never believe just lucky cause luck has not been on my side at all but having so many choices to try pot luck how could I not pay extra $$$ to have a go so good luck to me!!!
Helen herma (Member Number: 498041)
A jump start on the road to winning!
For such a small fee, I am updated daily with so many comps and with the E-book, it opened my world into how to win the better way! Thankyou :)
Kerri (Member Number: 492875)
Easy access to more comps
It's a small price to pay to increase your chances by having greater direct access to all the competitions collated in premium.
Jen (Member Number: 365435)
Lots of chances
there are so many competitions to enter, so I must have a much better chance of winning
Geoff (Member Number: 495775)
Love to Win
I love to win any competition its a great feeling to win any kind of prize big or small
Moira (Member Number: 275690)
Comping ain’t easy :-P
But when I went premium it made a huge difference! So many comps all in one place. Easy to use the website and I’ve won a few prizes in the last few months since signing up for premium.
Jody (Member Number: 493636)
More chances
It gives you more competitions to enter and gives
you the e-book for extra tips
Kelly (Member Number: 498542)
Trust !!
I searched for an Australian sites only and found this ,at first I was very nervous about leaving my personal details on a web site I knew nothing about. I search more and read reviews and decided to go premium to learn I’m new to comps how to increase my chances.
I trust the site, all the comps are in one place and it’s easy to get track of comps I have entered most of all I’m having fun!!!

Margaret giannelis (Member Number: 492376)
Giving it a try
I've never won anything in my life so I'm trying my luck have entered heaps of comps and won nothing but I'll keep entering
Klair (Member Number: 422456)
Simplicity and Reliability
It's always hard to find quality competitions online and know which competitions are actually legitimate. Premium solves both of these issues!
Jordan (Member Number: 175946)
Family fun and chances to win!
Premium has given us so many more options, as a family we love being involved in what competition prizes we would each love to win,will hopefully have some luck soon!
Nicole (Member Number: 495948)
Upgrade to Premium
So I can win some more face cream..
Elizabeth (Member Number: 206730)
Because I dreamed of luxury travel!
Vacation to Paris, with romance and wine,
A coach trip to Venice is ever so fine!
London is calling, USA bound,
With Premium status the big wins are found! :)
David (Member Number: 416580)
Did Homework and Competitions Guide was Number 1 by Country Mile!!
1) Did Extensive Research - A lot of research online I did on different competition sites. I would only accept the Best one and as soon as I landed on competitionsguide.com.au I could tell from the social proof of leading t.v programs like ACA that it was the market leader for competitions. The cost of going premium was incidental based of what I could win in return!

2) Competitions Guide - I really wanted to get my hands on this and very glad I did because I learnt a lot of insider information on competitions. Call it luck but I have won some smaller competitions based off the strategies in this amazing guide!

3) Competition Updates - I didn't want an outdated and "clunky" site and figured if there are so many members going premium then it must be great site compared to the other free one's.

3) User-Friendly Site Layout - I've come across a few other free sites but they were very clunky and it was much harder to keep track of what competitions you had entered! I find the layout of competitions guide superb. This was the final and fourth factor which convinced me that going premium was a no-brainer!!
Kieran (Member Number: 299210)
Nothing to lose
I really enjoy completing these competitions. Very easy and enjoyable. The premium fee is very reasonable considering the prizes that can be won.
Gary (Member Number: 440636)
You gotta be in it to win it:)
I haven,t won anything yet but I,ll keep entering cause you never know:)
Samantha (Member Number: 339323)
I would love to win anything, so having it all in one place was the way to go. Its great to go to the mailbox & find something for nothing... Here's hoping
Susan harris (Member Number: 498165)
Hopeful Limmer-Rick
I really feel luck is on my side,
Advabtage is having The Competitions Guide,,
My chances rise,
For a helpful cash prize,
My hunger for a win, will then be satisfied!

Richard (Member Number: 438904)
I love comps
I love entering competitions and have been since I was young with lots of wins along the way. Going premium was a simple choice because I gained access to more comps in one place without having to search for them.
Samantha (Member Number: 480653)
I actually won something!
I have been a member for less than 12 months. Over that time I have entered in quite a few draws. Well happy to say i actually won something. I entered in a draw to win a new novel and I actually won it. Can’t wait for the next win. You have to be in it to win it.
Linda hughes (Member Number: 483840)
Stop Looking
When you go premium the competitions come to you. It can’t get any easier than that.
Kim (Member Number: 496133)
Grab an advantage
Still trying to win one and any advantage is a bonus.
Michael (Member Number: 458937)
Everything in one place
Joined premium to gain access to the entire site. It's cheaper than buying magazines each week, though I've not had any wins as yet after several months membership. It is nice having everything in one place.
Kristen (Member Number: 466282)
Well, Why not?
I really need a holiday and when recognised winning a competition would be my chance I paid attention. And when I saw the membership price I paid that too because it was reasonable and the perks would give me an edge.

Naomi (Member Number: 495477)
Trust worthy site
Its the one site i trust to give out my information. All the work is already done for me finding competitions. Access to alot of comps and varietie of prizes.
Vicki (Member Number: 496996)
Safe and Easy
I felt I needed a site that was safe and an easy solution to enter so many competitions. Still waiting for my first win but I know it's out there.
Rachel (Member Number: 482210)
Competition Junkie
I simply love entering competitions and going premium allows me to enter more.
Kim (Member Number: 5150)
more comps
morem competions more chance to win
Mary (Member Number: 98258)
So much fun!
The thrill of potential, the excitement of dreams, the possibility of being a winner - delivered daily !
Tereasa (Member Number: 498867)
One Stop Shop
Premium membership gives me access to loads of competitions every day of the year. No need to troll the internet, Competitions Guide has done all the hard work for me.
Vicky (Member Number: 399763)
Nothing to lose everything to gain
(member no 471223)
I went premium as it just felt right and had nothing to lose everything to gain.
Neralie (Member Number: 471223)
Unique competitions
The Competitions Guide lists competitions I can't find elsewhere. The small investment is definitely worth it!
Troy (Member Number: 14862)
Just For the Fun of it
First website i visited to look for mainly Aussie competitions, Nothing ventured Nothing Gained as the saying goes
Rod (Member Number: 497175)
You've got to be in it to win it!
You definitely won't win anything unless you try - so keep going
Angela (Member Number: 264665)
In it to win it!
I would LOVE to win a prize - who wouldn't? You just have to be in it to win it. Going premium makes entering competitions easy and fun. It is cheaper than lotto with better odds. Good luck everyone! :)
Michelle (Member Number: 422458)
cheap and easy
couple of dollars a month to have 10 new comps to enter every day in a simple format - 2 thousand dollars in year year, it was an easy decision to sign up for a second year

Michael (Member Number: 452139)
A wide range of comps
I like having access to a wide range of competitions and getting the email updates helps me remember to check and enter new comps!
Sonya (Member Number: 421648)
I want to get ahead
Ive been a significant winner before and its addictive. When comps guide changed to having a membership section I knew I wanted to continue being part of it. I haven't won anything yet but i know its not far away :)
Erin (Member Number: 116356)
Why Go Premium
Why Not? It gives me access to new competitions every day and is really easy to enter the comps.
Susan (Member Number: 445511)
Legitimate comps
I joined because the price was affordable for what you get.
I've won a furniture voucher, shoe store voucher and movie tickets - absolutely thrilled.

Estelle (Member Number: 347477)
Cheap Cheap Cheap
So cheap to win big! More chances at winning.
Tracy (Member Number: 499120)
All Recent Competitions In One Place
Easy and there's a much better chance of winning a prize - I've won some amazing things!
Angela (Member Number: 13761)
To win Prizes
I love entering any competitions and so much easier when all in one place,and love how they get emailed to me as well, thanks.
Sharon (Member Number: 492897)
change of luck.
i had a need to try to change my luck, for the better. in hindsight i have been very lucky in my life, i have had a good life with a terrific family and friends, i would just like to win something.
Jeff (Member Number: 469273)
love winning great stuff you always have on here.
love the comps and prizes you can win thanks for putting this site up to give people the chance to win big prizes which most people couldn't afford to spend on. cheers
Darren (Member Number: 474324)
Quick, easy and Premium
I became premium in January 2018 as it meant I had access to seeing more competitions.I am time poor being a single working Mum to two billy lids so it makes it quick and easy to enter all the best competitions....very convenient... and I can dream about all the possible competitions I can win. A lovely escape.
Meegan (Member Number: 477120)
Best Competition Site there is
Hands down the best for competitions with great site navigation, selective categories and even lets you know which ones you already entered.
Murray (Member Number: 92052)
Reasonable Price, Premium Rewards
I went premium because I couldn't argue with such a low price for the opportunity to win some amazing prizes!
Kate (Member Number: 497741)
No luck yet
Decided to go premium to increase my chances of winning a competition. Hope tp soon do so as have had no luck as yet.
Leonie (Member Number: 266387)
I was already hooked :-)
I joined in the early days & loved getting my competition fix so I had to go premium - I would have gone mad thinking of all the comps I was missing if I hadn't!
Vicky (Member Number: 6013)
New hobby
I recently retired and needed a hobby that would keep me occupied and not cost me any money
Janelle (Member Number: 7881)
It was worth it
Very little to fork out in order to have a good chance of winning things.
Ebony (Member Number: 38336)
Going premium gives you access to so many more LEGITIMATE competitions. All competitions put into one site that are not fake or scams. It make entering and hopefully winning so much easier...what more could you want.
Grace (Member Number: 492087)
Better odds
Chances of winning are greatly increased, many more comps available through Premium
Peter (Member Number: 150200)
This is my first compition sight l have joined because you have such a variety of compitions to enter
Irene (Member Number: 208704)
A need to win something
I had the need to win something so I joined Premium so I can enter as many competitions as I can...
Gary (Member Number: 483954)
Cured my gambling addiction
I was addicted to gambling, the pokies ate up most of my pay. There was a lot of sadness in my life and gambling made me feel better, those “little wins” and slight glimpses of happiness were all i’d need to risk my livelihood and the happiness of my entire family - I just couldn’t stop. One day I started entering completions, this is what saved me. I’ve had many wins since going premium one year ago, from pots and toys to movie tickets and beauty products - it’s exciting and I have absolutely no urge to ever gamble again. Sometimes weeks go by and nothing arrives in the mail, sometimes I receive several things in the matter of days - no matter how much or how little I win, entering competitions was the way out of a life of misery for me and my family. Entering competitions doesn’t cost anything and those little wins are more exciting than any other win I’ve had from a machine!
Sarah (Member Number: 446199)
More comps for great price
I went premium to have access to more competition ins one place - and all for one low price. I also like that it is not auto renewal so each year I can decide again if I want to join rather than automatically renewing because I forgot to change it
Michelle (Member Number: 497810)
too increase my chances
Christine (Member Number: 484052)
Love the chase of a prize
Ive been premium for a while now although I cant say I have won much other than movie tickets BUT you will never win if you dont enter and through CompetitionsGuide.com as least it shows all comps yo can enter in the one place EASY
Mrs mary (Member Number: 321255)
Easy to use and follow
Very simple structure to viewing all competitions in one place. I love how you can mark competitions with a tick (completed) or cross (not eligible).
Desmond (Member Number: 498178)
Ever hopeful
Haven’t won anything yet, but here’s hoping. I spend about an hour a day entering all the free to enter comps. Only been doing it a month, so still waiting to see if it’s worth it.
Alison (Member Number: 493323)
i was feeling lucky so i gave it a go
i have only won 1 thing so far but will keep trying being a disabled pensioner/single mum i would like to win some money to help both me and my son out as he has just lost his job he is 33
Helen (Member Number: 310332)
Good fun!
The comps are fun to enter,and its exciting anticipating what you might win.
Wayne (Member Number: 492134)
Easy and convenient
I went premium as I don't have time to go searching for comps but love to be in it. Too easy
Danielle (Member Number: 494896)
Increase my odds
Premium gives you more chances to win and keep you more involved as many more options
Shane (Member Number: 498644)
All comps in one place
I love how easy it is to find good, non scamming comps in one place. I used Competitions guide when it was free and I recently went premium and am absolutely loving it. So much better than the other competition sites.
Jessie (Member Number: 252114)
You've got to be in it to win it!
Being a Premium member gives access to more competition links. Also safe and no spam.
Gillian (Member Number: 466798)
Better Options
I have never gone into competitions before. Though I would give it a go. The premium option gives you much more choices for a small cost. Well worth it.
Scott (Member Number: 492991)
More Opportunities
Better range and variety of competitions to enter.
Tyra (Member Number: 492881)
Massive time saver
All comps in 1 place-don't have to waste time looking for decent competitions to enter which means more time for entering=more chances to win!
Anna (Member Number: 489425)
Increase Opportunities to win
I decided to go premium to increase my chances in winning competitions. It is yet to pay off but I am hopeful :)
Stacey (Member Number: 496634)
Cheap as chips.
I went premium because I worked out that it was less $1.50 a week and I could pay with PayPal.
Jonathan (Member Number: 398692)
What have I got to lose?
I only joined a couple of months ago and haven’t won anything yet, but I figured the price of premium was equivalent to maybe 2 lotto tickets and I have a lot more chances to win in this. Fingers crossed for an overseas holiday with my kids or a SUV car big enough to pull a caravan to take them around Australia :)
Jessica (Member Number: 495579)
More comps
The more comps you enter the more chances you have to win. Go Premium!
Mandy (Member Number: 3297)
Satisfying as hell
I love the convenience of having comps all categorised and in one place. It really satisfies my OCD!
Maria (Member Number: 493107)
Increased opportunities
Being a Premium member gives access to more competition links which in turn increases your chance o win. The cost of membership can be returned with just one win. Why wouldn't you!
Gaye (Member Number: 16094)
Too easy!
Have not won anything yet but love comping and this site is far easier to navigate than most of the others. Worth the premium fee for convenience i reckon.
Keith (Member Number: 102265)
Way in front
I went premium in 2017. Have won around $2000 in prizes so way out in front. Sometimes its quite, then I get on a roll. Entering comps is fun :)
Craig (Member Number: 419905)
It's Simple!
Love entering comps. Don't have the time to find them for myself and don't like the spam on other sites!
Jenny ryan (Member Number: 497811)

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