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Real people winning stuff!

Nothing makes our day more than hearing of our member's wins.

We always talk of Cars, Cash & Holidays, but you'd be surprised how much impact a small prize can make on someone - that feeling of achievement when that parcel arrives at the door.

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Magic Millions Winner! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Steve won Millions!

"Won a weekend away to the Magic millions polo event at the Gold Coast
and had an awesome time!"


Open This! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Cath Gipson sums it up easily:

"All I'd need to say is I won a $16,600 trip to the French Open last week from a competition I saw on Competitions Guide... that says it all really!"


Nespress Yourself! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Jill Seymour grabbed a win on her first go ....

"The very first competition I entered on CompGuide I won and I've used it every single day since...I love my Nespresso coffee machine!"


Florence awaits! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Carmen Upton has a fantastic story to tell -

"After I some bad luck towards the end of last year, I spent my 15th wedding anniversary sharing a fast food burger meal with my husband. Thanks to some good luck and Competitions Guide, we'll be spending our 16th in Florence, Italy."


Cruisin' On Down! Stories


"Gotta be in it!
I won a Cruise to the value of $5000 - so I took my family on a very memorable holiday!"


First Time Bedded Down! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Leanne Knipe had an amazing result .....

"First Time I entered 25 words or less, A month ago, To My Shock I won A bed Worth 5,000, The words didnt take me long to do, but at least i had a go, and i won.


New Winner! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Member Lisa Hilton has had an early win!

"I have been a member for just over a month and I have already won my first prize, A Napoleon Perdis makeup primer! I am holding out now for the big one, a holiday or a car woo hoo!"


Hot Tip Here! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER New comper Kirstyn Kutz has a tip... read Competitions Guide - The Book tip!

"Hi I’ve been a member since September 2017 and just won my first prize only two months later, The Wonderling, a book by Mira Bartók thank you for the "tips.


Winning Streak! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Hellen Waltham always keeps us updated:

"Hi all, still on a roll waiting on 2 diamond rings to arrive, have received a few more books and the complete collection of the cake boss dvd. My daughter wore the pearl necklace and eaRrings i won on her wedding day!"


Hamilton Dreaming! Stories

GO PREMIUM MEMBER Renate Abra had a perfect win ........

"I won a $5,000 Holiday to Hamilton Island, pure perfection"

Congrats, what a win!


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