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A couple of weeks ago we launched our Facebook page, which may have raised a few eyebrows. In late January we ran a blog on the topic of Facebook competitions and received a lot of negative comments on the subject. I appeared on Channel 's 'The Morning Show' to discuss the results, which I had found to be quite surprising.

This may have given the impression that I'm against Facebook altogether. I'm not, and I think that done well, it's a great medium. I also always stated that Competitions Guide would hang back for a while and try to find the best way to incorporate Facebook into our site before making any sudden moves.

The last thing I wanted to do was to create a Facebook page that was simply a mirror image of the main website. There's no point in that.

The rules I followed were:

Keep the page open to only Australian and New Zealand residents. Why? In the quest to have thousands of likers, businesses open up their doors to anyone. The rest of the world has their own competition sites to comments on, we want to keep this local.

Don't use the page just to promote new competitions. I've noticed on some competition Facebook pages that the only posts ever seem to be about competitions that are 'paid for'. That's okay, but again, this information is already on the site. We will post featured competitions onto our page, but it's not the reason we are there.

Finally allow 'likers' to comment. We almost fell into the trap of not doing this, however our member Esther pointed out that this can be a frustration. People should be able to comment and make comments. I'm glad we went down this track.

Facebook isn't for everybody. But as more and more competitions move over to it, it's going to be difficult to avoid.

Please visit our page if you get the chance. I welcome your comments ..... especially about your wins!

Yours Comp-letely,

Craig Seitam 3/3/11


are they real
omg i'v put over 1500 comps in still no luck must just be me
Kara (Member Number: 129414)
It can get a bit too much
Ive entered quite a few facebook comps but only the ones id really like to win. The only problem i find is that they usually want you to allow to post anything at anytime as you. Also it does show everyone what you are doing and friends can get annoyed with the postings that come from some sites. Especially if its a comp where you can have 1 entry per day.
Michelle (Member Number: 8123)
I avoid entering any competitions through Facebook.
I don't trust Facebook, so I never joined it. I'm worried about the security of Facebook and entering competitions through Facebook too! I
value my privacy!
Alison (Member Number: 115438)
Whatever works
Why not use the social sites for getting the word out there, people will look if they want to and just ignore if they don't simple really. No doubt you will end up with the extra number of people who wouldn't normally look up competition sites. Win WIN ;-)
Jim (Member Number: 84772)
Great idea
I think it's a great idea to advertise comps on facebook, beause of the amount of people using facebook it would get more people to enter.
(Member Number: 81062)
Not sure
I get put off by the Facebook comps - anyone can see from your Facebook page that you've entered... and my competition-entering is a bit of a secret hobby that I like to keep to myself!
(Member Number: 79865)
How many "likes"
it will get so that you have so many likes you don't know what to do
Deborah (Member Number: 18486)
facebook definitly gets more people to your website,its a great place to get more fans!
Lyndel (Member Number: 1694)
Facebook is always a way to pull people to your website!
Susan (Member Number: 11511)
No Avoiding It
Hmmm, I think Facebooks comps are here to stay ...
Bron (Member Number: 9143)

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