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Competitions Guide is Australia's favourite comping website and has been since 2005. We list TEN new competitions every day / 365 days a year!

Nothing makes our day more than hearing of our member's wins.

We always talk of Cars, Cash & Holidays, but you'd be surprised how much impact a small prize can make on someone - that feeling of achievement when that parcel arrives at the door.

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All Cashed Up With $50K! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Nicholas Swingler blew us away with this Win! “Nobody from S.A ever wins these prizes. Do they....?” In October, I noticed a “Chemist Warehouse” trade promotion (Kenvue) and I was heading into CW during the week. Just as well, I did notice it because it paid BIG dividends for me! Submitted an online entry, and, I WON!!! $50K!!!! It’s life changing. And, as I'm recently semi-retired, it was a much appreciated windfall! Don’t let anybody tell you that no-one ever wins these competitions! I’m living proof that they DO!!! Best $34.90 I've ever spent on Band-Aids!”


Honey Honey! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Samantha had a very sweet Win! “I won $500 worth of beautiful beechworth honey in a 25 words or less comp asking your favourite honey memory. For me, it was the creamed honey my mum would put on my breakfast toast as a kid on a cold Melbourne morning.”


Better than a Bunnings Sausage! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Susannah Oldfield cracked her first Win - how exciting! “I won my first competition today! A $1000 gift card from Bunnings. I would never have found this without help from your site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!.”


What a Touching Story! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Bianca tells a heart warming comping story! “I won a $2000 mattress ensemble for our 18 year old daughter and we found she’d been sleeping on broken springs and didn’t tell us because she knew beds are expensive, both our daughters have Autism and so they can’t always tell us if something’s wrong. Thank you for the bed it’s been the best win ever.”


Absolutely Smeg-cellent! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Julie Hatful has played the odds by Winning a great prize pack which was a 'shoppie' and lots of chances to Win! “Just wanted to let you know I just won a Smeg toaster and kettle from Ferrero Roche, just arrived. I think the value is around $500
It was a shop to enter and luckily I had just bought the chocolates for a friend”


Don't Settle For Less ....... Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Tanya Roberts has had a BIG Win in the Early Settler Competition! “I just wanted to give you guys a big shout out! I just won $2,500 worth of furniture and another $2,500 for my bestie.
Super excited to have won my first ever comp and it was a 25 words one too.

Keep the comps your site. ”


Jim gives the Thumbs Up! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Jim Reid from QLD says, “Since joining Competitions Guide just over a year ago,

I’ve won a Bali holiday, a Barossa Valley holiday, jewellery, electronic gadgets, gardening equipment, a luxury car hire, wine, art and ice cream for a year!

My number one tip is to enter as many comps as you can as winning is a numbers game.”


Big Cheers for Samantha! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Samantha Beck from SA has an amazing track record of winning:

“I’ve been a member of Competitions Guide since 2018. I’ve won cash, weekends away, toys, stationery packs, books, pet products, cookbooks and tools.

Entering lots of competitions greatly increases your chance of winning. I find it so easy using Competitions Guide as I can mark off what I have already entered and keep track of it all. ”


And How About A New Car? Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Leigh Wagstaff just dropped us another note with a sensational Win!

'Hello again Craig, I just wanted to add another big win and photo to the list in my previous email. On Saturday I won a CAR!!

Cheers, Leigh


Gold Coast Was The Most! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Leigh Wagstaff joined us only recently, and has been having a number of Wins! But her recent Gold Coast Trip Win has made for a fantastic holiday!

'The Gold Coast trip was amazing. Red Bull got first and second both days which made it more special. They also surprised us with lots of added extras like pit tours, grid walks and hot laps. I have never been so spoilt!'


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